The Dead Age Backwards

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2015

Chapter -2
An Offer Too Good To Be True


Charles was so surprised, that his eyes fell out of his socket.

"Damn it!," he yelled as he fumbled around to pick them up.

Soon he tripped on a Rock causing his feet to pop-off.

"Oh what the hell?!," he cried as he began feeling around for his eyes and his feet.

As he was feeling around, his hands just plopped out of their wrists.

"Sure," he said as he was about to give up, "why n-," his jaw soon fell to the ground.

Followed by the rest of his head.

Today wasn’t such a lucky day. As he just laid there, he heard a strange snapping noise. He suddenly found himself put back together. It was as if he was never apart in the first place. He looked and there before him was a strange looking man. The man had silver-blue hair. His eyes were as golden as the sun. With his pupils being like two silver coins on a summer day. He wore a purple suit that had a strange metallic gleam to it. No that wasn’t right. It was more of a glow.

The man was just staring at him, so Charles just asked, "I’m sorry, but what did you say before?"

"Why yes young man!," he spoke out with cheerful elegance, "I merely wanted to know, if you’d like your life back?"

"What do you mean? I already have it."

"No. No! My dear boy! I mean to have a pulse again! To have flesh and blood again! To age normally again! My boy! Do you understand what I am speaking about for you?!"

"No offence, but this sounds too good to be true."

"Ah! But I fixed you up didn’t I?"

Charles had to stop for a moment. He did fall apart back there, and that man could have felt it happening to him...

"Could you?," asked the man.

"Could I ... What?," asked Charles in another question to that question.

"Could you have known," he took a tea cup, as he smashed it to the ground, "if I were to put you back together like," he snapped his fingers before showing the glass that was shattered on the floor being restored to its previous state, "that!"

"You. But. But how did you...?"

"Trade secret my dear boy! Now let’s talk about what I can offer you."

"What can you offer me? Exactly."

"I can give you," the man snapped his fingers and three seemingly empty bottles appeared, "these three revival bottles!"

"But those are empty," cited the undead teen.

"My dear boy! These vials are most definitely NOT empty! All you need to do is open one up hold it upside down and wait for the liquids to form, then let it drip down your tongue. But you must ONLY DRINK ONE!"

"But you gave me three."

"My dear boy! If you mess up, it takes fifteen years to have these things refilled!"


"I’m giving you three tries. But why don’t you wait till next week, before you decide."

And with that, that man was gone.

Chapter -2 End



End Chapter -2

The Dead Age Backwards

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2015


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