College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011

Chapter 4
Baby on Break

Chapter Description: Satisfying his adventurous aspirations, Stevie goes to his uncle's house for a week. See how his uncle, aunt, and cousins reacted to him being a baby again.

For weeks, and almost a month, I became more and more of a toddler. I kind of became a real 2 and a half year old in a sense that I could get emotionally out of control, especially with things I don’t like. Thankfully, my family was the kind of people who are patient, and my mom was ready for it. For the most part, I behaved, and I was a happy boy. Even though the course workloads was something I grew to hate, it was pretty satisfying to be able to learn again.

It seemed that everyone kept their word. I didn’t appear in any newspaper, or mentioned in any TV news programs. I was a small viral internet sensation, but pretty much everybody thought it was fake, though. Only the local community knew about my transformation and who I was. I have to say, they were intrigued.

It was spring break, and I was relieved. I haven’t gotten out of town since forever. I loved a little road trip, and I was going to my uncle’s house somewhere in a lower populated area. Let’s just say we were going to the countryside. I was to leave for a week, which means I had to leave home for a week and Jimmy too. Being two and a half means not liking change. And no, I couldn’t say I didn’t feel like going, even though my mature mind wanted to go.

I woke up in the car in my car seat. I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the front passenger seat. I shifted my head and I saw dad’s reflection in the rear view mirror. I looked to my left and saw my sister listening to her iPod and texting at the same time. I looked out the window to my right. From my vantage point, I could see that we were on the highway. The sun was high in the sky, which means I must have slept an extra few hours. We left early in the morning so that we can get there by lunchtime.

I still felt pretty groggy. I was tired but I couldn’t go back to sleep. I felt thirsty, though. However, I felt too weak to say something so I decided to wait it out for a few minutes. Harry was in my arms. I was glad to have my companion with me at all times.

"Sandy, I think Stevie’s awake," my mom said.

"What?" my sister said, taking off her right earbud. She was listening to loud music so I wasn’t surprised that she couldn’t hear anything.

"Your brother, he’s awake," mom said again.

"Oh," she said and then turned to me, "Are you awake now, big baby brother?"

"Uh-huh, I think," I said, nodding my head.

"Good," she said and reached into the bag on the seat, "Here’s your bottle. You must be thirsty,"

"Thanks," I said. I received the bottle and immediately sucked it down.

As I was gulping what I tasted to be chocolate-flavored formula, Sandy took a picture of me on behalf of mom. They never got tired of taking pictures of me, and I became jaded with the camera, although I sometimes welcome it. I would be surprised if they don’t take pictures of me. Was I really that cute to deserve such attention? Maybe I was. To me, I was adorable. If I looked at a photo of me after I was regressed, I couldn’t believe it was me. Whenever I looked at a mirror, I still found it hard to believe that was my reflection. For years, my fantasy of being baby again was never thought to be true. Now that it has, I had a hard time grasping the reality of it.

Then my thoughts were stopped by the familiar feeling of peeing. Something I did everyday, in which I won’t notice until it already happened. I tried to move my legs together and it was a big bulge. My diaper was soaking wet. I didn’t say anything, though. Actually, I never said anything if I needed a change. Sometimes, my mom would get angry at me for not telling her that I was wet or poopy.

"Do you mind checking his diaper for me, Sandy?" mom said, "Stevie has a really bad habit of not telling anyone if he needs a change,"

That was true. I like to avoid being changed for as long as possible. I can stay in a soaked and soiled diaper for hours. Unless it gets too uncomfortable or if I’m getting a rash, I won’t tell anyone. My sister unstrapped me from the harness and took off my shorts. She examined the shorts first and saw wet spots on it. Then, she picked me up from my seat and set my feet on the back seat. While still holding me, she looked at the seat. She saw wet spots on where I was sitting.

"I think it’s best to put back your brother in his seat, Sandy," dad said, "I don’t want your brother to get hurt if anything happens,"

Of course, that was an understatement. Dad didn’t want me to get killed, really.

"But he really needs a change, dad. He’s leaky, too," Sandy said.

