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Chapter 7
Just a BIT

7: Just a BIT

The world around me began to glow, like watching a sunrise, the darkness yielding slowly to a pale blue to a soft glowing yellow. I felt warmth returning to my face. My head was still pounding from the strange beat of the music I vaguely remembered from a distant period of time. I tried to open my eyes, which felt like leaded weighted were holding them closed.

As light filtered through my eyelashes, I slowly peered into the glowing soft light outside my land of sleep. Everything appeared to be fuzzy and white, with objects slowly revolving overhead. The warmth I felt on my face covered my body, which seemed to becoming awake. Strange, I felt like a caterpillar nestled into the warmth of its cocoon, just warm and cozy.

I tried to move my head, which felt like a bowling ball, lifting it upwards, but found it was hard to do. I attempted to raise my arms to my eyes, but they too felt like heavy sticks of wood, not budging from their embedded resting spots. My senses were becoming more acute, and I felt like I was wrapped up in a blanket of fuzzy soft material.

I then realized that my mouth was filled with a rubbery item. I moved my tongue, trying to push the foreign object out of my mouth. It would not budge.

I squinted harder, trying to shake the drowsiness out of my eyes. My feelings were coming slowly more and more into focus. I tried to focus on what my body was feeling like. Besides the warmth encasing me I felt a vaguely familiar bulkiness around my lower region. It felt like something I remember as a youngster, before I was old enough to walk… something that I had just recently experienced only what seemed like hours ago… like a. …

My mind snapped awake! A DIAPER!

No, I couldn’t be in a diaper, only babies wear diapers. I was a man, a full grown man. I must still be sleeping; this is just a nightmare from my hang-over at last night’s festivities. Or so I thought.

I looked up, focusing on what seemed to be floating over my head, the shapes were now becoming sharper, more in focus. The primary colors of the objects became clear. A duck, a bird, a rainbow, and a rabbit seemed to be slowing moving in a circular motion over me.

I tried to move my head again, this time I moved it to the side, and was greeted with a pattern of stars and moons floating on a padded cloth, resting against a sea of metal bars of white. My eyes followed the white bars upwards; they seem to climb up forever. My mind made a connection… I was looking at a railing, something like you would find on a… young infant’s… crib! I turned my head the other way. More white bars greeted my eyes. I appeared to be trapped within a sea of bars, lying in a giant crib!

My mind whirled as I attempted to move my legs, which appeared to being bowed out, yet encased in the same material as my arms and upper body. No wait! My entire body was encased in this fuzzy material like a… a garment I use to wear when I was only a… bab… baby! My mind raced trying to recall the name of such a garment… a sleeper! My body was cased inside a sleeper!

I lifted my head upwards, and let my eyes travel down the length of my encased body. They confirmed the instincts my mind was revealing to me. I was trapped inside a giant sleeper, and the material rose over and around the mound of material that appeared to cover my lower torso, then down over my splayed legs and covering my feet.

I moved my butt, feeling the confines of the bulky cloth that encircled my lower region. It felt just as thick as the night before. I wiggled around, and the bulky cloth clung to my skin.

“What the hell! That must have been one heck of a party!” my mind screamed. “This is one hell of a nightmare!”

Or was it?

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and a movement in my rear. I fought the intense pushing that seemed to be growing from my backside.

I focused on my surrounding again, looking up and the floating figures above me.

The pushing feeling became stronger, and I tried to clamp down on my muscles, my hands squeezed close, trying to will myself some control over my bodily functions.

The diaper around my middle started to warm up… I was wetting again! “What the hell!” my mind screamed and a low moan escaped from around the rubber material in my mouth! Then the pushing feeling became even more intense and suddenly I felt a movement of gas, and then mass exiting my rear into the awaiting containment of cloth I was wrapped in. The diaper seemed to expand a little, making room for the mass that was leaving my body through its rear door, my butt!

I felt tears well up in my eyes as the massive load I was releasing into my waiting diaper squished around the folds of cloth and my balls. I was crapping and pissing myself, and I couldn’t seem to stop the flow from either front or back of my diaper!

