College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011

A typical infantilist college Freshman had his life changed when a scientific experiment transformed him into a 2 and a half year old again. And oh, his life changed alright...!

Chapter 1
The Beginning Of It All

Chapter Description: From the perspective of Stevie, he described how life used to be, and how it changed.

I graduated from high school in the summer, and then entered college fall the same year. I had a lot of friends, and had a few very close ones, too. Like a lot of other kids going to college, it was nerve racking. Never before I had to go so far away from home in order to get a better life afterward.

After that, it wasn’t so bad. The parties were especially awesome, and I can do whatever I want. That being said, I could finally do what I really want to do. Since I got to rent an apartment all to myself, I can engage in my fantasies.

You see, I am a diaper lover and infantilist. I like wearing diapers and I love to act like a toddler ever since I can remember. I wasn’t toilet train until I was about 5, and I remembered wearing and liking diapers when I was around 7, 10, and 13. However, I couldn’t find any opportunity to do that, and certainly not with my parents approval.

As the months went on, I found myself in my room sucking on a pacifier, wearing diapers, and engage in age play while studying or doing other things. I saw myself as a 2 and a half to 3 year old toddler boy. I wished that I can go back and become a baby for real.

Well, like they always say, be careful what you wish for.

I was chosen for an experiment that deals with bodily regeneration. It was pretty technical, but I understood it was all about replacing damaged or faulty cells much quicker than the body, which made it excellent for faster healing and even replacement of organs and theoretically limbs.

I said yes for the reason that they were paying a lot for an hour. It was nice to earn a lot of cash. They assured that it was safe and I shouldn’t worry too much. Personally, I felt nervous, but eventually, I gained confidence in the technology.

At first, the effects were positive; I felt much healthier and more energetic than ever before. Waking up in the morning wasn’t so bad, and my metabolism increased as well. Also, the bad scar I got since I was 12 had also gone, and my vision was perfected. It was great!

Well, that until a severe--complication.

My body was in critical shock during one stage of the experiment. I remembered being knocked out and the doctors tried to revive me. I was still hooked up to the machine when it happened, and they tried frantically to remove me. Then, everything was dark, and my life was soon changed--for better and for worse.

The next thing I remembered was waking up and looking up to a white ceiling. I saw fluorescent lighting typical of hospitals. I heard the ECG monitor beeping as I slowly came around. I decided to observe the place I was in. It was a room, more precisely a private ward. In it I saw a door to my left, a TV set suspended from the ceiling in front of me, and other things which made up a ward.

Seems ordinary enough, so I continue to look down. Next, I saw the bed I was lying on. Also seemed ordinary enough, with the brown blanket and white sheets. However, I couldn’t get my head around when I saw my feet didn’t go very far. I tried moving my feet and twinkled my toes. Then, I was confused. It appeared that my feet were out of proportion from the rest of the bed. The bed was incredibly big. I thought maybe it was waking up from a coma that confused me.

I decided to look for more clues to this confusion. I started to shift my body as it felt slightly uncomfortable in that position. Then, I noticed even the pillow was incredibly large. That made me nervous even further. I thought it was an incredible and surreal paradox.

I rubbed my eye with my right hand. Apart from the peripherals that connect to certain instruments and tubes, I noticed that wasn’t my hand at all. In fact, both hands weren’t mine, but that of a very young child. I couldn’t see any sort of hair growth nor visible signs of age. They were incredibly smooth and delicate, and slightly blocky and chubby.

I looked down and noticed that I was wearing a hospital gown made for children. I knew it wouldn’t be surprising for me to wear a diaper in hospital, but further inspection showed that I was wearing a baby diaper--that fits me perfectly.

I started to panic and let out a sound. And I sounded like a baby, too! Because of that I started to freak out and screamed in fear. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it made someone noticed.

"What? What’s going on?" I heard a voice. Female, to be exact.

Emerging from her sleep, I saw a teenage girl standing up. She was none other than my 16 year old sister. It looked like she took a nap, too. When she noticed me waken up, she quickly rushed to the door. Before she left, however, she only said, "Stay here, Stevie! I’m calling the doctor,"

Stevie? Nobody called me that for ages! The last time I remembered someone calling me that was when I was around 8 years old. Then, Steve was the name I was called the most over the years. I thought I was dreaming.

A doctor and a couple of nurses entered the room with haste. I saw the doctor’s face lit up as he saw me sitting quietly on the bed. I looked back, and then the doctor smiled.

"Stevie, can you understand me?" he asked.

I gave a quick nod.

"Can you say something?" he asked again.

I opened my mouth to say something. I managed to sound an "ah," so I knew I could still somehow speak. I tried to form my mouth to make the appropriate sound. Then, I managed to say, "I think so," even though it was like from a toddler.

"Oh, he’s okay! Great news!" the doctor said.

Then, he put me up for an examination. Typical doctor things as far as I concerned. He checked everything, including my private parts, and with help from the nurses, took measurements. It felt a little weird to be held by someone bigger than I was at the time especially when I remembered being used to be a full grown adult.

The process lasted almost twenty minutes, which was ample time for my parents to arrive as well. They, along with my sister, watched as the doctor finished his examination of me.

"Well, Steve is okay, for his current size and physical age, and I believe his mind is intact," the doctor said to my parents, "He’s a little confused right now, and I would too if I’m in his position. As he used to be a 19 years old, it’ll take a while to get used to his new body. And oh, his physical age is estimated to be around 26 to 30 months old,"

Wow, like a dream come true. For better or for worse, I got what I always desired; to be a little boy again, free from responsibilities, and just enjoy life from my perspective.

Kind of, I supposed, because my new life as a toddler would soon be a kind of new adventure. I felt excited about having to endure this new life. Later, I found out that it was true to what I expected, and beyond.



End Chapter 1

College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011


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