Reversed World

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Maggie loves to go poopy in her diaper

Margaret fluttered her eyes as the morning sun shone through the nursery, hitting the crib as the two naked adult lay cuddling each other.

’Morning’ said Dave

’Morning’ said Margaret as they started to giggle, she looked at their naked bottoms and laughed harder when she notice their diapers were outside of the crib. ’Think Sarah will be mad we stayed naked?’ she asked

Dave shrug as he turn on top of her, ’maybe, wanna do more until she comes in?’ Margaret grinned as they began kissing and touching, then Sarah came knocking in.

’Ok Mum and Dad’ she said as Dave quickly roll off of Margaret, ’That’s enough bang bang, I honestly think the crib can’t take any more’ Margaret and Dave giggled as Sarah pull down the bars and remove the torn onesie and discarded diapers. Then she grab both their hands and escort them out of the crib to the table, where they lay down next to each other with their legs up in the air as Sarah put them back in diapers.

’You guys did bang bang?’ she asked playfully as she slid a diaper under Dave.

Dave and Margaret giggled, ’Yeah we did bang bang’ he said

’Bang bang good!’ cheered Margaret as a diaper slid under her. Sarah giggled as she powdered both their bottoms and tape the diapers securely around their waists.

’Ok go play in the living room while I get dressed ok?’ she said as she stood her parents up. Dave and Margaret ran towards the living room to play with the toys.

Dave started playing with the toy cars, while Margaret sat at the dollhouse as she grab the barbie and pull the key out of her shirt. Well the sex were great and all, but I can’t spend another day as a diaper dependent retard! she got up as she waddle, leaving Dave to play alone while watching Dora the Explorer on TV. Don’t worry babe, soon we’ll be proper adults again She hears Sarah having a shower in the bathroom as she quickly went to the basement.

Once the door is open she carefully open the light and climb down the stairs. She looked around for a box that said ’Dave’s baby stuff’ or something like that. She looked at boxes for a while until she found a box with old invention stuff. ’Bingo!’ she grinned as she look through it and found what she was looking for.

’There you are you stupid thing’ she held the black box in her hands as she examine it, How does this thing work anyway? She remember that Sarah push a button and the world change, but she can’t see a button. She shook it in frustration Crap! This close and I can’t even turn it on! She tamp her feet, jiggling her breasts when she realize something. ’Dave!’ she open her mouth in a big hopeful smile, He Gotta remember how it works! He just gotta! She held the box in her hand as she climb the stairs.

’Dave! Dave!’ she called out as she left the basement, Dave looked up at her when Sarah snatch the box from her hand.

’Where did you get this?’ she wondered ’You know your not allowed to play with baby stuff’ Margaret try to snatch it back but Sarah walked away to the kitchen, when she grab a chair and a step tool as she manage to put it ontop of the cupboard. Margaret sat on her padded ass and started to wail. I was so close! So close then she took it away! Sarah went to her as she hug and comfort her. ’Shhhhhhh, its ok!’ she cooed as she rock her, ’I know you adults are curious at this age, but that is a baby toy, not meant for adults’ Margaret cried louder, Sarah cooed as she grab a pacifier and put it in her mouth. Margaret suckled as Sarah wipe her tears.

’Hey look Mummy!’ she pointed to the TV ’Barney!’

Margaret turn towards the Tv and drop her paci, there was Barney the Purple Dinosaur on the TV. She hadn’t watch this show since she was a little kid.

’Hey kids’ he said ’Wanna play?’ The teenagers around him cheered as they follow him around the land. Margaret giggled as she crawled closer to the TV and sat firmly on her butt as she watch. Sarah sigh a breath of relief as she went to have breakfast. Dave was playing firetruck Margaret watch her show. She giggles as she remember watching this as a child, how it made her laugh. Every Saturday morning she would sit infront of her TV and watch Barney all day if she wants. She started drooling as she was entranced by the screen. Dave crawled towards her when he started to crinkle his nose. He took a peek in Margaret’s diaper and found out that she poop herself.

