Of Leopards and Their Spots

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Chapter 14
Of Shopping and Shortalls

My eyes widened. “Sh-shopping?” I wasn’t ready to go back out there. Not after the accident I had. I shivered, pressing against Skye. Even though my diaper was nice and clean now, I could still feel the ghost of the warm, gooey mess squishing all over my backside, and mushing up all over the front, coating my crotch and making my diaper stick to me.

“Yes, baby.” Skye’s eyes softened to a gentle twilight when she saw my reluctance. I’d stopped crying and sniffling, but I wasn’t ready to face the world. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me in for a quick cuddle. “I thought you’d like some clothes to cover your diapee? You’ve been watching the babies with clothes all day.”

I bit my lip, not paying close attention to her words, too lost in my shaky emotions. That did sound nice. And if I….if it happened again….maybe clothes would help hide another accident? I stiffened at the thought. Not that I was going to have an accident! Part of me recoiled at that thought, but another part of me felt reassured by thick, soft padding engulfing me. If I had another accident, my diapee would protect me. Diaper. The warm feeling that had been popping up all day made my insides feel fuzzy. It grew in strength, melting my resistance; I relaxed against Skye.

“I...I thought….we’d ...go home…” I mumbled uncertainly.

“Silly baby.” Skye laughed like I’d said something funny. “We’re not finished with our special day. There’s still lots to do, and you’re all clean now.” She swatted my padded rump, her hand thumping off the thick padding with a crinkle. The smell of baby powder filled the air once more and Skye giggled. Her hand rubbed my bottom, patting it more gently with soft rustles of her skin sliding over the smooth, noisy plastic. I blushed; little Tyler and his mother were still here. Still vulnerable after getting my own poopy diapee changed, I buried my face shyly in Skye’s shoulder.

“Mmm...you smell so good, like a clean, fresh baby. I could just eat you up!” Skye exclaimed, excited once again as she sniffed me. She tickled my sides, her fingers darting under my shirt like quick silver fish to dance over the sensitive skin of my stomach. I squirmed, a peel of laughter ringing out as I wriggled and crinkled. Skye smiled and blew a raspberry on my cheek. “That’s my happy baby! Now let’s get some clothes on that cushie tushie.” She playfully squeezed the dry, fresh padding covering my butt, almost like a mommy checking her baby for poopies.

“Skye!” I whined in protest, cheeks bright red. She stood up, her hand in my own, and tugged me to my feet.

“Shush. Come on, baby. We don’t want all the cute clothes to be sold out.” Skye beamed, eager bright in her eyes. She took two steps away from me. The warm, fuzzy feeling floating in my stomach turned into a cold, heavy lump of fear. I didn’t want Skye to leave me. I wanted to be next to her, as close as possible. I quickly followed, diaper crinkling loudly.

“Nice meeting you!” Skye called to the middle aged woman, who was busy finishing up fastening Tyler into his new outfit. The shortalls puffed out, making no effort whatsoever to hide his diapered condition. “Say bye-bye, Gavi-kins.” She cooed in a motherly tone to me.

I looked down at my own visible diaper. Something to cover it would be nice...would help me feel more like a big boy….

“He’s a shy one, isn’t he?” Tyler’s mom talked in the same juvenile, syrupy tone Skye used. Instead of feeling like a big boy, I felt like a I shrank on the inside, like I was just a little toddler. I was horrified by these thoughts, but deep down inside the truth of them shone in my gut, enhanced by the memory of that horrible mess. Wrestling with these conflicting emotions, I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t wave back.

Skye shook my hand. “Gavi-poo…” She trailed off, staring at me. I still stared down at my feet and exposed, fresh diaper. Cartoon animals smiled sappily up at me. The urge to suck something, like my thumb, brushed over my lips and tongue. I poked my lower lip with my thumb.

Skye just smiled and looked up at the other lady. “I’m sorry, he’s still a little emotional from his poopy diapee and crying. I just finished changing him before you came in.”

“Skye!” I whined, horrified. My head shot up, eyes wide, and my thumb quickly jerked away from my mouth. How could she say that out loud? My insides twisted into knots as I relived that awful moment all over again. I was never going to get over it.

