The Great Transformations Rally

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Chapter 4
A Boy's Run (Male AR, puberty)

Chapter Description: A very hard test starts. Would be Morris able to escape from the wet towels attackers to reach his mommy?

[size=4]“BEEEP!”[/size] the alarm sounded, and Glenda told Morris by the loudspeaker: “Go on, Morris, just walk straight by the corridor, and don’t lose time.”

Morris kept walking by the long white corridor, staring at some exit at the end.

“Only 1 minute more before the next task, Morris”, Glenda said cheerfully by the loudspeaker.

Morris was only 40 steps far from the exit, so she decided to take off her clothing. As she kept walking, she quickly started detaching the clothes that adorned her female body. First she left behind the latex boots, and walking in barefoot at perfect pace, she then took her micro skirt off, letting it fall on the floor behind. Then, rising her arms, she pulled her red top off, walking topless and wearing only the sexy black thong on her bottom for the last 15 steps, eventually realizing where she was heading to. Without stop walking, she pulled her thong down, revealing for last time her female body in her whole majesty.

“Say goodbye to teenage princess Morris, my dear attendants”, Glenda said to the camera, and it was followed by a roar of applauses from the passionate public.

Morris was heading to a thermal lake or a kind of sauna. Quickly, Morris bent down in order to enter to the water. As she entered, the camera focused her perfect fleshy buttocks, and then it placed right at her back, following her entrance to the water. Pleased, Morris, still in her sexy female body, felt the water whisper caressing her tibias. The water was hot, even boiling, and a large mist curtain stood on front of her. Her feminine arousal was still tingling on her mind by feeling the cold breeze in her hot bottom; but as she decided keeping on walking in order to adventure into that unknown world, it gradually started to be replaced by a warm and sweet relaxation feeling.

“Where can be our dear Morris going?” Glenda whispered to the camera, in a public question.

As Morris walked far from the entrance, the water level started to heighten, gradually embracing her thighs in a strong grip. Feeling protected and relaxed, Morris closed her eyes in a comfort grimace; her nipples were no longer erected but relaxed and soft, and her skin began emanating a sweet steam. The camera caught the last moments when her crack was still visible, just before her whole lower body was engulfed by the waters. Morris started to feel how her body began shrinking; her flesh was compacting and her physiology changing...

“And what will be Morris’ next transformation? Let’s see”, Glenda said, opening expectation.

Soon, the water covered Morris’ breast, and after that she was not walking on the pool’s surface; she was actually floating, as the water body came to be deeper than expected. Morris felt like floating on a cloud or a dream, with her body totally relaxed and expanded. But the reality was kind of different. Her body was shrinking; her legs lost their voluptuosity and tenderness, getting skinny and hard soon; her breasts, first relaxed, were now deflating and sticking to her chest; her hips were like modeled by the water into tighter and plain; her butt, round and spongy before, was now hard and solid. It was not only the water level that was rising; the reason why she was not longer stepping on the pool’s bottom was that Morris was actually getting shorter gradually.

Even her long and silky hair retreated to her skull, now getting spiky and pale. And as she continued stepping ahead, she felt how little by little a strange organ was unwrapping from inside her crotch, soft and fleshy, until it turned to be what it was meant to be.

“Now we have Morris back!” Glenda said, as the special camera focused on his new self.

Morris had reached the center of the pool, what meant his new transformation had finished. Now she had left all her womanhood behind, and was nothing but a wet and naked 12-years-old boy standing on the center of a pool. As she walked out of the center, the water’s depth diminished and the mist vanished a little, so soon he could contemplate himself as the skinny and weak boy he had been years ago... and now she was again.

“We all now puberty and boyhood is particularly hard”, Glenda said to the public, while they watched in camera Morris inspecting his ridiculous and unmuscular chest and his skinny waist. “Will be Morris able to survive this difficult task?”.

Morris was still a little shocked. He had past for being the actual queen of dance to an insignificant and clumsy boy. What could the test be now? Desperate, he ran forward, shaking his feeble legs, trying to find the pool’s exit. But as he could see later, it was not actually a pool. It was a steam bath!

Morris realized he was in a sort of gym’s shower room, or more accurately, a school gym’s one. Other boys of his age were taking the bath, naked just like him, while outside the big tub, there were other lads wearing towels, changing clothes, or even using the showers to wash themselves. There were about 30 boys in the room, counting himself, and most of them looked stronger, or at least bolder than him. A vulnerability sensation filled his chest, and his little penis got retracted and shrank underwater. He was too intimidated to think in getting out of the bath, and for sure none of the guys on the room were their friends, so he couldn’t help blushing deeply while making his fear manifest. He just wanted to disappear, or maybe grow up to forget the embarrassment.

