Reversed World

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Margaret likes bang bang

Margaret sat in her big pink car seat next to Dave’s big blue car seat. She looked at her handsome husband, still with his curly brown hair and cute cheekbones but dressed in a childish scout suit, with a big diaper under his pants. Sarah was driving as the parents sat in the back.

Dave was sucking his thumb as he poke Margaret, ’Maggie!’ He said ’How was daycare?’

She frowned as she turn her head to the window, ’it was fun, sorta’ she could still feel the sting of her butt.

’Hey! Who wants to go to McDonald’s?’ Said Sarah as she drove into the McDonald’s parking lot. Dave giggled as Sarah started to us buckle them. Soon Margaret found herself being strap into a double pram next to her husband and being pushed into the restaurant. Inside was no different then the daycare.

There were teenagers and babies being led by either children or elders. One teenage girl was in a pull up doing a potty dance as her older brother was eating his happy meal. At one table there was a woman who looks like in her late fourties being carried by her 23 year old son, who seems to be potty training. Margaret looked at the counter which Sarah is or ding food from the 12 year old boy at the cash register.

’Here’s your meal mam’ said the boy as he hand over the bag

’Thank you’ said Sarah as she push the parent outside to the play ground set. ’Alright mum and dad, eat up then you can go play on the play set’ she said as she put them into high chairs. Dave started to eat his happy meal while Margaret just open hers. The burger was big enough for her that’s for sure, she started to eat as it could be the only proper food she will have for a long time. She ate and ate like a pig, savouring the burger in her mouth.

’Woah slow down there’ laughed Sarah as she grab a napkin, ’don’t want to make a mess on your pretty romper’ she wipe Margaret’s face as she went to her meal. Once they finish their meals, Sarah took them out of the high chair. ’Ok fifteen minutes on the playground’ she said ’then we go home, ok?’

Dave nodded as he started to waddle to the slide, Margaret quickly followed him, maybe he knows where the black box is she caught up to him on top of the play set as she poke his shoulder.

’Yes Maggie?’ Asked Dave

’Uh Davie..... Do you know where the black box is?’ She asked

’Black box? I made a black box when I was a baby’

Margaret face lit up, ’where is it? I have to know!’

Dave just grinned, ’I made it so long ago, don’t remember where’

Margaret frown, then she got an idea, she shuffled closer while fondling with her straps, ’well too bad, cause I’m feeling like I wanna get nakie here’ she unbutton the top and reveal her shoulder, Dave gaped at it making Margaret giggle, still the shy prevent that I married ’If you tell me where is it, I’ll let you touch my boobies’ she giggles as she drop the top part, exposing her huge breasts. Dave started to drool as he poke one boob.

’Well I think it’s in the box with my baby stuff’ he said ’Sarah put it in the basement with the others’

Margaret cheered, Now all I have to do is find it then I could have my life back! Dave started grabbing her breasts, Margaret was about to pull away when she feels a tingle, oh my she started to drool Can’t remember the last time he touch me like this Dave laughed a bit, then Margaret just went on top of him and kissed him. David started thrusting against her crotch, their diapers rubbing together, making them have the urge to strip the clothes off and do bang bang here on the playground. But Sarah pulled them apart and away drag them away from the playground.

’What are two thinking?’ She scolded as she buckle them back in their car seats ’you can’t do Bang Bang in public? Maybe at the daycare but people eat here!’ Margaret giggled as Sarah got in the drivers seat and drove them away, She turn towards Dave, who was looking at her and laughing himself. Margaret grab his hand and place it on her diapered vagina and made it rub up and down hard, soon Dave got the message as he continued with Margaret just sitting there moaning. Sarah looked back and notice her father jerking off her mother. ’Wow you two sure are tingliy today’ she sigh as they drove home. Margaret keeps huffing as the plastic inside of the diaper rub against her bare vagina.

’Faster Dave’ she moaned ’Faster, faster’ Dave did just that. Then the car suddenly stop as Sarah started to take them out of the car. Margaret was disappointed, she wasn’t finished! After all she was more turn on then she was before the black box. Sarah took the inside and strip them of their clothing, leaving her and her husband wearing just their diapers, while Sarah put their clothes away.

Dave crawled over to the living room so he could play with the toys, while Margaret stood up and walk to the basement. The sooner I reversed this, The sooner I can grab my husband and fuck his brains out! Margaret got to the door and tried to open it, but is was lock. of course, I lock it so Sarah couldn’t go down there she walked towards Sarah’s room, But that means Sarah have the keys she grinned as she entered her daughter’s room. Sarah has just put on her sweat pants and shirt when she saw Margaret waddling in.Dam it! She had to be in here!