"Stevie, can you stay in that for another half-hour? We’re almost there,"

"Yeah!" I said enthusiastically.

"Tom, he really needs a change. Sandy said he’s leaky which means there’s pee on his seat," mom said.

"Come on, give the boy a chance. You know how much he likes it. It’s not like you always let him stay in that when he really needs a change. My concern is we’re still on the highway. Let the boy have his fun," dad said, and winked at the rear view mirror and I saw the reflection.

Way to go dad. It was ironic, really. Dad wasn’t the kind who lets his kids to be in diapers too long. If it wasn’t for mom, Sandy and I would start toilet training when we were a year old. I didn’t know why dad was on my side. Maybe he accepted me as who I was. I bet he understood that I was an infantilist and wanted to go back to be a little baby boy. Perhaps he wanted me to really enjoy my second childhood with all the things I love to have.

I was put back in the car seat. Some pee splashed out and some flowed down my legs and onto the seat itself. I felt that my legs are getting wet with warm pee, and I smelled like pee, too. Thankfully, Sandy tolerated that until we arrive. Usually, she would take a can of air freshener and sprayed around to eliminate the pee smell.

Soon, we got out of the highway and into a smaller road to my uncle’s house. Passing a small town and an intersection, dad drove another few minutes until we arrived at the big house of my uncle. I could see that there were lots of greenery around. Behind the house there was the lake. I enjoyed going here. My uncle and my aunt were great people. Their kids (my cousins) were easy to make friends with. Even though we lived far apart, our two families were really close.

"Tom, Camille, Sandy, and is that Stevie?" my uncle said to as we exited the car.

"Yup, in the flesh. That’s him, no joke," my dad said.

"Wow, I couldn’t believe he became that little," my uncle said, "Welcome, anyway. I hope it wasn’t so bad."

"It wasn’t. Pretty comfortable ride all along the highway," my dad said again.

Then, I saw my aunt and my cousins got out the front door. They seemed to be happy that we arrived safely. My 11 year old cousin, RJ, didn’t look that excited. My 18 year old cousin, Carrie, looked like he was waiting for us all day. Then, my aunt Pamela, who was glad that we arrived safely.

"Oh my gosh! Is that really Stevie?" Aunt Pamela said, "You always said in the email and on the phone that he changed, but I didn’t expect him to be this cute!"

"What? The baby’s Steve?" RJ said.

"Yes, Robert Junior. We’ve been over this. Steve changed into a baby, and he really changed into a baby. Need I say more?" Carrie said.

"Hi, RJ! Hi Carrie!" I said in the same manner that toddlers do and I waved my hand visibly.

"Yeah, it is Steve," RJ said in disbelief, "Is it really you, Steve?"

"I think it’s Stevie now, right?" Carrie said.

I nodded at them. Suddenly, I felt my hold body being thrusted sideways. It was Aunt Pamela giving me a hug. She gave me a kiss in the cheek. I giggled at the contact.

"Oh, you even smell like a baby," she said, "And you smell like pee, too,"

"Yeah, that’s kind of the first order of business," my sister said, "He’s been in that wet and leaky diaper for more than half an hour. Better grab him before he runs away,"

And so she did. I laughed while begging her to let me go. It was a futile effort to struggle.

"Little Stevie doesn’t like to be changed, doesn’t he?" Aunt Pamela said, "Give me his bag. I’ll change him myself."

I was brought into the house and Aunt Pamela put me on the floor in the living room. She kept one hand on my chest so that I won’t run away while she pulled out the changing mat from the diaper bag. The mat was put under me. Then, the changing process started.

I was changed by too many people to even care anymore. It wasn’t like they would freak out when they see the signature item that makes me a boy. Well, Aunt Pamela changed me when I was a kid, and she had kids of her own so I trusted her to do the job properly. I would only be worried if it was done by someone who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

"I haven’t changed anyone for a while," Aunt Pamela said, "So forgive me if I forget something, or think your little pee pee is just so cute!"

