College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011

A typical infantilist college Freshman had his life changed when a scientific experiment transformed him into a 2 and a half year old again. And oh, his life changed alright...!

Chapter 1
Major Changes

Chapter Description: Stevie is brought home, and of course there needed to be major changes to his life...

The doctor said I may not grow again. In my mind, I thought I would stuck to be a little two and a half year old for the rest of my life! I can’t imagine being 40 years old--and in a toddler’s body! Then, thoughts of my normal future hit me in the face like rain drops in a hurricane. Suddenly, I felt sad because I couldn’t have a normal adult life. I can’t drive a car anymore, ride a roller coaster, have a girlfriend, or even do very, dare I say, adult things.

After another day of observation and examination, I was finally cleared to go home. First, though, I needed to change into something else. I had been wearing a hospital gown for too long, and I longed for any other clothes to wear.

"I think this would be perfect for you," my mom said while showing me the t-shirt I would be wearing. "I hope it fits you," she said again.

I sat there with only a diaper on. My mom slipped the shirt over my head and arms. Then, she made sure it was on me properly. It was very nice t-shirt, too, made out of cotton and had Transformers on it. I thought it was pretty cute, and, as mom put it, even cuter when I wore it.

Next came a pair of shorts. They were brown in color and looked a little small for me. Nevertheless, my mom put it on. She had me stood up on the bed while pulling up the shorts to my waist. It was a pretty snug fit, and I saw the top of my diaper showing above the waistband.

"Alright, sandals?" she said.

"Sure," I replied.

She helped me to get on the floor. She presented me a pair of pretty small sandals. They were gray in color, and looked dirty even though they weren’t. I slipped into them one foot at a time. I even fastened the straps myself, which made my mom said, "Good boy!"

In time, my sister walked into the room and she smiled at me, commenting on how cute I was. Then, I felt embarrassed. I knew I looked like a little boy, and then I always dreamed of being a little boy, I never prepared myself to be bombarded by comments made on my appearance.

"Oh, sorry Stevie," she said, "I didn’t know it would embarrass you that much,"

"It’s okay," I said lowly, then I smiled. I was happy to see my little sister, or starting from that day, big sister again.

"Alright. Let’s go, baby brother!" she said.

She held my right hand and I followed her. It felt weird, because the last time I walked with my sister like this when she was 10 years old. Except that during that time, I was the bigger one. I noticed that she was pretty natural around children, too.

Exiting the room into the hallway, down the elevator, and into the foyer, my dad was there to greet us. I was happy to see my dad, too. Before I can even do anything, or say something, my dad lifted me off the ground.

"Wow, hi dad," I said.

"Hey, son. How are you, boy?" he said.

"Fine, I guess,"

"Let’s get you home," he said.

He carried me into the parking lot and to the car. I had to say it was nice for someone to carry me. I found that being small, walking was slow and tiring. Well, that maybe because I was unconscious for two weeks and I needed to get used to my new body.

The car was familiar enough, as it was the same car my family had for a long time. However, there was one difference. In the back seat, there was a toddler car seat installed. My sister helped to fasten the restraints after I was put into it.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

"Kind of. I’m a little thirsty, though," I said.

"Oh, gimme a sec," she said.

She closed the door and then entered the car from the other side. When she was in the car, she reached into a bag that was on the seat right next to me. I took a peak inside, and I realized it was a diaper bag. Inside, there were a bottle of formula, baby powder, baby wipes, cream, and, of course, extra diapers. She took the bottle out and gave it to me.

"Thanks," I said.

I put the silicone teat into my mouth and started sucking down. I didn’t know why, but the formula tasted really, really good. I couldn’t resist the temptation to drink down further. I was thirsty after all, and my hunger was also satisfied a bit. I was craving for something to munch on, though. Real food. Hospital food didn’t appeal me very much, and they don’t even qualify as solid food. I hoped that I get something on the way.

We stopped at a fast food restaurant about a few minutes from home. I was unstrapped from the seat and was lifted onto the ground. Once again, my sister held my hand and accompanied me into the place. Through the glass double doors, we entered.