“Little ones.” Tyler’s mother chuckled as she looked at me. She turned to her son; Tyler still lay on the changing mat, empty bottle in his hands. He stared at me with huge, saucer eyes as if he was horrified. I felt even smaller, and shrank closer to Skye. Her gaze turn stern. “You see? He made boom-booms in his diaper.” She pointed at me, and I tugged on Skye’s hand, suddenly wanting to leave. “And he’s not throwing a fit over it. He’s not fighting his mommy about getting dressed. You could learn a little something from him.”

Skye just smiled, very satisfied, as she led me out of the changing area. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide, or the ground to open up and swallow me. That lady just compared me to a baby, labeling Skye my “Mommy” so her son could understand her point. I was almost too mortified to listen. I just about died at ‘boom-booms in his diaper’. Me, a grown ass man, serving as a lesson for little toddler on how to behave.

“Don’t worry about it, Gavi-poo. She was just trying to make a point to her baby. Just forget all about it.” Skye said airily as we wove through the crowd. I didn’t see any couples about; it was all families, mostly mommies with babies. They were staring at me, I was sure of it. They all knew, had seen me go poopies in my diapee. My eyes darted about nervously. No one noticed us; everyone just went about doing their own thing, minding their own business. My heart still drummed against my chest. Any moment, I expected someone to call out, to jeer, to say something. I stayed close to Skye, almost pressing up against her. One trembling hand latched onto her skirt, so I held both her hand and her skirt, cowering in her shadow.

Skye strolled, perfectly relaxed and in her element. She observed me with sideways glances when she felt the timid tugs on her skirt. She just smiled some more, as if she thought my actions were cute, then rummaged in the gift bag. As we walked, Skye sipped from another bottle of Mother’s Milk, and she handed me a sippy cup of Baby Formula.

I frowned, not letting go of her skirt or her hand. The physical contact was more comforting and reassuring than a drink. “Come on, baby. All that crying dehydrated you.” Skye wheedled, but I shook my head stubbornly, practically clinging to her, our steps matching.

Skye paused, staring at me. I peeked over at her; it wasn’t like her to give up so easily. She stared like she was contemplating something. Then a sunny smile broke out and she brought the sippy cup to my lips, holding it for me.

I turned my head away. “No bottle?”

“A sippy cup is better. Your shirt is already all stained with dribbles. This will protect your new outfit.” Skye reasoned. I opened my mouth, but she plopped the hard, plastic tip into my mouth and tilted the cup, pressing gently. I had no choice; I sucked and sweet liquid washed over my tongue, dazzling my tastebuds with milky decadence. Why had I protested drinking this? Who cares what it came in. Suddenly realizing how thirsty all that crying and pooping had made me, I sucked my drink down.

“Good baby.” Skye praised in a honey sweet tone. She pulled my sippy cup away when I was sucking mostly air. I whined softly in protest; there were still a few drops left. Skye giggled. “Silly baby, if you suck all that air, it’ll get trapped in your tummy and I’ll have to burp you.” She teased as I blushed. She put the cup away and wiped milk dribbles from my face with her free hand.

“Skye-” I forgot all about the other people around us, soothed by being so close to her and distracted by the milk.

“Here we are!” She cut me off as she led me into the gift shop. An island of stuffed zoo animals filled the center of the store, surrounded by a sea of clothing racks. Zoo themed baby paraphenalia filled shelves near the register; baby bottles, baby blankets, bibs, and toys for various small child stages, from infants to preschool. The main attraction was the clothes. Baby clothes in a rainbow of sizes and styles. This was an Adult Baby’s dream come true. But I wasn’t an Adult Baby; I cringed, pressing into Skye with a crinkle from my zoo themed diaper.

Skye stood there, just inside the door. Her blue eyes shone with glee and her fingers squeezed mine as she grinned. I felt her tremble slightly, as if she was so excited she didn’t know which rack to run to first.

I stared, a wave of horror washing over me. I looked from the abundant cornucopia of AB clothing, to Skye, then back again. Was she thinking what I thought she was? “Skye…..” I said, a trembling note of warning and pleading in my tone.

“I know, Gavi-poo! It’s wonderful!” She squealed, rushing right into the little boy section. She moved so fast her skirt slipped from my fingers like grains of sand in a receding tide. Her fingers slid along mine, pulling away.

