College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011

Chapter 2
The Cutie Factor

Chapter Description: Stevie spends time with his mom when everyone else is not at home. He realized how much his mom was happy that he became her baby again.

Waking up in the morning didn’t feel bad at all. In fact, I felt really, really relaxed. The sun was shining through the window, and its golden rays were like welcoming me to a new day. I never knew my room was so colorful in the sun, even if there were relics of my masculine past. I felt really lazy and I didn’t want to wake up just yet. I really wanted to enjoy being in bed for a little while.

I was sleeping on my side and face down for most of the night. I believed that I held on to Harry the whole night as I was still holding him when I woke up. I felt a little wet between my legs. I looked down and then put my hand my diaper. It was squishy and lumpy. I must have peed a lot last night. Not to mention the smell, too.

As I lied face up, I looked to my left and saw a baby bottle filled with formula. It must have been made that recently as my night bottle was filled with water. I grabbed it and it felt warm. I put the teat in my mouth and started sucking down. Man, it was great! I can taste the banana flavor. It was so satisfying that I didn’t remember ever stop sucking it even when my mom came in.

"My baby’s awake! And he found his bottle by himself, too," my mom said as she saw me what I did, "Let me take a picture of you,"

She had a digital camera in her hands and started to snap away. As I sucked down the formula, gulp by gulp, and laid down in bed, she liberally took shots of me from various angles. The first few photos had me just lay still, but then I started smiling, sitting up and then standing up on the mattress. Finally, after 5 minutes straight, she stopped. She then took a look at the pictures she just taken.

"Aw, that’s so cute!" she exclaimed and showed me the photo, "It’s like that picture I took when you were this little!"

Then, she took me in her arms, sat down, and sat me down on her lap. She started to stroke my head and smiled at me. She held me lovingly with strong maternal instinct. I thought that she actually loved it when I shrunk back as a two and half year old. Like she got her baby back from such a long waiting. Or, she was just happy that I came back home and didn’t really care whether or not I was a baby.

"Did you sleep well, last night?" she asked.

I just nodded and smiled from behind the bottle.

"Good boy," she said, "Guess what? It’s only you and me today! Your sister’s off at school, and your dad’s at work. We’re gonna have so much fun together today! Let’s go out, shall we?"

I didn’t know why but I felt really, really excited. I couldn’t resist a giggle and some formula dripped from my mouth and onto my pajama tops. My mom also giggled at me. She then gave me a kiss in the cheek. And at that moment, I felt my bowels chugging. I could feel something was moving about like there was a creature wiggling around my intestines. Then, it happened. I couldn’t help but pushed out something gooey out my butt. Then, I realized that I pooped myself.

"Oh my, let’s get you a bath! You’re really stinky. Mommy doesn’t like stinky boys," she said.

She laid me down on the changing table. It was mostly blue in color and I saw a couple of packages of diapers and then a box of them on the side. I guessed that my parents bought these in bulk to save in a long run consider that I would need a lot of it. She removed my diaper and wiped clean my diaper area before taking off my pajama tops. The bottle had to be put away (I was done with it anyway) and I had to leave Harry behind for a minute.

I stood on the bathroom tiles naked as my mom ran the water in the tub. One thing I noticed was I didn’t feel embarrassed to be wearing nothing in front my mom anymore. Then, she lifted me by the arms and put my feet first into the warm water. Instinctively, I sat down in the water. It actually felt good to have my rear end immersed. Next, my mom poured water over my head and started cleaning me.

It didn’t take long, and I was lifted out of the tub and I was dried with a big towel. I felt that my mom was little rough as she rubbed the towel all over so that there were no wet spots. After that was done, I was carried to the changing table again and reunited with Harry, though I didn’t hug him when my mom started to diaper me.

"Alright, it’ll be Huggies this time," she said when she fastened the diaper around me, "I hope it works on you,"

Really, what she meant was "I hope it looks good on you." My mom was the kind of person who has confidence in everything she uses. She used the same brands of diapers from the days of my real babyhood and my sister’s to the day I regressed. She was impressed with the new development in disposable diapers sold in the market today, and she looked eager to test them on me. Not to mention the fact that it looked so much cuter on me, too.

