Soft Prey

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Mark attempts to escape.

Chapter 3
    Mark couldn't believe what had just happened. He had fallen into a trap. His promising new partner, the woman who he knew was the future of the Agency, had just pissed herself and sucked her thumb, humiliating herself in front of him. Even if they somehow managed to escape from this, she would be traumatized.

     All the physical straining against his mental bonds had resulted in was a couple twitches of his fingers. He was able to move now more than at first, but it still wasn't enough. He had to think of something fast, Isabelle was wrapping up and he knew she would soon be turning to him. Noticing her nude body, her smooth pale skin and pink, pointed nipples, the way her thighs curved inwards to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and pussy, he felt a stir in his pants and was disgusted with himself. He had nursed a workplace crush on this girl, and now she was acting like a toddler that needed toilet training!

    "Yeth Mommy!"
    "Good girl! Mommy loves her little girl. So sweet and obedient, so pretty. Yes she is!"
    She tickled her feet and Alicia let out an unrestrained and childish giggle.
    "Better watch out! The tickle monster is gonna make LiLi pee herself again!"
    "Dop it mummy nah gonna pee!" LiLi managed through her high pitched giggles and her thumb as Isabelle blew a loud raspberry on her stomach. She flailed her legs and laughed in pure girlish joy, pressing her hand over her privates like she was struggling to control herself.
    Isabelle finally relented. "I know you won't baby. You're a big girl now and big girls can use the potty."  She turned to Mark, leaving her to bounce up and down on the changing pad sucking her thumb.

    "Mark Priestly and Alicia Attwood. Agency dogs, relentless butchers of my sisters. You use our magick against us like the hypocritical bastards you are, hating us and fearing us and driving us into corners until something horrible happens that you can blame on us. Oh I'm sorry I completely forgot. You can speak now but please don't yell, use your inside voice for Mommy."

    "What are you doing to us? What did you do to the others?" He asked at a reasonable volume. No matter how hard he fought against it, he couldn't remember another name for her besides Mommy and he didn't want her to be mad at him.

    "Your little friends from the Agency? I drove them mad so that you idiots would find them and chase me.  We knew that you were watching us so we split up to find which of us were made and I left you some bread crumbs, since I was pretty sure it was me you caught on to anyway. And look, here you are! All dressed up like a big boy for Mommy!"

    Mark didn't like her condescending tone, it made him feel small and inferior. He was a grown up, no matter how she talked to him.
    "What about the ones we never found? You've been doing this for years before you fled, and we never found all of our missing agents." A tremble had entered Mark's already quiet voice because he thought he knew the answer.

    "Oh, silly boy! I just told them they were cows or sheep or chickens, or even sometimes babies! And wouldn't you know it, if you believe hard enough in yourself, you can be anything. Don't worry baby, Mommy's going to teach you just like she said she would. You're going to be my apprentice, but first you're going to be my little baby boy. Or girl, I haven't decided yet."

    Mark's stomach dropped. He knew she was telling the truth, and with each passing second the image of himself standing in a playpen wearing nothing but a diaper, drooling and crying for his Mommy, grew larger and larger in his mind.

    "For now, I think we'll stop at twelve. We have a lot of driving to do and that'll be a lot easier than two kids in potty training. I don't think you'll cause me too many problems at twelve, will you? You'll be a good boy, I know you want to be a good boy for Mommy."

    He found that he did want to be a good boy for Mommy, and not only that, he wanted to let her know. He just couldn't help himself.
    "Yes Mommy, I promise I'll be good!"
    "Good boy," patting his head, "You can move again, just be good, listen to Mommy and stay in the room. I'm so glad you agreed to this, you know it wouldn't have worked at all if you just said no."

    Mark was furious at himself. He had suspected as much as soon as things went sideways. As deep as his anger and shame were, they were soon eclipsed by something else. His eyes were drawn to Mommy's breasts and Alicia's still beautiful body, he couldn't look away, and the mere thought of a woman was enough to make him painfully hard. It was like he was in middle school again.

