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Chapter 5

5: Contest

We walked out of the room on to the terrace. Correction, Amber walked, I waddled. The thick bulky diaper made it slightly awkward to walk correctly. I began to wonder how the heck I was going to be able to dance.

Every head on the crowded terrace seemed to turn and take in to sight of the two of us walking hand in hand.

“That’s adorable!”

“What a cutie!”

“I’d love to change his diaper!”

“Honey, if you need a change, you just come to me!”

“Now ladies, he’s my baby, get your own.” Amber giggled.

I smiled, the pacifier still in my mouth, as I pulled in closer to Amber.

“Ladies, where are our manners!” Samantha chimed in.

“Owww, Sam, we’re just having some fun,” one of the ladies cried out.

We made our way down the stairs and on to the dance floor. The twisting and grinding motion going on to the music was hypnotic. The beat rang through my head, and my body started to jerk and move in rhythm with the music. Amber turned towards me and started to move to the beat, following my motions. Her eyes were fixed on me, mine on hers. She was beautiful in that white nurse uniform. Her curves moved seductively in that tight costume encasing her Amazonian form.

Our dancing moved us through the crowd that seemed to part like waves, leaving room for us to continue our movements without stumbling or bumping into anything.

As the music came to an end, we discovered that we had worked our way close to the bar.

“How about a drink?” Amber asked.

I nodded, my eyes still locked onto hers.

“I’ll get this one, baby. Don’t wander off.” Amber smiled.

“Believe me, I won’t.” I smiled back

She turned and headed to the bar, her figure swaying slightly from side to side.

“Hey cutie, I know it’s a little past your bedtime, but how about a quick dance with us?” A voice called out behind me.

I turned to see who was calling out to me. I shook my head as I stared into the eyes of a slightly taller dark brunette, dressed in a white, tight-clinging, nurse’s uniform. I could not believe my eyes, another nurse! Then I realized the woman. It was Rhonda, the woman Joey was dancing with last night!

“Hi… Rhonda? Right?” I queried.

“So you remembered!” Rhonda laughed. “Joey will be happy to know that you came out tonight!”

“Where is he?” I asked, scanning the room to see if I could spot him.

“He’s getting drink for us.” Rhonda commented. “He’ll be along in a moment, though I should probably be keeping an eye on him, he’s liable to be picked-up by another woman, the way he is dressed tonight.”

“Amber’s getting our drinks!” I stuttered, taking in the entrancing figure of Joey’s date.

“I’d better stay here and keep you safe from the others.” Rhonda quipped. “The crowd is getting restless. I’ve seen more switching of dance partners tonight than I have in a long time. Maybe to the two of you want to join us?”

“That’s cool with me.”

“Hi Rhonda!” a voice piped in, it was Amber, holding two drinks. One hand held a glass, the other a baby bottle, filled.

“Amber, I see your little one made it to the party. I was just asking if you two would like to join us!” Rhonda smiled.

“That sounds great!” Amber smiled, holding the filled bottle towards me. “The bartender saw us dancing, she thought your drink would be better in a bottle, goes with the costume, she said.”

“Amber, there’s no way I would be able to drink out that!”

“Don’t worry baby, I had the bartender cut a little hole in the top of the rubber teat, so the drink would come out easier!” Amber pointed out to top of the bottle. “I want my baby to be able to get his liquids!”

“But it will look really…” I stuttered

“It will look just fine!” Rhonda added. “Babies should be drinking from their bottles!”

“Yes baby, I agree.” Amber quickly added.

“Come on, we have a table over by the band.” Rhonda pointed to the far side of the dance floor.

We wormed our way through the crowd. More than once I felt a pat on my padded rear from the occasional guest or two was we passed by.

Then I spied the table we were making our way to.

Sitting there, talking with another woman was Joey, dressed in a thickly padded diaper; almost the same type of costume that I was in. I shook my head in disbelief.

“Joey, let me guess, you didn’t have a costume either?” I laughed

Joey quickly turned his attention to us. The woman spied us and quickly made her good-byes, smiling to both Rhonda and Amber.

“Larry! You made it here!”

“Awwww. Look at you!” squealed Amber.

“You two could be twins!” Rhonda giggled.

“But mine is more adorable!” Amber shot back, looking at me.

Joey smiled, noticing my costume. “Rhonda gave me this idea for a costume last night. She even came up with all the parts for it.”

