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Chapter 6

6: Change

We made our way across the dance floor. People were still cheering me as a result of my winning the contest.

“Hey baby, I’ll change you!” “Awww, look at the wittle one, it’s past his bed time!” “Hey Amber, if he’s too much to handle, let me know, I’d be happy to give a helping hand!” the comments flowed around us as we made our way back to the stairs.

“Don’t worry baby, they’re just jealous because they didn’t win!” Amber commented, still dragging me behind her.

The weight of the soggy diaper made my walking/waddling a little bit more of a chore. I must have release a half-gallon of pee during my accident. I looked down at the floor, checking to see if I was leaving a trail of liquid behind us. I didn’t see any sign of leakage; the plastic pants did their job, containing my lack of bladder control.

We climbed the stairs, getting more snickers and oohhh’s as we ascended to the terrace.

“Hey little one, at least you were wearing you plastic panties!” I felt a hard smack on my rear from a lady at the top of the stairs.

“Ouch!” I jumped at the contact. The soaked material clung to my skin, squishing my urine against my body even more.

“Now Ladies, that’s no way to treat a guest!” A voice boomed. I turned to see Samantha following us up the stairs. “How would you like it if you were diapered and smacked around?”

“Oh Sam, you just don’t let us have any fun!” The woman snickered.

Amber continued to lead me to the room that we used earlier for changing.

“I am really sorry Amber, I ruined a good costume and possible the evening for you.” I stuttered as we entered the room.

“There is nothing to apologize for, baby” Amber whispered to me, pulling me into another embrace. “Nothing to apologize for.”

“I should find a shower or something to wipe down with, change and head home. I’ve obviously had too much to drink. I’m not normally this way.”

“Shhhh... “ Amber whispered in my ear, rocking me slightly. “I’m here to take care of you.”

The warmth of her embrace felt good. The warmth of my bottom tingled.

I stayed enfolded into my goddess arms, her gentle rocking was comforting.

“That’s my little one, I’m here to help you.”

“But how can you stand me now. A grown man, losing control like that in front of everyone!”

“Babies do it all of the time!” Amber chuckled.

“But I’m… not a…. baby!” I cried out indignantly

“No, that’s true, but you look cute dressed like one.” Amber giggled.

“Well at least I had this… diaper… on, it could have been worse!’ I whined. I could sense that the alcohol was taking its toll on me. I still felt light-headed, and my world seemed to be spinning around me slowly. The only thing holding me up was Amber warm and gentle embrace.

“Well, maybe it’s a good thing you were protected!” Amber said sweetly.

I looked around for my clothing; I didn’t see them in sight. “Where are my pants?” I cried out, scanning the room for my belongings.

“They were on the table, weren’t they” Amber queried.

I quickly walked around the screen, scanning the table. “I thought so, but they’re not there now.”

“They have to be here someplace.”

“I don’t see them. I have to find them, my wallet and keys are in them!” I whined, now getting concerned about my missing items. “What am I going to do for clothing?”

There was a knock on the door.

“Amber, are you okay in there?” It sounded like Rhonda’s voice.

“Go behind the screen, sweetie” Amber nudged me in the direction of the screen, then turn and opened the door.

“I thought that you could use a hand.” Rhonda said in a low voice.

“Well, we just were wondering what we were going to do for clothing.” Amber commented, motioning Rhonda into the room, closing the door behind her.

“I brought some a few things up, figured that you could use them in cleaning up.”

“Thanks, that will be useful, but I’m afraid we have a slight problem.” Amber whispered.

“Did we have another accident?” Rhonda asked. “So soon? That’s….”

“No, we didn’t.” Amber replied in a hushed tone. “It’s just that we can’t seem to find his clothing.”

“Where is he…”

“I’m right here,” I muttered, peering around the screen. “Where’s Joey?”

“He’s downstairs. Don’t worry, he’s being watched after!” Rhonda chuckled. “He keeps getting asking if he’s going to wet his costume too! I guess a number of gals want to change him.”

“Do you think it’s wise to leave him alone” Amber asked quickly.

“Samantha’s keeping an eye out for him, he’ll be fine for the moment. Actually he was more concerned about Larry.”

“Maybe he…. can run over to my place and get me some… clothing, I seemed to have misplaced mine…” I mumbled.

“Oh, sweetie, sorry about that, maybe I can help you both look around?” Rhonda asked.

“I just…. want to get out…. of this costume.” I think the beer was starting to get to me. I held on to the screen, tightly to keep myself steady.

“Well, if we can’t find your pants, maybe we could find something else for you to change into.” Amber piped in.

“I would rather not… get into another costume… just my pants and shirt.” I stuttered. I could feel the dampness below chilling down. I think I was even shivering.

“Oh my baby, I should get you out of that wet thing. It’s not good to be standing around in a wet diaper.“ Amber said in a motherly tone, moving back to my side. “Here, let’s get you out of that thing.”

“But…. we haven’t…. found my pants.”

“Well, we’ll just have to improvise, until we do. But I insist on getting that wet diaper off of you.”

“Here’s some toweling.” Rhonda commented, handing the towels and a big white bottle of something to Amber. “I’ll look around and see what we have over here.”

Amber took the items and set them on the side of the padded table. I thought I saw steam rising from the toweling, with the letters B I T. The bottle had some printing on it, but my eyesight was becoming blurred, I could not read the small printing.

