A Time To Change

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 28, 2015

Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Our heroes are now back into being five year olds (well physically and emotionally), when they also tend to notice... something ... else

Rebecca found herself looking up at her friends. LITERALLY! She was just a few inches tall, compared the others.

"Rebecca?!," inquired Joseph.

"What happened to you?!," asked questioned Jackson.

"What happened to you?!," asked Rebecca back.

"What do you mean?," questioned Jackson.

Soon Julia said, "Uh Jackson? Look at your legs."

Jackson look down an screamed! His were no more! They were now modified into biomechanical legs, with wheels as his feet!

"What the hell happened?!," Jackson screamed in terror.

"Man! Why does my neck feel itchy?!," cried out Benjamin, as he began scratching at his neck, before cutting himself causing him to bleed and yell, ’ow!"

Now when he looked at his hands, he was in for another shock!

"Aaaahhhh!," Benjamin screamed, "why am I so hairy?!"

"Because it’s not hair!," yelled Julia, "it’s fur!"

Benjamin rushed to the lake, to see what he now looked like. He was a dog! Well a puppy. A humanoid puppy!

They soon found out, that they were (for the most part) changed in other ways. Jonathon, was now the size of a house. Joseph and Jonathon, just seemed to be normal little kids, without any special additions.

"Well now! What do you think about your new powers?," asked the man who transformed him.

"You did this to us!," yelled out Benjamin as he instinctively charged at him, and bit him in the arm.

"Aaaahhhh! You brat!," yelled Haus, as he pulled out a whistle and blew on it.

"Eeeeyipe!," screamed Benjamin as he had to let go.

This gave Haus the time and opportunity, to place Benjamin over his knee, and spank his now furry bare bottom. The kid screamed! Now as this was happening, Rebecca took out a fork, and stabbed it into Haus! Foot.

"Take that you asshole!," yelled out Rebecca.

Haus just screamed, and he pulled out the fork, with oddly a little blood on it.

"Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!," the man yelled, as he scooped up Rebecca, and give her a few flickings on her backside.

"Kyow ow ow!," was all she could muster.

This caused Jonathon to get made at how his wife was being treated, as he brought his foot down, to stomp on this man, but he managed to do the impossible, as he managed to stop the giant boy’s foot, and then managed, to turn him into a submissive position, and began smacking his giant-sized little butt!

Jackson tried to attack him next, but he was clumsy, and Haus managed to trip him up, and gave him a bare bottom spanking as well.

It was soon that Nicholas remembered it. They now had super powers! He began to activated his transformation power, or at least he tried, but nothing worked.

"What the hell?!," he snapped, "did you just lie about giving us our powers?!"

"How dare you accuse me of lying! You have to activate your powers first!," answered Haus, "Try saying ’Super Amazing Transformation Power Activate.’"

"Alright!," yelled out Nicholas, "I will! And when I do, I’m gonna kick your ass! Super Amazing Transformation Power Activate!"

A bright and colorful light surrounded our hero, as he was soon turned into a girl!

"Huh?!," she yelled, as she flinched to cover herself up.

"Oh that’s too bad!," said Haus, as he began to spank her as well.

Joseph soon took control of the situation, as he quickly learned how to create his constructs, and tried to send them against the man who did this to them.

"Now it’s time for your spanking Haus!," he yelled out.

But the man simply said, "Oh I think you mean your spanking.

Soon his constructs turned on him, as they began SPANKING HIM HARDCORE!

"Hey! Turn my brother and my friends back right now! Or else I’ll have to beat you till you’re black and blue!," Julia snapped at the man.

"And how would you do that, when you’re wearing just a diaper?," asked the man as if he was just having a nonchalant conversation.

Julia looked down, to see, that all she was wearing, WAS A DIAPER!

"Kyaaahhh!," she screamed as she covered herself.

She soon looked down again, to see, that she was still in her normal clothes yet! She then went to check, to see her favorite panties "staring back at her".

"Don’t worry," said the man, "I just wanted to show you the extent of my power! Now I must apologize, but this is only way, to get you to learn about your situations! Now if you want to learn more about your powers and what’s going on, I can tell you. But first you must promise me that you’ll behave!"

The entire area went silent.

"Promise me, or you’ll get another spanking!," threatened Haus.

They soon all chimed in, "We Promise!"

"Good!," he said, as he snapped his fingers, and fitted all of there clothes back onto the kids, well except for Nicholas, whose clothes were magically transformed into armor and a dress, "now, I’m going to lay down some ground rules. Of which you MUST follow! Otherwise, a spanking will be the least of your worries! How would you like to spend time, as a Perpetual Baby?’

And with that, the New Kids and Julia started listening.

End Of: Surprises!

Author’s Note: Ok! So I want there to be a rules and regulations system, that could result in either A Time-Out, A Spanking, Or Some Time As A Baby. But I haven’t really figured that out yet. So if you want to, let’s for the time of a week after this chapter gets put up, that if you want to suggest rules, and what of the three punishments should be used and/or issued to those who break those laws, go right on ahead. If I like it, I might put it in my story as a possible rule/punishment. And I will give full credit, to those who ask for a pacific rule for one of the three punishments listed above. So I will try to write the next chapter on Next Saturday. Which should give everyone enough time, to figure out any rules they might want to see, and if they would want to see a Time-Out, A Spanking, or Turning Into A Baby For Some Time, as they see fit. If no one does, then I’ll just figure out the rule set. But if you want to make suggestions, feel free to ask away!



End Chapter 3

A Time To Change

by: youthmaster | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 28, 2015


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