’Maggie?’ he poke her shoulder

’What?’ she huffed

’You went poopy’ he pointed to her butt, which she felt with her hand the poop mushing inside.

’Oh come on!’ she whimpered as she started to cry again, if she ever gets back she would have to be re-potty trained if she can’t keep her pants clean. Dave sooth her back then he grunted and filled up his diaper.

’Poopy couple!’ he said grinning

Margaret smiled, ’poopy couple?’

’Yeah, now we both need changes’ he chuckled, making Margaret giggle.

Margaret bit her lip, ’Can we finish watching Barney first?’ she asked ’Then get our diapers changed?’ Dave nodded as he sat next to her, the poop squishing against their butts as they watch the TV. Margaret bit her lip as she shift her butt around, mashing against the gooey poop, she suddenly have the urge to stick her hand in there. No, I wouldn’t but the urge wouldn’t go away. She smile a mischievous grin as she was about to slid her hand down her backside when Sarah walk back in the room, full with her breakfast but she nearly puke as she smelt the room.

’Peeeewwwwwww!’ she covered her nose ’MUM!? DAD!?’ Dave and Margaret looked at her as she walk towards them and peek in their diapers. ’Yep, you guys did a big one, come on’ she pulled Margaret to her feet, ’Let’s get you change first mum’ she led her towards her nursery and on the change table.

Margaret knows the drill as she lift up her legs. Sarah held her breath as she remove the dirty diaper, wipe her mother then threw the dirty diaper in the big diaper pail with the others. Sarah powdered her butt then secure her in a new clean diaper.

’There we go’ she said as she led Margaret back to the living room, ’Now for Dad’ she sat her down and took Dave’s hand and did the same thing to him. Margaret notice the two bottles of milk on the small table as she took one and started suckling on it while watching Barney.

Soon Dave, taped up in a clean diaper, was laying down, head on Margaret’s lap as he suckle on his bottle. Sarah walked past dragging the garbage bag filled with Dave and Margaret’s wet and soiled diapers.

’How many diapers do they need?’ she sighed as she went outside and dump the bag on the curb for the garbage truck. Once she returned Margaret and Dave started playing patty cake as Barney had finished. Sarah smiled as she sat on the couch and put on her shows.

Dave got bored as he decide to try and suck on his toes. Margaret giggled as she watch. That is so cute! She looks down at her crotch as the front of her diaper is beginning to turn yellow. Looks like I pissed myself she giggled Lucky I have Sarah to change me She turn towards Sarah as she tug on her leg.

Sarah look at her mother, ’What is it mum?’ Margaret gestured to her soak front, Sarah groaned ’Really? I just changed you!’

Margaret giggled, True but you can’t leave me in a wet diaper now right? She tugged some more, ’I want my diaper change!’

Sarah sigh, ’ok you big rascal’ she teased as she got up and stood her up, ’Lets change that sticky wet diapee!’ she blew on her belly, making Margaret giggle with laughter.

Soon Margaret is back on the table, wet diaper removed as she waited patiently for her new one. Sarah discovered that there was one diaper left in the Mums package, Two in the Dads one. ’Guess I need to go buy more diapers’ she slid the clean one under Margaret. ’Now Mum’ she pull up the front over her vagina, Margaret gaped at her as she listen, ’This is the last diaper, so until we go buy more can you please try to keep this one clean?’

Margaret smiled, ’Ok Sarah’ I have to try to keep it dry! No more peeing or pooping Sarah smiled as she tape up the tabs and stood her up.

Later in the day, Sarah had arrived at the mall, pushing the pram that held both Margaret and Dave. Margaret is dressed in a cute frilly pink dress, with sandels on her feet and a pink bow in her hair. Dave wore a blue shirt and dark blue overalls with little red boots. They both were sucking on their clipped pacifiers as they entered the adult store.

Margaret beamed with pride, Well I went a hour without needing to pee or poop, now I gotta do that for the whole day, or until I get the box back She giggles as Sarah looked at the packages of diapers they have on display. Dave drooled as he stared at a Asian woman on one of the packages.

