The Great Transformations Rally

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2010

Chapter 2
Big Baby in the Desert (Adult Baby)

Chapter Description: Morris has to face a race against time, wearing only a diaper and in a desert! will his masculine might impose to the hard situation?

Morris suddenly felt that he and the diaper were growing. His fine features evolved as he grew up: her little baby feet became bigger, thicker and rough. Her soft white skin tanned and a lot of hair appeared on his silky legs and tender armpits... Morris quickly understood the sensation... he was his old self again.

“Welcome back, Morris”, said Glenda, hugging him at the hips.

The 24-years-old man rose up from the bed, still stunned.

“I will now tell you the new rules, Morris”, continued Glenda, as she looked to the camera, “Someone once said that the most fragile creature in the world is a man without underwear...”

She paused, the continued with a funny look at Morris.

“I ask you: Would using a diaper make you feel more secure, or ashamed??”

The audience laughed at that joke, delivered with Glendas everpresent grace. She helped Morris get up and led him by his hips to the new stage. The door opened and revealed a wide open desert to Morris.

“I’m sorry, Morrie”, explained Glenda, “I know that, as a man, you have to make hard and painful decisions in your life... I hope you have had to experience a similar situation before this. But then again... that?s the Rally.”

Morris seemed to not understand, until he looked down. At his feet was a starting mark.

“This is the start”, indicated Glenda, “and that’s the finish.”

With that, she lent Morris a pair of binoculars. Morris could see, very far away, a black and white flag.

“And you, Morris, must cross the obstacles, walking in the hot sand with your bare feet, or else you will not pass this test...”

Morris waited ten seconds, frightened. But a slap on his diapered butt startled him.

“One minute less: RUN!”

Morris started to run under the sun, feeling the rocks in the ground digging into his feet. Glenda had got into a helicopter, to monitor Morris’ progress.

Morris felt the test was too hard; he had to run about 1 kilometer in nine minutes, and the sun had started to beat down on him. The only conciliation was that the burning sands obliged him to hurry!

“And don’t forget”, shouted Glenda with a megaphone, from above, “Don’t lose your diaper, or you’ll be disqualified!”

Morris felt like a little boy being reminded by his mother. The diaper was made out of plastic, but at least for the first minute, it felt fresh on his cheeks. While dwelling on those thoughts, Morris did not notice he was running into quicksand... until it was too late. The moving sands had started to entrap his legs. Struggling, Morris felt he was in danger, convinced that he was going to die. Fortunately he found within his sight, a way of salvation. A dry wooden stick that was hanging from a more firm sand surface.

Morris was, at that moment, covered waist deep, but he managed to reach the stick and pulled with every ounce of strength in him, hoping that the stick wouldn’t crack. It worked; in less than 20 seconds Morris was out of the quicksand.

“Moooorrris...”, said a melodious voice from above, “didn’t you forget your diaper...?

Morris realized dying was only one of the dangers... The big diaper was there, out of his reach, submerging slowly in the sand, while he was totally naked in the desert, with no way to reach it. Something in his primitive mind activated, and he realized the wooden stick was a good way to save his diaper...and his dignity. Morris improvised a fishing rod using the stick and some rocks, and drove it -as long as it was- into the sands, hoping to catch the diaper.

There was Morris, with his firm male butt being focused on by the show’s camera. Ladies blushed and laughed at his exposed privates, while Morris extended out as far as he could to reach the diaper with the stick.

?It worked!’, thought Morris, when he touched something solid. A great pull and there was the diaper; wet and covered in sand, of course, but still whole.

“Mooooorrris...”, taunted again Glenda. “... Only six miiiinutes...”

Morris had advanced only 1/3 of the whole way, and there could be more obstacles ahead. But he rested a few seconds at the shade of a tree, while putting on his diaper again, and then forged ahead in the Race, with renewed strength.

“It seems we have a great man, here”, said Glenda for the TV show, “He is a truly a man. But if he disappoints me, he will have to answer to mamma and I’ll give him a good spanking.” Men and women laughed equally at that Ms. Barker reference.

“Only three minutes, Morris”, said Glenda again, this time more seriously.

Morris was now feeling great pain in his feet. The diaper’s sand had slipped between his buttocks and legs, and diaper rash appeared on his groin. He had advanced 2/3 of the course... but what traps were still present??

The goal was near, but suddenly the perspective changed a little... Morris was looking at it from above!! A ramp suddenly popped up from the sand he was stepping on and had thrown him in the air. In midair, the punished diaper untied, and Morris fell to the ground on his chin, with his butt aimed up in the air. He landed in soft sand, but felt sudden disorientation. The diaper landed just at his head.

“One minute, Morris. Hurry!”

The public felt like they were witnessing a great Olympic test. It was a hard test for any man, but Morris was almost near the end of it. With great courage, Morris kept running while removing the diaper from his head, and putting it on again. Only ten seconds remained... twelve meters... 5 seconds... 8 meters... 1 second... 1 Meter... AND MORRIS DID IT!!!

He landed on the finish line, hovering in the sand as the diaper yielded and ripped off, revealing a great man’s butt. Glenda landed and went to greet him. As he got up, exhausted while trying to cover his privates with the last remains of the diaper.

“What a great demonstration of a man’s grit!”, said Glenda, stunned by Morris’ achievement. “Now, come with me to the next test, big man”, she purred at him, leading him by his arm. “In this room you’ll recover for your wounds... and be able to dance this night”, she stated finishing with a wink to the camera. The audience had begun to calm down from that last excitement. Now they were ready to see more action.

[size=4]TO BE CONTINUED[/size]



End Chapter 2

The Great Transformations Rally

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2010


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