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A trip to a new bar in town, a need for a costume, a beautiful woman and the bewitching hour... be carefull, a change is in the air!!!

Chapter 1

Okay, i haven’t posted in a while, but i thought i would give a try, to see if I still have the skill. Hope you enjoy it. This is a short story, and it is completed, but will post a few chapters each day. enjoy! Larrbear

1- Club

Another long day at the office. There were a lot of these types of evenings lately. It didn’t help that I was doing a job others could not finish, or had messed up and the boss wanted it completed properly. The new manager of the firm was very demanding, and lately kept coming to me for assistance in helping her get the reports done properly for the upcoming merger. Of course, wanting to keep my job, and working to stay on her good side, I was more than willing to oblige, but it was beginning to take its toll. It was cutting into my free time to roam the city and hang out at the clubs, dancing and releasing my pent-up frustrations.

It was late evening by the time I staggered into the lobby of my apartment building. I picked up my mail and proceeded to my small apartment on the nineteenth floor of the building.

I unlocked the door, and flipped the switch, which filled the apartment with light. I skimmed the number of documents that were pulled from the mailbox moments earlier, typical junk mail. Feeling thirsty, I wandered over to the kitchen, threw away the junk mail and opened the refrigerator to extract a cold bottle, then headed back to the sofa to relax and kill some brain cells with TV and beer.

Crashing onto the sofa I was about to click on the television when the telephone began to ring. I picked up the phone on the third ring.

“Hey Larry, glad I caught you!” the voice rang through the telephone. It was Joey, one of my co-workers, and cohort when running around at the clubs.

“Hey Joey, what’s up?”

“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the past 4 hours! Do you want to go to out tonight, there is a new club on the east side, discovered it a few days ago.” Joey asked.

I looked over to the clock. It was half-past ten already.

“Joey, I think its kind of late tonight. I have to be at the office early tomorrow to help set-up for this merge meeting, and besides, I just got in."

“Come on out for just an hour, this place is amazing, you’ve got to see it!” Joey begged.

I sighed, looked at the clock again, and then against my better judgment answered yes.

“Great, you won’t regret it!’ Joey cried out, and then proceeded to give me the directions to this new club.

I chugged my brew, grabbed my keys and headed to the door.

The club was only a few block from where I lived. It took me only a few minutes to walk the short distance. There in the middle of the block, nestled between a few warehouse type buildings, just recessed back a few feet off the street was a multi-level building. The windows of the lower part of the building were flashing multi-colors in tune with a musical beat. There was a bouncer sitting outside the door, under a sign which I could barely make out… Club BIT Generation. “Funny”, I thought to myself, “I thought I knew all of the clubs around here.”

I approached the bouncer, who gave me a look over, and then in a gruff voice asked for my ID. I chuckled lightly as I pulled out my wallet to produce my identification card.

“Sorry, it’s club’s regulations, don’t want any trouble with the law.” The bouncer replied, answering my smile. “Need to make sure you are old enough!”

In a way I felt good, having to be asked for my ID. Being 27, I usually have no trouble just walking into most clubs I have gone to in the past; there was never a problem with my looks and age. “No problem. What’s with the name?” I replied, handing over the ID card.

The bouncer looked me over again. “It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that… hence BIT Generation.” Then he took a colored wrist-band from out of his pocket. “Hold out your right arm.” He commanded. “All patrons need to have this on, part of the rules.”

I complied and held out my right arm. The bounce attached the band around my wrist. “First two drinks are on the house; just show them your wrist-band.”

I looked down at my wrist. In bold golden letters “BIT” was emblazed on the band. It felt tingly on my wrist.

“Okay, thanks!” I then walked through the doors into the club.

The music playing in the club had a good beat to it. The club lights made it a little hard to focus on the surroundings. It seemed to be a typical dance club, with a main floor, and a set of stairs leading to a terrace, overlooking the dancing area. There were a number of ladies leaning on the black garland-laced terrace, watching the activity on the dance floor, and scanning the surrounding areas. There were a few carved pumpkins adoring pedestals at both ends of the terrace. A few women nodded their heads in my direction, flashing a smile and winking. I smiled back and continued to looking around. I found the bar, located as the end of the dance floor. I made my way through the dancing crowd towards it.

“Larry!” It was Joey, motioning me towards the bar.

I squeezed through the crowd. A hand grabbed my shoulder, and I was turned to face an Amazon! Being 5’7” I am not small, but she had to be at least a 6” taller me, but a real looker.

“Let’s dance!” the woman called out. I turned to Joey, and waved that I would make my way there shortly after this number.

“Sure!” I replied, and started to grove to the beat, matching her moves as the music picked up its beat. We kept pace with the beat, twisting and turning with its changes.

“You move well!” The woman replied; keeping her arms wrapped around my shoulders.

“So do you!” I answered back. I took in her beautiful features. A light sweat glistened off of her arms from the dancing and gyrating we both had been performing. She had a scent about her that I couldn’t place, but remembered it from somewhere, a freshness that made my mind whirl with a lulled sense of security. I inhaled it, and gave her beaming eyes a nod of approval.