Two guys were playing on the water about 3 meters away from him; they seemed to be enjoying that aggressive game that consisted in pulling the other’s arms and hair, and splashing water on him; it was a sort of water wrestling. Even they were constantly receiving visible pain, they always continued to take some revenge on the other. Morris drowned a little more, feeling fear of that violence and competence display.

“Boys will always be boys”, Glenda affirmed, smiling to the camera, “as my mother said”.

But finally those boys’ game finished; one of them, the tallest one, stepped out of the tub, with a long stride, revealing his shiny and muscular legs and buttocks while splashing water out of the tub; even he was maybe the same age Morris was, Morris knew he was not match for him. The other boy, who was a little plump, stood out of the tub in order to follow him. They were about leaving Morris alone on the tub, when the first one turned round and notice our protagonist.

“Hey! He’s still at the tub!”, said, like annoyed.

The fat boy seemed surprised, but he turned round too. Morris contemplated his fat face, with cheeks like balloons, uneven teeth and greasy curly hair; he looked totally like a grotesque spawn, with his face covered in pimples, a loose dewlap and his body furrowed in fat bands. And his high-pitched, screechy voice made him look even more despicable.

“Take on him!”, said the muscular guy.

The fat boy walked back into the pool, moving big masses of water with his fat waist, while walking heavily to Morris’ place. Morris didn’t know how to react; he just couldn’t stop feeling sickness by looking at his huge and bland thighs and hips. The fat boy quickly took him by an arm.

“Come out, you, worm!”, said, in a rude manner.

For the fatso, it was too easy to pull Morris out of the water, so he literally dragged him out of the tub, while the muscular lad watched, amused.

Morris desperately covered his privates with his hands, but instead making him look less vulnerable, that proved his insecurity. For that moment, the athletic lad had tied a towel on his hips, covering him like a skirt, and he handled the fat kid another towel, that he began to wear in the same way. Morris was afraid; he looked around trying to find his towel... but there was not any available. He looked two kids going out of the shower and quickly taking the last two towels from the coat racks, but the other racks were empty.

Morris felt he wanted to cry, but after a second inspection, he found he was not the only one who lacked a towel. Other boys, of his age, younger and even older were walking by the corridor, opening the lockers or getting out of the tubs or showers naked, but they looked as embarrassed as he was. What had happened with the other towels? That doubt was totally answered as he heard a distinctive clapping sound, followed by a pain shout.

Morris turned his head to the place where the sound had come from, hoping not confirming his suspects...

But the reality was just as crude as he had guessed. A short and weak guy hurried by the corridor, covering his red loose buttocks, while a big guy with a sinister grin on his face and a towel tied to his hips held an extra, wet towel on his big hands. Around him there were other equally tall and strong boys, maybe between 11 and 13 years old, handsome and muscular, future jocks for sure.

“It seems the game has started”, Glenda told to the attendants, who were hanging on a string in excitement and expectation. “Let’s hope this little boy has the guts to survive”.

Morris turned to see his captors again, and they were smiling malicious... They were not as strong, old or big as the “jocks”, but they looked intimidating and perverse. Morris recognized on them the exact attitude of the “mean boys” also called “bullies”. The athletic kid quickly snatched a towel from a distracted boy that was walking behind him, submerged into water and made it in a roll holding it by the tips with his both hands. He was as skilled at that, that Morris lost his breath, and before he could react, the fat guy was holding him by the wrist.

“Let’s give this sissy the special treatment”, the athletic bully said, while the fat boy laughed.

Morris struggled against the fatso, but it was impossible for a tan, skinny guy like him try to fight against that adipous hulk. He quickly grew embarrased of his delicate hands, skinny ridiculous legs, and even now, that his penis was hanging exposed, it seemed for him mockable and microscopic, not worthy even for a boy.

Glenda looked, moved, to the camera. “Awww... something tells me Morris is going to face many difficulties”, she said to the public. “I’m really sorry for him, but you know... It’s a boy’s world”.

Easily, the fat kid made Morris turn round to face the athletic bully with his butt. Again, Morris went embarrased from his body; He didn’t know how much time he would be able to endure the inminent punishment, and his loose and skinny buttocks would be not able to resist two swats before getting totally red. Morris closed his eyes, as the athletic kid prepared to give his first flashy strike. Morris screeched in pain as the first towel swat hitted his both buttocks, making him feel like he was being burned; tears came to his eyes, but he wanted to endure enough for not crying; that would be even more humiliating.

“Look at this feeble worm”, the athletic guy said, laughing, “he wasn’t even able to endure the first swat. Give him something more to cry for”.

Morris was still struggling against the fat, that had him bent down with the bums up, by holding him by the arms. Morris shook his legs and bottom trying to escape desperately.

