Of Leopards and Their Spots

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Chapter 15
Of Apologies and Apprehension

“Yes?” In an instant, Skye was on her feet and in front of me. Her body language was relaxed, her tone cool and neutral; her usual open, friendly warmth was gone. I shivered, remembering being across that woman’s lap as she tried to spank me. My insides shrank into a tiny, helpless ball; my free hand grasped Skye’s skirt, just to make sure that lady couldn’t grab me away from Skye.

“I was hoping to run into you again.” Chaz’s mom talked stiffly, awkwardly shifting her weight from foot to foot as she struggled with her words. Talking to Skye was obviously not something she wanted to do, but felt she had to. Was she here to take another crack at my butt? I quivered at the thought, thankful for the thick padding protecting my bottom. I crinkled and inched more behind Skye so I couldn’t see the lady at all.

“Oh?” Was all Skye said.

“Yes. Well. You see...the thing is…about earlier...” The woman sighed huffily as her stiff posture deflated. “I’m sorry. I had no right to spank your child. I didn’t know what my own had done.” Her tone grew annoyed at the last part.

“I saw the whole thing. A mother’s job is to always pay attention and watch their baby.” Skye said in a carefully neutral and non-judgemental voice.

“I only looked away for a minute, and that brat of yours-” The woman cut herself off. I heard her inhale deeply. “Look, I just came over to apologize.” Her words were stiff and clipped.

I pressed my face into Skye’s back, nuzzling under her teal and pink braids. I didn’t want an apology; I never wanted to see that lunatic again. I chewed my thumb. And just what did she mean by your child? Maybe that woman had some mental disorder or something? That would explain a lot. And as for that brat of hers...I could see him growing up and facing a life behind bars. Maybe he’d make it on television- as a fugitive on Cops.

“I appreciate that.” Skye said flatly.

“Alright. Well...Chaz here has something to say.”

Silence followed. “Chaz?....Chaz. Apologize. Now.” Her tone was dangerous with warning.

“FineI’msorry.” ” A squeaky voice grumbled and mumbled, words jumbled together.


“I’M SORRY!” The boy hollered and stomped his foot. His diaper crinkled just as loud as mine.

Silence again; it was my turn to speak. I just sucked my thumb; after a few moments I peeked around Skye, my diaper crinkling loudly. Chaz was no longer dressed as a big boy. His hair was still spiky and blonde tipped, but he was naked except for a big, bulging safari diaper. And a bib. I smirked around my thumb. Now the tables were turned, and I was the big boy. I didn’t have a bib, and I had clothes on. My diapee was hidden and his was on full display. I scooted a little further out from Skye as I stared at him.

Hatred flashed in his eyes. I wanted to stick my tongue out at him and make a few comments on his big baby diaper that was on full display. And his bib. I opened my mouth to do just that but then I remembered Skye and Crazy Lady were right here watching us.

“Stupid thumb sucking baby. I bet you shi- poopies in your diapee, too. Dumb baby!” Chaz pointed at me then yelped when his mother smacked his heavily padded rear. “I’M SORRY MOMMY I DIDN’T MEAN IT !!” He hollered.

I was about to retaliate when he said poopies. My eyes widened in horror. Was..was he there when I had my messy accident? I ducked behind the safety of Skye, shaking slightly and whimpering around my thumb.

His mother glowered down at him. “You straighten up right now, mister. Or I’ll drag you out of here and you’ll be sorry when we get to the car.” His eyes widened at that.

He looked at me, then up at Skye. “I’m sorry for -for teasing the baby about his poopy diapers.”

My eyes widened at that and I tugged on Skye’s skirt. That brat saw! Or he assumed I needed my diapers for peeing and pooping. The fact that I’d done both and the brat was right burned my cheeks crimson. Skye reached behind her, patting my arm.

“My baby’s very shy. Now, excuse us, we have to get going.” Skye said quickly, bending to gather up my old, dirty t-shirt, gift bag, and shopping bag; she stuffed the shopping bag and shirt into the gift bag. She took my hand, tugging it loose from her skirt, then led me away.