The music slowed its beat and her arms pulled me into tighter embrace, our moves timed to the slow beat of the music. Her head looked down at me slightly while she pressed me against her body. She was several inches taller than me, my head rested against the side of her neck, just under her head.

“I’m Amber”, a voice floated down to my ears.

“I’m Larry.” I replied, looking up into her face, but still moving slowly to the beat of the music.

“Have I seen you here before?” Amber asked, moving her hand through the nape of hair on the back of head.

“No, my friend just told me about this place, he’s over there at the bar.” I motioned towards the bar. Joey was sitting there chatting with a woman, looking over towards me and smiling. “What about you... Amber?”

“I have been coming here for a while now. I just moved here a few months ago, and I find the atmosphere here quite nice. The music is good, and the clientele is nice too.” Amber replied. “It’s a nice place to release some steam after a hard day’s work.”

The music quieted down, and we stopped dancing.

“I know what you mean. I’m always looking for a club in which I can release some pent up energy!” I quipped. “Strange, I didn’t know about this place though, and it’s only a short walk from my apartment. I…I mean, my pal Joey and I hang out at a number of clubs here in the city. He’s the one who told be about this place.”

“Well, I am glad you found your way here!” Amber smiled.

“What kind of work do you do?” I asked.

“I work with kids, at a center. They can be a handful, but very rewarding.”

“I work at an office where I think most of the workers are kids, and believe me it’s not always rewarding!” I cracked back.

Amber smiled. “Would you like to take a break and get a drink?”

I nodded my head.

Amber took my arm and led me through the crowd on the dance floor over to the bar, next to Joey and the woman he was talking to.

“Hey Larry, see you made it to the bar finally! This is Rhonda.” Joey commented as we saddled up to the bar, next to a grinning jack-o-lantern.

I nodded my head towards Rhonda. “Hi, name is Larry, and this here is Amber.”

Rhonda looked at Amber and smiled. Amber did likewise.

“We were just thinking of hitting the dance floor to join you, but then saw you heading this way.” Joey continued, taking a drink from a tall glass of brew.

The women excused themselves, claiming that they would be back in a few minutes.

“Ladies!” Joey saluted, with drink in hand.

“We’ll be back; we just want to freshen up for you!” Rhonda stated. “Besides I promised you I would have a surprise for you tonight!” Then the ladies turned and headed back through the crowd.

“I can’t wait!” Joey exclaimed.

“What’s that all about?” I asked Joey, watching the women ascend a flight of stairs to the terrace I had seen when I first entered the club.

“Tonight’s my night! I have been after her for the past two nights, hoping to have a little late night action. She’s really hot.” Joey stated with a leering grin. “She wants to show me a little loving care.”

“So you are going to get lucky tonight!” I jokingly punched him. “Why didn’t you tell me about this place sooner?”

“Well, you have been busy at work all week.” Joey shot back. “I tell you this place is hot, did you see all the chicks!”

“Yeah, I noted a few of them up on the terrace. Maybe I’ll work my way up there, if things don’t work out with Amber.”

“You can’t go up there. It’s for women only.”

“What do you mean, women only?”

“What I said. Something about club rules, only women can go up there.”

“You’re kidding me?

“Did you see any guys up there?”


“Like I said… club rules. Rhonda told me about them. You can only go up there if you have an invitation.” Joey exclaimed, taking another swig from his glass.

“That’s a bummer. There are some good looking women up there.”

“So have you decided what you are going to do tomorrow night?

“What’s so special about tomorrow night?”

“Halloween night… buddy, are you going to go out?”

“I haven’t even thought about it. I been so busy at work, Sharon had been driving me like a dog!” I quipped back.

“I know. She’s been going crazy, trying to get all set for this big meeting tomorrow.” Joey chimed in. “Well I’m sorry buddy… you are on your own. You see… Rhonda asked me out, and I said yes.” Joey confided in me.

“Well I probably will be too tired to party tomorrow. I have a busy day ahead of me.” I whined.

“You should maybe consider coming back here? You know… unwind from a hard day’s works and party till the cock crows in the morning. It’s the weekend.”

“Don’t count on it. I am sure Sharon will have some work that needs to be done after the meeting finished. Probably have reports that will be needed Monday morning, bright and early, besides I don’t know what I’d do for a costume at this late date.”

“Well, have fun; remember I am off for two weeks!” Joey punched me back.

“Lucky you!”

“Cheer up buddy!”

“Yes, have a glass of cheer, Larry!” a voice whispered in my ear from behind me.

I turned my head, there was Amber, handing me a tall glass of brew. “Bottoms Up!”

“Yeah, bottoms up!” Joey shouted, lifting his glass to his mouth.

“Yes, I’d say the same, bottoms up!” Rhonda commented, rejoining the group.

I smiled, then taking the glass from Amber, lifted it to my mouth and let the lightly pale liquid pour down my throat. It was cold, and made me shiver just a little as it flowed down into my stomach.

Music filled the air, and I finished the drink, setting the glass on the bar.

“Come on baby, let’s hit the floor!” Amber took my arm and led me back towards the gyrating crowd on the dance floor.

“See you later!” Joey chimed in, as Rhonda embraced him in a warm hug.



End Chapter 1


by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011


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