Of Leopards and Their Spots

by: personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 11, 2016

Chapter 8
Of Pony Rides and Pampers

I was still shaking from fear and rage as Skye led me by the hand away from the petting zoo, the diaper wrapped around my waist crinkling with every step had become so much white noise in my fury and self loathing. Was that lady really going to spank me? Did she think I was some dumb little brat like her son? Okay, I admit it wasn’t great what I did to the little jerk, but I deserved a chewing out, not having my ass paddled in public.

I kept replaying the incident over and over again in my head, just talking to myself while I followed Skye’s gentle lead. My mind was on a personal re-loop of my own personal failure. Why had I let that happen in the first place? I was bigger than her; it shouldn’t have been so easy for me to be dragged over her knee. I should have fought back instead of cowering across her lap.

And Skye had to save me! That wasn’t supposed to have happened! The guy was supposed to save the girl, even if he was the scrawny, slightly geeky type. It worked that way in Back To The Future, anyways. Why couldn’t I have gotten an amazing adrenaline boost at my impending danger? Or at least not have been on the verge of tears? Couldn’t I at least have wriggled out of that psycho bitch’s grasp?

“Earth to Gavin,” Skye said, patting me gently on the shoulder. “Come in baby, are you there, Gavin?”

“Huh?” I cleared the cobwebs out of my head, looking up to Skye.

“We’re here, honey.”


I looked ahead of me. Fifty feet away were dusty wooden log posts cemented into the ground. Other log beams connected them at the top, middle, and bottom, like life-size linkin logs, to create a broad ring.

In the middle of the ring, hard, sandy ground with a red metal pole in the center with a flag with the zoo’s logo on it flying from the top. From the main pole, others sprung horizontally creating a kind of like a medieval wheat grinder that turned ever so slowly causing the flag at the top to turn and twist in the wind. Slow tired hoofbeats rang through the morning air.

“The Pony Ride?” I said, looking up at Skye.

“Oh please, Gavi-kins,” Skye begged. “I really want to go for a pony ride.”

“You really wanted to go to the petting zoo,” I reminded her, “but I was the one who ended up feeding the animals and playing.”

“And you were so cute playing with all the little animals, too.” she fluttered her lashes at me. “Okay, fine,” she admitted. “I want us to go for a pony ride. Come on,” she persisted. “You know you wanna make me happy.”

Damn it. She had me there.

“Fine,” I sighed. “Let’s get in line.”

There were at least a few dozen people ahead of us, all of them mothers and their infant children, it looked like. We were the only couple in line. Soon after we lined, up more mothers and their small children lined up behind us, cutting off my escape. I had toddlers to the left of me, infants to the right, and there I was, stuck diapered in the middle with Skye. Skye was right, though, more mothers and their kids were showing up as the day continued.

For the most part, the line consisted of toddlers, just barely old enough to walk. They all seemed to be wearing just t-shirts and little safari-print diapers that matched my adult one. There was even a woman with a baby in a stroller near the front of the line. Kid couldn’t walk, and mom wanted him to ride a tiny horse.

I spotted a few tiny heads poking out amongst the diapered masses in line. They looked to be pre-school age, if I had to guess. The weird part is, they were all diapered, too. Most of them weren’t even wearing pants. I’m not one to judge, but at a certain point, you should teach a kid modesty. If you’re not potty trained, you’re not potty trained, but shouldn’t they at least have been wearing shorts?

But then I noticed that their diapers matched everyone else’s in line. Maybe they had been wearing shorts today, and then they had an accident. An accident just like the one...an accident just like a little kid their age might have. Sometimes little kids had potty accidents. Sometimes big boys and grown-ups did too. That’s all, I reassured myself. That’s all.

As the seconds peeled away into minutes, my throat felt dry.

“Hey Skye,” I tugged on her shirt a bit. “Do we have anymore of that drink I like?”

“You mean the Baby Formula?” Skye asked, her eyes forming little wrinkles as she smiled. “Sure thing, honey. Finish it off. But be careful,” she shook her finger at me while she handed me the little container. “That’s the last you’re getting till lunch, understand?”

“Mmmm-hmmm,” I agreed as I unscrewed the cap and knocked back the last of the deliciously sweet not-quite-milk. I gulped it down so fast that a few streams of it spilled out the corner of my mouth and ran down my chin. It really was quite good, and it wasn’t having the negative reaction I expected due to the heat. It was hot, and yet I didn’t feel sick like if I had chugged real milk. If anything I felt refreshed. Maybe this stuff really could compete with Gatorade.