    Isabelle noticed this with a smirk. Suggestion was so much more powerful with a sexual element and with this she'd be able to get him to completely submit to her. She leaned in, pushing her breasts up into his vision as she whispered suggestively into Mark's ear, "Go ahead baby, I know you want to touch. It's ok."

    He was so horny it was unreal. His forbidden crush naked in the room and two perfect breasts in front of him, the smell of her floral perfume and flawless skin, the warmth of her breath on his ear, it was just too much for him. He fumbled briefly with his belt before pulling down his pants with his underwear and stroking his penis. Reluctantly, his hand rose to brush her breast and he came the moment he touched her, his semen splattering across the plastic on the floor. Shame washed over him in waves as he realized what he had done.

    "Good boy! This time, I want you to remember the very first time you had an orgasm. You were twelve years old, and you didn't even know what would happen if you kept touching yourself but it just felt so good you couldn't stop, isn't that right?"

    Mark didn't know if that was true but the instant the words left her lips it was the only truth he could remember. Her voice was so stern and authoritative, there's no way she could be wrong.

    "This time, you don't even need to touch yourself. You're going to think about that first time you touched yourself and suck Mommy's booby, and your pee pee will feel better and better on it's own, and then it'll feel the best you've ever felt. And then I want you to think about all the years and days between now and then, everything you've learned and done, all your confidence and manhood; and I want you to squirt it out of your penis onto the floor."

    Hearing this, Mark tried to resist, screaming in his mind to stop, but it was no use, his body moved against his will, lowering his head to her breast, and when she exposed her nipple from her dress he closed his eyes and started sucking. Something inside of him wanted Mommy to take care of him, wanted to feel good like she said he would. He was hard already, and she was right, it felt amazing. His body was alive with pleasure centering around his head and crotch, he was consumed in the feeling.

    "Good boy. Mommy's little boy. After you cum, you're going to be a real twelve year old boy, just like the first time you ever felt like this. You're going to listen to Mommy's every word and you're going to like it, just like an obedient child should. You love being Mommy's baby, don't you Markie? "

    She had unbuttoned his shirt and was gently caressing his penis as she spoke, although Markie didn't know that's what was making him feel so good, and she was running her fingers through his hair. He was lost in the sensation of her nipple in his mouth, her hand on his head, and her light, sweet perfume. He loved her. He loved his Mommy.

    He started to cum again, great white gouts shooting across the floor as she congratulated him. It felt like it would never stop, he had never had an orgasm this long or intense, it gripped his body from head to toe all the way into the deep lizard recesses of his brain, and as he climaxed he started to shrink.

    "Good boy! Making such big messes for Mommy!"
    "Guh boy Mummy!" he ejaculated, pulling his face away from her breast.

    After he climaxed and he finally came back to his senses he was unbelievably ashamed. He felt weak and foolish, how did he ever have thought he could measure up to someone like his Mommy? He could barely remember the kind of man he was at all. Now that his eyes were open he could see his eye level lowering and his arms retreating into the sleeves of his blazer. He caught a glance of himself in the mirror and his mind recoiled at what he saw. It was as if he hadn't started shaving, hadn't even really entered puberty. With his pants around his ankles and his shirt unbuttoned he could see his small hairless penis and his skinny legs, his lack of muscle and his reduced stature. He looked like an adolescent boy getting dressed up in his Dad's clothes.
    "Look at how cute you are! Such a handsome boy. Let's get you out of those boring business clothes and into something that fits."

    She turned to pull a change of clothes out of the her luggage before she was interrupted by Alicia calling out from her spot on the bed, still bouncing up and down,
    "Mommy, I need to potty!"
    "Hold on just one second Sweetie," she replied, before turning to Mark and continuing, "Why don't you get naked and then I'll help you get ready for the road. Mommy has to take LiLi to potty and then we'll finish up."

    Markie meekly obeyed and stepped out of his pants before throwing the rest of his clothes on the floor. He searched his mind for a solution, any way to escape, but nothing came. She had just seduced him into giving up all of his contingency plans, his belief in himself and his martial training. With a shock of fear he realized he didn't know anything he hadn't known in grade school.

