Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015

Margaret found herself in a world where babies are born with adult minds and take care of their babified parents until they grow up into big babies

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Margaret's going to know what's it like to be pampered

’No Cindy! I want the report completed and done right now!’ Yelled Margaret as she started to change her daughter’s diaper, ’Look I can’t fax you the details, I’m changing my daughters diaper’

Margaret groaned as she cooed toward her baby girl Sarah, who is babbling and playing with the mobile over her. She taped up the diaper and carry her out of the nursery. ’We’ll get it done ok?’ She hung up as she put her phone back in her suit jacket, she looked at a mirror, her neat short black hair in a stunning suit, her husband is a lucky guy to have this bombshell as a wife.

’Ok let’s get you dressed for daycare’ she grab a pink dress and dress Sarah in it. Sarah giggles as she lift up her dress. ’No Sarah, that’s a no no’ she pull it down, ’save it for when you’re in your twenties’ she winked as she grab her keys and they walk out of the house.

They drove to the daycare, where Margaret quickly drop Sarah off, then she got in her car and sped off to work. At the bank she did more reports, had her coffee then Cindy walked in.

’Hey! Maggie!’ She yelled ’got that report done’

’Finally!’ Said Margaret as she grab the papers, Cindy just keep on talking, well gossiping more like it.

’Guess what? You know that cute guy in the mail room? Well I invited him to my place tonight so we could have some fun’ she winked ’anyway how’s Sarah?’

’Sarah’s fine’ Margaret said, sheese what a slut

’So after you had Sarah, did you and Dave had sex?’

Margaret frowned, ’shouldn’t you be working Cindy?’ That scared her off as she quickly ran back to her desk. Margaret went back on the computer as that thought lingered in her mind. They didn’t had much alone time, and they can’t do anything since Sarah is like in the next room. But then she thought of a great idea.

After work she drove to a lingerie store and bought herself something notty. She paid 50 dollars and went to pick up Sarah from the daycare. Once they went home, Margaret put Sarah in her playpen as she went to the bedroom. Her black velvet box on her bed as she started getting excited.

’Maybe I should try it on’ she open the box and strip her suit off, along with her underwear so she could be completely nude. She grab the black velvet panties and slid them up her thighs, the thong digging in her ass as she started to adjust the bra. The bra had a strap so she could expose her nipples. She then pull on the stockings until they’re tight. Then went to admire herself in her mirror.

’Oh yeah’ she said ’Dave is going to go nuts’ she turn and pat her bare ass. Then suddenly Sarah walked in.


’Sarah!’ Screamed Margaret covering herself with the sheets, ’what are you doing?’

Sarah giggle, ’I wanna play mummy!’

Margaret sighed, that was close ’come here sweetie’ she cover her self with the sheets as she pick her up, ’Mummy is too big for toys anyway’ she cooed but Sarah frowned so Margaret tickle her belly, making her laugh, As they left the bedroom.

’Ok Sarah, let’s get you back in your playpen’ she cooed as she place Sarah in the playpen. She watch as she played with her stuff toys. look at her, so cute she thought as she sat on a chair and watch as Sarah started making airplane noises, i wish I could just fool around like that, no worries and just be pampered

Then her home phone rang so she pick it up and smiled as she hears her husband voice.

’Hey babe’ said Dave

’Hey honey!’ Said Margaret ’its daddy!’ she whispered to Sarah

’Daddy!’ Squealed Sarah as she got up and try to reach for the phone, Margaret smiled as Dave continue to talk.

’So I could home by tomorrow night if this business trip is a success’ he said

’Well you are the worlds greatest inventor’ teased Margaret ’Just remember I have a surprise for you when you get back’

’Oh and what is it?’

’Oh you’ll see’ She has it planned, she will put Sarah early to bed so she could put on her new sexy lingerie and lay seductivily on the bed, ’Just don’t keep me waiting’ she giggled as she entered her bedroom and remove the sheet.

Sarah continue to play when she notice a black box next to her playpen, with her curiosity she grab the box and started examine it. ’Oh by the way’ said Dave ’have you seen a black box anywhere?’

Margaret try to think, unaware that Sarah is fiddling with it, ’No I haven’t’ she notice the box in Sarah’s hands, ’oh Sarah has it’

’Shit! You have to take it from her!’

’Why what is......’ Before she could finish she saw Sarah push on the box and a bright flash filled her eyes, she drop the phone as she rub her eyes, she hears a lullaby playing somewhere but she feels dizzy as she fell on her butt, as the brightness fades away, Margaret could see properly again.

As her vision clear she was looking up at the TV, she was also surround by Sarah’s baby toys, which looks too big for her anyway. Margaret felt a chill as she rub her bare shoulders...... What? She look at her self and found out she is completely topless! She quickly got up and hears crinkling as a big diaper is tape around her waist. ’What’s going on? Where’s my lingerie?’ She wondered, she then notice that Sarah is gone too!

’Sarah! SARAH!’ She started to panic as she try to run but found bars in front of her blocking her path. She grab a hold of the bars and started shaking it. ’SARAH!’ She started to tear up as she sobbed, that’s when she hears footsteps coming her way. Margaret drop her jaw as her young 2 year old daughter walked in the living room wearing a toddler version of her suit and talking on the phone.

’What’s wrong mummy?’ Cooed Sarah as she block her phone with her shoulder ’do you need a change?’ Margaret is trying to process this, ’don’t worry, daddy will be back home tomorrow night’ Sarah said ’if you need pleasure, as I know you adults like that, use your magic wand’ she gave her a vibrator and then walk towards the kitchen while talking on the phone.

Margaret drop the vibrator as she look around the playpen, ’what’s going on? Why am I a baby?’



End Chapter 1

Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015


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