I blushed. I always felt that shame when I was naked in front of people I really don’t know or I haven’t seen for a long time or I wasn’t used to be naked in front of. Aunt Pamela was one of those people. Well, she did like a pro, though, even if she missed some spots when wiping. She didn’t hesitate to clean my penis, though. Wow, that sensation again. It lasted for a moment but it was noticeable. I blushed again in great shame. I felt like crying until she strapped that new and clean diaper.

"Now that you’re nice and clean, let’s get you some lunch," Aunt Pamela said.

She picked me up and carried me on her shoulder, but not before tickling me in the stomach. I giggled almost uncontrollably. It was so ticklish it was almost torture. Then, I noticed my mom snapped a picture of me when I was carried to the table. I smiled accordingly.

Their idea of a booster seat was a couple of phone directories (old ones, they use the internet mostly now), a latest version of a dictionary, and an encyclopedia. It felt kind of hokey. I even felt like falling at times, but it worked. I was raised enough to actually eat properly on the table.

I felt as the odd one out. Everybody else have proper utensils while I was stuck with plastic ones--again. The good thing was mom actually bought me really good ones. And they were actually mine. Chicken lasagna, garlic bread, and baked potatoes were on the table that day. My mouth watered and I drooled like an 18 month old.

"Here you go, baby cousin," Carrie said, "Dig in,"

"Thank you!" I said to my now big cousin.

Wow, everyone was quick to accept me as the baby of the family now. Everyone except maybe RJ, who missed the old me. He looked up to me as a brother, and probably the coolest person around. He saw me as a role model for him. You see, he and Uncle Bob (his dad) had a somewhat troubled relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Uncle Bob was a great person in his own right. It was just that Uncle Bob saw RJ as someone he really wasn’t. He labeled poor RJ, comparing him to other kids who can score higher in school and behave than he could, and calling him a slacker and a troublemaker. RJ wasn’t a bad person. In fact, he was the smartest kid among all my other cousins and relatives.

As I ate, I couldn’t help it but looking at RJ’s face. He seemed to be in any moment ready to break down emotionally. I think he was expecting me--the lively and cool 19 year old me--to come so that he can spend time together. RJ looked depressed, and he was eating really, really slowly. All he did was resting his cheek on his hand and spooned some food little by little. I felt sorry for the little guy.

"Okay, who wants dessert?" Aunt Pamela said.

"Me! I want dessert!" I shouted lively.

Everyone laughed at my childishness. Carrie and Aunt Pamela went into the kitchen to get the dessert. My mom and my sister went to help, and my dad and Uncle Bob talked. I stayed there and waited in anticipation. RJ, however, went off the table. I saw him go upstairs in a hurry. I thought he needed to go to the bathroom so I don’t worry much.

"Hey, where’s RJ?" Carrie asked.

"I think he’s gone to the bathroom," I said.

"Alright," Carrie replied.

Dessert was some ice cream with strawberry and chocolate sauce. I got the smallest portion since my mom didn’t want me to take in too much sugar. I enjoyed it, nevertheless, and I wanted more as I was finishing up. Although I started to think about something else. RJ, he didn’t come down even after 20 minutes. Uncle Bob assumed that he was taking his time in the bathroom, and stated that nonchalantly. I sensed something else, though. I quickly finish up.

"Can I walk around for a minute?" I said.

"Sure," Aunt Pamela said and she helped me to my feet.

"Be careful, sweetheart, stay in the house, okay?" my mom said.

"Okay!" I replied.

I always had that habit of walking off and wander around. Sometimes, I went out of sight and people started to worry. Most of the time I adhered to the instruction of staying in one particular place or keep within sight. Walking around helps me unwind. As a toddler physically in the terrible twos, my family thought it was best for me to move around.

This time, however, I didn’t walk around for the sake of walking around. I got worried about RJ and I thought he was upset about something. As I got to the second floor and to his room, I suddenly thought I should leave it to an adult to do this. However, I went against that thought. If it was about me, I would be the one to confront him.

I checked the door. It was unlocked. Slowly, I twisted the knob. The door was little heavier than I thought, so I needed to push it a little harder. I saw RJ quickly sat up as the door was open, expecting someone else. However, he lied back down when he saw me.

"Oh, it’s you," RJ said.