“Awww,” Skye tickled my chin after I wiped my mouth off with my forearm. “You spilled. We’ll have to get you a sippy cup for lunch,” she teased me. I jerked back, only slightly annoyed by my hot girlfriend’s flirty teasing.

She leaned over and gave me a side hug, and I nuzzled her cheek with my short cut dirty blonde hair, languishing in her long luxurious braided hair of many colors.

After a few minutes of nuzzling, my stomach gurgled slightly. Gas pressure was building up and I was starting to shift uncomfortably in line.

“Something the matter, Gavi-poo” Skye asked me, feeling my squirming.

“Nope,” I grunted, doing my best to maintain composure. I gentle breeze picked up and kissed me in the face. I was officially downwind, and figured this was the best time to break wind. This was gonna be my best shot, I knew, and so I cut off a slight fart to relieve the pressure. It did the trick, and I relaxed a bit after the gas came out.

It turned out the breeze wasn’t enough, and I smelled my own pungent aroma as it invaded my nostrils. It wasn’t that bad, I suppose, but then again everybody likes their own brand.

“Oh, Gavin,” Skye turned her nose up, a look of slight revulsion crossing her face. “Did you…?” she let the thought trail off.

“Did I what?” I did my best to act innocent. There were enough people here, it’s not like I was the only suspect. Skye wasn’t buying it. I felt her hand on the small of my back, and the waistband of my...of the diaper I was wearing get pulled back. I saw Skye bend twist a little bit to get a peek at my backside.

“Just a toot,” Skye confirmed, before letting the waistband fall back into place.

“What was that?” I asked, incredulously.

“Just checking out your cute little tushie,” Skye grinned, “Like I said, It’s just cute.” She gave me a little peck on the cheek.

“Oh that’s a good point,” the woman in line immediately behind us said. She was a black woman in her thirties wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans. “Come here, Little Bit.” She bent over her son, who was maybe one and a half and pulled back the waistband of his diaper and took a look inside. Her toddler son, “Little Bit”, just smiled bashfully and stuck his fingers in his mouth, his eyes twinkling with wonder looking at me.

“All clean,” the woman pronounced, “....for now,” she gave a playful look to the toddler beside her. Her son giggled at that, looking back up with complete loving affection for his mommy.

“Oooooh,” Skye cooed at the little boy, still chewing on his fingers. “Your little guy is sooooo cute.” she complimented the mother behind us.

“So’s yours,” the woman nodded in my direction. My mouth felt dry all of a sudden, and I took a step behind sky, ducking slightly behind her. “He’s a bit shy, isn’t he?”

“Oh, Gavi-poo is always shy around strangers.” Skye replied. “If I hadn’t asked him out on our first date, I don’t think we would have had a first date.” Both women had a good laugh at that. I shrank down a little more. This was so embarrassing! Couldn’t Skye keep anything private?

“Your boy there seems happy,” Skye commented to the woman behind us.

“Oh, he is!” the black woman lit up. “We’ve been planning this for months.”

“Oh-Em-Gee,” Skye slapped her thigh in excitement. “So have we!”

“I kind of got that feeling about you,” the other woman nodded in approval. “We’re even taking pictures so we can remember this special day for ever and ever.”

“Oh nooo!” Skye moaned. “I didn’t even think about that, and my phone is just the worst for pictures.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, girl,” the lady behind us wove off Skye’s distress, “How about I take a picture of our two men together, we swap info and I’ll send it to ya?”

“That. Would be. Aweseome.” Skye grinned while I did my best to appear small and unnoticeable. “Come on Gavi, hold little...little...?”

“Kevin,” the boy’s Mommy told us.

“Come hold little Kevin’s hand and let’s get us a picture,” Skye told me.

“Do we...do we have to,” I stuttered, nervously. I didn’t want photo evidence that I wore disposable underpants today, yet alone ones that matched with an actual baby diaper.

“Come on, baby,” Skye leaned up close to me. “Don’t you wanna be a big boy, and help the baby hold still in the picture?” I did. I did want to be a big boy. Yeah. I could do that. Sure. I might not be able to fend off a mad woman from trying to spank me, but I can at least help a little baby take a picture for his mommy.

“Okay,” I licked my chapped lips. “Let’s do this.”

“Oh Gavi, you are really the best,” Skye hugged me and showered my cheek with half a dozen quick kisses.

