Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Margaret found herself in diapers and in a new reality

Margaret shook the rails trying to make it open, ’come on you stupid thing!’ She yelled, then she manage to break it apart. The rails fall to the ground as Margaret cheered. ’Finally!’ She step out of the playpen, then she grab the pink tabs on her diaper and rip them off, the diaper fell to the ground as Margaret walked away.

She peered into the kitchen as Sarah was still on the phone, as she crept towards her bedroom and went inside. But she was in for a surprised.

Her bedroom has completely changed, her queen size bed where she and her husband sleep and have sex, is now a big queen size crib, with a mobile on each side and on the top it has the words Davie and Maggie in bright blue and pink letters. Margaret saw a small table on the ground with wipes, powder and two different packages of adult diapers. Margaret open up the closet and found nothing but babified clothes of hers and Dave’s clothes. She picked up a dress with frills and threw it away in disgust.

’This must be some sort of Dream’ she said as she turn to walk out when the door open and Sarah walked in to find Margaret naked.

’Mummy! Where is your diaper?’ She scolded as she grab Margaret’s hand.

’Sarah!’ Screamed Margaret ’I don’t need a diaper! I am a mature adult!’ But she was forced on the small table as she laid down. She watch as Sarah grab a diaper from the pink package as she began to re diaper her. On the package was a blond woman wearing nothing but a diaper doing babyish things. Margaret watch as Sarah lift her bottom up and slid the diaper under her. Then she was powdered and tape snugly in the diaper.

’There we go’ cooed Sarah ’all snug so we don’t have any accidents’ she got up and went to the closet while Margaret quickly got up from the table and walked away.

’I gotta get out of here!’ She went to the door but then Sarah pulled the back of her diaper and drag her towards the crib. Margaret fell on the crib as she look back and found Sarah putting her legs through a bright pink footie pyjama. Margaret struggle but Sarah put her arms through the sleeves and zipped it up. Leaving her dressed in a big footie pyjama with teddy bears on it. Margaret started to cry when Sarah put a pacifier in her mouth.

’Okay it’s bed time!’ She said as she laid her down and tuck her in. Margaret suckle on the paci as the bar of the crib were pulled up and lock in place. ’Goodnight mummy’ said Sarah as she turn on a night light and close the lights, then walked out of the room and close the door, leaving Margaret in the quiet nursery filled with the sounds of a lullaby and the suckle of the paci. Her eyes beginning to drop as she fell into a nice blissful sleep.

Margaret hears the sounds of birds as she yawned awake. She sat up and rub her eyes to see the bars of her crib. ’Oh no!’ She cried ’it wasn’t a dream!’ She quickly stood up in her crib as she unzipped her pyjama and strip it off. She threw it out of the crib as she started to grab at the tabs of the diaper when the smell hit her. ’Oh please no’ she felt the back of her diaper as the poop mush against her butt, she sniffed as she started going red with embarrassment. Then her little girl Sarah, who should be in diapers and not her, walked in the nursery and gagged at the smell.

’Woah, guess you did a big boom boom’ she teased as she unlock the crib. Margaret tried to run out but she was grab and drag towards the small change table. She witness her diaper removed, her ass being wiped and a new diaper place on her as Sarah threw her messy diaper in a big pail along with other messy diapers.

’There we go’ said Sarah as she sat her up, Margaret just crossed her arms and pouted. ’What’s wrong?’ Asked Sarah ’are you hungry?’ Margaret shook her head, Sarah then grab one of the toys and shook it in front of her, ’Look mummy! Mr teddy wants to play!’ She playfully shook the teddy I front of her, making her face go beat red. how humiliating! How can this happen to me? she thought just then the door bell rang.

Sarah drop the teddy to get the door, with Margaret quickly following behind.

Sarah open the door, ’Grandpa! thank goodness your here!’ she hug her grandpa, Margaret’s father Joe as Margaret waddle in.

’Daddy?’ she said but her father looks normal, Joe notice her and exclaimed with joy as he lift her in the air, ’how is my princess doing?’

’horrible’ said Sarah ’whenever she gets the chance she either fill up her diaper or get rid of the diaper completly’

’well you know adults at the that age’ said Joe as he carried Margaret to the couch, ’as soon as she’s fifty her maturity should come back gracefully’

Margaret whimpered, Sarah check her watch and got up, ’well I gotta get to work, can you drop her off at daycare?’ She asked

’Of course!’ Said Joe, so Sarah hugged and gave Margaret a kiss on the cheek. Then she left the house.

’Well Maggie’ said Joe ’we should get you dressed, don’t want the other men to gawk at your boobies’ he chuckled as he carried Margaret to the nursery.

Margaret was sat on the crib as Joe go through her closet. ’Daddy please!’ She said ’you gotta help me, I think something happen last night, please tell me you don’t actually see me like this?’ But Joe grab out a pink romper suit and started dressing Margaret in it. She whimpered and sobbed, doesnt anyone understand me? Do I sound like a baby to them? she was then carried out of the nursery, out of the house and been secured tightly in a big car seat in Joe’s car.

’Ok sweetie, daddy’s going to drop you to day care, so try not to make such a fuss’ he pinched her cheek as he got in the driver seat and drove the car away.

Margaret looked out the window at her surroundings. She spots a couple of children acting like young adults, gawking and laughing at a teenage girl wearing preschool clothes and being led by her ten year old brother, who looks like someone who is in senior year. She then look in another car when an adult married couple were together in car seats crying like babies while their children were driving, one was talking on the phone while the other was yelling at the other drivers. She spots a couple of young adults playing in the park, wearing toddler outfits and running around while a adult woman was being fed by her toddler son.

Margaret tried to process this in her head, how can this happen? Wasn’t the black box? she remember the black box being weird and relishing a bright light, of course! If I can find that stupid thing I can reversed this! she notice that they stop infront of a building, Margaret was lifted out of the car as she looks at the big daycare

Once inside she spots more adults in baby clothes playing in a big playroom. oh my god! Is this what we are reduced to? Joe was talking at the reception while Margaret stood in the big waiting room, then he grab her hand and led her to the playroom.

’Now Maggie, try not to cause a fuss, and remember no bang bang’ he cooed as he hug her and left the room, leaving Margaret surrounded by adult babies.

’Bang bang?’



End Chapter 2

Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015


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