I looked down at the diaper and saw Disney characters on it. I felt elated, happy, and excited. I liked Disney characters a lot, and on a diaper, I liked them even more. My mom helped me to the floor, and then she put on a blue long sleeve t-shirt on me. It was made from really soft cotton, and it was really comfortable. Next, she took a pair of denim overalls and presented them to me.

"Okay, step in, Stevie," she instructed.

I did, and as my feet passed through the leggings, she pulled up and fastened it on me. She took a step back and smiled, commenting on how cute I really was. Then, she got the camera and took another picture of me. Socks were next, and then a new pair of sneakers. At first, the shoes looked really small, but when they were put on, they actually looked fit. I didn’t get used to the whole change in perspective thing yet at this poing in my new life.

Then, it was time to go. Harry could come along so I was happy to have some kind of companion with me. My mom packed a diaper bag filled with extra diapers, a bottle of formula, and some spare clothes. I was given a bottle of juice before I was put on the back seat of mom’s car.

"I hope it’s not too tight," she said while strapping me into the car seat.

"It’s okay," I replied, giving her a big smile.

"Hey, you look really excited," mom said, "Can’t wait for our day out together?"

I nodded and then said, "Harry’s excited, too,"

She chuckled at my childish remark. I didn’t know the real reason, but I consider Harry (actually, his personality) to really exist. It just felt natural to personify him, although he reflected my thoughts and opinions. Mom started the car and backed up. I felt like clapping when she was zooming down the road.

The big park was located about 10 minutes from home. It was in the outskirts of the city, and was really beautiful too. Ever since I was actually little, the place was always clean, always green, and always quiet. There was the lake in the middle, a walking trail going all over the place, and a playground.

In the parking lot, I was pulled out of the car and was set on the asphalt. My mom got the bag and then proceeded to open the trunk. I wonder what she was doing and walked to her to see what she was pulling out. Then I realized it was a stroller.

"This is so that you don’t get tired," she said, "Beside, I’m gonna jog a while. You can sit here quietly, okay?"

I smiled and nodded. She unfolded the stroller and put me in it. It felt kind of comfortable to be seated in that thing. My backside sank in the rear of the seat, though. Thankfully, there were no seatbelts, but that also means I had to hold on, in case mom goes to fast.

Mom started her routine while I just sat there looking out from my vehicle. Her running also blown a slight breeze into my face. The air was cool and soothing. The greenery and scenery of the morning was pretty peaceful. I felt really relaxed looking at the ducks landing in the lake, the birds on the trees, and kids playing at the playground.

And the playground would be our next stop. Mom stopped jogging after 20 minutes and she stopped at the playground. I was elated to be where I can run around and play. I have to say it was nice finally be out. I took little baby steps, sort of stretching my legs, before I went running away.

"Be careful, sweetie!" my mom called on me as I sprinted to the playground.

There weren’t anyone else around except for one other toddler. It was a boy, at that time the same size (and maybe age) as I was. He had blonde hair and a somewhat pale face, compared to my dark brown hair and slightly tanned skin. It was like he was happy to see someone else to play with, especially someone the same age as he was. He made a broad smile and giggled, and sort of ran towards me on the bridge to the slide.

"Hi," he said, "What’s your name?"

I knew he was the same age. He could speak properly, maybe in sentences, and ask questions. "Stevie, what’s yours?" I said, thinking no other thing to say.

"Jimmy," he said simply.

"You wanna play?" I asked. Again, nothing else to say.

He just grinned and giggled. I ran on the bridge to the slide. Jimmy followed me in hot pursuit. I jumped on the slide, and went down to the rubbered floor below. I was still sitting on the slide when Jimmy arrived, effectively stuck into my back like there was Velcro between the two of us. We went the ground and wrestled playfully for a bit before taking off and running again.

Jimmy and I went down the slide a few more times, climbing on the jungle jim, and in general, ran around until we were really tired. I could see Jimmy was panting and catching his breath. I was, too. We walked to our moms who were waiting at the benches. I can see another woman talking to my mom, and from the way he looked at her, I assumed she was Jimmy’s.