“Okay, now Kevin,” Kevin’s mother instructed while reaching into her purse to pull out a tablet. “I want you to hold Gavin’s hand like a good boy, okay Little Bit?” Kevin’s mother shooed him closer to me. Kevin took his fingers out of his mouth, and offered them up to me to take hold, a mischievous smile on his lips. The little bugger knew that what he was doing was gross. But after messing with that one little brat at the petting zoo, I was in no mood to find out what this new woman would do to me if I somehow made her kid cry.

Gingerly, I grabbed the boy’s slimy, saliva soaked digits and turned to face Skye and Kevin’s mom. Skye was right behind Kevin’s mom, making trying to make goofy, funny faces at us so the baby would laugh. She’d bug out her eyes, and stick out her tongue, and the switch to puffing out her cheeks suddenly before yanking on her ears.

“Say cheeese!” we were prompted.

“Cheeee-ha!” I giggled as Skye pushed her nose up against her face so she’d look like a piggy and then start picking her nose. Okay. Okay. That one got me, I had to admit.

“This look good to you?” Kevin’s mom said pointing to the picture hidden behind the tablet.

“Perfect,” Skye gave a satisfied nod. “Now just send it here, when you have the time, please.” She began poking and punching in her email and contact information. “And here’s my phone number if you ever want to meet up.”

“Why, thank you,” Kevin’s mom smiled. “That would be delightful.” Kevin let go of my hand, and I reflexively wiped his drool off on my increasingly stained t-shirt.

“What was that?” I asked Skye when she came back to me

“Just networking,” Skye said coyly. “Never hurts to make new friends, does it?” I shrugged, indifferently. I just wanted this to be over.

As we got closer and I could actually count the horses, I counted only six ponies. And I had time enough to count the length of the ride. Not counting loading and unloading, which had to be done one pony at a time, the ride around in the little circle lasted close to two minutes each time. Every child here needed personal supervision getting on and off the horses. No wonder this was taking so long.

When we got nearer to the front, I started feeling uncomfortable again. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something in my crotch felt like it was starting to ache a little bit. What could that be?

Maybe I was just getting antsy to get this ride over with: Based on the position of the sun, and the average ride time, we’d been waiting in line for at least half an hour. What grown man in his right mind waited thirty minutes to ride a pony? But I was with Skye. I was never fully in my right mind when I was with her.

“Gavi-poo,” Skye whispered to me, “You’re fidgeting. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, just...restless, that’s all.” I whispered back.

“Are you suuuure?” she asked me, slowly, making sure to draw out the “sure”. “You look like you might need to go potty. Do you need to go potty?”

“No!” I stiffened up, feeling a bit awkward and embarrassed at my own girlfriend asking me if I had to go pee. Of course I’d know when I needed to go pee-pee!

“Okay,” Skye answered me, her voice tinged with doubt. “But if you need to go potty, it’s okay to ask me. We can always get out of line and go potty and start over at the back. I won’t mind.”

BACK OF THE LINE?! I looked back over my shoulder, behind us. There were even more mothers and their young children behind us than before. The line looked like it stretched and wound all the way back to the petting zoo, now. There was no way I was going to leave and go potty and then have to go back to the end of this stupid line.

“No,” I shook my head, “I’m good.”

I counted the ponies and the people in front of us. Assuming that none of the mothers rode- and why would they?- there would be enough ponies for both me and Skye to ride and get this thing over with. Or even better, a thought occurred to me, maybe we could ride together.

The same warm, tingly, fuzzy feeling from before came over me as I imagined Skye and I sharing a saddle together. I’d be in front, of course, and Skye would ride behind me, so close she’d practically be grinding up against me, with her arms wrapped tightly around my waist. Maybe, a part of me wished, she’d even get a little naughty and sneak little gropes at my junk as the pony trudged around on it’s never ending loop. That wouldn’t be bad. That wouldn’t be so bad at all. Suddenly, I wasn’t so uncomfortable, anymore, and I stopped fidgeting.

I just kept picturing the delightfully pervy image in my head, again and again and again. Blood began to rush away from my face for a change and head down below. A warm, wet, heat invaded my pants as I dreamily smiled at nothing but the images in my head. Was the promised aphrodisiac of the Baby Formula finally kicking in?

An inner heat, the heat of passion, I realized was very quickly becoming outer heat, especially in my pants. What I erotically attributed as a fire in my loins persisted and spread past my penis into my testicals, splashing -splashing?- off the front of my pants and flowing down to my testicular region. The majority of my of my man parts felt warm and wet; almost like a nice spongebath.

