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Chapter 4

4: Costume

Amber pulled me into the dimly lit room, followed by the matronly lady who closed the door behind her.

“My name is Samantha” the woman introduced herself. “Amber told us in advance that you may need some assistance in the way of a costume.”

“I hope you have something that will fit him.” Amber piped in.

“Costumes… Let’s see… we have a bunch of dresses over on this side of the room. If you care to be a…” Samantha commented.

“I’d prefer not to dress-up like a lady. I’m not into the drag scene.” I quickly interjected.

“Oh… Yes, I can see that you don’t quite have the feminine look. We have some other odds and ends over here," she continued, moving to another table that contained material on it.

“Do you have anything like in the way of a doctor?” Amber asked. “That way we could be like a pair!”

“Sound cool to me” I added.

“Nooo… we don’t. But we do have some other items that might fit in with the ‘Nurse’ or ‘Care-Taker’ type theme.” Samantha mumbled as she was looking through the bits and pieces lying on the table. “Ohhh… this might work, but we may need to piece several of these together…”

Amber turned to me and pointed to a screen that was pulled out into the middle of the room. “Why don’t you go behind there and strip-down. I’ll bring you something you can change into.”

“But we don’t…”

“Now baby, don’t argue with nursie-wursie. Just do it!”

I could see that Amber was going to be insistent that I comply with her wishes; and the way she was dressed, I could see getting some attention from the nurse later this evening. So like a kid, I pouted a little, but moved behind the screen, fumbling with my shirt.

There was a chair behind the screen and a long padded massage-like table. So I stripped off my shirt, and proceeded to take off my shoes.

“Hey, this might be cute on him!” Amber giggled.

“I think so too!” Samantha’s voice piped in. “Take this, and you can add these.”

I tried to peer around the screen to see what the women were looking at. Their bodies were blocking the contents of what they were holding.

“Stay behind the screen and no looking, I want this to be a surprise!” Amber cried out, noticing my head peering around.

I pulled my head around and proceeded to sit in the chair. Waiting for the garments they were examining as a potential costume. The brew I had chugged earlier was starting to have an effect on me; I was feeling a little light-headed. The sound of the music from below was filtering up through the floor.

“Baby… I mean Larry, do you trust me?” Amber asked from the other side of the screen.”

“Sure, I think I do.” I blurted out.

“I think I have to help you into this costume, but I want you to keep you eyes closed while I do so.” Amber explained. “But I promise you it’s not a dress!” she added.

“Well… I guess that would be okay.” I said, a little nervously.

“Do you want some assistance, hon?” asked Samantha.

“I don’t think so... I think he trusts me.”

“Well if you need a helping hand, you just give me a shout; I’ll be right outside the door. I won’t let anyone in until you are ready.”

“Thank you Sam!’ Amber said politely. “I think my patient is in good hands.”

“I am sure he is.”

I heard the music swell as the door opened, and then closed.

“Larry, I am going to hand you a blind-fold, please do as say and put it on, and I don’t want you peeking.”

“Is this really necessary?” I blurted out.

“Baby. Be a good boy and do as nursey say’s… or I may have to punish you later!” Amber said in a stern but gentle voice. “Please?” Then her hand appeared over the top of the screen with a long white strip of thick cloth in it.

Normally I would not do this, maybe it was the music, or the brew, or the excitingly exotic tenor of her voice that made me say “Well… okay.”

I took the strip of cloth and tied it around my head, pulling it down and covering my eyes and nose so I could not see under it.

“Baby… are you ready to let me take care of you?”

“Yes nurse!” I piped up. “Let’s do it.”

“That’s a good boy.”

I heard Amber’s foot-steps as she rounded the screen.

“Oh dear, you are going to need some help, I see.” A stern voice said, drawing near to me. “Let me guide you to the table, so I can get you taken care of.”

“I’d love to be taken care of by you!” I chimed in.

“Well, that’s what I am here for.” The voice continued.

I felt my arm being grabbed gently and being pulled to what presumed was the table. Then I felt my arm being released, and a pair of warm hands being placed under my arms pits and lifted up. My feet left the floor as I was lifted into the air, and then my butt felt the padded surface of the table as I was set onto the table.

“That’s my good patient. Now you can’t see, can you?” Amber’s voice asked.

‘I can’t see anything. I promised you I wouldn’t look.”