"Oh, there you are, little boy," my mom said to me, "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, with Jimmy heree," I replied.

"Aw, that’s so sweet!" she said again, "Did you remember Mrs. Gallahan, our neighbor two doors down?"

I took a look at her, and I suddenly remembered who she was. And then I remembered who Jimmy was, too. I realized how much that squirt had grown up when I was gone.

"Yeah, I remember! I remember Jimmy too. He’s getting bigger!" I said with natural gestures. Both women giggled.

"Oh, I never expected him to be this cute, Camille," Mrs. Gallahan said, "Can’t believe he was 19 years old,"

"I know, he really reminded me when he was actually this little," my mom said, "But he behaved a little more now. He was a brat when he was growing up,"

Then my mom pinched my cheek. It hurt a bit, but I giggled at her. I missed that kind of mom to son contact, and sure as hell I couldn’t wait as time goes by. As I was standing there, I could feel that I was peeing like I did 5 to 6 times already. Except, though, this time, instead the diaper quickly soaking up the pee, I felt wet a little longer. Only a few minutes before, I felt a slight wet sensation but nothing much. This time, I felt the pee was still there. Considering that I had been wearing it for almost two hours, and had quite a lot of liquids, it wasn’t surprising that I needed a change. I moved around and about, and felt that my crotch couldn’t push in much further. I took my hand and started pressing on my crotch and my butt; squishy.

"Hey, I think you should check his diaper," Mrs. Gallahan said, noticing my actions.

"Yeah, I think you’re right," my mom said.

She put me on the bench and unstrapped my overalls. It slid down passed my waist, then my tighs, and then down to my feet. My mom lifted my foot one by one and removed my overalls. I didn’t know why she had to do that first before checking my diaper. Then, finally, she moved her finger on and around my Huggies, pressing into it at different places.

"Well, it’s pretty lumpy and squishy to me," my mom said, "He haven’t pooped yet, but he did it before he left. So might as well change him now,"

What? Here? I thought. Before I could even say anything, my mom quickly removed the tabs and unfastened the diaper when I was still standing up. Carefully, she eased down the diaper off my crotch. I was naked from the waist down, with the exception of my sneakers and socks. I really needed to change because my crotch was wet, too. Mom then took a wet wipe and cleaned me. Jimmy and Mrs. Gallahan watched every second of it. I didn’t really worry about Jimmy, though, since he needed to be changed himself.

"I can’t believe I’m saying this, but his little pee-pee is pretty cute, too," my mom said.

"Yeah. It looks just like Jimmy’s," Mrs. Gallahan said.

I felt humiliated and embarrased. She wasn’t just mentioning it. She was touching it, too! Well, she was pulling back and holding it so that she could clean it well. Not to say that I was violated, but I felt a little tingling sensation with every stroke she made.

"Okay, it’s time to put you in a new one," she said, reaching into the bag.

It was another Huggies diaper, same type but different patterns. She laid me down and put the diaper under my butt. She pulled it up and about to fastened it until she forgot something.

"What, no powder? No lotion?" Mrs. Gallahan said.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me,"

After applying the powder and the cream, she finally fastened the diaper on me. I was put on the ground on my feet. Since I was pantsless, I took the opportunity to check myself out. What I noticed was Huggies have a slightly different trim or cut than Pampers. It sat slightly lower than Pampers, but worked just as well. It was less flexible than Pampers, but it felt a little snugger, though. I noticed that my t-shirt was little short cut, as well, because the bottom of the shirt was above my belly button.

I walked around a bit and sort of enjoying my dry diaper. I really wanted to get the feel of being fit perfectly into these diapers. They were comfortable, and my feelings about it were almost sexual. I felt--happy to be in them, and using them. I don’t know whether or not that’s wrong or right, but nevertheless it was a positive experience to me.

I looked back at the moms and saw that Jimmy was being changed as well. It looked like Mrs. Gallahan was having a hard time keeping Jimmy in one place for him to be changed. It was that until Jimmy was given keys to play with. Jimmy was poopy, pretty much, and I couldn’t really stand the smell. The moms were pretty tolerant, and Jimmy’s mom expertly wiped off until there was no trace. Then, Jimmy was strapped into a Huggies diaper just like mine. I looked down and saw the patterns were similar, too.