    He was getting frustrated at himself as well as her, she thought he was so harmless that she let him move freely about the room, and she was probably right. No, he thought, I just need to pull myself together and we can get out of this. I can't let her win, I have to do this for Alicia. He couldn't remember what exactly, but he knew he had been through worse and he could get through this. Breathe in. Breathe out.

    Although he stood naked in the middle of the room, years of his experience and training laying in a puddle on the floor, he knew this could be his chance. She might have tricked and humiliated them, but she had also let her guard down and underestimated him. If he was careful and quick he might be able to make it over to his gun on the floor. Training or no, he refused to give up and he still knew how to pull a trigger.

    Mommy was leading Alicia by the hand to the bathroom, and once she was out of his line of sight he started to creep across the room, careful not to make any obvious noise on the plastic drop cloth that would reveal his intentions. His steps were further obscured by the sounds of Alicia tinkling into the toilet and Mommy's reinforcement and approval, her voice dripping with the condescending sweetness reserved for the smallest of children. Mark was disgusted to hear the soft plunk of turds into the bowl.

    "Good girl! I'm so proud my little princess!"
    "I'm a big girl Mommy!"
    "Yes you are! Such a big girl making your pee pee and poop in the potty!"
    He had managed to cross the room, but just as he bent to pick up his gun she called out to him, "Markie, what's going on out there? Are you being bad?"
    Nervously, he raised his weapon to the door frame of the bathroom. The moment she left the bathroom, he would have to fire, there was no alternative or time for a second chance.
    "N-no Mommy I'm being good."
    He was struggling to steady the nerves that guided his shaking hands.
    "Good boy! Ok LiLi just wait for Mommy to get your pad and wipes so she can clean up your little bum."
    "Tay Mommy," came her muffled response, her thumb having returned to her mouth.

    This was it, the moment of truth. Her shadow fell across the door and he pictured himself free, returning to the Agency with accolades. They would probe her and they would figure out how to reverse what she had done to him and Alicia. He had done it. He had saved them.

    Mommy stepped out of the bathroom, momentarily shocked as he pulled the trigger before she burst into laughter.

    He hadn't cocked the gun again! He couldn't believe it, he was supposed to know this gun inside and out, he couldn't make a mistake this obvious. No no no no no, this isn't happening, this is a dream, this is a nightmare! The visions of freedom and escape dissolved as he fumbled with the safety and cocking mechanism before breaking into a panic, dropping the gun and fleeing towards the door to the hallway.

    Mommy was still laughing as he turned the knob and swung the door open, only to find that his body wouldn't let him take another step. He strained as hard as he could and only managed to slip and fall over into the corridor.

    "Bad boy Markie! Don't you remember that I told you not to leave the room? And where did you think you were going without any clothes on? You get back in here right this instant young man!"

    Markie rose to his hands and knees before scrambling back inside and slamming the door behind him. Glancing to his left he saw the hotel's closet, and in his confusion and panic tumbled inside shutting the door behind him. His heart pounding in his chest, naked and trembling, he choked back tears and a terror induced urge to pee as his Mommy stalked across the room towards him. She was calling his name in a sing-song voice and taking her time.

    "Maaarkie? Maaarkie? Oh where could that boy have gone? You've been bad Markie, you've been a very naughty boy. You could have hurt Mommy! Now I'm going to have to do something to make sure you behave."

    At the mention of punishment his anxiety rose higher in turn with his need to urinate. She was getting closer and was almost in front of his hiding place.
    "Where could you be? You're going to be in big trouble when I find you mister."
    Suddenly, she threw the doors open, saying, "There he is!"
    The surprise and fear overrode his control and Markie peed a little onto the carpeted closet floor.
    "Oh my, looks like my naughty boy has to go pee pee. Come on, let's get this over with."

    Markie took her hand and submissively allowed her to lead him to the middle of the room, where she stripped naked and threw her dress onto the bed next to the diaper bag. She then sat cross legged on a dry spot of the plastic drop cloth and told him to lie down across her lap. Her nude body was beautiful, he was powerfully drawn to her and the feelings she had given him earlier. He listened to her and did as he was told, he couldn't help it.