Suddenly, my childhood memories rolled in. This place had existed for as long as I can remember. When I was little (when I was actually young, long ago), I came to this place regularly. In my high school years, I always come here every Friday afternoon afterschool and brought my sister along. Man, those were good days!

And that day, as a toddler again, it started a newfound experience.

I got a kids meal, and it was so appetizing. I totally craved for a burger, French fries, and some soda (even though my mom said I shouldn’t have much). It was good that I had a complete set of teeth, otherwise I had to just only eat soft food.

"Stevie, slow down!" my mom said.

"Sorry, mommy," I said, smiling. Then it struck me. I called her "mommy." I stopped to wonder for a while, but then I realized that I like to call her that. She didn’t seem to mind.

The quick meal really perked me up, and I felt the need to run around for a while. I asked them if I can go play at kid’s indoor playground for a while. I felt a sudden height of excitement. I always wanted to play there, and now I can without anyone looking at me funny.

I hadn’t been able to do that for about seven to eight years. I always loved to go down the slides, climbing the ladders, going through the tunnels, and everything about that! The only thing missing were swings, though. Well, I could wait to go the park to do that. After 15 minutes of fun, my sister decided to call on me to get me home.

"Awh," I complained, "Can’t I play for a few more minutes, please,"

"We’re going home, Stevie," my sister said, "Unless you don’t want to,"

"Fine," I said whiningly and got off to get to her.

We were about to walk until my sister noticed something. Actually, she smelled something. Something pungent, repelling, and otherwise stinky. She kept sniffing until she found the source. Then, she looked at me straight in the eye and smiled. It felt kind of creepy, too.

"Guess who needs a change," she said mockingly.

Yes, I pooped myself. Also, not to mention that I peed myself countless times all the way from the hospital to here. Of course, I didn’t tell them. That’s because I wanted to delay any diaper change as long as possible. The reason was I enjoy being in a wet and messy diaper. Period. Besides, disposable diapers are not that cheap, so might as well use them to full capacity.

"Sandy, you don’t mind changing him, don’t you?" my mom said.

"I would love to!" my sister, Sandy, exclaimed while receiving the diaper bag from mom.

I was slightly mortified and surprised. I was going to be changed by my sister! Before I could say anything, she lifted me up and carried me to the women’s bathroom. As she was carrying me by the buttocks, I could feel the poop smeared all over my backside.

The women’s bathroom was exactly what it was; a women’s bathroom, with stalls, sinks, mirrors, paper towel dispensers, hand dryer, and a changing table. I was laid down on the changing table, and I moved my head to see what was going on. Of course, Sandy started with the first process, which was taking my shorts off. After that, it revealed the prelude of what she would expect next.

"You didn’t just pooped it, you really peed it, too!" she said to me.

Then, she lifted my bottom my shirt up to my chest before she removed my wet and messy diaper. Then, a familiar routine; she started to remove the tabs, the left one first and then the right. It was like when I was in the hospital that day and the day before, except it was done by hospital nurses and not my playful sister. I got a sense of relief when the diaper was unfastened, for a while at least.

This was when the embarrassing part came in. Sandy pulled off the front of my diaper. I got to say it wasn’t funny. I was mortified, embarrassed, and humiliated! It was bad enough that the nurses at the hospital had to see me naked, but in front of my sister? I thought my face was red, my cheeks were blushed, and I was about to cry.

"Oh, don’t be silly! You’re just a baby now! Babies aren’t vulgar even if they’re naked," she said.

I guess she was right. Besides, they won’t let me bathe or change myself, anyway. I just had to get used to be undressed by another person. Of course I felt embarrassed, but at least it was a normal thing to do.

She started wiping me clean after she disposed the dirty diaper. It had been years since I was cleaned this way. She got to every nook and cranny, and every fold and crevice. I felt violated to a certain degree, but I had to remember that I was a toddler again. She wiped my little private boy part last, which compelled me to check it out. Curiosity got the best of me. Since I was regressed, I never really had the chance to examine "that part" of my body. I was curious, and saw that my crotch, my penis, and my whole private area was denuded of any hair. In fact, it looked "clean" and I wondered about that, too. I reached out my hand and I started to touch my penis. It was eerily smooth and hairless, like the rest of my body.

