The Dead Age Backwards

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2015

Chapter -1
Thinking About When He Was A Teen In Life

Chapter Description: Charlie Smith remembers when he was just alive and he was a teen naturally. Now he is a corpse, who is a teen again, due to deaging.


Charlie Smith began to wander around the streets of where he lived. Which is ironic in two ways. First, the year is 2089 and streets have been "obsolete" since 2069. There was no street of any kind to officially walk on. Instead people moved on specialized platforms, that allowed one to, in essence, hover over the grounds of the earth. And second, because he was dead. He has been dead since 1869. He died of a heart attack at eighty-nine. He was dead for over a century. Then in 2013 a strange thing happened. He and many others who had died came back to life.

Now this wasn’t all that had happened. Oh no far from it. At first they didn’t notice it. It’s actually very hard to notice, if you’re not looking for it. But when they did, they found out, that they were aging in reverse. Charlie didn’t realize he was getting younger, until he went back to being sixty-five years old, for it was at that point in his life, of when he developed back problems.

Being a teenager again would normally mean going back to middle school/high school. Even if he was still an adult on the inside. Sadly, this isn’t your typical regression story. There was a stigma to people who are "undead", for lack of a better term. It might have something to do with all those zombie stories. Most of the people who came back where killed off, before the rest were just isolated from the rest of humanity.

Charlie almost had both of those outcomes. Now he was just barely scraping by on the cusp of living humanity.

He was now in a slightly better time, where technology was great, and being "undead" didn’t have much of a stigma. But he remembers when he was originally thirteen years of age. The year was 1793 he was a regular party-goer. He owned one or two carriages, each one with three horses. He wore a suit of velvet, with a pair of silk gloves. He was known as the talk of the town.

"To Charlie!," shouted out a man in a crowd of people in a bar, "the loveliest man in town!"

"To Charlie!," everyone had cheered.

Looking back at that moment, Charlie had smiled. It was his best time in his life. If only he could have that time again.

"I think I can help you!," stated an unknown voice, from an unfamiliar person.

Chapter -1 End

Chapter Notes: Hey I just wanted to apologize for the confusion of this chapter. Apparently "save" means "publish". There should really be a "save draft" button. Now I wasn’t trying to publish the story before even finishing the first chapter. I am actually using my phone (my laptop needs to be fixed), & I needed to save what I put down, due to needing to charge the device. Sorry for any confusion, and I hope you like the story so far.



End Chapter -1

The Dead Age Backwards

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2015


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