Soft Prey

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Alicia returns to very old habits.

LiLi had been in the bathroom laying naked on the changing pad this whole time, sleepily sucking her thumb with her head resting on a soft towel. She was happy Mommy had made her comfortable before she told her to lay down and wait for her to deal with Markie, and she wanted to be a good girl, but it was really hard to wait this long. She had given up fighting for now and just wanted to be warm and comfy, she wanted Mommy to clean her and tuck her in, and the parts of her that objected were getting fainter in her head.

    When Mommy came back with the diaper bag she perked up and squirmed in happiness, ready to have her icky poopy bottom clean. Mommy showered her with praise as she lovingly cleansed her, leaving her bottom pristine and shiny from the moisture of the wipes.

    "Legs up! Good girl LiLi! Are you my good girl? Yes you are, yes you are! Awwww you're so cute, such a good, sweet little girl for Mommy! Waiting for Mommy while she handled your naughty brother. We just have one more thing to do before you can go sleepy-sleeps. You're very sleepy aren't you honey?"

    "Yeth mummy," she murmured as Mommy lightly dusted her pee-pee with baby powder.
    "Let's just get you dressed and then you can go to sleep," she said before reaching into the diaper bag and retrieving a pink pair of training pants with Ariel from The Little Mermaid printed on the front and a frilly two-piece set of toddler's pajamas embellished with Disney princesses.

    "Well gee, this is silly. These look like they're way too little for a big girl like you, but that can't be right. Mommy got you these pajamas for your birthday. You remember being Mommy's birthday girl don't you? You know, Mommy thinks you can still fit in your princess pjs. You want to wear your princess pajamas, don't you? They're so cute and soft, I bet you'd look so pretty in them."

    Mommy was being so silly! Of course she could fit in her princess pjs, she wore them to bed every night Mommy let her.
    "Wan pincess pjs mummy."
    "Of course honey, Mommy was just being silly."

    Isabella was overjoyed that she took so easily to Suggestion, she really didn't want more trouble after what had happened with Mark. She looked on with satisfaction as her magick began to work.

    LiLi was convinced that she wanted to wear the childish outfit and her body was racing to catch up. As she suckled on her thumb, she started to shrink, getting littler and littler, her nipples getting smaller and lighter in color, her breasts flattening into her chest and her pubic hair receding. Her face took on a round and childish appearance as she slipped under ten years old. She passed backwards through birthdays until she was six years old, then five, then four, until she looked exactly as she did when she was just past her third birthday.

    Mommy picked her up, placed her in her lap, and hummed softly to her as she brushed her hair. When she was finished she stood her up by her armpits and dressed her.

    "Arms up! Good girl! Can you pull your panties up like a big girl?"
    LiLi knew that Mommy was still being silly, she knew how to pull her panties up. She bent over and pulled the elastic band of the training pants up to her waist.
    "Good girl! You'll be wearing big girl panties in no time," pulling her into her lap again,"You can go ni-nights now. Say goodnight to Mommy."
    "Ni-ni mummy."

    Before long she was peacefully asleep, sucking her thumb and snuggling into her Mommy's chest.

    "Tomorrow you're going to meet your Daddy, and when you do, you're going to forget all about your big girl life. You won't remember what food you liked to eat, or what music you used to listen to. You won't remember your job, or your apartment, or what money is. You won't remember going to school or having sex or liking boys. You won't even be potty trained. Alicia Attwood is going to fade away like fog in the sunshine and all that's going to left is LiLi, my sweet little Lilibear. You're going to be Mommy and Daddy's perfect little girl, you're going to be so loved and cared for, and you won't be able to imagine being anything else even if you wanted to."

    Lili stirred in her sleep as it deepened and Mommy's words burrowed into her subconscious, dreaming sweet happy dreams about her Daddy.



End Chapter 4

Soft Prey

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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