“Take this, you stupid!” the fat boy said, smacking Morris’s buttocks twice with his bare, obese hand, like if he was preparing him for the next assault. “You better don’t move, or it will be worse!” Trying to contain the tears, Morris had to bite his lips. “That’s better”, the fat said, and then indicated the athletic guy. “Now, next swat!”

Smiling, the athletic guy rolled the towel four, five, six times... for Morris that time was endless.

And for Glenda and the public it was the same. Glenda looked at the camera with tearful eyes, and then said to the public: “Excuse me... I have a mission to accomplish” and she went away running by the corridor.

The athletic guy was giving the twelfth twirl to the towel, and Morris was preparing to suffer the pain again, when he heard different steps coming from far beyond... Morris guessed the towels trajectory; it was coming in a straight and quick lash, and then he listened clearly a shout slicing the air:


Morris suddenly awoke from his fear and stupor, and with a single ass shake, he deflected the upcoming towel attack, that went to hit the fat guy in the face. The fat screamed in pain and covered his face with his hands, moment that Morris used to run away from his two captors.

A growing feeling of courage and resolution was growing on his deflated chest. Where that sound had come from? He ran around erratically, trying to find the sound source. And he realized he was not the only one that was being attacked. Now the baths were a battlefield; the little and feeble targets were the naked kids, while a lot of mean guys had usurped their towels and taken them as weapons. There, a poor fat black boy was being whipped by two bad guys; there, a feeble Asian was running around like crazy, trying to protect his little buttocks from the incessant attacks. There, another kid was hanged on a locker, his hands tied with a towel, while other bullies feasted whipping on his bum.

And he was in there, a boy without underwear trying to find that melodious voice that resonated in his ears. Dozens of feral attackers were around, whipping their towels and looking for a target, but he realized he was quick enough to evade them. His bare feet and skinny legs where actually quick reacting to his reflexes.

And then, he heard her mom’s voice again:


Now Morris knew where that sound was coming from. It was the furthest side of the room, the extreme opposite of he was heading to. He contemplated the place around; the naked little boys’ suffering the punishment or running while trying to escape, and the mean, stronger boys, having much fun on whipping their tender asses.

The camera placed just behind Morris’s trembling little buttocks, in order to transmit to the audience the exact sensation of danger for Morris’s mission. It was such a great thrill to the audience that everything were perfectly quiet, biting their fingernails and waiting to see the great action.

Morris had a simple idea on his mind: coming under her mom’s mantle. He visualized her as a strong and noble woman that would protect her against those torturers. He knew there were other boys suffering, but there was no time to help them; he was not strong enough to do that. He only knew his only salvation was her.

So, he started to shake his pale ass in a sprint, evading quickly the first opponents. Everywhere the clapping towels sounded, perhaps reaching a distracted butt in a screech of pain, but Morris knew that if he wanted to escape he had to find his mom. His penis and scrotum were no longer shrunk but extended and dangling as he advanced in quick strides, even with his penis hardened in order to face the challenge what he was going to finish victorious from.

The public was contemplating the challenge directly from Morris’s butt angle, and on-screen there was a fatidic counter:

SWATS --- - 1 of 7

That meant that for Morris it was possible receive only 6 towel swats as a maximum. In case of receiving more than 6, his mission would be considered a failure.

Morris could pass the preliminary field receiving only a swap from a tall, handsome jock that had managed to hit his butt in a distraction moment. But instead shrinking in pain, Morris had endured perfectly the shot, and had not complained at all even it had been delivered with considerable strength, leaving a bright red trace on his little tushy. No tears this time; he only hardened his buttocks for the next impact and continued running ahead at the same speed.

The public was breathless at his feat; they even doubted that strong and quick boy was the same coward crybaby then the last time.

Morris was now on the bath’s extreme: The exit. But that was not the end of the race. There was still a long corridor before coming to an end. The corridor was populated with strong 13-years-old boys, some of them wearing towels, some of them naked, exhibiting powerful pectorals and big cocks, and all of them twirling painful towels, expecting for a daring ass to appear next them. But Morris was not paying attention to the hard way; his attention was only focused on the end of the way: His mother was there, standing in beauty and greatness, with a worry and encouraging smile, holding an extended towel for him.

As you may guess, Glenda had decided turning in his mother. She had changed her luxury host dress for a soccer mom attire, and had gotten into the scene to support Morris.

“A boy is never complete without his mother’s support”, Glenda explained to the camera.

Morris started the run as quick as he could evade the first strong whippings, but unfortunately his ass was impacted by a dry towel. It wasn’t painful enough, but he didn’t know it counted as a hit, so now he’d be only have 3 opportunities more.

Morris tried to avoid contact with the assthirsty sights of those perfect, mean boys, on whom he would never able to compare. But he’d win by his own merits, escaping from them gracefully doing his best. So, always alert and serious, he never stopped running, whirling when a barrier of towels were about to hit his butt, ducking when a thug threw a hot towel to his face trying to blind him, and jumping to evade the hands that tried to grab his ankles and make him fall.