The material that clung around my lower region became warmer by the second as the excrements of my body flowed into its confines.

My moans became loader; it was if my entire body was ignoring my wants for control, and just letting loose. My body appears to have no control what so ever.

The tears started flowing from my eyes and down my checks, just the like pee flowing out of my bottom. I was just like a baby, totally dependant on the snug diaper around my waist to contain my bodily functions for the moment.

I started to bawl, the sound escaping from the mass in my mouth.

Then a shadow crept over the edge of the white bars that held me captive in this moment.

I looked up. A giant face beamed down at me, its blue eyes wide with curiosity at the sight it beheld. Then a pair of large arms reached down, picking me up and pulling me into it grasp. As I moved upwards closer to the face of the giant, it became more and more familiar… it was Amber! A giant version of Amber!

I was pulled up and over the white bars that had imprisoned me, and placed against the huge chest of Amber, my face peering over her back. I felt her hand patting my full and squishy bottom. I heard a soft chuckle and then a low hum as her hand slowly started to massage the massive load I had in my diaper. I was horrified as the mass squished around, moving all around in the confines of the damp material that clung tightly to my waist.

This had to be a nightmare. I mean, I must be sleeping, dreaming that I was one of her daily charges in the center. It had to be, I mean, what else could it be?

I was shifted off of her chest and cradled into her arms, as she kept humming and smiling at me. I wriggled within her confines, the sleeper was nice a toasty.

“I see my little one has waken up form his nap!” Amber’s voice directed at me.

I looked up into her gazing eyes.

“I told you I would take care of you.” “All you have to do is trust me.”

“Amber!” I tried to mutter around the rubber teat in my mouth.

“All you have to do is trust me.”

This dream is becoming crazier and crazier!

“My little baby.” Amber’s voice cooed into my ear, as she rocked me in her arms.

“Well, I see our newest recruit has finally awoken,” a voice spoke from behind.

I tried to twist my head towards the direction of the voice. “It looks like the process is almost complete,” the voice continued.

“Yes. He’s internal programming seems to be taking hold.” Amber replied.

“I had a hunch about this one. From the minute I laid eyes on him, I thought he would be a good candidate for the program.”

“He’s so precious!” Amber whispered.

“Yes, I knew he would be someone’s favorite! How many bottles has he had in the past week?”

“Well, according the charts, he’s on number 83, I was just about to give him the last one. That should finish the final phase of the treatment.” Amber replied, swaying me in her arms.

My mind tried to process what I was hearing. “A week? Boy, this nightmare is really bizarre!” I thought to myself.

“He’s adapting quite well. His motor functions are back to that of a 6 month old.”

“See… he’s even a good team player!” My eyes grew big; taking in the image that now stood over us… it was Sharon! My boss from work!

“How long before his memory starts to fade?” Amber asked.

“Most babies in training start to lose it after the initial two weeks. It seems like regression process concentrates on the physical being, and then the daily process of changes and feedings re-enforce the reality of dependence on someone taking care of their everyday needs. The first sign of process completion is lack of bodily control. Usually they struggle to contain their pooping and peeing until the second week of the process.” Sharon continued, making some notations down on a clipboard.

“I think Larry’s well on his way in that department. In fact, I was just checking on him, and discovered that he is in need of another change already this morning.” Amber smiled down on me. “You’re my little stinker, aren’t you?”

“Yes, for some reason, he’s regressed much faster. We should use him as a role model for new recruits.” Sharon commented, writing more notes down.

“Okay,” I am thinking to myself, “I’ve go to wake up… I’ve got to wake…”

“Well, I’m off to see how the other BIT is doing. She should be checking up on him right now too.” Sharon commented in a business like manner, making a few more notes on her pad.

“She mentioned that he was having a little bit more of a problem adjusting to the treatment. Can’t figure out why?” Amber replied.

“Some BITs just take a little more time. I’ll have to check his charts to see what may be happening. Some just adapt better.”

“Larry’s adapting.”