I saw tears in his eyes. His face was obviously frowned. He might have cried for a few minutes. I didn’t know he was that emotional.

"Are you okay, RJ?" I asked.

"Go away," RJ said.

My cousin rolled over to his side, facing away from me. He sounded like he was sobbing. RJ was indeed emotional, but he seldom ever cries. I believed he was crying because he didn’t see me. I thought he was expecting the old me to come over, not some scrawny little toddler who was barely toilet trained. Well, we didn’t see each other during winter, and the last time we saw each other was last summer. I was glad to see him, though. On the other hand, it saddened me to see him like that.

I closed the door behind me slowly. I went to his bed and climbed up. I sat beside RJ, who was now much bigger than me, and tried to talk to him. However, he didn’t look that enthusiastic. He turned around and faced me. It looked like he was more angry than sad.

"What do you want?" he said.

"I don’t want anything, I just wanna know what’s up with you," I said.

He groaned in displease and looked away. Then, he looked back at me, started to cry again, and said, "I thought you were gonna come and we’ll fun together. I didn’t know you’re gonna be like this! I missed you so much. The real you! You’re just a baby. You’re not Steve!"

I understood why he felt that way. He looked up at me. He considered me his big brother. And he trusted me. He liked me as a legal adult because of all the benefits that comes with it. He just couldn’t accept the sudden change. In his mind, I was dead, I was gone.

"RJ, I know I look different, I sound different, I pronounce certain things a little weird, but I’m still me," I said, "I’m sorry if you miss the old me so much. I miss the old me, too. Even if I really like being a baby--that’s a little secret--it took me a while to get used to it. We can still have fun. We can go swimming together, play video games, maybe, I don’t know,"

"But it’s not gonna be the same," RJ said, sobbing.

"I know, but it’s just something I got over. I felt a little sad because I can’t grow up again, which means I’m gonna stuck to be a baby forever," I said, feeling sad myself.

I looked down and wanted to cry myself. I eventually broke down and did. My cries actually got the attention of RJ, who was surprised and looked at me in a different way. I saw him hesitated for a minute. Then, he wiped his tears and hugged me, putting me on his chest. I was taken by surprised.

"It’s okay, Steve," he said, "I understand, you don’t have to cry now. It’s okay, Steve. I understand. I know it’s still you. It’s just so hard to believe that’s all,"

"Thanks, RJ," I said.

"You know what, we can have fun now," he said.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked with my eyes lightened up.

"Let’s play," RJ said, then feigned deep thought, "Tickle the baby!"

Before I knew it, RJ pulled up my shirt and tickled my sides and tummy. I giggled and was begging him to stop. I immediately peed, but it was a good thing that I had a diaper on. I tried to retaliate instead by reaching for his tummy. I failed miserably, however. Finally he stopped and patted me in the back, though I was still on his chest.

"Remembered how you always tickled me? I can do it to you now! You know, you look really cute like a baby. Well, you are a baby, so yeah," RJ said.

I giggled at him. He was accepting me as a baby! Not bad for an 11 year old to play with his now little cousin like that. I always called him as my "baby cousin" so I think it was time for him to return the salutation. Now I was his baby cousin, although I was born years after he did.

He kept patting me in the back while I was still on his chest. I felt happy again. RJ seemed happy again, too. He knew deep down that I was still who I was, only in a different body. I think I behaved the unique way whenever he was around. Also, I still looked like I was, except I lost the trace of my masculinity and age. I didn’t know why, but I eventually fell asleep. It was time for my afternoon nap.

"Steve, wake up! It’s dinner time," I heard a voice.

I realized that I was still in RJ’s room except Harry was with me and I was alone. I opened my eyes widely and looked around. I saw RJ looking down on me with his juvenile face. I never saw him looking like that before. It felt kind of creepy, too.

"What time is it?" I asked, still drowsy.

"It’s 6 o’clock, silly. You took a really long nap, too," he said.

