The Great Transformations Rally

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2010

Morris is invited to be the participant of the TF Racing, a contest where he'll have to face different challenges by acquiring new exciting forms. Glenda Barker, the hostess, will be his guardian angel in this competition. Will he make it?

Chapter 1
The First Task (Male AR/TG)

Chapter Description: Glenda Barker, the hostess of the TV Show, welcomes Morris to his first challenge. Age: 5 Gender: Female Challenge: Performing a convincing ballet routine.

The lights turned on in the set scenery. The hostess, Glenda Barker, wore a long silver dress that was luxuriously arranged, greeting the audience of the show.

Showing her best smile, and projecting to the camera, the 33-years-old woman opened the nightly show.

"Good evening, my dear guests", she said, holding the microphone in hand, and her cue cards in the other. "I give you a warm welcome to this week’s edition of the GREAT TRANSFORMATION RALLY!”

The audience applauded loudly, as they knew that night, like in every episode of the show, they’d have a lot of familiar and sensual fun.

Giggling at the public enthusiasm, Glenda walked to the front of the scenery, and lifted her hand, making a curtain unveil the entrance door for that week’s participant.

"Ladies and gentlemen" she said, filled with excitement, "allow me to introduce you to this weeks contestant"...

The house lights dimmed and two rotating spotlights whirled to the door and then focusing into it. As the door opened wide, the lights turned on again and confetti rained down, welcoming that night’s star. He was a 24-year-old young man, wearing jeans and a red sweater. His short and spiky light brown hair, and handsome masculine face quickly drew the audience’s attention.

"He is... Morris Randall...", said Glenda, as the audience gave their welcome to the participant, applauding him loudly.

Glenda walked to Morris and gave him a welcome kiss, then showed him to the Big Rally’s entrance. Morris walked to the entrance, accompanied by two gorgeous models wearing halter tops, short shorts and boots. As Morris stood in the starting circle, the girls stepped down the stairs and posed with Glenda for the cameras, smiling.

Glenda once again turned her attention to the camera; her mature womanly features mixed sensuality and a maternal touch, making her the perfect hostess.

"Over the next ninety minutes, our friend Morris will have to pass seven challenges, where he’ll have to adapt in order to accomplish a specific task designed for vastly different people."

The audience waited serenely, looking to Glenda’s expressive face as she once more announced the well-known motto of the show.

"Now... Morris, do you feel ready?", asked Glenda, turning to the boy, while the band played an overture to increase the excitement.

Morris was nervous, but he smiled, gave a little pause and answered: “Yes, madam”.

The band played the optimistic show intro, as a hail of balloons and confetti landed on Morris. Soon the party favors were so many, that Morris’ body disappeared from the cameras view. Glenda walked slowly, approaching the start point, and as she arrived, kept her attention to the camera, repeating those well-known words: “Our attendant is going to pass his life test... Or should I say his lives’ tests...? Our dear Morris must show us he’s a whole person; able to accomplish every person’s dreams. His ability to do that will win him a perpetual life of retirement and leisure, as well as fame, fortune, and the most importantly... OUR LOVE.”

When Glenda said those last words, the house lights turned off again, and the band silenced, keeping an atmosphere that built expectation. Glenda pressed one button, and the confetti pile where Morris stood was gradually drained.

"Now, let’s find out what form our dear Morris will assume for his first test", said Glenda, looking to one of her cue cards...

And when only a little pile of confetti (far shorter than when it had originally fell on Morris) remained at the starting point, Glenda submerged her arm into it and pulled out the new Morris... The public remained mute as they laid eyes on the new Morris. What Glenda had pulled out of the confetti pile was nothing more and nothing less than... a cute 5-year-old toddler girl, wearing a light pink leotard!!

The audience roared in applause as they saw the cute baby girl Morris had became. Glenda pulled the girl out of the pile, embracing her with an arm, and made her say hello to the camera. Morris felt content being the center of attention and giggled girlishly, saying hello and throwing kisses to the camera. Glenda looked at her as a proud mother would.

Morris looked radiant. He was now a plump 4-year-old girl, wearing a cute pair of Teddy Bear-dotted white panties; her straight brown hair was gathered in a ponytail, and her face was a gorgeous and healthy infant girls. She wore discreet make-up on her brown eyes, red lips and blushed with spongy pink cheeks.