“Can you say bye bye, Gavi-poo?” Skye cooed. I blushed, shaking my head and stepping closer to her, sucking noisily on my thumb. “He’s just being shy. It’s been a long day.” Skye waved to the little boy then we were out the door, lost in the crowd. I turned and at the last minute stuck my tongue out at the bratty boy. Chaz immediately started howling, and I smiled.

“Okay Gavi, it’s my turn for a bathroom break.” Skye said as she led me off into the crowd. My anxiety returned as we wove our way through people, mostly mommies with their babies. I saw lots of little boys in just their t-shirts and diapees. At least my diaper was now covered, even if I still crinkled and the powder blue material puffed out around my bottom. I was still a big boy. Sort of. And if I had another accident in my diaper, no one would be able to tell. My shorts would hide it. I smiled at the thought.

The place was much more crowded than this morning. So many babies! We almost got run over by a toddler running around, pushing his own stroller and clad in just his safari diaper with one shoe on. His mother chased after him, holding his other shoe and calling his name. She quickly caught him before anyone got hurt; she snatched him up by the waist, smacked him soundly on his padded bottom, and let out a stream of angry Spanish. She held him under one arm as he squirmed and cried while she pushed the stroller with her free hand.

One path over, another toddler ran around buck naked, giggling and shrieking his head off in pure joy with a big, dopey grin. His hands were in the air as he blithely ran. A yellow stream suddenly shot out of him, almost hitting several passersby. A woman sat on a bench nearby, absorbed with her compact mirror and applying fire engine red lipstick. A folded up safari diaper lay next to her. Some harsh words and glares from others had her dropping her makeup and chasing after her streaking toddler.

Skye walked calmly, unphased by the chaos. She actually seemed to enjoy it; she had a small smile on her face. At least one of us was enjoying the day. A growing part of me insisted I was enjoying it, too. No, I wasn’t! I tried to squash the feeling, but it just wriggled around. The baby animals were cute. Having all of Skye’s attention was nice. The thick padding engulfing my lower half was comforting, reassuring with every noisy step. It was like a constant hug.

“Oh, before I forget!” Skye suddenly stopped. I looked up at her in confusion. She reached down to my crotch and yanked the snaps open with a loud “pop, pop, pop”. She poked at the front of my diaper. I blushed, cheeks turning red at her touch. I looked around but no one paid any attention. I felt her hand squeezing the back of my diaper; it crinkled. A warm breeze suddenly wafted over my bottom as she tugged on the waistband.

“Skye!” I whined. After today, I was used to my diaper being on display. That didn’t bother me. But I was a big boy and I could tell her when my diapee needed changed. She didn’t have to check like I was some helpless little baby.

“Just checking if you need changed.” Skye shushed me. “Your little butt’s all white with powder.” She giggled, playfully slapping my puffy, padded rear then snapping the crotch of my shortalls back together.

“Skye.” I huffed, pouting. “I don’t need-”

“No, you don’t need changed. Your diapee is dry for now. Oh, I see! The bears.” She took my hand again. We were at an intersection in the paved path; the bear enclosures were just to the left. The very first one had a huge tank filled with chilly bright blue water at one end and one huge, white furred bear lounging on a rock while a tiny, fuzzy white cub determinedly chewed on his mother’s ear. It was hard to get a good view, though; too many people crowded around the exhibit.

“So that’s what got you so fussy. How silly of me. There’s too many people now, and I’m going the bathroom. Maybe we’ll try the bears later. ” Skye explained slowly. I didn’t care about the stupid bears; I was upset about getting my diaper checked. She could at least show a little trust and give me a chance to tell her. Not that I was planning on wetting or messing this diaper. But accidents happened.

This calm sojourn to the bathroom made me think back to my mad, desperate flight this morning in the Rainforest Room. That seemed so long ago, days instead of hours. It might as well have been another life. I had torn around like a tornado in search of a potty. But Skye strolled calmly, pausing every once in awhile to coo over one baby or another.

Next thing I knew, we were heading towards a swinging door with the universal symbol for woman on it; a stick figure in a triangle dress. I stared at that image, my eyes going wide. The ladies bathroom!



End Chapter 15

Of Leopards and Their Spots

by: personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 11, 2016


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