Wow, six o’clock. I remembered looking at the clock before going to RJs room and it was around 1 o’clock. I slept for five hours? Couldn’t believe it myself. I just remembered that they have dinner at six instead of seven. They just liked it that way, so I didn’t really mind. RJ carried me on his shoulder and brought me downstairs. I felt a little awkward to be carried by him since I was used to being carried by a much older person. He held my bottom and my back while I was carried. He must have been taught how to do it.

Once again, I was put on the makeshift highchair. This time, RJ sat beside me. He looked hungry and was holding his fork and spoon within his fists on the table. I sort of doing the same thing.

"RJ, can you put the bib on Stevie?" mom said.

"Yes, Aunt Camille," RJ said.

RJ received a small blue bib with cartoons on it and he put it over my head and on my chest. Even if I was a toddler, my spooning skills were sufficient enough to not make much of a mess. RJ took the opportunity to roughly stroke my head. It made my hair go all over the place. It wasn’t like I cared about my hair style, though. I wanted to do something, so I tried grabbing him when his arms were still in range. This time, I succeeded. I pulling it closer to my mouth; I was trying to bite it. RJ, however pulled his hand away free before I can do anything. Then, he stuck his tongue at me. I showed him the expression of malice.

"Alright, we starting with the soup," Aunt Pamela said.

I got a smaller bowl compared to the rest of everyone. I started to spoon in the soup a little at a time. Even though I was given a smaller portion, I was the last to finish. The soup was chicken corn soup. I liked it very much. I realized why it was called an appetizer; my appetite was spiked after that soup. I wondered what would be the main course.

"Alright, who wants salmon?" Uncle Bob said.

Filleted salmon was a signature of Uncle Bob’s touch on cuisine (actually, his only good touch on cuisine apart from simpler dishes.) Again, mine was cut up. I got an entire piece which I ate hungrily. It might sound like a lot, but my sister, RJ, and my dad helped themselves to seconds. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even finish the entire thing, leaving a little portion uneatened. Vegetables notwithstanding.

"Can I have that?" RJ said.

"Go ahead, kid," I said.

Lastly, it was dessert. That night it was a mixed selection of fruits. Well, it was still tasty and sweet. I ate only a bit because I was full from the main course. Then it was do-whatever-you-want time. The dads and moms talk among themselves while the children sat in front of the TV. RJ and I spearheaded for the TV so we can watch the programs we want. It appeared that the superior and older girls of the family lost to younger, less mature boys. I smiled at both of them. My sister looked like she was about to transform into a monster, though.

"I didn’t get to hold you yet today! Now I got the chance!" Carrie said.

She grabbed me and snuggled me before sitting down and putting me on her lap. We watched TV for a bit until I did what I always do involuntarily which was messing myself. While everybody held their nostrils closed and ran away, I giggled and laughed when I unloaded into my diaper. I was left alone on the couch as everybody kept their distance. I stood up on the couch, and in front of everyone, I grabbed the back my diaper and moved it up and down, smearing the poop inside my diaper and on my skin.

"Stevie, that’s disgusting!" my sister said.

"I know," I said. I laughed again when I saw their disgusted faces. I was having a little fun.

"Wow, you’re really stinky, Steve," RJ said. His voice was muffled as he held his nose closed.

"I can’t believe you just pooped yourself, Stevie," Carrie said, "I didn’t think you were ever 19 years old to act like this,"

I giggled once again. I stopped holding my diaper and climbed down the couch. At least my sister had the guts to get close to me again. She was stopping me from running away from a diaper change. I begged her to let me go but she kept a firm hold on me. I was kicking my legs in the air.

"Do you wanna change him, Carrie?" Sandy said, handing me over to my cousin.

"Sure. I think I’ll give him a bath, too. He’s really stinky," she said, putting her face on my chest and rubbed her face on it.

I was still fighting to let myself free when she was bringing me to the bathroom upstairs. Then, I decided that I do need to take a bath. Being in a poopy diaper too long gets itchy after a while and I couldn’t tolerate the smell, so would prefer to be cleaned up as soon as possible afterward. I stopped when we were close to the bathroom.

She left the bathroom door wide open when she opened my diaper. She was careful not to let it drop after she unfastened the tapes. Immediately, she threw away the wet and soiled diaper. She grabbed some wet wipes and wiped me up before putting me in the bath.