Margaret gasped as her pacifier fell off as she hit him. ’You sleezeball!’

’Ow!’ whimpered Dave ’Sorry, she had pretty boobies’

Margaret fumed, then she notice a guy holding her young daughter’s hand. She gave a smile smile as she called out, ’Hey Handsome!’ the guy looked at her as she lift up her dress exposing her diaper, ’Like what you see?’ she teased as she drop it back over her knees. The guy did a goofy laugh as he was led away.

Dave hit her back, ’Why did you do that?’

’Ohhhhh what? I can’t show my diaper to cute guys?’ she mocked

’I said I was sorry!’

’Well its not good enough!’ she huffed as she turn her head and cross her arms. Dave pouted, then he put head to her shoulder, pull down to expose it as he started kissing her neck. Margaret shivered, ’No not gonna work’ but it is working as he started pecking her shoulder. ’Daaaviiiiiiiiiieeee! Not in public’ she faced him as they started to kiss. Dave’s hand slid up her dress as he grab her diaper, Sarah split them apart again.

’Come on, can you please control yourselfs?’ she push them to the counter so she could pay for the diapers. She then push her parents through the mall and out to the carpark as she buckle them in and drove off.

Margaret sigh in relief, her diaper is still dry. To bad she can’t say the same for Dave as he just pooped his diaper. Margaret patted her husband’s crotch, ’Don’t worry Dave’ she cooed ’When we get home I’m gonna fix all this, then we can do bang bang all night’ she gestured by thrusting a little, making Dave grin.

Once they back home, Sarah strip them of their clothing, leaving them back in just their diapers, as she led Dave towards the nursery. ’Come here Dad’ she cooed ’Time for a diaper change’ Dave laughed as he waddled. Margaret quickly ran to the kitchen.

The box is sitting right on top of the cupboard. She grab a chair and stood on it as she reach for it, she stood on her bare toes as she mange to touch it. ’Yes!’ she cheered as she wrap her fingers around it and took it down. Margaret got off the chair and sat on the ground. ’Goodbye diapers’ she said as she push the button ’Hello Panties!’

She close her eyes as she waited for the bright light. But nothing happen. She push again and agian. ’Come on!’ she shook it ’Work! Please I wanna go home!’ but it didn’t do anything. Margaret screamed in anger as she threw it against the wall.

Then the box beeped, Margaret bend towards it as a bolt of lighting hit her. She cried out as her mind started changing, her memories being erased and replace with new ones.

Her memory of when she was baby, being change by her mother and she was playfully kicking her feet. ’Now Maggie stand still’ said her mother May but Margaret blew a raspberry at her as a diaper were tape around her. ’Listen young lady, One day you are going to change your own baby, so hope that she will stand still for you’ she blew on her belly as 2 year old Margaret laughed, then the memory shifted.

Margaret was the one wearing clothes while putting a diaper on her now naked and babified mother, who is now the one kicking her feet. ’Mum! Hold still!’ But May just blew a raspberry at her as the diaper tape around her waist. ’To think I’ll properly do this when I get to your age’ May just babbled nonsensely so Margaret blew on her belly, making her laugh.

She then remember when she was 10, she was in school as her teacher Miss Rachel Summers was teaching them about maths. ’Now Maggie’ she said as she went to her desk. Margaret looked up at her as she stood firmly, ’why ain’t you paying attention?’

Margaret drop her head, ’because it’s boring’ she mumbled

’Boring?’ She huffed ’well how about you stay after class doing this problem 100 times?’

Margaret looked up, ’what no way!’

’Yes way! Until you stop being such a baby!’ She turn back to the blackboard as the memory shifted again.

’Rachel! Get back here!’ Called out Margaret as she wore her daycare work clothes, holding a big diaper as she chased Rachel, who was buck naked, around the change room.

’No!’ Yelled Rachel ’I wanna be naked!’ She giggle as she ran around the room. Soon she was sitting on her now padded ass giggling behind her pacifier.