“That he is. I remember telling him at the office a week ago that his actions would not go unrewarded. Now if only his buddy would get with the program.” Sharon chuckled. “We’ve spent a lot of time erasing both of their past; there are only a few more details to be taken in eliminating their existence. Oh that reminds me; make sure the center has an update in Larry’s condition. I have booked him for six months in the infant section, and then we’ll re-evaluate his status, if all goes well, we can move him up to the next level.”

“Ok. Right after I put him down after his change.” Amber cooed at me.

I felt myself being lowered onto a padded surface.

“Let’s get you changed, my little one.” Amber commented, lightly squeezing my cheek.

“Okay, I am going to wake-up now.” I said to myself, watching the giant arms unzipping the front of the sleeper I was encased in.

Amber eased my arms out of the sleeper, and then worked my feet out the garment. I watched as she pulled the garment from underneath of me, and deposited it in to something next to the table.

Next off came the plastic pants, and then the unpinning of the damp and full diaper around my waist. A cool breeze hit my privates as the front of the soaked diaper. My legs were lifted in one fell swoop and my bottom was wiped with the damp diaper, helping to remove all of crap that was sticking to my butt. Then the diaper was pulled from under me and plopped into down into a bucket of water next to the table. With my legs still up in the air, a warm cloth was applied to my backside, cleaning the rest of the mess I had made in my diaper, and then my legs were lowered back to the table. Amber’s hand resting on my tummy, pinning me to the table.

“You are such a good little baby for me. Yes you are!” Amber pulled another thick diaper off the shelf next to the table.

“Re-lifting my legs, she slid the thick cloth under my butt. Then I saw her lift a white container and start to shake it over my lower torso. Powder… baby powder. I recognized the scent now. I also began to get an uneasy feeling that perhaps this was not a dream, this was really happening. I was being changed, like babies who need to have their diapers changed for them. I was a baby… somehow, some way I became a baby. There was no doubt, I was being changed. That became apparent as the thick material was pulled up between my legs and pulled back over my torso. I tried to twist and move, making her task harder to do, but failed in moving very easily. Amber was quick in pinning me back into my prison of cloth. Another pair of plastic pants was brought up my feet and legs to cover the thick waddling of clothing around my waist. I watched as she tucked all of the material safely within the confines of the plastic material. I was diapered.

“Yes, you are going to be a good little one.” Amber smiled pulling out a small shirt with a rubber ducky on it, and in bold letters brazened across the top of it… BIT. She slipped it over my head and pulled it down over my chest.

Having completed my change, Amber picked me up and carried me back to the crib, and settled me down on to the mattress below. I could only look up to the ceiling, the bars seemed so high.

Amber then produced a big bottle, and removed the rubber teat of the pacifier that was in my mouth and replaced it with the rubber teat of the bottle. Suddenly I found my mouth working the teat, trying to pull the contents of the bottle into my tummy.

I was repulsed at first and tried to resist the urge of sucking on the rubber, but again my body refused my commands. My mouth had a mind of it’s own, and it wanted that liquid in the bottle, it wasn’t going to be denied.

I sucked and sucked at the bottle, draining it’s contents into my apparently hungry stomach.

Amber stood at the side of the crib, holding the bottle for me while my mouth worked the rubbery teat, pulling the warm liquid inside of me. I felt a slight tremble in my tummy and then a felt gas pass out my rear, and another warm stream played across the front of my diaper.

Tears re-formed in my eyes as it dawned on me that I was really becoming a baby.

“I’m just a baby.” My mind cried out. “just a BIT.”

Amber started to sing a soft song, smiling as she did so. It comforted me a little, and I suckled harder on the teat, draining the rest of the liquid out of the bottle.

“just a BIT,” my mind kept repeating, “just a BIT.”

That’s what I am, just a BIT.


Well, this was my attempt at writing in a long time. After reading this, i could probably flesh it out more, the base story is here. But i did want to submit a story for Halloween contest (getting it in just before the witching hour begins) so at least I hope you enjoyed it as i did in writing it.

The real question is shall i continue writing, or just go back to sucking my thumb and using my didee




End Chapter 7


by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011


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