Jimmy was then let on his feet and he ran to me. He stood in front of me and suggested that we should play together. I was excited, as well. There was extra energy within me I had to expend. One thing I didn’t understand was why he wanted to play with me. As far as I know about toddler, they don’t really play with each other. I think it was the presence of another person to interact with rather than the spontaneous want to play together. Then again, part of me was still of that of an adult, so maybe that was why.

"Hey, they look so cute together!" Mrs. Gallahan said, "Take a picture of them, quick!"

Then we were there standing wearing only a t-shirt, a pair of shoes, and diapers open for everyone to see while our mothers were snapping photos of us. I saw that Jimmy wasn’t shy with cameras. We interacted with each other while the shutters were opening and closing. Then, we took off running again, with our moms following behind.

We ended up taking a walk around the park. Jimmy and I were running around, attracted to different things and wanted to check them out. Even though I already know what the things were, I still go for them like I never seen them before. Jimmy’s curiosity was impeccible. Even though he really didn’t do anything with me, he was to some degree acknowledging and letting me know what he saw.

Suddenly, I saw Jimmy toddled back to his mom and was whimpering. He was thirsty, and so was I. Jimmy’s mom got him a bottle from the bag. He quickly gulped it down. I went to my mom and did the same. I sat down where Jimmy was. We looked at each other and smiled.

"Can you look after Stevie for a bit?" my mom said, "I need to go to the bathroom,"

"Sure," Mrs. Gallahan said.

My mom went away to the bathroom located a little far, so my mom had to run. I felt compelled to follow her for some reason, but I stayed with Jimmy and his mom. Suddenly, she kneeled down beside me and gave a broad smile. I looked back intriguingly.

"So, how was your past life?" she asked.

I took the bottle out of my mouth and wiped my mouth before saying, "It was okay,"

"Just okay?" she asked again.

"Yeah," I said simply, "College, high school, you name it. It was all like a dream until I was back to being mommy’s little boy again,"

She giggled at me, acknowledging the last part of my sentence. "You know, I have to get you to come over soon, maybe babysit you some time," she said, "And Jimmy seemed to like you. He seemed excited, not like to other kids, when he’s around you,"

"Well, I wasn’t a kid," I said, "Maybe that’s why,"

"Yeah. For someone who was a legal adult, you don’t seem to mind being a baby again,"

"Actually, I kinda like it being a baby again," I said.

Suddenly, Jimmy tackled me. He was holding on to me so tightly that I felt like wanting to burst at my center of mass. Of course, I tackled back. I was being so babylike at that point that I actually thought for a moment that I wasn’t a 19 year old. I think it was because he didn’t have anything else to get occupied with.

"And oh, Jimmy’s a little physical," she said.

"Yeah, I noticed that, thank you," I said sarcastically.

My mom went back and saw us locked in this playful position. My mom thought it was cute, too. Then, it had to come to an end. Thanks to the short attention span of a toddler, Jimmy finally let go of me when his mom called for him. Jimmy sat on his mom’s lap, and I sat on mine when mom pulled me onto her. I continued to suck on my bottle after it was returned to me. The moms talked for a bit before they realized it was time.

"I have to run, Kim," my mom said to Mrs. Gallahan, "I had to run some errands,"

"Okay, I have to go, too," Mrs. Gallahan said, "We’re running late to see the pediatrician. Hey, maybe you can bring over Stevie some time. Jimmy really likes him,"

"Will do, soon," mom said.

"Um, Mrs. G," I said, "If I come over, can I have cookies."

Another thing I remembered about Mrs. Gallahan was her amazing talent for baking. She can do anywhere from brownies to cakes. My sister’s birthday one year had involved her expertise for getting the cake to upmost perfection. I love her cookies the most, and I would have them whenever I visit her house for any reason.

"Oh, sure, Stevie!" Mrs. Gallahan said, "Well, Camille, I have to go. Jimmy say bye-bye!"

"Bye!" Jimmy squeled and waved his hand.

