Reversed World

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Margaret found herself trapped in her new role

Margaret sat in the corner of the room banging on some blocks with a toy hammer, she adjust her diaper a little too as it feels weird wearing one. so this must be what it feels like when I was a real baby she thought still can’t see why babies enjoy this shit she then spot someone across the room. Margaret got up and waddle towards the blond girl in a pink t-shirt and plastic panties.

’Cindy?’ She gasped as her co worker Cindy look up from her drawing and gave her a big goofy smile.

’Maggie! Hi how are you?’ She patted on the stop next to her ’come play with me!’ Margaret sat next to her as Cindy continue to draw, ’look I made a pony’ she beamed as she showed a bad drawing of a pony

’Wow so you are as dumb as you are blond’ teased Margaret

’Hey guess what?’ Cindy said then she whispered in Margaret’s ear ’Me and tommy did bang bang last night’

Margaret frown, ’bang bang?’ She asked

’Yeah silly’ she said ’you know when a man puts his willy in me and we do bang’ she giggle ’it’s really notty but it’s where our babies come from’

So we can still do sex? Now that is something good at least ’but isn’t it bad?’ Asked Margaret

’Nah!’ She said ’it’s just some fun! (Giggles) see I invite him over for a play date and his mummy said yes so there we are in my playpen when we got nakie and bang in the play pen’

’Without protection?’

’Protection? From what?’ She giggles, Margaret sighed, guess there’s different rules, then a guy wearing a sailor suit came over with a perverted face as he giggles.

’Boobie police’ he said ’have to see your boobies’

Margaret scoff and about to tell him to buzz off when Cindy pulled her shirt over her head and exposed her bare breasts. Margaret stared in shock as Cindy started giggling like a idiot as the perverted guy started drooling and touching her breasts. He then turn towards Margaret.

’Get lost shit head’ she said

The guy started to cry as he waddle away, Cindy gasped as she whispered ’was that a bad word?’

Margaret nodded which Cindy giggled. They spend more time drawing in books when the daycare workers, who are children age ten to twelve, started checking their diapers. Margaret of course feels violated as a child shove his hand down her bum, when a young girl came over holding the hand of the sailor guy.

’Ok which one of you dumb adults swore?’ She said huffinly

Cindy quickly pointed at Margaret, ’Maggie said a bad word!’

Margaret felt betrayed, ’you bitch!’ She yelled but the girl grab her ear and drag her away. Margaret yelled in agony as the girl sat down and threw her over her knees. oh please tell me she’s not going to...... the buttons under her romper were unbutton as they were opened over her back, next she felt her diaper ripping off her as it was discarded to the ground. The next thing she felt was a hard slap on her butt!

’Owww!’ She cried out as the girl continue to slap her butt cheeks.

’You are too old for words like that!’ She said with each slap to her butt cheek. Margaret cried out in pain as the girl spank her ass so hard it’s beginning to turn beet red. She try to beg but it continues, all she could do was cry.

After ten minutes she was stood up and stripped of her romper, leaving her naked. ’Now go stand in a corner and think about what you did’ she commandered. Margaret nod as she walked towards a corner, with everyone laughing and teasing her as she stood facing the wall, her red behind on public display. Margaret sobbed quietly as her red stings with pain, at least the diaper covered up some of my nudity she sobbed as she wipe her nose on her arm.

After thirty minutes of teasing from the adult girls, ass grabbing and slapping from the adult men, Margaret was led to a change table and place in a new diaper, then dressed back in her pink romper. gawd! I wish I could climb in a hole and die! she sniffed as she went back to her hammer and blocks.

Then the workers open the back doors and ushers everyone to go play outside. Margaret waddles out and stared at the huge playground. It has slides, swings, spinning things, see saws, toy houses and even monkey bars. Some men was laying under the monkey bars as each girl in a dress swing by. guess anything turns them on she then thought about Dave and wonder what could’ve happen to her hubby.

Margaret sat on the swings as she watch the adult babies play, waiting for this day to end when Cindy, back in her shirt, waddle towards her. ’Hi Maggie! Sorry I told on you’ she drooled, Margaret just huffed as she turn her head. Cindy started to sobbed, ’I’m sorry, please don’t be mad’ she pouted

Margaret sighed, after all she is just a baby, ’fine I forgive people you’ Cindy squealed as she sat on the swings next to her and started to swing.

’Hey wanna play tag?’ She asked

Margaret hadn’t played that game since she was a child, and she does want to pass the time. ’Ok why not?’ She smiled as she quickly poke her, ’Tag your it!’ She quickly ran off with Cindy happily chasing her. They played for a few minutes when more adults joined in, then they all played hide and seek, duck duck goose and ring around the roses. Margaret couldn’t denie she was having fun when the workers bring them back inside for lunch.

She soon found herself in a huge lunchroom, sitting in one of the adult high chairs like the other adults with a bib being tied around her neck. A little boy sat I front of her with a jar of giant baby food. ’Ok here come the airplane!’ He cooed as he played around with the spoonful of baby food, Margaret first thought was to refuse it but her tummy says otherwise so she open her jaw as the spoon entered her mouth. She chewed and shallow as more entered her mouth. Cant believe I’m eating baby food! I feed my daughter this stuff she continue to eat and eat and eat until she was stuffed with baby food.

The kid came at her with another spoon, ’please no more’ moaned Margaret shaking her head but the spoon was forced into her mouth. Margaret sees little choice but to eat it. Margaret tried to keep her mouth shut but the boy tickle her belly to make her laugh, then the food gets shove in her mouth. She feels like her belly is going to explode. Once the jars were empty Margaret moaned, she was never felt so full in her life! She had her face wiped, her bib removed and then let down from the chair and led through a door that leads into a huge room with cribs everywhere.

Margaret was led into a crib and laid down, rubbing her big belly as she was locked in. She turn her head to see other adults being led into cribs, some has both men and women sleeping together. Margaret try to lift her head but for some reason she was dead tired. She close her eyes and drift off to sleep.

Before she know it she was woken up by the sounds of crying. She sat up and looked around, she notice that every adult is crying in their cribs, Margaret sniffed the air and notice the combination of both shit and pee.

’Great, looks like these children have a lot of diapers to change’ she then notice the mushiness on her sore bottom. She shifted her butt and started to sob. ’Not again!’ She whimpered, seeing no choice she started to cry as well. The workers came inside as they each took two babies and change them. Margaret was paired with a woman as they both lay on the small change table and had their diapers removed.

Margaret stared at the mobile hanging over her as her butt got wiped, the woman next to her, a woman in her thirties with long brown hair and wearing a sundress, was gaping and giggling at the mobile atop of her. what a baby she turn to see a diaper being slid under her as she was powdered then tape snugly in the diaper. Once her romper was re button she was led out of the playroom.

Margaret played with Cindy for a little while when she notice Sarah walking in the room. ’Sarah!’ She called out, finally!

’Hey mummy!’ Said Sarah ’come on time to go home’ she grab her hand as they walked out of the room, with Cindy waving goodbye. They say goodbye to the workers as they left and walk towards the car. ’Guess what mum?’

’What?’ Asked Margaret

’I got a surprise for you in the car’ she giggles as they went to the car and open the door. Margaret gasp as her husband was sitting in a big car seat, wearing camp scout clothes and laughing while he was playing with his toy keys.




End Chapter 3

Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015


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