Panic curdled in my tummy. Alone, in public, just like I’d been when I’d...in my diapee...poo-poos filled my diapee….Again I was thrust back into that awful, awful moment, feeling it slip out of me and fill up my diaper like a mudslide. “SKYE!” I wailed when I grasped only air; her fingers were gone. My breath hitched, coming in short, tight gasps and I squeezed my eyes shut, groping blindly for her. I toddled forward on stiff legs, diaper crinkling all the way, powder shifting like dunes in a desert with every step.

“Gavi-poo, it’s okay baby. I’m right here.” Her hand calmly enclosed my own grasping one and she pressed a kiss to the top of my unruly hair. I opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me. My free hand quickly fisted in her skirt, clutching it like a toddler clutched his favorite blankie.

“I thought you were gonna leave me.” I sniffled as she kissed one cheek.

“Silly boy. I’d never leave my baby! I moved too fast for you, huh?” That was more statement than question. “Well, come on.” She tugged on my hand, leading me over to the clothes. This time she held herself in check though I could see the excitement in her eyes and feel it in her impatient tugs on my hand.

“Oh, how am I ever going to choose?” Skye wailed in exuberate, phony distress. “Oh, this is so cute!” She grabbed a pale green onesie with a big, happy cartoon crocodile on the chest and held it up to my chest. I stiffened, trying to lean back but her hand with the onesie just followed. The only way to escape was to step back, away from her…. I started to do just that. I felt her skirt lift up as I moved, beginning to pull away from me….I quickly crinkled close again, but I wrinkled my nose to show her what I thought.

“My shirt is fine. I don’t need any clothes”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Gavin. You got all kinds of kakka pukas on your shirt. What kind of mo- girlfriend would I be if I let you walk around like that?” Skye scolded, free hand on her hip.


“Besides, you’ve been wanting something to cover your diapee.” She finished with an air of finality and I knew I was beaten. She rifled through the rack of onesies, picking a few out while I pouted at her side. By now, I was used to my diaper being on display. But only big boys had their diapers covered. I glanced over at a rack of shortalls and shorts. Big boy clothes. Onesies were for little babies who couldn’t walk. I pointed that out to Skye.

“Of course you’re not an infant, you silly goose. I’ve been listening to your diapee crinkle about all day.” Skye cooed indulgently as she picked up two onesies; a powder blue one with a cartoon zebra on it and a yellow one with a cartoon giraffe on it. My face burned when she mentioned how noisy my diaper was. I was about to protest both the crinkling and the onesies when she shook her hand free of mine.

“Skye-hey!” I cried out, reaching for her hand again as my heart sped up, bumping against my ribs.

“Sorry, baby. Mommy-I need both my hands.” Skye soothed in a sing-song tone and snagged my wrist in one hand, guiding it to her skirt. “There you go sweetie.” Now both hands fisted in the breezy cotton, rubbing the soft cloth between my fingers absentmindedly. I bit my lower lip, sucking on it absentmindedly as my heart slowed down.

Skye put the onesies back with a pout before moving onto another rack. She stepped away from me; I felt the skirt pulling and I quickly crinkled after her. I missed the reassuring hold of her fingers around mine, grounding me. I’d been holding her hand most of the day; the touch made me feel safe, let me know she was right next to me. Especially if….if anything...happened. I blushed and glanced down at my still dry diaper. She couldn’t leave me, when my hand was in hers. Now...now she could disappear at any moment, her skirt slipping through my fingers.

She pawed through a round, rotating rack of rompers. Some had legs, shorts, and sleeves while others were sleeve and legless, almost like tank-top ones. They came in a rainbow of boy colors; orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, grey and black. Each had a cartoon zoo animal and puffy, snap crotch bottoms, as if the bottom part had been designed to accentuate how bulky a diaper was and add the optical illusion the diaper was puffier than it actually was. I shivered; those weren’t much better than a onesie.

“How about this one? That would look cute on you! No, this goes better with your eyes! They’re all so cute! How do they expect mothers to decide?!” Skye kept holding romper after romper after romper up to my chest. I was too nervous to squirm away from her- I’d rather be safe and close to her while she indulged in this insanity than be off on my own. Just in case. No matter what happened today, she’d been with me, seeing me through it. Wet pants, almost getting spanked by a crazy lady, wet diaper, poopy diaper, she helped me through it all.