His mom’s arms were every time more near, and even he was losing his breath, he continued shaking his skinny long legs as quick as he could. Suddenly, the smacks came to his butt; a black guy spanked him with the hand two times very strongly; fortunately, hand spanking didn’t count, but that let him less aware, and a quick towel attack got in the middle of his legs, hitting his scrotum and butt at the same time. It was too painful, but he managed to not decelerate to much; Morris knew that losing velocity would be losing.

SWATS --- - 4 of 7

The counter said, and people couldn’t guess if Morris was going or not to managed to do it. An old grandma was pending at the action that she wasn’t blinking, her eyes wide opened beneath her thick glasses. Seniors were arguing at Morris’s advance just like if they were talking about boxing, but most people had their faith on Morris. He wasn’t going to disappoint them.

But, at the edge of the cliff, it was Glenda. She really wanted Morris to win, for she could give him the prize; she was still at the end of the way, extending that clean white towel, waiting to wrap the champion inside.

10 Meters were still ahead, and Morris had still the sight on his mom. She was tall, long blonde hair, a permanent smile and indulgent eyes; Morris couldn’t wait more to melt on her strong feminine arms, and he went on. Ahead, a big fat boy was blocking the exit, with his arms ready to catch our hero; but Morris kneeled down at the last moment, without giving importance to flash his butthole to the bad guys, and crawled between his legs. Even the fat lad managed to spank him with his fat hand right at his crack, Morris managed to punch him in the testicles from under, making him collapse as he emerged triumphant.

Suddenly, another wet towel strike came directly to his buttocks. It had been his error, but he remembered not every blow can be evaded. It had been very painful; he had to cover his butt and testicles with one hand to stand the pain. But they were only 8 meters more and he had to managed to do that.

“COME ON, MORRIS! YOU CAN! I KNOW YOU CAN!”, his mother was shouting on the ahead, really encouraging.

In that moment, a flurry of towels and hands got over him, the boys were asking for his buttocks to spank, and he advanced two meters more, evading every attack. But it seemed all the enemies from before were returning to try again.

With great skill and perfect hip movements, Morris dodged his enemies’ attacks, ducking and diving when it was necessary. He even spread his legs on spleen, and performed some acrobatics to escape. The public was roaring on excitement, looking how Morris had surpassed his own limits.

After escaping that crowd, Morris had to go on against the next attackers, and he continued making the same movements. When he was attacked by three towels at the same time, he stepped on his hands, performing a whirl and a spleen. But just in the moment he dodged the three strikes, a surprise attacker came from behind, a naked guy that managed to slap slighty his butt with the towel’s tip.

SWATS --- - 6 of 7

Feeling the attack, Morris recovered automatically, turning again while still in hands, and hitting the guy’s nose with his little penis, what was surprisingly effective to throw him to the floor.

The public was hanging on a string; and Glenda felt her heart beating accelerated. These final 5 meters before the exit were going to be the final test that would determine if the boy was worthy or not to keep on the rally. 8 Feral attackers were twirling their towels with fury, surprised that the skinny guy had got so far.

In a photography ending, Morris prepared his last run; the first two attackers stroke at the same time, at Morris’s sides, but his speed quickly left them behind, making them to slap each other’s face. The other attackers were crowded to create a powerful attack mass, and Morris sighed as he was about meet them. Morris charged, preparing his last move. Glenda contained her breath as the lads got ready to spank his buttocks. But just at the peak of the action, Morris decided to change his plan; the attendants looked impressed how, instead passing through the attackers, Morris started to elevate in the air, in a final leap.

Everything went like in slow motion in that moment; the attackers, the attendants, and Glenda herself, were rendered immobile by the daring surprise. Morris turned in the air, performing a perfect somersault while Glenda and the attackers could do nothing more than contemplate his naked body and corageous buttocks rolling over their heads.

Effectively covering the 5 final meters, Morris’s figure, in his 12-years-old naked and skinny boy form, started to unwrap, hurling directly to Glenda’s arms. Glenda could snap out from his stupor, only to smile at the perfect boy’s job, and extended the towel to receive him in his arms. In that point, all the attendants with no exception stood up roaring and applauding.

Morris was exhausted yet smiling deeply happy, nuzzling on Glenda’s breasts, desperate for feel her hands on him. Glenda carried him on her arms, wrapping the towel around his upper body, and holding his bum with the other hand, while the amazing kid was curling on her with his arms and embracing her waist with his legs. Both of them were totally radiant in happiness, and so was the public.

“I Knew you could”, Glenda said, proudly, kissing Morris’s cheek.

At the public’s request, that amazing ending was repeated 5 times before passing to the next test.




End Chapter 4

The Great Transformations Rally

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2010


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