I waved my hand in return. I hollered "Bye, Jimmy!" before I mom put me into my stroller. The moms exchanged goodbyes and see-you-laters, and then we were on our way. I was reunited with Harry and I hugged him as tight as I could.

Then, back into the car again. Mom drove off and told me we were going to the supermarket to run some errands. A five minute drive got us to the parking lot, and after we parked, mom got me out. She said I can walk since I she would be walking slowly anyway and I would end up in the cart if I’m tired.

We entered through the automatic doors. Mom got a cart and the aisles here we go. Mom walked slowly and I toddled behind her. I saw a couple of other moms who looked at me. I thought there were complimenting my cuteness. Which brings me to the question of "Am I really that cute?" As I was filling my diaper, I had to waddle a bit as I walked. I have to say it felt nice to pee in it. I felt warm and secure wearing them everywhere I go. Perhaps the reason I like them so much.

The fresh foods section of the supermarket was our first stop. My mom browsed through the different fruits and vegetables while I only watched her doing it. Then, I got bored and decided to walk around for a bit, watching the employees work and other shoppers shop. I saw mostly moms with their little kids, some older, some younger than I was. Somehow, I didn’t feel strange being as a baby. Also, I didn’t feel embarrassed whenever I wet myself, too. I used to have shy bladder and couldn’t "go" if there was anyone watching.

"Come, Stevie!" my mom called.

I quickly toddled back and followed her to the dairy aisle, the canned food aisle, the dried food aisle, home cleaning aisle, and then the diaper aisle. Something excited me when I got the diaper aisle. My love for diapers quickly surfaced when I saw all those packages of diapers of different brands and sizes to my right and to my left. My heart raced, and my excitement was unfathomable when I realized that I could be wearing them anytime in the near future. And fit into them perfectly, unlike when I was 19.

My mom got a box of Huggies and set it in the cart. I walked over and checked it out. It was in my size and there were about a hundred of them in the box. I analyzed the box with intrigue, reading every description and words on it. What I couldn’t help looking at was the model pictured on the box. He looked like he was happy to be in that diaper.

"I knew you’ll like to be in these," my mom said, "And they’ll be so cute on you. Not to mention how well they work, too! I missed the diapers you wore when you were little, but these are so much better,"

15 to 19 years ago, I wore plastic backed diapers which used sticky tabs and they don’t stretch much. Today, I would be wearing cloth-like covered diapers which are soft and used Velcro-like refastenable tabs and they stretch to fit me no matter how much I move. Also, they absorb so much better.

We done our grocery shopping and my mom went to the counter to pay. Then, I saw chocolate and candy placed on the sides. I missed chocolate and suddenly had an intense craving for them. I tugged on my mom’s shirt. It took me a few tries to get her attention.

"Can I have chocolate, please?" I asked her.

She smiled at me and said, "Alright, but only a little, okay?"

I nodded and smiled back at her. She paid for the chocolate and gave it to me. As we were walking out with our stuff, I had some trouble opening the wrapper. Even when my mom finished loading the car, I still had trouble. I wanted to cry because I tried so hard but didn’t succeed. I missed being 19 years old.

"Had some trouble there, baby boy?" she said.

I nodded with a frown on my face. She took the wrapper and opened it with up most facility. Then, she gave it back to me, opened and the contents ready to be eaten. I laughed with delight.

"What do you say?"

"Thanks, mommy!" I said.

I once again put into my car seat. By now, it felt familiar and I could say the seat was mine. I ate the chocolate slowly albeit sloppily. There was chocolate around my mouth and on my hands, too. I think my mom was smiling the whole time watching me and by babyish act.

We got home and the car is pulled into the drive way. My mom got me out of the car. She then opened the trunk, took out and carried our stuff into the house. I followed closely behind. She put everything in one corner. Then, she kneeled in front of me, with a wet wipe in one hand, and cleaned my face.

"Oh, you’re such a dirty little boy, aren’t ya?" she said while wiping my mouth and my hands.

She asked me to stay in the house while she gets the rest of the stuff into the house. A minute later, she showed up with the diaper bag, the box of diapers, and Harry.

"You didn’t forget your little friend, right?" my mom said.