“Skye. Those are for little babies.” I showed my displeasure by whining and making a face each time she held up a romper.

“And you’re not a little baby?” Skye asked with a raised eyebrow as she put a blue romper back. Her lips twitched in an amused giggle.

Just what was she implying? Or was she just teasing me about my diapers? My poopy accident? I blushed, trying to glare at her a she giggled. “Skye!”

“You’re so cute when you pout like that. Come on, Gavi-poo-poos.” She tittered some more.

I gaped, mouth hanging open like a fish. I stared at her, tears welling up and my lower lip trembling. Sure, Skye teased and joked, it was just part of who she was. But my accident was still so fresh, so raw; the experience still stung. “S-SKYE!”

“Shhh. Shush.” Skye cooed, rubbing my cheeks with her fingertips and kissing the tip of my nose. “It’s all over and you’re in a clean diapee now. Poopies are all gone. Yours wasn’t the first poopy diapee of the day, and it won’t be the last. So just relax and let’s get a cute outfit on that cushie tushie.” Her sing-song voice cajoled me. She playfully patted my padded butt; the plastic backing rustled at her touch.

“Skye!” I squeaked at the unexpected movement, making her giggle then kiss my cheek.

“Sh-shorts?” I sniffled hopefully. Even with snaps in the crotch, those were big boy clothes.

“Of course baby.” Skye soothed then she led me over to another rotating rack, full of shorts and shortalls with matching t-shirts. I stayed close, pressing against her. I clutched her skirt and rested my cheek against her shoulder blade while she tore through the shorts. What was she looking at? Curious, I tried to peek around her but she flicked through the rotating rack so fast I couldn’t get a good look. Pouting, I stood on my tiptoes with a soft crinkle. My chin rested on her shoulder and I could finally see.

They were almost like big-boy clothing, except for the colorful cartoon animals on the leg, puffy crotch with snaps to accommodate diapers. They were plain big boy colors; khaki, brown, blue and black. “I like those. These are nice. How about the zebra?” I suggested, but she just kept sliding the hangers along the metal rack.

“No. Meh. Nope. Eh. Maybe. Bleh. Yeesh.” Skye flipped through all the shorts, not even pausing once before she got to the shortalls with matching undershirts. “Oh, now this is more like it!” She perked up and slowed down to glance at each ensemble. These were something a toddler would wear, not a big boy in preschool.

“I liked the ones with the lions.” I dropped the skirt with one hand, reaching past Skye’s belly to point at the shorts just out of my reach.

“Don’t be silly. Shortalls are much better for diapee changes. And they’re so cute.” Skye chided as she absentmindedly smacked my hand back down. She was instantly absorbed back into perusing the rack.

“Ouch!” My fingers stung; I was more surprised than hurt. Skye didn’t turn; she just held up an orange and blue plaid shortalls and red t-shirt with a cartoon turtle. I whined and she just shushed me, putting the outfit back and picking out another one. I stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked to soothe away the sting. The warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy grew while a small part of me wanted to yank my thumb out. But this felt so nice, and no one was paying us any attention anyway...

“OH, YES! PERFECT!” Skye cried out, sounding as if she was in the throes of an orgasm. She held aloft a shortall ensemble just like it was He-Man’s Sword of Power. Powder blue cotton with a big, happy sappy cartoon lion on the front and a white t-shirt trimmed in baby blue underneath. She turned to me, her eyes alight in victory. “Oh, Gavi-kins, you’ll look so adorable!” She squealed.

My eyes widened. “NO. Showts! I want showts!” I lisped, not realizing my thumb was still in my mouth. On one hand, that outfit was cute. Perfect for an overgrown baby boy...not that I was one! I was NOT one, so that cute outfit was not for me. I wanted big boy shorts, because I was a big boy. I tugged on Skye’s skirt to emphasize I wanted shorts.

“Gavi-poo, you’re so cute!” She giggled. “Come on, we’re checking out.” She held up the grown-up sized shortalls and caught one of my hands in hers, leading me to the check out line across the room.

Emboldened by the touch of her hand, I leaned back, trying to make her stop. “No! Showts!” I would have pointed, but Skye held one of my hands and the other was in my mouth as I still sucked.