“Whats that…. that bottle… whats it for?” I slurred.

“Okay sweetie. Let’s play doctor! Since I am already dressed the part of a nurse, you just play the part of the patient, and do as I say.” Amber smiled at me, trying to settle me down. “Let’s get you on the table first.”

With that, Amber lifted me under my armpits and hoisted me up onto the table, with ease.

“But Amber…”

“Nurse!” Amber giggled.

“What about my…”

“You were so good a little while ago. Be good for me now, and I’ll treat you to a surprise.” Amber smiled, swinging my legs up onto the table, and pushing me back on to the table.

“But Rhonda is in here…”

“She’s a nurse too; you’re such a special patient, getting two nurses to wait on you!” Amber grinned. Pressing me back into a prone position on the table.

My spinning head reminded me that I wasn’t in a position to argue, besides the pounding insides of my head was growing louder, beating with the music that ws coming from down below on the dance floor. I looked around, the room seem to be a little off kilter.

“I don’t see anything over here in the way of pants.” Rhonda chirped from the other side of the screen. “But I did find something that will work as a partial substitute.”

“I hope it’s…. not a dress!” I muttered.

“You don’t worry about that right now; let your nurses take care of you properly.” Amber lightly scolded me. “Besides, you’re the patient, and have no say in the matter.”


“Don’t worry, I promise not to put you in a dress! Now lift up you tushy for nursey!”

Lying back on the table again, I rose my butt a little, letting Amber slip the plastic pants off the soaked cloth around my groin and down and off my legs.

“My, we are wet, aren’t we my little one!’ Amber smiled, setting the plastic garment off to the side.

“I am really sorr…”

“Shhh… I told you, this happens all of the time!”

“Not to me, it doesn’t” I mumbled.

“Remember my telling you that I work with little ones all day.” Amber continued. “Just close your eyes and imagine that you are one of them, in my day-care, and I am the lucky one who gets to take care of you.”

I thought back, slightly remembering that Amber did mention something about her job the night before… something about “I work with kids, at a center. They can be a handful, but very rewarding,” raced through my mind.

“See, you do remember.” Amber smiled, watching my face process the memories of the night before.

“Yeah… but I bet you… don’t have to take care of kid’s my size!” I stuttered.

“You’d be surprised. Kids come in all sizes!”

I laughed at the thought. At least she wasn’t making fun of my situation.

I watched as she leaned over me. She seemed so much bigger at the moment. “I really must have hung one on… must be from all the beer” I thought to myself watching as she gently worked on unpinning the huge safety pin on my left side, and then moved to the right side, repeating the process.

The coolness in the room rushed over my privates as Amber pulled the soggy cloth off of them, and pulled the dripping diaper from under me. My butt settled back on to the cushioned table top.

“Oops, let me wipe you clean back there before you settle back down, little one!” Amber quickly exclaimed, dropping the soggy diaper on to the floor. I could hear the thud and squish of the material as it hit the floor. Then I felt my legs being grabbed together in one hand, and lifted up in to the air, and pushed slightly toward my chest, raising my rear off the padding below it.

I felt the warmness of a towel reach under my rear, slowly wiping the excess urine off of my skin, then my legs were lowered and her hands started to move over my upper thighs as she continued to clean up the mess I had made.

“There, that’s much better, don’t you agree?” The smiling eyes beamed down at me.

I smiled back, feeling better, knowing that I wasn’t being ridiculed. Amber really did seem to care about me. The towel in her hands slowly moves gently over my balls and semi-hard pal.

“I see you like the attention!” Amber smiled.

“I… like… you!” I smiled back.

“The feeling is mutual. Now just close your eyes and relax.” Amber whispered.

I complied. It wasn’t hard to do. My light-headiness took hold. I closed my eyes and the world seemed to spin slowly around. “Boy, what a hang-over I am going to have tomorrow.” I thought to myself as I slipped into a hazy world of relaxation. I felt like I was floating, drifting ever so easily.

Amber’s hands continued to rub my lower torso, and then began working up my stomach; the warmth of the towel was comforting.

“I’m going to use some of this, since we don’t have a shower, it will help absorb some of the pee smell for the time being.” Amber commented, taking the big white bottle, showing it to me.

I opened my eyes slightly, trying to focus on what Amber was holding over me, but my eyes couldn’t seem to co-operate. I could make out a big hazy white bottle, and then something falling out of it, like snow, falling onto my skin. It was soft and soothing.

Amber began humming, while manipulating the bottle over my tummy and lower region, shaking the contents of the bottle over me. The soft tune wafted thru and around me, carrying me into a more relaxed state.

I tried to move my arms, but found it hard to do; they felt like heavy weights, anchoring me to cushioned surface of the table.

Soon the combination of Amber’s gently touch and humming was sending my brain messages to close my eyes and fall into a slumber mode that was so gentle and soothing. My eyelids felt heavier and heavier. I don’t think I could even open them if I wanted to.

I thought I heard voices drifting in and out. “He’s per… working… diap… …cute… bit… how many… keeper…formul… time for…” I struggled to return back from the relaxed state I was in, and then darkness began filling my inner vision as I drifted off deeper in to a realm of peace, and quite. What ever worries I had earlier evaporated, replaced by a soft humming tune racing through my mind, swirling and twisting through my brain, then… darkness.



End Chapter 6


by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011


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