Soft Prey

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Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Chapter Description: Markie has some Mommy time.

    Markie was sitting sullenly on the living room floor playing with toys while Mommy read to his sister, pretending as well as he could to have fun. The last day had been grueling; Mommy had purposely embarrassed him at every chance, ordering his food and having him hold her hand to pee in the women's bathroom during their lunch break, speaking to him condescendingly, forcing him to watch those stupid cartoons in the car, and bathe with his little sister. It seemed like it would never end.

    He was carefully guarding his mental resources, trying to see if there was any chance for him to escape. He thought that if he just played along sooner or later an opportunity had to present itself. He vaguely remembered who he was last night, even if he didn't have any of his former talents, and he thought he might be able to get out and call his Agency contact if she ever let him out of her sight, but he never got a chance.

    When the man who was supposed to be his Daddy came home he saw Alicia shamelessly rush to him, and seeing her so eager to be babied by this strange man made him realize his time was running out. He wasn't far behind if he didn't think of something quick.

    "Why don't you come upstairs with Mommy and get ready for bed? I think LiLi needs some Daddy time."

    He wanted to protest but he was terrified of retribution, he didn't want to be spanked again. The mere idea was enough to make him shiver in fear. He let Mommy lead him up a set of stairs that seemed huge to him, down a wide hallway to a door. She paused a second to open the door and lead him in.

    He was momentarily confused, this didn't look like a boy's room. It was painted pink and trimmed with duckies and bunnies, there were piles of stuffed animals in the corner and  a changing table up against the wall stocked with packages of Pampers diapers, baby wipes, lotion and baby powder. Next to that stood a bouncy baby's swing and walker, and in the center in the room a rocking chair and a baby's crib stuffed with blankets and plushies rested on a soft lilac carpet, a colorful mobile spinning above it. Scattered about the floor there was an abundance of simple baby toys like plastic keys, rattles and a colorful set of stacking rings, along with a big white dollhouse and a wooden rocking horse. This must be Alicia's nursery, he thought before being corrected by Mommy.

    "Surprise! Isn't it just adorable? I hope you like your new room baby. I'm sorry for springing this on you but I really wanted two girls, and after how bad you were last night I knew I made the right decision. Can you hold still for Mommy?"

    He was absolutely paralyzed, she couldn't do this to him, he didn't want to be a little baby girl! It didn't matter what he wanted though, he was utterly in the grip of her magick, and he froze in place while she stripped him nude and continued weaving her spell, towering over him as she spoke.

    "You're not a big boy anymore, you're a little baby girl named Marcia, or Marcy for short. Just think about how much easier it'll be as the little sister, the baby of the family. You're going to love being a baby and growing up as a girl, think of all the fun you're going to have. You won't even have to use the bathroom, you can just go potty in your pants, and when you're hungry Mommy will be right there with her boobys or a warm bottle. Doesn't that sound nice? Not only will you have Mommy and Daddy, but a big sister to look up to! Just think about how nice that'll be, surrounded by so much love and affection. You're such a pretty girl, yes you are! Mommy's sweet little baby girl!"

    He looked down helplessly at his nude little body, watching the changes as his penis and testicles receded into his body, forming a little girl's slit, his body plumping from head to with baby fat. Any thoughts of escape evaporated with his boyhood.

    "I'll be a good boy Mommy, I pohmise, I don't wanna be a girl. Dop it! Dop it! Peez no mummy! No wuh be baby guwrl! Nuh baybee guh! Nuh baa guh!" Marcy pleaded as she shrunk, begging her Mommy to spare her from infancy while worlds fled her vocabulary. She didn't want to be the little baby sister, she was supposed to be the big sister, she wanted to be a big girl for Mommy! It was getting hard for her to stand up, and her legs wobbled underneath her as she lost control and peed. She fell over on her hands and knees and started wailing at the top of her lungs while Mommy teased her.

    "Who's that on the floor? Is that Mommy's little pee-pee baby? Is that Mommy's messy girl? Yes it is! Mommy's little pee pee princess!"

    She picked Marcy up from the pool of her urine, carried her over to the changing table, and laid her down. Marcy kept crying softly until Mommy pulled a purple pacifier out and placed it in her open mouth. She started sucking on it reflexively and her mood shifted to a gentle sulk. Mommy handed her a bright yellow rattle and she waved it spastically as Mommy cleaned and powdered her. The noise it made surprised her and she giggled, causing her to wave it around and laugh more.

     Marcy felt her butt leave the table as Mommy lifted her ankles with one hand and unfolded a crinkly disposable diaper under her bottom with the other, taped it shut, and picked her up again. Naked except for a diaper, cradled in her Mommy's arms, she teetered between the defeated and small feelings of her big girl thoughts and surrendering completely to Mommy's love before she made her choice.

    Mommy sat down in the chair and started rocking, cooing down to her lovingly,"That's it, good girl, such a pretty girl, Mommy's perfect little baby angel, all comfy in her diapies. Isn't that better? Now you don't have to worry about going pee-pees or poopies, all babies make messes in their diapers. It's ok, Mommy loves you so much, she couldn't make you any more perfect if she tried. I bet you're hungry, aren't you? Is it time for milkies?"

    Marcy whined a quiet "mmm guh" as her rattle was taken from her chubby hand and her binkie was taken from her mouth with a string of baby drool but she stopped when Mommy brought her head to her breast and replaced it with her nipple. She started suckling again and was rewarded with a flood of warm, sweet liquid. It was delicious and intoxicating.

    "There we go, much better, isn't it? I bet you don't even want those big boy thoughts anymore, do you? Just let go and be Mommy and Daddy's little girl. Won't that be nice honey? That's it baby, good girl, you're almost there. My baby Marcy, my little Cici girl." She switched her daughter to her other breast and stroked her hair fondly.

    Marcy had let go already and was suckling like a real baby, her tummy filling up with Mommy's milk as her awareness was reduced to her Mommy's love and warmth. Some tiny part of her felt like it was wrong but she wasn't listening anymore. She gave in to being Mommy's little baby girl, it felt like a soft pink blanket falling over her head. The names of numbers, letters, colors, and shapes were melting away. She felt a building pressure in her belly but she ignored it, and something warm and squishy filled her diaper.

    "Did someone make a poopie for Mommy? Is that Mommy's stinky poopy baby? Look at you, you're a really a baby girl now, aren't you? Are you Mommy's little baby girl? Yes you are, yes you are! You did it! Yay Marcy! Good girl! Good girl Marcy! Mommy loves her little poopy girl, yes she does!"

    Mommy didn't expect a response from the suckling infant at her chest, she knew it was over. Without understanding her words, Cici could feel the depth and gentle warmth of her Mommy's love. She was perfect, Mommy loved her, and she couldn't make her any better if she tried.



End Chapter 6

Soft Prey

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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