Then, much too late, it occurred to me that I wasn’t wearing any pants. Horrified, I stared down at my crotch. I was wetting! I was wetting! I was wet! How the hell had that happened? I froze, quietly panting as recent history repeated itself.

I scrunched my eyes shut, waiting for the urine to start flowing down my thighs and begin puddling at my ankles, just as before; waiting for the inevitable gasps and then uncomfortable laughter to follow.

I waited for a three second eternity in the blackness behind my eyelids. I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. The thirsty padding around my crotch soaked up my pee-pee accident, drank it into itself, and the leakguards around my inner thighs blocked any of the stuff trying to escape before the padding could do its job.

It turns out, that wetting your diaper was almost nothing like pissing your pants.

“Gavi-kins?” Skye broke in, “it’s our turn next, honey bunny. Is something the matter?”

I took a quick glance down at my heavily padded crotch. There was some minor discoloration, yes, but nothing too noticeable unless you knew to look. Most of the diaper was covered with cartoon zoo animals, helping obscure what I had just done to myself. It was almost as if they were smiling at me as a way to reassure me...not mock me. ‘Don’t worry Gavin. We’ve got you covered!’

“No,” I smiled and sighed with a tinge of nervous relief. “Nothing’s the matter at all.”

“Oh, Gavin, my silly billy baby boy,” Skye kissed me on the forehead, for some reason.

The wooden gate to the little corral opened up, and Skye and I walked in behind the little families in front of us. The lady opening and closing the gate waved in Skye’s new friend and her baby behind us. Hmmm...maybe Skye and I were going to be riding one horse together.

The animal musk kicked up a bit as we got closer to the ponies, but before we got too close, a man stepped in front of me, blocking my path. He was tall, at least a head above even Skye in her heels. He had silvery gray hair and a big ‘fuck-off’ mustache that started at his upper lip and ended below his clean shaven jaw. His eyes were equally gray and he had bushy eyebrows to match.

He looked like he could have been the Marlboro man, with one exception: Below his leather cowboy hat, shading his eyes from the morning sun, beneath his button shirt and rawhide jacket, and above his worn in cowboy boots, complete with spurs, the dude had no pants on. Instead, like every other male employee in the zoo today, he wore a safari print adult baby diaper; and he wore it with confidence.

“Now just hold on a minute thar pardner,” he bellowed in a thick Texas accent. “Let ol’ Tex set ya up.” I stopped dead in my tracks, gaping in awe. With a long full wave of his arm he beckoned us follow him to a little piebald pony in the back. It was Skye that nudged me forward and my legs obeyed. The whole every-guy-was-diapered-thing was starting to nag at me, and the waddling cowboy seemed like as good a guy to ask as any.

“Excuse me,” I mumbled while we closed the distance to him as he busied himself checking the pony’s saddle straps. He made no sign that he had heard me. “Excuse me,” I repeated, a little louder this time. He lifted his head and looked at me.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Umm…” I hesitated, “I was wondering...why is every dude that works here wearing a diaper?” I gestured to our dia...to the diapers we were wearing, to make my point. He looked down at his padded crotch, and then to mine. He let out a low, almost bitter chuckle.

“You wanna know why I’m wearing a diaper?” the cowboy straight out of a western, minus the padding, asked me. I nodded, awestruck at how powerful he seemed instead of ridiculous. If someone wrote an adult baby story about someone like him, I’d totally have read it...for comedic relief purposes...and never leave a comment to let the author know I’d read it.

“Boy, when you’ve seen half the stuff that I’ve seen in my life, wearing a diaper ain’t jack shi-...” he must have caught Skye giving him a disapproving glare, “-ain’t nothin’. Beg yer pardon, Ma’am. Point is,” he looked back to me, “you play the hand yer dealt, kid.”

I nodded. Guy needed a paycheck. Made sense enough.

“Can my girlfriend ride with me?” I jerked a thumb back in Skye’s direction. The old cowboy’s eyes squinted at me, like he was trying to read my lips or something; like he couldn’t quite get the gist of what I was asking.

“You want her to ride with ya?” he repeated my question back at me.

“Yeah,” I nodded my head. “Y’know...we’re kind of on a date. Help a guy out,” I added.

The old man stuck his lip out like he was trying to figure what to say. Then, very slowly, but with an air of finality, he shook his head.