"What are you doing? Are you touching yourself?" Sandy said when she noticed I had I my hand there.

"Uh, I wasn’t. I was just curious, that’s all!" I said.

"Well, it looked like you were going to," she said, "Only bad little boys do that. You’re not a bad boy, right?"

I shook my head.

"Good. Get you hand off so I can put you in a new diaper,"

She took out the cream and smeared it all over my crotch, rubbing it in so that every part is covered. I felt a little--rush when she did that, but not much. Maybe because of sheer embarrassment, or that the lack of testosterone in my system had rendered me unable to feel that way any more than I did. Nevertheless, it did get me into the mood for a minute there.

Lastly, she unfolded a Pampers diaper and put it under my butt. One thing I noticed about the Pampers was I didn’t feel much padding. I realized it was one of those new ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent Pampers. Still, it felt pretty comfortable on me, beats the cold tabletop. Sandy pulled the front of the diaper up and over, and fastened it snugly. I looked down again, and noticed it was Elmo in front of my diaper. I couldn’t resist a giggle, though.

"Alright, all done," she said.

"What about the shorts?" I said.

"Well," she started, "You look so cute with just that Pamper on, and the shorts would just cover it up. And it’ll be easier to see if you need a change so I don’t have to peak every once a while,"

I didn’t say anything afterward because I wasn’t going naked anyway. A lot of parents actually left their toddlers to walk around pantsless, so I won’t really worry about people commenting my pantslessness. It was also the fact that I like being pantsless, too.

She put away the baby stuff and my shorts into the bag. I was then carried by my sister and meet up my parents. Then, we go to the car and go home. I felt a little sleepy when we were on the road. I started to doze, my eyes were closing, and I was slipping into slumber. It had been a long day.

The next thing I remembered was waking up on a couch. As I opened my eyes, I realized I was in our living room. The first thing I noticed was it hadn’t really changed. Maybe a few things here and there, but otherwise not. I saw the clock hung on the wall and it showed the time was around 4 o’clock. Then, as I waking up, I noticed a few other things.

First of all, I felt something in my mouth. No, I was sucking something in my mouth. It was unmistakibly a pacifier. I don’t know whether it was good or bad, but I like sucking on it. It soothed me pretty much. No wonder it was also called a soother.

Secondly, I was holding something in my arms against my chest. It was something soft and furry, and it was on my face as well. I twisted my head a bit to see what it was. I saw a blue stuffed toy bunny. I didn’t really know why, but I suddenly cuddled it.

I decided to sit up. I had been noticing that the TV was on and I knew it was showing some cooking and home improvement show. And my mom was watching it. She had been sitting right next to me the whole time. Of course, the volume was turned down because I was sleeping.

"Hey, sleepy head! How are you, little boy?" my mom asked.

I tried to say something but the pacifier was still in my mouth. I murmured for a bit and made sort of a moaning sound.

"Oh, sorry about that," my mom said, removing the pacifier from my mouth.

I swallowed some saliva and moved my tongue around before I said, "Good, I guess,"

"Do you need a change?" she asked.

"I don’t know, I don’t feel wet," I said. As I glanced down, I noticed it was a different diaper than I remembered wearing. That meant I was changed at least once when I was asleep.

My mom felt my diaper, and then said, "Well, it should last until dinner time. Let me get you a bottle. I guess you’re pretty thirsty by now,"

She got off when the commercial went on. I sat there and watched the commercial rolling in on TV. While doing that, I put the stuffed bunny in front of me. It was definitely new, and I liked it pretty much. I couldn’t resist a smile. Then, I hugged him again.

"Sandy told me you’ll like it. We were going to surprise you, but it was your sister’s idea for you to have it right away," my mom said as she got into the living room, "Here’s your bottle, sweetie,"

"Thank you," I said when I received the bottle. I started sucking it down. Once again, it’s formula, but this time, it was chocolate flavored.

"I think I’m gonna name him Harry," I said again, "As in, hare, a bunny?"

"Oh, that’s so cute! Harry the Bunny," my mom said.