“That’s a good boy… you deserve a reward for being so good.”

I felt Amber’s breath on my face, and then her lips touching mine. It was a kiss, and I reciprocated. My arms embraced her, and we kissed deeply.

“I think I am going to like be taken care of!” I said softly as we pulled apart from our embrace, my head spinning slightly from her intoxicating scent.

“Well, first thing I want you to do for me is to lie back, and let me get this costume ready for you.”

I felt the edge of the padded table, and leaned back on it. Amber lifted my legs up and swiveled my body onto the table. I could feel her hand trace its way down my thigh and leg, ending up at my feet. My right shoe was pulled from my foot, and thudded to the floor. Then my left shoe followed.

“What kind of costume…”

“Shh…. Let Nurse Amber take care of you.”

I closed my mouth and let her fingers fiddle with my belt buckle, and then my zipper of my pants.

“Lift your butt up a little dear.” The nurse commanded softly.

I complied.

I felt her fingers touch the sides of my waist, sliding down towards my thighs, pulling both my underwear and pants with them.

“Whoa… wait a minute; you’ve caught my underw… “

“Shh… Nurse Amber knows what she’s doing.”

I felt the clothes brush past my bottom and down my raised thighs. The cool air made me wince just a little. My bottom touched the cool padded surface of the table as my legs were maneuvered so the pants could be slid off my legs, and I hear them hit table top and they slid off my feet.

“Keep your bottom up, sweetie, while I prepare the bottom part of the costume.” Amber whispered softly.

I complied, while Amber pushed something under my raised bottom.

“Okay, sweetie, you can lower your butt!”

Again, I complied. My butt touched the surface of the table, I expected the cool plastic padded surface, but was surprised by the feeling of a warm softness of cloth touching my exposed bottom.


“Hummm…. I replied, my curiosity was peeked by the sensation touching my rear. I then felt something being pulled up through my spread legs, and pulled over my groin area. It was same softness of the material that was covering my butt, and it was very thick. Now it was encasing my lower bottom, wrapping me into it soft embrace.

“I’m almost done, sweetie, just let me make some adjustments here.” Amber’s voice said in a soft, but authoritative tone.

I felt her leaning over my body, her fingers working around my groin area, pulling on the fabric around my left side, forcing my legs to spread out slightly, and I heard a soft click of metal. The fabric on my right side was being pulled over my stomach, and I felt her fingers brushing between the fabric and my skin, then I heard another click of metal.

“Oh… you are so adorable! Okay, sweetie, open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes, her wide eyes greeting mine, as she was still leaning over me.

“You are going to be the hit of the party!’ She whispered.

My eyes traveled down her face and over her white encased breast. They lit on my still naked chest and continued down until they lit onto her hands which were resting on my lower torso. Then I saw it. The costume she had put on to me.

“Well?” Amber asked giddily. “What do you think?”

I lifted my head to see my lower torso. My groin area was covered by a softly thick bundle of white cloth. There was a big metallic pin on each side of my covered area.

“It’s a… a…. diaper?” I asked, remembering from a distant time in life when I wore such an object, like when I was two years old.

“Yeah! I think it is very cute, you’ll make an adorable baby!”

“It’s…. it’s… ah….. fine.” I stuttered, trying to come up with words that would not extinguish the smile that played across Amber’s face.

“That’s only the beginning. I just need to put a few more items on you, and you will be set!” Amber smiled.

“But… it’s…”

“Cute! I know… I think the two of us are going to be the talk of dance floor!”

“Actually, I was going to say… Well, it’s a little cool… in here, I mean. I could catch a cold with very little on.” I mumbled.

“Well, I’ll work on warming you up!” Amber whispered pulling me into a warm embrace, her mouth covering mine with a warm and lingering kiss.

I worked the kiss, embracing her tighter, but felt her pull away.

“Here, this will help cover a little more!”

Amber pulled a garment onto my head, and then tied the dangling strings around under my chin. The garment flopped over the top of my head. I caught the colors of blue and white, bordered by blue lace. It was like a hat, but not quite.

“What is it?” I asked, knowing what the answer was going to be.

“A baby’s bonnet, silly!”

Amber’s hands picked up another item and placed in on my chest, flipping the strings around my neck, and anchoring them in the back with a knot . The material was soft like terry cloth. I looked down to see a big embroidered rubber duck placed in the middle of the cloth covering my chest.