“No can do, lil’ buddy,” Tex declared. “Won’t work.” he jerked his own thumb at the pony behind him. “Saddle’s not made for two.” I leaned sideways and looked past him. The saddle that the piebald pony wore wasn’t an ordinary saddle. It had a high backing that you could lean against, with two leather straps, like a belt that hemmed the rider in. It was a saddle meant for kids too young to actually ride!

“‘Sides,” the old man added, “Lady’s gotta skirt on and we don’t got no side saddle, and I’m bettin’ at least one of you doesn’t want everybody hear to know whether she’s wearin’ panties or not.”.

“Ah!” Skye’s jaw dropped and she blushed a little bit. “You old perv!” she slapped him on the shoulder. Skye wasn’t mad. Not really. I should have been mad for her or at her, I knew, but I couldn’t stir the outrage in myself just then. Old dude was funny. “You joke about how I’m dressed?” Skye laughed incredulously. “You’re a grown man wearing a diaper!” I spun around, my lip beginning to tremble, my throat getting tighter in milliseconds.

Skye thought I looked ridiculous. She was mocking me. This was all just one big practical joke to her. My knees got weak, and my whole body started to shake. My eyes darted, looking for a place to run away...maybe jump the fence and just dash for the entrance. Undoubtedly Skye would find me in the parking lot, crumpled into a ball on the hood of her car. She had the keys, and I had no money for a cab...not that I’d want anyone to see me like this.

She caught a glimpse of me, and immediately her face contorted with regret. She’d hurt me, and she knew it.

I felt a big heavy hand land on my shoulder. It was the cowboy. “Honey,” his baritone rang out. “I reckon there’s more material wrapped around my bum than you’ve got wrapped around your whole body. If anything, me and him are fine. You’re underdressed.”

Skye stood there for a tense second...then laughed her ass off. “Damn it, heh, heh,” she gasped out. “You got me there old timer, heh heh.” All the tension went up into the air, mine included. Then she walked to me and kissed me on the nose. “Come on Gavin, ride for me, I’ll help you in.”, there was a decent thwap as she playfully slapped my plastic encased rear. “Go on and help someone else,” she called back to the old man. “I’ve got this.”

“You can walk beside yer boy, like the others, if you want,” Tex offered as I put one foot in the saddle. “Ya just can’t ride beside him.

“Sounds great,” Skye called back. I felt her hand on my rump, boosting me up onto the miniature horse’s saddle. “Scoot back, baby,” she instructed me, placing her hand on my tummy, as I scooted, making smooth plastic rub against worn leather. The small of my back touched the high barrier of the saddle.

“Hold still, Gavi-kins, lemme buckle you in,” Skye grabbed ahold of the belt straps and pulled them taut, just above the diaper I was wearing. “Safety first.” I wanted to object at first, and was working on complaining that once again, this is not what she had promised me when I had agreed, but I had to admit, it was kind of neat. With the special backing in the saddle, and me buckled in, my head finally a bit taller than Skye’s- if not by much- it felt a little bit what I imagined sitting in a highchair would be like...not that I thought sitting in a highchair would be neat.

The old cowboy running the ride made one last quick circle around the ponies, giving each kid’s saddle, mine included, a final check to make sure they were properly strapped in and secured.

“Hyah!” he shouted, as on command the horses started moseying along in a wide circle. I bit my lip, waiting for pointing children and stares that didn’t come as my grown ass self was paraded around in a circle with a bunch of rugrats. I stuck out like a sore thumb on that ride, but no one seemed to care one way or another. As I circled around to the entrance gate, all I saw was more mothers and their tots waiting for their turns. No one gave me even a hint of side-eye. Maybe this place really was for the young and the young at heart.

“WEEEEEEEEEE!” A high pitched voice from the horse behind us giggled and screamed. I tried to look over my shoulder, but the straps holding me on the miniature mare stopped me from being able to turn enough.

“That’s right, Little Bit,” the mother who had been in line with us praised her baby boy, “have fun with it!”

“That’s good advice, Gavi-poo,” Skye, walking along at a leisurely pace beside me said. “Just have some fun, baby.”

“I’mmmmm more of a drink it all in kind of guy,” I told Skye. It was bad enough that I was the lone jackass riding a kiddie ride at the zoo. I didn’t want to be the lone jackass acting like a toddler. My day was lacking in dignity enough as it was.

“Then drink it all in, Gavi,” she teased me, rubbing my thigh with her soft, smooth hands. “Drink it allll in.” Playfully she brushed the leg gathers of the diaper as she rubbed my inner thigh. Now this; this was nice.



End Chapter 8

Of Leopards and Their Spots

by: personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 11, 2016


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