Then, after bathing was over, she pulled me out of the water and got a big towel to dry me. She didn’t miss a spot and I was a clean and dry boy. Then, I saw an opportunity. I didn’t know what I was thinking at the time, but I was curious and wanted to do this. As soon as she was done, I took off and ran out naked.

There wasn’t a single piece of thread on my body. I was completely exposed. Everyone can see my uncovered skin. My penis and my buttocks were all on display. I didn’t feel a shred of shame. I always wanted to see how it would be like to be naked for a little while and running around the house. I carefully but quickly traversed downstairs and into the living room.

"Stevie, why are you naked?" Sandy asked.

"Yeah, everybody can see your--you know," RJ said.

I didn’t say anything and just toddled around naked. My sister and my cousin just observed my behavior. I believed my sister giggled at the sight of my little touche walking away. I wasn’t sure about RJ’s reaction, but I saw that he was curious to watch.

"There you are!" Carrie said.

I saw her coming after me so I started running again. I ran into the kitchen, and then near the dining table like I was being chased by a hungry velociraptor. I manged to hide behind the door of the laundry room before sneaking out to run again. Apparently, Sandy was engaged in catching me as well. RJ, well, gave me support instead.

"Go, Steve, go!" RJ said.

Finally, I got outside to the balcony and went to mom. Mom was surprised because I was naked, too. But she sort of smiled at me, as well. Carrie and Sandy weren’t far behind. I was grabbing mom’s leg and asking for her help. She held me in the head and smiled at Carrie and Sandy.

"No wonder you look like you were running around," my mom said, "You were chased by these fine young ladies. Why are you naked?"

"I don’t know. I just ran after Carrie gave me a bath," I said.

"You had a bath?" my mom said. Then, she lifted me up and she smelled me. "Oh, you have. Looks like Carrie did a good job because you smelled really good," she said again, snuggling me.

"Can I have him now? I want to put him in his clothes," Carrie said.

"Oh, sure, Carrie," she said, and then to me, "I think you have enough nakie time tonight. Now go and get dressed, okay?"

I nodded. I was handed over to Carrie who gladly held tight on me. She wasn’t ready to let me run away again. However, I had enough of running around naked, even if it only lasted for 15 minutes. I was brought upstairs again, and into the bathroom once more. She had already laid out the clothes and diaper I was about to wear just before my escapee.

"You know, it felt kind of different without you at school," she said.

I just remembered; Carrie and I went to the same college. We took almost the same classes, and we sometimes go out for a friendly dinner or something. We weren’t that close on campus, so nobody had thoughts about us, and that was why I forgot all about her being my classmate after I was physically regressed.

"Yeah, how was school?" I asked her.

"It was fine," she said, "But the courses I’m taking this semester are ridiculous, though,"

I was laid on the counter top. As usual, I had my diaper unfolded and it was already under me. I decided to look at the process, and I noticed something different. I had an erection, and my penis was standing in attention and protruding from my skin significantly.

"Want me to take care of that?" she said.

I stammered, I didn’t know what to say. I blushed. I was embarrassed.

"You know, that thing became inflated after a minute we were chasing you. I think it’s because you got a little too excited. Sandy told me that it usually helps if you’re being hyper, so that’s what I’m going to do," she said again.

The thought of being "helped" by another person actually made me even more excited. I felt more blood was pumping into my little guy, and it was throbbing. It was true that Sandy helped me from time to time, and mom did it sometimes to help me stay quiet whenever she was busy. Apart from those to people, it was never done by another person. However, embarrassment conflicted that thought of excitement. She was almost the same age as I was, for crying out loud!

Slowly, with her fingers, she sent sensations of pleasure and massaged my little pee pee. Again, it wasn’t sexual at all. She knew that it felt really good and won’t damage me in any way. She was doing it for the sake of me, and she only thought it was cute and innocent. Nothing beyond. I let the good feelings washed over me. For the next few minutes, pulses of pleasure escalated and soon found myself giggling and moving my limbs about. Then, I stiffened with a heightened sensation, and then I calmed down. I breathed hard and thought that was the best pleasure I can ever get in my new toddler life. She let go of my softening penis to diaper me up. I laid there in the afterglow, and thought that this trip couldn’t get any better.

