The Great Transformations Rally

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Chapter 3
The Queen of Dance (Male TG)

Chapter Description: Morris has to pass the next test: turning into the center of attention of a nightclub in her new female form.

Morris walked to the door, that seemed to be a girl’s dressing room, and by passing the fluffy pink curtains; Morris could take a look at a bunch of teenage girls, that were waiting for him. He felt suddenly ashamed of being naked, covering his privates with the rests of a diaper... but felt even more embarrassed as Glenda pulled them off, revealing the man’s erected penis. By the way, Glenda was now dressed in a fashion casual dress, more the like of the young women than the mistresses as she was.

“Don’t worry, big man” Glenda joked. “Now you’ll be between women...”

The next transformation began to take place starting by Morris penis, which first lost his erection, and then started retreating to his testicles... And then the sensation was incredible; Morris felt like a pair of colossal hands were pressing him and sculpting his body into a new form... New tissues grew on his body, as others went loose and got finer; he felt somewhat lighter and shorter... and when the girls pulled away the curtains of the mirror, Morris could look himself in the looking glass, transformed into a 24-years-old hot naked girl.

As his male counterpart body, Morris had short hair, this time split in a “two-waters” on his forehead, and longer in his nape. His eyes were now highlighted by two fine and long eye brushes, and his sharp chin had reached esthetical relevance for a woman look. His body was slim, all covered in white perfect skin, and compact in weight terms, hard and potent, but looking rhythmic and hypnotizing. His female attributes were fortunate too: Morris had little but round breasts, with two erected crimson nipples, wasp waist, curvy legs and perfect apple booty. A curtain of light and smooth hair covered her female privates.

“Four minutes, Morris”, announced Glenda, almost funny. Morris regained control of himself: he was that fascinated by looking his new body that had forgotten the contest.

The two girls took Morris by his hands and took him a lot of clothes, as Glenda explained the task: “Now, Morris, you have a great new body, that every woman would envy and every man would love”. Morris took mental note while he was trying his first clothe: a big pink hat, modeling it on front of the mirror, standing naked by the others. “But a girl’s body doesn’t work for itself. You’ll have to demonstrate your woman superiority by catching most of the boy’s attention”.

Morris suddenly felt the power sensation of becoming the potential center of attention. So she made her assistants choose the most sexual clothes she found.

When Glenda announced the time was over, Morris rose up in her sexy new form and outfit: wearing tall latex red boots, a black micro-skirt with leg opens, and a short red plastic top with a pronounced neckline, revealing vastly flesh. He looked, judging by his appearance and temperament, as the perfect femme fatale. And, not less important, considering the time so demanding, Morris decided not wearing any form of underwear.

Morris was accompanied by the other two girls, which were very sexy two, and they were perfectly made-up, wearing the last fashion: one of them, a hot latina girl with perfect tan skin wore a strapless top, sexy pink micro-shorts and a long brown ponytail. The other one, a redhead, wore a tight colored-striped sweater, a black corset and brown rubber pants.

Together, the girls walked through what appeared to be a tunnel heading to a bright door. There, Glenda was waiting for them, and as they met her, she said to the camera:

“Here they come, ladies and gentlemen: three perfect young women that are going to steal the show in the disco tonight! Bet for your favorite!”

The attendants applauded expectant and Glenda handled a mask for Morris and the girls, ordering them to cover their eyes like on a carnival. The public roared as those masks covered Morris’ eyes, creating a more mysterious and sexy appearance, in what only her cheeks nose and glossy lips were able to be contemplated.

“And now they go!” Glenda said, comically, hurrying them by giving them a little swat. The public laughed as the girls got into the new scenario.

It was a kind of Nightclub or discotheque, with the dark ambient resounding in techno electronic music. Lots of couples and snob boys and girls were there, dancing and drinking between the smoke and lasers. But when Morris and the other girls irrupted on the scene, it was like the time was freezing... every man and woman on the room turned their eyes to them, trapped by their diva look and defiant attitude...

“Wow, those girls have actual guts!” Glenda said to the camera, “but let’s see if they live to make the night theirs”.

Morris found herself blushing and her new female nipples erecting, as she felt a rush of adrenaline by being the center of attention... but she was not letting herself to get intimidated... actually, she found the new sensation more arousing than scary. Making the best use of her new female forms, she walked just like she was on a fashion parade. Her hips swaying, shoulder rhythm and perfectly controlled boob bouncing made the guys of the party pay more attention to her than the other girls...

“I don’t know what to say, I’m really amused” Glenda announced, “I didn’t imagine Morris would have that proficiency on being the actual GIRL of the party”.

