The Dead Age Backwards

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Chapter -3
A Night On The Town

Charles was just wandering his old streets. Well what was left of them now. He decided to get a quick drink at a specialized bar, that was designed to give each person their own experience upon entering such a place. In fact, the outside was designed to have a "very inviting" feel to it.

Charles walked right into this bar, which to him looked like an old fashioned pup. He walked in, and sat down on an empty barstool, as he ordered a glass of Whiskey Hardcore and Straight Up.

"So what’s Reverse-Walking like?," asked the Manager of this establishment.

Reverse-Walking is the term used for the bizarre de-aging process of the undead.

"Oh it’s doing ok. It’s like having all of these ’Unbirthdays’, but in a TOTALLY different context, than what Charles Dodgson had used."

"Ha! Ha! I wish I knew what you mean!"

"Say may I ask you something?"

"Sure pal! What is it?!"

"If you were Undead, like me, and if you could go back to being a normal human being, would you?"

"Man! That’s a toughie! I mean I am not Undead, so I don’t know what it’s like! On the other side, I am also NOT alive! I am just a Sentient Computer Program, that’s designed to be able to talk to you and anyone, on a more personal level. But I think that that choice is ultimately up to you!"

Soon a Mysterious Figure in a Black Hat and Trench Coat sat down next to Charles. He had more than Three Feet on Charles. This man towered over most, if not all, of the people that he meets.

"Hey mind if I sit down?," he asked Charles in a "Buddy Buddy" Kind of Way.

Charlie had to look up at the man, to get a better look at him. It was his buddy Jacque!

"Hey Jacque! Long time no see!," Charlie said to his dear old friend.

"Hey man! It’s been a while huh?," replied Jacque as they both reminisced over the "good old days".

"Man! So are you?! How are the wife and kids?"

"Man. I tell ya! I couldn’t be happier! I mean I got a new job, my oldest is going to skip a grade or two... or three, and my youngest has just gotten potty-trained. Oh! And Julianne has just finished her Ground Breaking Novel!"

"That’s great! I’ll have to buy her book then!"

"Oh you better!"

Jacque then did a mock "shaking of his fist angrily", as both parties laughed. They reminisced back in the day, when they first met.

Jacques was an Undead Hunter. His job was tasked with finding, hunting down, and trapping/killing the Undead. It was in the year 2064, when Jacques was only 25 years of age, and Charlie was a mere 38. Now the "fad" of Undead Hunters, had actually begun to die down many years prior, but there were a few "stragglers" left behind. Jacques was one of them. Of course, he was trained at a young age, to be the most effective Undead Hunter, and he was trained in an area that was secluded from the rest of the world. So the news of Undead Beings NOT Going To Kill You For Brains! Never reached him, sadly. But when he did get sent out, his first mission was against the local undead figure, named Charles Smith. It was rather fortunate for the both of them, that Charles had quickly learned at a "Young Old Age", how to dispatch of these Trained Killers.

He had managed to get the Upper Hand on Jacques, and managed to get him entrapped.

To this day, Charlie remembers Jacques words to him.

"Hey man! You got me! Now why don’t you eat my brains and get this over with!"

And he remembers his reply to him, which came after he threw pamphlets at the guy.

"Get yourself educated!"

Suffice to say, after this event, the two became the best of friends. They joked about how one was akin to a Japanese Martial Artist, while the other was like his Rich American Best Friend. Or how they were the reverse Todd and Copper.

It was obvious to everyone, that they had developed such a bond, as buddies. Whenever Charlie would "fall apart", Jacques would be there to help pick him up, and put him back together. And whenever Jacques needed a good laugh, and forget all of his Backwards Training that he received, it was Charlie who would be there to "fall apart" for him, in the most unusual and ecstatic of ways.

Suffice to say, that these two were inseparable. That is until the night of 2082.

Chapter -3 End

Chapter Notes: Hey sorry it took awhile, to write the next chapter! Honestly, it gets hard coming up with "What Can Happen Next", in a story about the Dead Aging Backwards. So please bear with me.



End Chapter -3

The Dead Age Backwards

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2015


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