“And a bib! Ohh…. I could just eat you up!” Amber cried out, again pulling me into her chest, hugging me tightly. “You will be my baby for the night!”

‘What could I do?’ I thought while I was being smothered by her breasts, her intoxicating scent filling my already light-headed brain.

“I guess so!” I mumbled, taking in her aroma.

Amber laughed lightly. “I hoped you would like it, baby!”

“Well… it is a costume!” I quipped.

“That it is!!!” she chuckled.

There was a knock on the door.

“Are you two almost done in there?” asked the voice on the other side of the door. It was Samantha’s voice.

“We’re just about done.” Amber answered back.

I release my grip from around Amber’s torso and turned back to the table to gather my pants and shoes.

“Leave them here; we’ll pick them up later, if we need to.”

“But my wallet and…”

“You won’t need them.” Amber quickly replied, “You still have your wrist-band on. That will get you everything you need!”

I thought for a second, and consented to her reasoning.

Amber took my arm and headed towards the door, towing me along. The thickness of the material between my legs made it awkward to walk.

The door opened, showing Samantha standing there, grinning like a cat.

“Well, there you two are! What a perfect pair, a nurse and her charge!”

“Isn’t he cute?” Amber giggled.

“Yes he is my dear! You are so lucky tonight!” Samantha commented, scanning me from head to toe. “He’s going to be a winner!”

“I think so too!” Amber smiled.

“But dear, you seem to be missing something.” Samantha remarked. “Just wait here, I thought I saw a few more parts of the costume over here,” she continued, brushing past us, towards the boxes they were rummaging through earlier.

My light-headiness was kicking as I tried to make sense of her comments. “What do you mean?”

“The contest, honey, just wait.”

A minute later, Samantha returned holding several items item in one hand, and a big baby’s bottle in the other.

“Oh, how could I forget that?” Amber exclaimed, grabbing the baby bottle from Samantha. “All babies need their bottles!”

“They need these too!” Samantha exclaimed, holding the plastic item now in one hand and a ribbon with a big blue pacifier in the other.

I took closer look at the plastic item. They looked like underwear made out of plastic, except these had rubber ducks printed all over them, and some lettering, which I could not make out clearly at the moment.

“Plastic panties, to cover the diaper! They make the outfit complete!” Amber cried out.

I shook my head. “I don’t think those are needed, besides I don’t think they will fit!” I stuttered.

“Oh, come on baby, let’s try them on. They will be perfect! You’ll be the hit of the dance floor.” Amber cooed into my ear.

“But I don’t…”

“Trust Mommy! We want to win, don’t we?“ Amber whispered, taking the plastic pants from Samantha. “Just lift your right foot.

I could see that I was not going to win this argument, so I complied by lifting my right leg high enough for Amber, as she slipped my foot through the opening of the pants and right leg opening.

“Okay, let’s do the same with the left!” Amber coached me.

I lifted my left foot, and Amber guided my left foot through the pants and into the left foot opening. Then she guided the plastic pants over my legs and worked it up over the thick cloth diaper on my torso. Amber moved the plastic material very seductively over my lower body, tucking in any bit of cloth that was outside of the plastic’s enclosure. I was amazed that the pants actually fit over the bulky material, but it did encase the heavy cloth, pulling it tight against my butt and groin. I must admit I was getting a little turned on by Amber’s manipulations, and the bulge in the front of my diaper was twitching and moving outwards.

“I can see you like it!” Amber giggled in my ear as she pressed me into her body, her hands working around the back of diaper. “I must admit I like it too. Maybe I’ll just have to change you later!”

I was glad that she was noticing that I was a man, not a baby. I smiled back at her, enfolding my arms around her and pulling her into a longing kiss. She kissed back and then pulled away slightly, parting my lips and slipping a rubber object into my mouth. I looked down at the object… a pacifier.

“There, the costume is complete!” Amber smiled. “My baby for the night!”

I felt a pat on my padded and encased butt. “Well this baby likes the attention I’m getting!” I whispered back!

“Just perfect! Come along kids, we need to get you signed up for the contest!” Samantha smiled, watching our embrace.

Amber pulled away, taking my hand into hers. “Yeah… perfect!”



End Chapter 4


by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011


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