I quickly ran to her and grabbed Harry. I cuddled him close like I haven’t seen him for years. I ran around the house again and went to play with my toys in the living room. After a few more minutes, mom turned on the TV. There were cartoons on, and I quickly got interested. While watching, mom took off my shoes and socks, then put me on the couch. Then, she put a pacifier in my mouth.

"You stay there quietly while mommy do chores, okay?" mom said.

I nodded at her and continued to watch TV. The cartoons were great, but they didn’t appeal to me as much as when I was younger. Nevertheless, it kept me in for the next hour or so. Because I still had my adult mind, I laughed at every joke which are pretty intellectual in nature. And due to my newfound immaturity, I laughed at every single thing that got me in the funny bone.

Finally, my mom came back in the living room. She sat beside me, and then put me in her lap. She held me by the chest while she kissed my forehead and cheeks. She stroked my head and held me close. I found myself lying on her lap. Suddenly, she pulled up my shirt and blew raspberrys into my tummy. It felt so ticklish.

"Mommy, stop!" I said.

But kept going, saying, "What? You want some more? Okay,"

I couldn’t stop giggling. I tried to pull away but my mom was too strong for me. By right, I should be able to take down mom without much effort. On the other hand, since I was back being two and a half, I was helpless and was under her control. Finally, she stopped and held me to her chest, looking at me with manifested maternal instincts.

"You know, you’re so cute that mommy can just squeeze you!" mom said, "I couldn’t remember the last time I done that,"

"Don’t worry, mommy," I said, "I don’t think you would stop that anytime soon,"

"Oh, Stevie, you’re always to sweet!" mom said and then started tickling me. I giggled loudly in pure delight.

Lunch time, and my mom was serving me some cut up pieces of French toast and some lemonade to go with it. I ate hungrily but still managed to do it without making much of a mess. Then I realized how much I missed mom’s cooking--again. She always made the best lunch known to humanity. I didn’t understand why she wasn’t an established chef. However, she did publish some recipe books which became popular to some degree.

"You’re done, sweetheart?" my mom asked as I was gulping down the last my lemonade.

I gave her a nod. Then she walked over to me and picked me up off my chair. Then, she paused for a moment. She saw some wet spots at where I was sitting. Then, she inspected my diaper and found it was sagging down. Then, my stomach chugged and I pooped myself.

"Oh my gosh, you’re leaky!" mom said, "And you pooped too. Let’s get you changed,"

I was brought upstairs and had the diaper removed. Quickly, she rolled up my very heavy Huggies diaper and threw it away. She started wiping me. She had to do it down to my thighs where some pee had dripped down. I remembered not feeling shame at all. That was because I used my diaper to the max and beyond.

"I thought since you have a grown up mind you would tell me you need a change," mom said, "Instead, you didn’t and you wet yourself until you’re really wet. That means I have to check you more often, then,"

I didn’t say anything and kept smiling. I heard her serious tone and tried not to blurt out anything. She might be mad at me, but I didn’t think so. I don’t think she ever cared to change me. She seemed to be enjoying taking care after me. That being said, I thought my adult life will be lost forever.

She put me in another diaper and let me play for a bit. I felt really drowsy and tired but I tried to be up for as long as I can. I yawned for a few times and my eyelids felt heavy. I was having fun and I didn’t want to stop yet.

"Is little Stevie ready for his nap?" my mom said.

"No," I said, trying to stay awake.

"It looks like Stevie really needs a nap," my mom said.

She picked me up and carried me to my bed. On the way, I whined, "But mommy. I don’t wanna take a nap. Only babies take naps,"

"But you’re a baby. You need to take a nap!" she said, laying me down on my bed, "Now, go to sleep. Mommy will be around if you need anything,"

She gave me a kiss and went off. I lied there holding Harry. I hugged him and my eyelids were closing. I really needed a nap after a long morning. Gradually, I dozed into slumber. I thought about the day and I thought it was great to be with my mom again. I missed that, and a part of me actually wanted me to be like this forever. Maybe, just maybe. Then, my thoughts stopped conflicting and I fell asleep--like a baby.



End Chapter 2

College Boy/Toddler Boy

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