’Ok Rachel, you take your diaper off again, I’m gonna spank your ass so red it’ll be like a tomato!’ Scolded Margaret, Rachel giggled as she got up and waddle out, ’wait! You forgot your dress!’ She grab her dress as she followed but she saw her took her diaper off again. ’Rachel!’ She groaned as the men gawked at her stunning naked body.


She was now eighteen, she and her parents were celebrating her birthday that night, she blew out the candles. ’18 already!’ Said Joe ’Soon you’ll go to college and meet a guy then get married and have lots of babies!’

’Don’t get ahead of yourself’ said May

Margaret beamed, finally! Now I can do what I want when I want, parties! Boys! And lots of sex! she grinned when the scene shifted.

Margaret blew out her candles, ’Ok Mum and Dad, do you want cake?’ She looked over to the playpen where her parents are laying on there backs, clothed in just there cloth diapers as they gurgled and babble as they chew on their toys. Margaret watch them over the rails, ’well at least you’ll both be fifty next year’ she smiled ’so this is the last year you can enjoy your diapers!’ She cooed as Joe and May laughed. Then Margaret notice her pants begging to get darker.

She squealed, im peeing my pants! ’Look mum! I’m a adult now!’ May just babble as she drooled on her rattle, Margaret beamed, Soon I’ll lose my potty training, put in diapers, go to daycare, meet lots of cute boys and have lots of bang bang! she giggled just thinking about it.

Now she is 28, She stood at the altar with her future husband Dave as the priest finish the ceremony. ’I now pronounce you man and wife’ he finished ’you may kiss the bride’ Dave and Margaret both embraced and kissed as they walked down the church and out to their car.

The shift the memory, now Margaret is standing at the alter with Dave, only they are both wearing baby versions of their outfits. Dave whimpered as an aroma filled the room, the child priest finished up as Dave got red, Margaret decide to make him feel better, so she filled the back of her diaper with poop.

’I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride’

They kissed as their parents pick them up and carried them to the nearest change room. They had their first diaper change as a married couple.

Margaret is now age 30, she was on the phone as Dave was building something in the basement, their daughter Sarah played happily in the playpen. Sarah then got up as she called out for her. ’Mummy! Mummy!’

Margaret covered her phone, ’yes sweetie?’

’Play with me?’ She gurgled as she held her toys, Margaret sighed.

’Sorry sweetie, but I don’t have time for toys, Mummy got some important work to do’ she got back on the phone, leaving Sarah disappointed as she sat back down and continue to play.

The lighting flash through as Margaret is sitting in the playpen, dressed in only a diaper just like Dave as they play with their toys. Dave was busy being a police man with his cars, while Margaret looked over to Sarah talking on the phone. She got up as she call out for her, ’Sarah! Sarah!’

Sarah covered her phone, ’yes mummy?’

’Play with me?’ She gurgled as she held her toys, Sarah sighed.

’Sorry mummy, I don’t have time for toys, I got some very important work to do’ she got back on the phone, leaving Margaret disappointed as she sat back down and continue to play.

The memories change, even her memory of being an grown up is now erased, her old life is gone, replaced with her new life. Maggie smiled as these funny thoughts go through her head. She sat on the kitchen floor as Sarah entered the room.

’Mum? What are you doing here?’ She picked up the broken box as Maggie giggled.

’I found a new toy’ she said ’I fix toy’

Sarah smiled, ’come on’ she put the box in the bin as she stood her up, ’let’s get you back in your playpen’ Maggie giggled as she was led away.

3 months later

Davie and Maggie played in their crib as they started rubbing against each other. ’Wanna take our diapers off?’ Ask Davie

’Nah, Sarah will come and take us to daycare any minute’ said Maggie as she thrust. Sarah did can in as she pull them apart.

’Can’t I leave you horny adults alone?’ She sigh as she grab her hand and lead her to the table. Maggie sat on her full messy diaper. ’You did poopy again?’

Maggie laughed, ’I’m a poopy mummy!’ Sarah giggled, then her phone rang, she pick it up as she remove her diaper.

’No Candy! I need those reports now! No I can’t fax you it I’m changing my mother’s diaper!’

The End



End Chapter 5

Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015


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