’Hey mum!’ Said Sarah as she got up and went towards her, ’do you need a change?’ She pulled back the back of her diaper and looked in, she notice that her butt was a little red. ’Mum! Again?’ She pull it back up as Margaret drop her head in embarrassment, ’you really are very notty you know that’s? What’s gotten into you?’

whats gotten into me? Yesterday I was changing your diapers! I was feeding you and took care of you, now I’m the one in diapers, getting spanked by children! Changed in public! And now me and my husband are in our own house wearing big diapers and being taken care of by our toddler daughter! she stomp her feet in frustration I hate this place! I want my real life back! Sarah cooed as she got her into a hug. Margaret couldn’t hold it in as she cried into her shoulder, standing on her knees as she hug her daughter.

’Shhhh it’s ok, I’m not mad’ cooed Sarah as she rub her bare back. Margaret sniff as she let go and stood on her knees as Sarah wipe away her tears, ’just promise me you’ll be good at daycare ok?’

’O....ok Sarah’ she wipe her nose as she smiled at her daughter, Sarah beamed, ’good girl! Who’s a good girl?’ She tickle her belly making her laugh, Margaret started to feel better as Sarah stood her up and led her towards the living room.

Dave was watching TV when Sarah sat Margaret next to him. On the TV was Teletubbies, which Margaret hated when she wasn’t wearing diapers. Dave were fascinated with the show, especially with the cute yellow one. ’Ok I’m going to do some reports so don’t make such a fuss ok?’ She pinch their cheeks as she went to the table. Margaret snuggle up next to Dave as they watch the Teletubbies play on the bright green fields.

Once the show is finished, a commercial came on. It show a grown man and woman on the floor of their nursery. Then a young girl entered the room as she cuddle her parents, ’who needs a diapee change?’ She cooed, the father and mother babbled as they were laid down. Then the girl turn to the screen, ’when my mummy and daddy needs to be change, I trust Huggies diapers’ she remove their diapers as she wipe their asses, the she pull a big poofy diaper out of a package, ’it’s 100% absorbent and keeps their big tushies dry’ it cut to the parents enjoying their new poofy diapers. Then it fade out showing the logo and the location of the diapers.

Margaret turn off the TV, getting frustrated with her situation. Dave was going to complain but decide to cheer her up. He grab a baby blanket and hid his face. ’Hey Maggie!’ She turned and looked at him ’Peek a boo!’ He popped his face over it then hid it again ’peek a boo!’ He pop it under it then back behind it ’Where’s Maggie?’

Margaret smiled, He did this with Sarah Dave continue to do it so she just went with it. Once his face were covered Margaret playfully look around, ’Where’s Davie?’ She looked around while Dave giggled. Margaret look under the toy rabbit, ’not there either, where could he be?’ She then look at the blanket, she playfully about to take it when Dave poke his head out, ’PEEK A BOO!’

’There he is!’ Giggled Margaret clapping at his achievement, ’your a little fun bug ain’t you’ she tickle him as Dave began to laugh.

’Stop it’ he said as he crawled away with Margaret following.

’But I wanna tickle!’ She called out ’I’m gonna tickle you!’ She crawled after him around the room. Sarah was writing down in her notebook when her parents were crawling pass her. She sigh then look at the time.

’Guess I have to get dinner ready’ she got up and she removed her notebooks. Dave and Margaret were behind the couch tickling each other when she walk up to them and check their diapers. ’Well daddy, guess I need to change your stinky diaper’ she covered as he led Dave towards the nursery, Margaret laid back on the couch as she wondered about her life. I never had that much fun before she smiled as she wiggled her toes, but this could be her chance. She got up and quietly crept towards her daughters room.

Inside she spot her keys on the desk. ’Bingo’ she quickly grab the keys and carefully remove the key to the basement. Once it’s off she put the keys back. ’Now I gotta hide this’ she look at the basement key ’So Sarah doesn’t take it off me’ she ran back to the living room and got on her knees. She grab a barbie doll and slid the key in the back of her shirt. ’Perfect’ she grinned ’now later tonight I could find the box and get out here!’ She hears footsteps as she put the Barbie in the doll house and quickly started playing with a toy cow and chicken.

’Now we’re all clean, how about we get you guys some dinner’ said Sarah as she led Dave past Margaret and into the kitchen. Then she walked back in and stood her up. ’It’s time for nums nums’ she playfully patted Margaret’s belly as she led her into the kitchen, to a empty high chair next to Dave in his high chair.

Dave have a blue bib tied around his neck as he plays with his toy truck. Sarah tied a pink one around Margaret as she was locked in. Then she grab a plate filled with bite size chewy meat and put each on their table while she sits at the table eating her grown up steak. Dave started to grab a piece and ate it, chewing it happily as he grab another. Margaret look at her babyish food as she grab a piece and put it in her mouth. Then Dave threw a piece at her cheek.