    "Now listen to Mommy. You've been a bad, bad boy so I'm going to have to discipline you. I'm going to start spanking you, and as I do you're going to feel smaller and smaller, until you're not even six years old. You will feel so helpless and so little and it will feel so real that you're going to shrink and shrink until you're a little boy. After that, you'll know what happens when you don't listen to Mommy, and you wouldn't dare disobey her. You're going to be a sweet momma's boy who needs Mommy for everything. You don't want to be a bad boy, you love Mommy and want to be good for her. Say it back to me now."

    "I love you Mommy, I'll be good for you."
    "Good boy."

    He hadn't wanted to say that but once it was out he knew it was true, he loved Mommy and he wanted to be good for her. He was so scared of what she would do to him and so ashamed of being a bad boy, the pressure on his bladder hadn't dissipated, it kept building until finally the dam broke and he started peeing. He hadn't stopped before she was smacking his butt, it ran down her thigh and dripped onto the plastic under her ass. His butt stung and he felt so small, so helpless, and so ashamed of having let Mommy down that he started crying.

    Mommy didn't say a word as she watched his body shrink until he fit easily across her lap and gave him one last tap that was much more gentle on his sore red butt, it was so cute she couldn't resist. He kicked his legs futilely and continued to sob, his cries getting higher pitched and more emphatic as he struggled. When it was all over Mommy started to stroke his hair again and console him.

    "Shhh shhh shhh, it's ok baby, Mommy's here. She was only a little mad at you, that's all. What you did was wrong because you could have hurt her. Mommy doesn't want to punish you, but that's what happens to little boys who are bad. I know you're a good boy at heart, you're still Mommy's good boy even when you've been naughty. You can be good for Mommy from now on, can't you?"

    "Yes Mommy, I be good".
    "Good boy. Now let me clean you off so I can take care of your sister and we can get out of here."

    Mommy stood him up by lifting him up under his armpits, pushed herself up, and stepped out of the puddle of his piss. She towered over him now and she had to kneel to wipe the pee from his legs and his tiny penis. Then she wiped herself off, watching him blush in embarrassment at her naked body.

    "Oh, don't worry Mr. Priestly, I know you're still in there. I bet you'd enjoy this if you were still a grown up. I wouldn't dream of doing any of this to a real child, and neither of you are real children yet. This is just to put you in your place, you won't remember a second of it later. Once we're home and you're real babies without a trace of Mark Priestly or Alicia Attwood left inside, I'm going to raise you both like any baby deserves: with unconditional love and patience. Isn't that going to be nice, growing up in a nice home with love and security? You're going to have a Daddy too, and we have a nice big house. Just think about how nice that's going to be, how much fun you're going to have, playing all day without a care in the world."

    She was toying with him now and even letting him know it, letting him retain just enough of his adult identity to shame and torment him. At the same time, her offer was appealing to him. He wanted to be loved and secure, it might not be so bad to have Mommy and Daddy take care of him in a nice big house. He wanted to play all day with his sister, that sounded like so much fun. Stop it, control yourself, he screamed internally, I don't have to listen to her, she's not my Mommy.

    "Y-you're not my m-mommy. I'm gonna get my fends and they're gonna stop you."
    "We'll see about that sweetheart."

    He saw her pull the clothes she was going to have him wear before his spanking from her luggage, the sort of jeans and hoodie combination a young teenager would wear, before unceremoniously tossing it into the trash. Rummaging around a bit she pulled a set of shortalls, a blue t-shirt with a dinosaur on it, and a tiny pair of Spider-Man underwear, and laid them out on the bed.

    "I thought I could trust you to be a big kid on the ride home but now you're going to be a little boy who hasn't even been to kindergarten. Do you remember how that felt? The world must have been very scary without Mommy around. Now go stand in time out until I'm done with your sister and think about what you've done."

    He did exactly that without even getting dressed, and he stood naked in the corner with his rear to the room, thinking about how he had gotten to this point.



End Chapter 3

Soft Prey

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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