The rest of the day consisted me spending my time and catching up with my mom. I missed my quality times with my mom, and as a toddler, I would get a whole lot more. I watched TV with mom, played with her, and just talked. The only thing I couldn’t get my head around was the baby talk. It was like I couldn’t understand much of what she said. Then again, I did sound a lot like a baby.

7 o’clock was dinner time and she left me to play with some toys since 6:30 so that she can fix dinner. The new toys I got were great, too. They got me toys that contained small parts, too. They thought that even though I looked like someone younger than 36 months old, my mind was intact. Also, I was still dextrous enough to handle these small parts.

"Dinner time, everyone!" my mom said.

Every scrambled to the dinner table. The dinner that night was grilled chicken breast with gravy, some mashed potatos, and corn on the cob. It was a good thing I could eat solid food! I was helped into a booster seat by my dad. A bib was put on by my sister, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek before she got onto her own seat.

For me to chew easier, the food was pre-cut so that I don’t have to do it myself. I only had to use a plastic fork to eat whatever was in front of me. I got to say, it was delicious. Actually, anything made by mom can be considered great.

"You seemed to like it, don’t you?" my mom asked.

"Uh-huh," I said when I was about to drink from my sippy cup.

"I knew my baby boy would like it!" she said again. In fact, I was enjoying the food. The chicken was delicious, the corn was crunchy, and the mashed potato was really smooth. The juice that I drank was pretty nice and sweet, too.

The dinner was highlighted with conversations. They were pretty enlightening and really brought us together as a family again. I may not be the same guy I was before, but I contributed to the conversation like I always had. I think they saw me as the same person I was before, albeit in another body.

Then, it was bath time. My mom was the one who would do the duty of cleaning me up. She took off my clothes and diaper, wiped me up, and then carried me to the bathtub. I felt a little embarrassed having to be naked in front of my mom. Then again, she had seen me this way when I was actually little, so no big deal there.

She cleaned me up, shampoo my hair, wash my whole body, and scrubbed me while I play with water toys. I had to say it was fun to do that. I think I splashed my mom quite a few times, and she almost got angry with me. The water was warm. I enjoyed being bathed by my mom that night.

I was brought out of the tub and I was dried. Mom pulled the plug do drain the water. Curiously, I watched as the water swirled into the drain. I never felt so fascinated for such mundane things in life. Starting that moment, I thought that something inside me was changing. Yet, I never felt any different.

I was put in a clean diaper and new PJs. A blue and green pajama top was put on me after my diaper was fastened. And my mom decided to not put on my pajama bottoms. She said I looked much cuter that way, and that it would be easier to change me. I never told her that I like being pantsless, yet.

I was allowed to watch TV for a bit before I go to bed. Then, I realized I didn’t check out my room and what happened to it. Knowing this, everyone walked me to my room. And oh, it changed from when I left it.

Instead of a full size bed, there was a smaller bed with sides built into it. The bed sheets were of juvenile design, too. The only things that stayed the same were my closet, my desk, and my laptop. They must have gotten my stuff back into my room.

I was put on my new bed. The mattress was a little stiff, but it was nevertheless comfortable. I got myself comfortable and lied down. I rested my head on the pillow. Harry was on my side. I was ready to go to bed. I didn’t complain that I had to go to bed so early, too.

"You’re all set? If you need anything, just call out. We have a baby monitor on. If you’re thirsty, there’s a bottle right here, okay?" my mom said.

I just nodded.

"Alright. Good night, baby boy," my mom said again.

"Good night, mommy," I said.

She gave me a kiss, and then turned off the light. She had the night light on so it wasn’t completely dark. As the door was closed and I was left alone, I started to wonder about my life.

I couldn’t believe that I had to leave my past behind. A lot of people always talked about having new beginnings. In my case, it was a little different. I had to change from who I was. Maybe being a toddler again wasn’t such a good alternative. The future is uncertain, but I was afraid of how uncertain it can be. I couldn’t believe I had to stay this way until the end of my days. I will die as a child, and not a man. I had over 19 years of my life, and I was brought back to childhood.

My new life became a double edge sword. I started to fall asleep. Flashes of my past washed over my eyes, only to be replaced with deep slumber. I wonder what tomorrow would hold.



End Chapter 1

College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011


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