College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011

Chapter 4
Spending the Night With RJ

Chapter Description: A bonus, short and sweet chapter about Stevie's struggle with his cousin when it comes to sleeping at night during his spring break.

Carrie rediapered me and put me in my PJ tops. I wore a Huggies Overnites diaper (it was comfortably thick) and blue PJ tops with cartoons of the moon. I was elated as she commented on how cute I was. I thought I was really cute. Carrie gave me a kiss in the cheek, and she got me down to my feet. As I walked out of the bathroom, I thought she was smiling and giggling at me and my babyish toddle.

Downstairs, I spent time with my 11 year old cousin RJ. Apparently, he has been a good boy so his dad let him play video games on the computer. RJ was into racing games so he and I took turns with the controller to drive the virtual cars onscreen as well as the virtual races.

"I think I can beat you this time!" RJ bragged.

Well, we’ll see about that. When I was "big," I always beat him in this game. I think it was because I was little now that he thought he finally can get a higher score. I observed that RJ did get a lot better with the game, so I had an inkling that he can somehow beat me.

Time attack was the "competition." RJ played first, having to finish five laps within a given amount of time. Passionately, he drove on the virtual track, burned virtual rubber, and showed real enthusiasm. We played on this track before, and I know that he gotten better at certain parts. I didn’t like that track, though, because it was a little too straight and little unchallenging. There weren’t many corners where a player needs to actually play with the brakes and throttle. There were, instead, a lot of straights and a lot of high speed corners.

"Hah!" RJ exclaimed, "One minute left! Beat that, baby cousin!"

He gave me the controller. My hands were smaller than it. I wasn’t sure how to get a good grip, but after several tries, I managed to hold on properly. Although, however, I needed to move and shift my fingers a lot in order to press certain buttons. The good thing was I could grab on the main buttons and the analogue sticks.

From the starting line, I confidently pressed the throttle. I chose manual shift and realistic effects, so it was a little harder. I shifted the gears, and almost spun out of my control due to the awkward shift I needed to do. I had to slow down so much on the first corner due to the fact that I couldn’t really move the stick that far. Eventually, I got the hang of it, and I was playing like a pro, just like I remembered.

I saw that RJ was staring at the clock the whole time, I concentrated on driving and didn’t even care about the time. I just wanted to have fun. At this point, I didn’t even use my computer at home yet, so I put a mental note that I must use my computer when I get home.

After a few minutes of intense driving, I accelerated to the finish line. On the clock, it read to be about one and a half minutes left. And I didn’t even try to beat the time.

I only stared and smiled at RJ, who looked like he was disappointed. However, he wasn’t mad. He was a really good sport. A little disbelieved, but not exactly would hold a grudge. Not to a toddler, at least.

"Bed time, boys!" Carrie said.

We both whined.

"Can’t be stay up a little longer?" RJ said.

"Please!" I said in a very toddler-like fashion.

"Come on, guys! It’s late," Carrie said, and then to me, "And your mom said you should be in bed before 10. You don’t want your mom to be mad, right?"

"Whatever," I said, "Let’s go,"

I was scooped from the ground and was carried to RJ’s bedroom. RJ wasn’t far behind. As we got there, I was put on RJ’s bed. I was laid down, and Harry was given to me. As if on reflex, I hugged my little stuffed bunny. Without warning, RJ jumped on the bed right next to me.

"Okay, are you boys gonna be alright?" Carrie said.

"Yeah!" RJ said, giving a thumbs up.

"Wait, I’m gonna sleep with RJ?" I said.

"Why? You wanna sleep with me, instead?" she said.

Wow, that came out wrong. Well, she intended it to come out that way. I knew she was kidding, but it sounded sincere, too.

"No, thanks," I said.

"Haha, try to sleep tight," Carrie said.

My big cousin flicked off the light, and closed the door. Only the moonlight from the outside and the night light illuminated the room. Suddenly, RJ hugged me. Then, as I knew he would, he tickled me.

"RJ, stop!" I said, "You tickled me too much, today!"

"Okay, fine," he said, getting his hands off of me, "I just couldn’t resist, that’s all,"

Then we laughed together. RJ, pulled up the blanket, and I positioned myself on the pillow. Both of us now had good spacing between us. It was a good thing his bed was big enough so that neither of us would be too close to each other.

Suddenly, RJ took off his pajama bottom. I was surprised why he had to do that, though. He was never pantsless in front of me before, and surely I never saw him in his underwear unless we were changing clothes in the same room. However, I didn’t see that he was wearing an underwear at all. I saw him wear a youth pull-on diaper! I stared at him for a few moments with surprise. RJ looked a little ashamed, but then he smiled at me.

"Yeah, I need to wear these at night," he said, "I’ve been peeing a lot in my sleep, so mom decided that I should wear these. I don’t mind. They’re really comfortable, and have really cool patterns. But I feel really wet in the morning, so I always take these off quickly,"

I didn’t know what to say. I thought for a moment and looked back at our past. The last time RJ wet his bed was when he was six years old. He was a littler munchkin back then.

"When did you start wetting your bed again?" I asked.

"A little over a month ago," he said, "If you’re big, I was afraid that you wouldn’t understand. But now that you’re a baby, and wear diapers, I don’t think you mind if there’s at least one more person who do,"

"Yeah, I didn’t mind that you have to wear diapers at night," I said, "Even if I’m big, I won’t make fun of you. I’ll understand. You know, it’s kinda cool to have a friend who wears diapers, too. Even if he only have to wear at night,"

RJ hugged me, and said, "Thanks, baby cousin! I knew you would understand!"

"You’re welcomed! And thanks for understanding, too!"

After a few minutes, RJ, held on to me. It felt a little tight, but I think he enjoyed hugging me. I think it was because I felt a little warm. Or my toddler chubbiness was something he just liked to comfortably hold on. RJ and I fell asleep, and the next few days had bedtime to be a bonding moment between me and my cousin.



End Chapter 4

College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011


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