“Yes, after our little get together last night, I thought that this would be an easier way to undress you!” Rhonda laughed. “Less clothing to deal with.”

Joey grinned.

“Well, I’m glad that we are able to find something for Larry. There were not many options left for us.” Amber commented. “Samantha was a big help, she even found a few things that made the costume complete.”

“Samantha’s good at that!” Rhonda chuckled.

“Well I think it is perfect!” Amber giggled.

“Cheers, buddy!” Joey chimed in, raising his glass towards me.

“Cheers!” I raised my bottle towards the outreached glass.

The bartender was right, the enlarged hole in the rubber teat of the bottle made it easier to drink. I still had to bite down on the rubber teat a little to force the hole to expand more, allowing the pale liquid to flow easier.

“That’s my baby” Amber smiled, moving behind me and entwining her arms around me. “Drink up.”

“How’s my little one doing?” Rhonda queried Joey.

“I’m older, so I don’t need a bottle… now. Besides I prefer jugs!” Joey laughed, looking at Rhonda’s enormous breast.

“You little rug-rat!” Rhonda laughed, watching Joey slug down the pale ale.

The music revved back into existence. The beat grew wild and the crowd began twisting to its intoxicating rhythms.

“Ready to dance some more?” Amber shouted over the music.

“Let’s go!” I shouted, putting the empty bottle on the table, and twisting Amber around to face me.

We continued to move to the beat of the music, forgetting about everyone around us. I found that I was able to adjust to moving around in the diaper quite well. So I only had to focus my attention on Amber and her movements. Her dancing was entrancing, and the music shaped her movements like they were playing the beat just for her. I gyrated around my goddess of the night, ensnared in the mystic web she was weaving with her moves.

Between sets of music, I would take more swigs out of the bottle provided to me. I don’t know why I was so thirsty; maybe it was a combination of dancing and the heat on the floor. At least my costume made it comfortable.

Twelve or more dances and four refilled baby bottles passed before the music lowered to a level that was comfortable for people to speak without having to shout.

“Okay everyone… It’s close to the bewitching hour! Time to vote for the best costume of the night!” A voice sounded over the dance floor. “We’ve already had a preliminary selection of 5 people, whose costumes we think are winners, and we just need your votes!”

Joey poked me, “You should make the cut!”

“What about you, your dressed the same as me.” I laughed, half-jokingly punching Joey in the arm.

“Well your costume is more complete that mine!” Joey laughed, pointing out the bonnet and bib.

“Well, you are both cute!” Rhonda joined in.

“Would the following contestants please come the front of the dance floor…” The speaker blared out. “Tim, our Spartan soldier… Katrina, our black cat… Jonathan, the leopard man… Ginger, our raggedy ann doll and…”

“Oh, please pick us!” Amber squealed.

“Sorry Amber, looks like we didn’t make the…” I stuttered.

“And Larry, our baby of the night.” The speaker blared out.

“Yeah!!!!” Amber screamed with joy,

I stood there, watching Amber jumping around and clapping. I felt a pat on my butt, turned to see Joey grinning like a cat who swallowed a canary!

“Good going, buddy! You made the cut!”

“It’s a mistake,” I said, feeling light-headed. The fourth bottle was making it’s presence to my mind and body. “Besides, I need to find the bathroom, I have to go.”

“But, baby, they called your name! You have to go up to the front!” Amber exclaimed.

“But I have to go, really bad.” I muttered.

“You’re a big boy; you can hold it for a few minutes!” Rhonda chimed in.

“Besides, you have a diaper on.” Amber said, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the band, and the group of contestants gathered there.

“I am not going to use this. I wanna use the bathroom” I whined.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Amber cried back, pushing me in front of her, so that I had joined the group standing in front.

“Hey I recognize you! So you had a costume after all!” Jonathan laughed, pointing at me. “You’ve got balls! I wouldn’t have dressed like that.”

“It’s all they had left, little choice.” I claimed. “It was this or a dress.”

“Humm… I see your point.” Jonathan commented, a smirk played his face.

“Baby, you are the best!” Amber shouted, planting a kiss on my forehead, started bring the pacifier up to my mouth. .

“Sorry that you didn’t make it, Amber. I thought we made a great team.”

“You bet we do. Remember, the night is young!” Amber whispered, pushing the rubber teat of the pacifier into my mouth.

“Here, you almost forgot this.” Rhonda joined us, offering me a re-filled baby bottle.