’Hey!’ She scolded as Dave threw another one, ’stop it!’ But Dave laughed as he stick his tongue out. Margaret growled as she threw a piece and hit him on the chin. Soon Sarah notice them throwing food and kicking each other.

’Hey hey stop!’ She spilt them apart ’dad you need to stop picking on her at dinner!’

’But it’s fun’ argued Dave, Margaret blew a raspberri as Sarah shove a bottle of milk in her mouth. Margaret started to suckle as Sarah held another one to Dave’s mouth as he started to suckle. Margaret close her eyes as her belly filled up with the delicious juicy milk.My Gawd! This feels so right! she grab the bottle with both hands as Sarah let go. Margaret and Dave drank their milk as Sarah finished up her dinner, then she remove the bottles, their bibs and let them down onto their knees so she could drape them over her shoulders.

’There there’ she cooed as she pat their big bare backs, Dave and Margaret both let out big burps, with Margaret spitting up some on her shoulder. ’Mum!’ She sighed as she rub their backs, ’this is my favourite shirt’ Margaret giggled as her and Dave were sat on the ground, tummies filled with milk. Sarah then stood them up and led each of them by the hand as they walk out of the kitchen towards the bathroom.

Once inside they sat on the soft mat as Sarah filled up the tub. Margaret was sucking her thumb as Dave started to poke her boobies. Once the tub is half full Sarah took their diapers off and put them in the bathtub.

Dave started to laugh, ’what’s so funny?’ Asked Margaret

’I can’t see your ginnie’ he giggled, Margaret look at his dick and started to giggle

’Well I can see your willy’ she teased then they both burst into laughter as they started splashing and bouncing. Sarah sighed as she tried to shampoo their hairs. Margaret played with Dave while Sarah soap them and rinse them. what was in that milk? I feel so giddy! Dave started to splash her, so she decide to splash back which unfortunately got Sarah wet.

’Ok I see how it is’ said Sarah as she splash them back. Soon they were in a splashing war as Sarah is now completely soaked. She then drained the water as the tub is now empty. She dried off in a towel then got Margaret out first. ’All nice and fresh, so try not to have any accidents’ she said as she dried her. Margaret shook her head as she was wrapped in the towel. ’Fine go wait in the nursery while I get dad ok?’ She patted her butt as Margaret walked out.

Margaret sat naked on the change table waiting for Sarah to put her in a diaper. I feel like I’m forgetting something she frowned, then she sat up. What am I doing?! I shouldn’t be here waiting to be diapered by my daughter! I should be looking for this box and fixing this! She was about to stand up when Sarah walked in. Margaret expected Dave to follow but he didn’t entered. ’Where’s Dave?’ She asked

’In the living room Mum’ she said ’I got a surprise for you’ she went in the closet and pulled out a black velvet box. Margaret recognised the box, it’s the box that has her new sexy lingerie! But Sarah pulled out a black velvet onesie, with red frill and a flap on the top to expose the breasts. Margaret could imagine herself wearing this as Sarah laid her down. Soon she was in a fresh diaper and wearing the lingerie onesie.

’There you go!’ Cooed Sarah ’daddy’s going to love it!’Margaret giggled as she twirled.

Then Sarah went and get Dave, who wore just his diaper as he entered the room. Margaret sat in the crib with her finger to her mouth. Sarah put Dave in the crib as she pulled up the bars and lock it. Then left the room as she close the door, leaving them with just the nightlight and lullabies.

’We gonna do bang bang?’ Ask Dave

Margaret nodded as she jump on top of him as they began kissing. Thrusting against each other with the sounds of their diapers blocking out the lullabies. Dave grab the top of her onesie as he pulled it off her, leaving her in her diaper as he kissed her chest, belly and shoulders. Margaret moaned, but there something she wanted him to do. Before he was nervous, saying it’s uncomfortable. But now they are basically infants, curious to try anything new. She pushed him off as she stood up. She grab the tabs of her diaper and ripped them off, then discarded it out of the crib. She turn and got on her knees as she wiggle her bare ass to his face.

’What are you waiting for Davie?’ She turn her head giggling like an Horny idiot ’Bangbang my brains out’ she turn her head forward as she hears Dave ripping off his diaper and shoving his willy in her bum. Margaret moan as Dave thrust and thrust, shaking the crib as it creaks and creaks. ’Yes! Yes! Yes!’ She never have felt so turned on! They should’ve done diaper play a long time ago! Dave continue to thrust as Margaret started to orgasm. ’OH YES!’ She gasped as she held onto the bars as the thrusting continues.

Sarah laid in bed as she could hear the creaking and the moaning from her bedroom. ’This is very awkward’ she sighed as she hears her mummy moaning from the adult monitor. She turned it off and tried to go to sleep, hoping that they at least keep their diapers on.



End Chapter 4

Reversed World

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2015


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