Soft Prey

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: The trap is sprung.

Clearly defeated, Isabelle let out a resigned sigh and caved in.
    "I suppose I don't have a choice. Could you make it somewhere tropical?"
    His expression didn't change from an intense stare and he didn't respond to her joke.

     "Take it easy, I was just trying to cut some of the tension. If you want to learn, then you have to do exactly as I say, no questions. You could get us all killed if you don't follow my instructions precisely."

    Mark hesitated. He had hunted witches for years and was well aware of the tricks witches had under their robes; this could be a trick to stall for time or activate a hidden rune. Still, there appeared to be little risk, since she was in such a compromised position. Whatever magick she was using, the Agency needed to know how it worked to undo what she had done and find anyone else who might be working the same magick as soon as possible. She was completely unarmed and outnumbered, her hands in the air, there was nothing she could pull now. He relaxed and uncocked his pistol.

    "Fine, I'll do whatever you say if you come with us and teach me your magick."
    "Her too. I don't want either of you going off on your own experimenting, you could kill us all."
    He nodded his approval to Alicia, who nervously agreed.
    A smile curled across Isabelle's lips and a change came over her face.
    "Good. Now drop your weapons and stand absolutely still."

    To his utter shock he obeyed, and his pistol and Alicia's knife fell to ground with a clatter. Straining against his own nerves, he pushed and pulled and couldn't move a muscle. This should be impossible! No one can use magick without components, a wand, a rune, anything. He was screaming at himself in his head, how could he blunder like this? He was the best, always on top of his game. Most witches required minutes if not hours, this couldn't be happening!

    "Oh, I'm so sorry darling, I know what you're thinking. Witches need rituals and wands and silly movements, don't they? You see, I'm a master of Suggestion. The art of insinuation, manipulation, and command; all in the tone of voice, really. No one knows about me or my art because no one even remembers seeing me, or anyone who practices what I do. It takes so long to learn and is so dangerous that only those who have been with us since birth are allowed, and then only in the utmost secrecy. Most witches don't even know Suggestion is possible, although some try. But, since you seemed so eager to become my disciples, we can start at the very beginning."

    Mark's eyes darted to the corner of his vision, where Alicia stood equally paralyzed. She was sweating and he could tell she was forcing back tears. She had trusted him and he had failed her and fallen into a trap. He had to find a way out of this. No matter how hard he struggled against her words he found that his muscles didn't respond beyond a twitch, and his muffled shouts died before they left his throat.

    Noticing his line of vision, Isabelle turned her attention to Alicia.
    "Awww don't worry honey, I wouldn't dream of forgetting about her. She's probably even more vulnerable to Suggestion than you are. Look at how she followed you here, she must be very obedient and loyal to take on such a dangerous mission. I'm sure you love her very much, and I know you need a little playmate."

    She met Alicia's gaze, strode over to her, and started playing with her hair.
    "Don't you remember when Mommy and Daddy were always there for you? That was wonderful wasn't it? Don't you want to go back to that? To be safe and loved all the time, to have Mommy right there to take care of everything? It's ok to be scared, it must have been so scary when you were here with only your brother. Don't worry baby, Mommy's here now."

    Instantly the thought took root in Alicia's mind. She did want to go back to when Mommy and Daddy took care of her, that was wonderful. She knew she should be angry, that she should loathe and fear this woman, but looking into her deep blue eyes all that hatred melted into love and relief. As she warred against her feelings, the only name in her mind for the woman in front of her was Mommy. Thank Goodness Mommy is here!

    The reality of the situation was starting to sink in and the tears started to flow freely down her face. She wasn't even in control of her own mind and the fear was overwhelming. Mommy lightly brushed her crotch with her free hand, causing a slight heat that she associated with arousal. It began to spread between her legs, and before she knew what was happening Mommy whispered softly into her ear, "It's ok, let it all out. You're only three years old, Mommy knows accidents happen."

    Alicia let go and helplessly peed into her panties, soaking the front of her skirt and silently crying as Mommy's words sunk into her mind. The warmth and moisture crept down her legs and began to pool on the plastic covering the floor at her feet. "This can't be happening! I'm a grown up, not a little girl," she thought, "I know how to hold my pee and poo!"

    "I'm a big girl Mommy, I can hold my pee pee!"

    She couldn't believe she had vocalized the thought and was immediately mortified. Some part of her knew she shouldn't be talking this way. She wasn't a baby! Not only had she peed herself in front of her big brother, she had let Mommy down by wetting herself during potty training. She loved her Mommy and wanted to make her proud.

    No, not Mommy, Isabelle! She had to hope that Mark could find a way out of this. She knew her big brother would never let her down, and seeing him next to her gave her hope. Somehow they would get the upper hand again and until then she'd just have to keep as clear a head as she could.

    "Of course you can, honey, I know it's just an accident. Can you take off your clothes like a big girl and get ready for Mommy to clean you up?"
    "Kay Mommy."
    Alicia shrugged her jacket off onto the floor.
    "Arms up!"

    Alicia put her arms into the air and let Mommy pull her shirt off over her head before she even thought about it. She hated being treated like a little girl, but rather than start an argument she stripped off her skirt and then stepped out of her wet panties standing stark naked before Mark and Mommy.
    "Good girl!"

    Hearing Mommy's praise, a pleasant fuzzy feeling buzzed in the back of Alicia's head. She tried to fight it, but it felt so good to know Mommy was happy with her. Her voice was soft and pleasant and musical, hearing it was like a soft blanket being wrapped around her head.

    Mommy unzipped the diaper bag, pulling out a box of Huggies baby wipes and a pastel pink and yellow changing pad decorated with giraffes and balloons. She rolled it open on the hotel bed, instructing Alicia to lie down and stay still. She sullenly complied, wincing internally as her wet bottom made contact with the crinkly waterproof material of the pad. It was sized for a small child, but it was still big enough for her to lay down with her head resting on the bed and her wet butt sitting on the changing pad. She heard the container of wipes click open and Mommy made her raise her legs to begin cleaning her.

     To Alicia's surprise and horror, she enjoyed the feeling of the cool wipe passing from her vulva to her butt, and the slight tickle of arousal returned to her. She felt safe and loved, it felt great to not have her icky wet big girl panties on anymore, and Mommy's touch with the wipes was really gentle and soft. She hated herself for it, but there was nothing she could do about Mommy's attention and it was just so good, it made her feel all sweet and warm inside. Her resistance was melting away by the second. She absentmindedly brought her thumb to her mouth and started sucking in contentment as Mommy tenderly rubbed powder into her privates, the scent of baby powder mingling with her urine puddled on the floor to create a distinct smell of "baby".

    "Such a good girl! We'll get you in some Pull-Ups as soon as I'm finished with your brother, then if you have another accident in your panties there's no mess. If you need to potty before that, just tell Mommy, ok?"

    Completely naked, smelling of baby wipes and baby powder, Alicia gave an enthusiastic  "Yeth Mommy!" around her thumb.



End Chapter 2

Soft Prey

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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