The days gone by and I spent time with everybody. There was one day that I played a game of Monopoly with them. Even though the game was for "8 years old and above," I was still allowed to play. That game lasted for two hours, too. I almost won, and I would have if my sister didn’t trick me into giving her all my high value properties for all the utilities and transportation. Even that she bought them off me as I had a deficit.

After about three days at Uncle Bob’s and family, it was time for a day in the lake. The day started like the days before, which was waking up on RJ’s bed right next to RJ. I was afraid that one of these days he would kill me crushing me. At least once that he almost did. Nevertheless, it was on his bed, or the floor. I never minded sleeping on the floor when I was 19, but they thought it was best as I would be on the bed and nobody would step on me or trip.

Thankfully, RJ didn’t kill. I woke up first, and RJ was on the other side of the bed from where I was. I stood up and jumped off the bed. The sunlight bled through the window. It was beautiful, as any toddler would think. As usual, my diaper was wet. I decided to run around in it before anyone came in.

"Hey, Stevie!" Aunt Pamela said after she opened the door.

Wow, a solid five minutes of fun. I stopped and said, "Hi, Aunt Pam,"

She just smiled at me and went to wake RJ up. I started to wander around in the room again while still observing the waking process of RJ. RJ has been known to be hard to wake up, especially during school breaks and weekends. Aunt Pamela had to shake him and said to him several times before RJ finally woke up.

"Alright, now go wash up," she said, and then to me, "Okay, now let’s get you wash up, too,"

I got the privilege of being in the master bedroom’s bathroom. I was given a quick rinse and scrubbing. I was then brought back to RJ’s room, but RJ had the door locked. RJ said he was getting dressed, so Aunt Pam asked him to give my diaper bag to her. RJ opened the door slightly and gave her the bag.

Naked, I was brought downstairs to the living room. I was put on the floor and she put me in a diaper. Then, she put me in a t-shirt with cartoon themes of adventure. Considering that I would be going fishing, I thought it fit the occassion. I laughed with delight.

"Alright, everyone ready?" Uncle Bob said.

Everyone responded with a simple but enthusiastic yes. We got off the pier and onto the boat. The boat was a big, with one but powerful outboard motor and enough space to fit more people. In the middle, there was the pilot console. Dad drove the boat that day using the rudder wheel. He put it in full throttle, and there we go.

I was put in a small buoyancy aid jacket, while everyone else was in larger versions. It was brightly orange in color, and it had a small wistle and flashlight attached to it. It felt a little heavy on me, though. The straps were a little tight on me (thanks, mom!) but I got used to it.

"Alright, we’re almost there. Ease it down. We don’t wanna scare the fish away," Uncle Bob said.

Then, they broke out the fishing rods. After putting the bait on the hook, Uncle Bob threw his fishing rod towards the water. I could see the little buoy attached to the line, and by the position of it, Uncle Bob threw it pretty far. Dad threw it next, and then RJ, Carrie and Sandy, and Aunt Pamela. Mom and I only sat and watch.

We waited for an hour, and no one got a bite yet. The girls were almost tired, RJ looked bored, the dads were being patient, and Aunt Pamela handed the rod over to mom while she took her turn with me.

"I think I’m gonna give up on this one," RJ said.

As he was about to pull the line back, he got a bite. And it was a big one, too. The line was pulled almost to it’s end, and RJ struggled to hold on. I jumped to RJ, but I couldn’t reach the line. So, I pulled him instead. Finally, the dads went over to help him pull.

"Alright, hold on!" dad said.

While the men were actually pulling the line, the girls questioned and mocked my act of pulling on RJ’s legs. I replied that I tried to help, but I realized I made the problem worse. I let go and stood back. Finally, they got it. RJ fell backwards and landed on me. Oh great, I was almost killed by my cousin, again. The big fish landed on the deck near RJ’s feet.

"RJ, get off of me!" I said to him. He landed on my center of mass. I couldn’t breathe.