“Gavin. Come on.” The lullaby lilt faded from her voice as her face tightened in disapproval. She yanked, pulling me forward.

“NOOO!” I howled around my thumb. I didn’t want shortalls; I wanted shorts.

“Gavin, you either knock it off right now, or I’ll pull your diaper down and spank your bare bum right here.” Skye whispered in my ear, voice low and deadly serious as she bent down to my level. The fuzzy feelings inside me withered; I felt small and helpless. Just like I had when I pooped my diaper, or when that mean lady was going to spank me at the play area. Desperate for comfort and refuge from the fire in her eyes, I sucked on my thumb. The motion was a calming balm over the cut of her anger.

“I-I’m sowwy.” I whimpered, cringing. “I be gewd.” I lisped, my hand getting wet with drool but I barely noticed it. I was overwhelmed by emotions of inadequacy as I stared up into her snapping blue eyes.

She stared me down, watching me cower for a long moment. “Good.” She said with a curt nod, pink and teal braids bouncing. She tugged on my hand and this time I meekly followed. We passed through the girl section and got in line. I stayed at her side, sucking the warm digit in my mouth. My tongue ran over the wet skin of my thumb, playing with it as I looked down at the happy animals smiling up at me from my diapee. Skye leaned down and kissed the top of my head. A wave of comfort washed over me.

The line moved up. “Come on, Gavi-kins.” Skye cooed, tugging gently on my hand. I stepped forward with a crinkle and eyed the blue shortalls she carried. Soon I’d be wearing those. I blushed, desperately wishing they were big boy shorts.

A loud wailing filled the busy room. I looked up; right by the check out counter was a fitting room with plush wicker benches along the wall. A tall, lean lady with brown hair in a stylishly sloppy bun and yellow sundress cradled an Asian infant in her arms. The infant’s face scrunched up and red, toothless gums on display as he wailed his little lungs out. His fingers curled in fists as he flailed. A red balloon was tied to the handle of a zoo gift bag.

Those two looked vaguely familiar. Maybe I’d seen them in the Rainforest Room? With all that had happened today, I wasn’t sure. The worst part, the very worst, was what the lady had dressed her infant in. A zoo shopping bag sat at the woman’s sandaled feet, along with a boy’s orange t-shirt. But the infant wore a frilly lacy neon pink sundress, trimmed in white lace along the hem and bodice. A safari print diaper bulged out under the dress. He wore lacey pink socks with tiny, smiling hippo heads on the toes. The plushy heads rattled as he kicked his tiny feet.

“That’s Mommy’s pretty princess! Such a little fussy wussy button!” The lady cooed as her baby helplessly kicked like he was trying to get away. She made a big show of checking his diaper, sticking her fingers in the crotch then pulling the back of his diaper open for a peek. Through this the Asian boy just wailed as hard as his lungs would permit. “No poopy poo-poos or tinkle winkles, so princess must be hungry!” She proclaimed loudly. She tugged down her low cut dress and bra to free one heavy breast. A drop of milk beaded on the pink nipple.

Engrossed just as Skye had been in the clothes, I stared with wide eyes. The urge to suck filled me; I sucked hard on my thumb and thought of Skye’s breasts as I watched the wailing infant turn his head from his mommy’s boob. What was wrong with him? The lady just smiled, bringing his face back to her waiting nipple. She brushed the leaky tip across his pink lips; reluctantly he stopped crying and latched on as if instinct took over. He nursed, sucking rhythmically and the mommy just smiled in satisfaction.

I watched, filled with envy and sucked my thumb in time with the nursing newborn.

“Such a cute baby girl!” Skye gushed, but she looked down at me as she spoke. Her words broke my reverie; I shook my head, blushing, and popped my thumb out of my mouth. What was I thinking? Big boys did not suck their thumbs or drink milk from their mommies. I was a big boy...right? At least, I wanted to be a big boy. Part of me did, anyway. The warm feelings that tickled my tummy insisted thumbs were made to be sucked and milk from mommy would be yummy. Even more yummy than the zoo’s Baby Formula.

I stared hard at Skye’s boobs. They didn’t look any bigger than they had at lunch; but they were heavier, fuller. Unconsciously, I licked my lips.