Amber smiled at Rhonda, and took the bottle, placing it in my hands, and then she turned and rejoined the rest of the partiers on the dance floor.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Here are your contestants for this year’s Halloween 2011 Extravaganza! Here are the ground rules. We will have one of our panelist stand behind a contestant, and raise her hand, one at a time. The contestant that receives the most in the way of volume for clapping/shouting/whistling will be our winner!”

I turned to look at the other contestants; A Spartan, a Cat, a Leopard man and a Raggedy-Ann Doll. To me the Spartan had the best chance of winning. His costume was outstanding, looked very professional, and he was not badly built either.

I looked back at the audience gather in front of us. Amber, Rhonda and Joey were grouped together off to the side. Amber was beaming with joy. I’m glad she was happy.

“Here we go. Our first contestant is… Ginger.”

The crowd cheered. Ginger took a bow as the crowd made their voices know.

I felt another twinge in my lower stomach. The pressure was building, I really had to go. I moved slightly from side to side, trying to get my mind on other things then my bladder.

“Our second contestant is… Jonathan.”

Jonathan took a step forward and gathered into a pose, like he was a body builder. The crowd let out a roar.

“Come on, let’s move this along.” I thought to myself. For some reason, I took the pacifier out of my mouth, and took a swig out of the baby bottle, hoping to focus on something other than the pressure that was making me jump around slightly.

“The third contestant is… Katrina!”

Katrina, stepped forward and brought her hand up to her face, then proceeded to pretend grooming herself, just like a cat, washing its face.

The crowd cheered their approval.

The pressure kept building, and I found myself moving from side to side more vigorously, bottle still in my mouth, draining it’s contents.

“Our fourth contestant is… Tim!”

Tim stepped forward and drew out a long silver plastic sword from the scabbard hanging at his side.

The audience went wild! They cheered and whistled their approval at the Spartan. “Okay, Tim’s won it,” I said to myself. “Good, now I can get to the bathroom before…”

“And our final contestant is… Larry”

I stepped forward, hoping to get this voting over quickly and concede to the Spartan, Tim. As I moved, I accidentally tripped, almost falling to the floor, but I caught myself. The sudden jerking towards the floor though had another consequence. I felt a warmth flow out of me, the thick cloth around my groin area soaking up the accident that I could not longer control, I stood there in shock.

All hell seemed to break loose as the crowd cheered and shouted the loudest noise yet. I could hardly bear it. There I was wetting myself, in front of total strangers. I dropped the now empty baby bottle and quickly placed my hands downwards, trying to cover the front of my quickly yellowing diapered torso. The roar became louder and louder. I tried to turn away from the crowd, but the judge, blocked my way, twisting me back around to face the howling mass. All I could do was stand there. I felt like the smallest person on the planet at that moment.

“It appears we have a winner! LARRY,,,, Our BABY!” The speaker blared out.

I wanted to be invisible. I felt embarrassed. “There was no way Amber would want anything to do with me now.” I thought, trying to block out the roar of the crowd in my head. I closed my eyes, and turned my head away.

Then I felt a pair of arm encircle me, pulling me into a warm embrace. I opened my eyes. They were greeted by a pair of bright blue eyes I had gazed so deeply into earlier in the night. Amber, drew my head up to hers, and pulled me into a deep and longing kiss that seemed to last forever.

“Okay,” I thought to myself, “I didn’t expect this.” I returned the kiss, embracing her tightly.

I felt several hands patting me on the back, and even more patting my padded, but soaked, rear.

“Good going buddy!” Joey shouted about the roar. “I thought the Spartan had you beat. That was some quick thinking, wetting your diaper! It helped you win!”

I stood there, embraced by an Amazonian goddess, as the judge approached me with an envelope.

“Not a bad night for you, I think, $1,000 for the best costume!” The judge handed me the envelope. It was Samantha’s hand that held the prize money towards me.

Amber was beaming with apparent joy. “That’s my baby!”

“I told you earlier, didn’t I, he’s on his way to being a keeper!” Samantha chuckled, placing the prize money into my hand.

“I think someone needs a change!” Rhonda added, patting my tush.

“I think so too!” I stuttered, staring up into Amber’s face. For some reason she looked just a little bit taller. “What am I going to do now?”

“I think baby needs to be taken care of!” Amber mouthed back to me, pulling me after her.



End Chapter 5


by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011


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