Soft Prey

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Journey to a new home

    Alicia woke to her surroundings out of a fuzzy stupor. She didn't know how long she had been out and the better part of a day had passed like a dream, she was grasping at straws to try to piece together where she was and what was happening. The last thing she remembered clearly was falling asleep in a car, which made sense, she was in a car now, snuggly buckled into her car seat. She had been trying to do something important with her brother, but she couldn't remember what it was. It was really hard to concentrate with cartoons playing on the screen attached to the backseat, she had been enjoying an episode of My Little Pony prominently featuring her favorite character, Fluttershy.

    Markie sat next to her watching on another screen next to her, slightly embarrassed to be enjoying a girl's cartoon. Still, it was a long drive for a little boy so it was nice to have something to entertain him.

    Suddenly, she spotted something in the front seat that caught her attention. It was her purse, her big girl purse. She wasn't supposed to be a little girl, she was big! She wriggled in discomfort, realizing she was wearing something like a diaper. She was supposed to be wearing big girl panties, there was a bad lady who had turned her little, this wasn't right at all!

    She pointed to the purse and said "Mine!" in a voice that sounded all wrong to her, it was so high-pitched and girlish.

    "Oh do you want something from your purse honey? Let Mommy get it for you." Someone up front said as they pulled to a stop at a red light. Was this nice lady her...Mommy? "Hmmmm do you want your plushy? Do you want your paci? Does LiLi want her binky?" At the mention of her binky, LiLi lit up, she wasn't sure what else she wanted but she definitely wanted her binky. "Here you go sweetheart."

    Before she knew what was happening was sucking on her binky, a pink pacifier shaped like a heart. What was she doing again? That's right, she was watching My Little Pony.

    It was some time before her reason started to rise to the surface again. She had to pee and it was reminding her of last night's ordeal, she could see her adult self in a flash of humiliating self-awareness. She didn't want that to happen again at any cost and she had to find a place to potty. She dropped her pacifier from her mouth and she asked Mommy for help, even though she knew she shouldn't have to.

    "Mommy, I need potty."
    "We're almost home honey, you just went tinkle when we got lunch. You stayed dry all night and all day, Mommy knows you can hold it for a little longer."

    LiLi wasn't so sure, it was really urgent and she was writhing uncomfortably in her carseat. Was she really about to wet herself like a baby? That couldn't happen, she still had her big girl thoughts, she couldn't possibly have worse control than a toddler. She was getting desperate and she lowered her dignity further by screaming,
    "Mommy me need peepee!"

    "Well baby there's nothing we can do, there's nowhere to stop between here and home so you'll just have to use your training pants if you can't hold it. It's ok honey, you did so good holding it for this long, Mommy knew this might happen. You can go pee pee in your training panties and Mommy will clean you up at home."

    It was like her permission had flipped a switch, there was no stopping it. LiLi held back tears as she wet her training pants and her Mommy did her best to soothe her.

    The next chunk of time passed in a blur, she remembered the car stopping, being carried inside somewhere as her brother trailed close behind, and being laid down and undressed. She was vaguely conscious of Mommy bathing her and splashing playfully in the bath with her brother, of being towel-dried, and being dressed again in a pair of Pull-Ups and a high-waisted toddler's dress that left her childish undergarment exposed.

    "There we go! All nice and clean for Daddy. Daddy's going to be so happy to see his princess!"

    When she heard that Daddy would be home soon she was filled with excitement, bouncing on her feet in girlish delight. She missed Daddy very much and couldn't wait to see him, she had a hard day today. Daddy would comfort her, his presence was so strong and reassuring.

    She was sitting in Mommy's lap, lost in the story being read to her, when she heard the door open and a strong male voice shout, "Daddy's home!"


    LiLi clumsily lowered herself to the floor from the couch and ran without thinking into his embrace, giggling as he spun her around in the air and kissed her on the forehead, the last of her big girl thoughts dissolving like fog in the sunshine.



End Chapter 5

Soft Prey

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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