"Oh, sorry, Steve," he said, getting up.

"You should be proud, RJ," Uncle Bob said, "You caught a big fish today!"

RJ held up the fish--which was a huge bass--proudly. They took a picture of him with the fish, and then everybody joined in. I had my picture taken with the fish while I was lifted by RJ.

"Now we know what we’re having for dinner tonight," Aunt Pamela said.

Lunch was simply sandwiches and soda, or in my case, a bottle of formula. As I ate, I loved to see the interaction among everyone. We talked to each other, we laughed together, we told jokes, gossip about our siblings, and just enjoying the sunny and beautiful day. It was like any other fishing and boating trip, except I was a baby and was treated as such.

Dipping in the lake was the next ritual. We were in the middle of it, so the water was pretty deep. That was why we kept our buoyancy aids on when we got off the boat and swim. I hadn’t swim since after my regression, so I was nervous. I’d seen plenty of babies and toddlers swim all the time, so I didn’t worry that much.

"Not so fast, Stevie. Let’s get you changed, first," mom said.

She took my diaper off and wiped me. As I stood there exposed, mom took off my shoes and socks. Then, she took a small unopened package of diapers from a grocery bag. At first, I thought we ran out of diapers so mom bought new ones just in case. However, I realized those were swimming diapers.

I never wore swim diapers before, nor I even had any. It was a new experience. I couldn’t resist expressing my joy as mom opened the package and pulled out a disposable swim diaper. She made sure it was ready and unfolded before putting it on me.

"Step in, Stevie," she said again.

I didn’t wear even a pull-on or Pull Ups style diaper since I was regressed. Suddenly, I remembered the days when I wore briefs. I stepped in through the leg openings, passed the waist band, one foot at a time. Then, mom slowly pulled it up to my waist. It was a snug and comfortable fit. I admired myself after it was nicely put on me. Mom said I look really cute in it.

After mom told me to go ahead, I gone to the side of the boat. However, I hesitated. I had a small fear of water. I was afraid what if I drown in the deep water. I stood there standing. Suddenly, a force from behind enveloped my body like an industrial claw. Then, before I knew it, I was forced into the water. I was immersed for a few seconds and saw some fish swimming around before I surfaced again.

"Dad!" I shouted after realizing who grabbed me.

"Don’t tell me you’re still afraid of water," dad said.

"I wasn’t afraid of water," I said.

"But why didn’t you jump in when you got to the side of the boat?"

"I was thinking how to get in the water, that’s all!" I excused.

"Oh, don’t lie, Stevie," RJ said, "You always got in the water last,"

He was right, though. I had this phobia of being in deep water. Nevertheless, once I was in, I had a lot of fun. The buoyancy aid helped me keep afloat. After a few minutes, my fear of sinking to my death diminished. I just had so much fun swimming, and played and splashing with my cousins. I was so babyish that day like I was a baby my whole life. Like they said, some people just don’t grow up.

After a while, it was time to go home. I was put back on the deck and I was dried. The swim diaper worked really well. It didn’t swell up like regular diapers. I remembered my Huggies swelled to the point where it sagged down to my legs when my sister and I had a water gun battle. But the swim diaper stayed on me, even though I let out a huge load.

Then, a week had passed. It felt so quickly that I couldn’t believe I was going home. It was like the best experience I had during springtime. I had fun with my cousin RJ so much it was almost criminal. I was glad that everybody accepted for who I became. However, they never forget who I was. I was treated like a baby, but my rights as a legal adult remained uninfringed even though it looked like I had no privacy and such.

I felt sad when I was strapped into the car seat. I didn’t want it to end so quickly. I could stay if I wanted to, but I prefer to be at my house. Dad had to go back to work, and Sandy had school. I respected their responsibilities. I waved at Uncle Bob, Aunt Pamela, Carrie, and RJ when we were driving off. I was glad that RJ was happy. I told him to keep in touch with me, too. As we got on the highway, the good memories of being there replayed in my head over and over. It was the best spring break I ever experienced by far.



End Chapter 4

College Boy/Toddler Boy

by: LittleOzzy | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2011


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