With the other girls at her back, Morris crossed the bridge that separated the entrance from the dance platform reserved for the stars of the show, and she realized the bridge was suspended over the dancehall of the low floor. Blushing, she imagined that every person down would be able to take a good look at her groins as she wasn’t wearing underwear. Would be sexy pulling her skirt to cover her privates? Taking a look down? Course not! Morris knew that she had to maintain her Queen attitude and the night would be totally hers. Some idiot blonde girls were dancing around on the platforms with cocktails in their hands, behaving like whores while trying to call attention, but they only received laughs. Feeling nauseous, Morris walked directly to them and pushed the main girl on the chest, forcing her to walk the stairs down. The blonde girls abandoned the platform, grumbling, taking their place between the crowds.

“What rudeness!” Glenda said, laughing. “It seems the new Queen Bee has arrived to the nest!” The attendants were very excited for Morris, and the people of the nightclub were even more.

The DJ turned to the new occupants of the platform and Morris made a signal with a single gesture; by shaking her hand, she told the DJ to play a certain kind of music. The lights turned off and the attendants hailed on expectation; soon, the lights focused on Morris, as a rhythmic synthesizer beat gave her the new dance steps. Morris felt the music all inside her and her body start to rock, with her hips bouncing with the music. Morris felt all the attention, so powerful, and combined with the music rush, make her get totally aroused; in the climax beat, she inserted two fingers in her new cunt, feeling all its heat and pressure. And then, the lasers turned on, making Morris’ body react and create a new frenzy dance. Soon, the entire Nightclub hailed the new queen, as the other girls danced at her sides. The ambient was getting hot and electric, and Morris decided to take a walk by the terrace. So, she walked by another bridge, now totally aware that the people would be looking at her hot ass and wet cunt, in all their magnificence.

“Look at that!” Glenda said, “A real good work, Mr. Morris”. The attendants looked impressed the sweet scene, while the ladies covered her eyes, secretly admiring that girl’s guts.

The people moved apart as she walked to the next platform, looking at them with particular interest, lust or admiration. The males crowded at her pass, asking her indecorous and decorous proposals, declaring them their love, making her fun and money offers... But she was above that level. Soon, Morris arrived to the V.I.P. platform, where only the coolest and the famous, the lords of that place were reunited. And she was the new star on their constellation.

The dance continued with sexy slow beats, and a muscular black man approached to Morris. Morris felt impressed as she guessed his inner rhythm and strong will... Morris couldn’t fight her instinct, and she rested her hands on the banister, inviting the man to take possession on her. The guy chuckled pleased, and embracing Morris from behind, they began to convulse at the sound of the music. Even they were dancing with others, the other attendants were paying more attention to Morris’ sexy dance with the black man; soon Morris felt her skin electrified by his rough hands contact and let him grab her boobs, that were now as hard as steel... the dance heated and soon Morris felt a heat wave ascending from her crotch... now they were dancing as snakes in a ritual dance, and the other attendants were totally impressed.

Glenda had nothing to say at Morris’ expressive display... neither the public of the TV Show could; they were totally mesmerized and focused in her routine.

As the dance was getting to a hot spot, Morris squatted down with her couple, performing a complicated dance move, as she was shaking her booty at the rhythm of the music. Most guys raised their sunglasses, as Morris’ short skirt totally slipped up, uncovering her perfect round and white butt, with the buttocks split enough to take a look at her butthole.

“Oh, Morris...”, Glenda said, “You’re such a charm...”

After that, a high-class girl joined to Morris’ dance creating a threesome, with Morris and the new girl pressing their breasts against the other, while the black man kept handling Morris from her back... And then, Morris could look at her female face, as pure and natural, on the big screen of the disco. She knew all the eyes were on her, and now he was realizing what the hell he was doing... He had only left himself follow the instincts of his new female body, and then he knew it was on her new female nature being a whore... But she knew a woman’s power is even higher when she’s separated from the bond to other creatures.

Morris left the dance platform, heading by the bridge to another, the last, upper platform. Now, her vulva and rear were on the screen, and she run as quick as she could to the cage platform. There, she got inside the cage, which was suspended all over the down floor dancehall. It was an iron cage with a transparent floor, for everyone under it could enjoy the show... Morris locked inside, and continued her divine dancing inside it, as it was taken to one to another Nightclub extreme... Everyone were looking above their heads, contemplating the divine goddess and her cosmic dance. Her sex, her moves and demeanor, all of them were that sublime that had really turned her in the Queen of the Night. Morris kept dancing, concentrated in her role as a divine virgin, while Glenda and the other attendants to the show let a tear roll by their cheeks, deeply moved by her cosmic femininity display.... And when the cage came to the other extreme, the lights of the nightclub turned off and the hall remained in silence.

The TV-Show’s signature music filled the new area, and Morris was awakened by the shining light of the room. He heard a hail of applauses, but strangely the sensation of being a goddess had vanished as a dream.

“And Morris accomplished the task perfectly!” Glenda received her with a smile. Morris blushed, like trying to hide her new female feelings.

“Now: The show must go on!” Glenda said, indicating a new entrance. In her female form, Morris ran through another tunnel that would take her to the next level...




End Chapter 3

The Great Transformations Rally

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2010


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