“You agree, right, Gavi-poo?”

“Huh?” I looked up from her cleavage to her face.

Her lips twitched in a smirk that said, ‘I know what you were doing’. But her eyes twinkled, like this pleased her. I blushed; I shouldn’t have been looking there.

“The infant stage is just the sweetest and that dress is so precious!” Skye raved, taking my staring for agreement. But she was gazing down at me as she spoke. Why was she looking at me like that? A worm of foreboding wriggled in me.

“I...um….I...guess…” I mumbled. Where was she going with this?

“You want one? Come on, let’s look at the pretty dresses!” Skye squealed, darting for a rack of disgusting frills, pink, and purple. Her hand was an iron vice around mine, trapping me.

“NOOO!” I wailed. “I WIKE MY SHOWTAWWS.” I leaned back with all my might. When had Skye gotten so strong? I could barely slow her no matter how hard I tugged back. Only my words made her pause.

“You’d look so cute in that pretty purple dress with all those bows. And matching diapee cover!”’ Skye cooed.

My eyes widened and I sucked harder on my thumb. “NOOOOO!! I WANT DOSE!” I popped my slobbery thumb out of my mouth to point at the blue shortalls she held.

“Oh, you do? Are you sure?” Skye turned her head from the girl clothing to the boy outfit she held.

“YES! YES!” I nodded enthusiastically, desperate to convince Skye to get the blue boy clothes.

“Goody.” Skye chirped, leading me back into the checkout line. I looked down at my sandals, my thumb poking at my lip before slipping into my mouth. The well trained cashiers kept the line moving quickly. All too soon Skye had paid and led me over to the benches by the changing rooms. The mother nursing her baby had finished up and departed; Skye sat in the same seat she had. She opened up the shopping bag, took out the new outfit and tore off the tags.

“Okay baby, reach uppies.” Skye pantomimed reaching up with her hands. I sucked my thumb and just stared at her. She wanted to dress me out here? Just like mothers were doing with their babies. Shouldn’t we be in a dressing room? Skye was crazy if she thought I was going along with this. Heh..Skye and her crazy ideas...now that was nothing new.

“Come on, Gavi-poo.” She tickled my sides, fingers digging right into my sensitive spots. I squirmed, giggling as a little bit of drool ran down my chin. Skye grinned and yanked my shirt over my head in triumph. I froze when I realized I was standing there, a big boy in just his diapee. I looked at Skye in horror. She just smiled calmly and oh so slowly flapped open the white t-shirt trimmed in baby blue.

“Skye!” I whined. “Hurry!” I squirmed, my colorful diaper crinkling noisily.

She held the shirt up by the sleeves, making it dance teasingly in front of me. “Who wants to get dressed?” She cooed.

“ME! PWEASE!” I hollered, practically begging. This seemed to appease her; her smile turned to a huge grin and she tugged the shirt easily over my head. It came to just above my diaper, exposing a tiny bit of my flat belly.

“Belly button!” Skye squealed and poked me right in in said belly button. I blushed, yanking my shirt down while she giggled madly. I was busy trying to tug my short shirt down and hide my belly from her random belly button attacks; amidst all this she soon held open the baby blue shortalls, coaxed me to step into them with another belly poke, then she brought the straps up over my shoulders and snapped them into place.

“CUTE! So cute I could just eat you up!” Skye gushed, her eyes flashing in triumph.

I looked down, patting my tummy; no more belly buttons for her. Childishly I stuck my tongue out, teasing her like she teased me. Skye grabbed my tongue; I squealed in surprise and she laughed.

“Nice try, baby cakes, nice try.” She playfully patted my butt. My shorts did nothing to hide the awfully loud crinkle. She let go of my tongue and I looked down; instead of hiding my diaper, the shortalls puffed out at the crotch, accentuating the bulge and making it look even bigger.

“Ahem. Excuse me.” A feminine voice called stiffly.

I looked up and instantly stiffened at the sight of frizzy blonde curls and tits so plastic it would be impossible to suck milk out of them. Chaz’s mom. My thumb slipped into my mouth and I sucked, scooting and crinkling closer to Skye.



End Chapter 14

Of Leopards and Their Spots

by: personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 11, 2016


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