Glenda finished addressing the first Morris change (only the first of many), put Morris back down to the floor, and took him by her hand. Morris swayed her cute tushy, climbing the stairs with a little difficulty, being sometimes pulled along by Glenda, while being altogether admired by the ladies and gentlemen of the audience... Morris was now a perfect little lady.

"Now; Morris will have only ten minutes to accomplish her tasks..." announced Glenda, reading the rules. "And her first one is... passing the admission test for a ballet school."

Morris looked to the camera, heavily surprised, blushing greatly. The public laughed joyfully at his new funny girl’s face. Morris suddenly became aware that he was barefoot... but Glenda quickly ran to help, holding in her hands a pair of ballerina shoes, a hairclasp and a tutu skirt.

"Morris will have only 5-minutes between scenes for a dressing change...", explained Glenda, smiling to the camera as she was maternally adressing Morris, "... because he’s still a little girl, I’ll help him this time." Glenda finished gracefully, batting an eye to the camera.

Morris was extremely nervous as he had transformed into a complete ballerina girl. She crossed her legs and held her fingers, girlishly blushing for the public’s affection.

"Come on, honey", said Glenda while looking at her with a sweet smile, crouching to reach Morris’ new height. "The public will love you, my little girl."

They walked abruptly to the next curtain, Morris almost stumbling, to where his new task was waiting him.

The staff followed Morris with the cameras and sound mics, while Glenda remained out of scene. Morris stepped forward to see the new room. He was fascinated by its look: a large pink room, draped with XIX century ballet pictures showing princesses, little ballerina girls and women, and other fine art features. The air was filled with the compassed music of an unknown but beautiful ballet song for ladies. In front of Morris was a tribunal of three kind old persons: two men and one elegant fat grandmother. She was dressed in a pink dress, hat, and wearing a tiara and silk gloves.

One of the men directed Morris, filled with kindness, and pointed at her with a pen. Morris blushed and put her sight to the floor, looking at her new slim and precious legs with her feet covered in the pink ballerina shoes, at the tip of her pinkish soft pink stockings. Morris suddenly remembered her new ballerina manners, and taking his fingers to her skirt’s ends, made a deep bow to the examiners.

"What a precious little lady we have here", said one of them.

One of the old men then proceeded: "Now, Morris, we want you show us your dance... please don’t be nervous, honey. All you have to do is take a deep and relaxing breath... Then, listen to the music..."

Morris looked to the cuckoo clock: seven minutes had passed. Then she remembered the rules: Two tests failed, then the contestant loses the game.

"A deeeep breath", calmly stated the fat grandma.

Morris closed her eyes...

As the music began to coil on her toes, her new girl’s abilities merged with her mind... Morris would not be the master of the situation... he... no, SHE, had only to let herself be taken by the music. Morris stepped on her tiptoes, making an arch with her column, her young neck rose up, as a virginal maid...

Then, one twist... another one... perfect balance in her precious girl legs, twirling around and dancing like the fragile butterfly he now was... the wooden floor tic-tacked at her steps, as if applauding every movement. Morris blushed in the next twirl, winding two times, and crouching to embrace her legs while spinning, feeling intoxicated, as if she were the young wife of a musical god...

In his new body, Morris felt a new sensation rising that he had never felt before: Of belonging to the waves and to the wind. The music grew stronger, and Morris blushed much more, opening her tender mouth in a kind of rictus, a silent communion scream... there came the violins, making her body spin over her. Then the piano, always following the rhythm, that made her coil two times, trying to grasp the note that floated away in the air... and the cello closed her debut, making Morris twirl again over herself, falling down, gently rubbing her female’s bum on the floor, hugging her legs with one arm, her other plump feminine hand pointing to the sky...

The music finished; Morris had been... fairly good in the interpretation. She had not recovered yet from the stream of passion, when the old council were over her, greeting her.

"You are a great girl", said one of them, tapping Morris’ head. The fat grandma had been moved to tears.

"You’ll always be welcomed in this ladies’ institution... maybe I should introduce you to my grandson. You and him..."

Morris blushed, suddenly thinking of the possibility of her new, exuberant being, possessed by something more than the music... But Morris was quickly interrupted by Glenda, who had come with the staff to continue the Transformation Rally...

"I have to applaud you; you showed us what it is really like to be a little girl. But remember, Morris: Only five minutes of preparation...".

Glenda lifted up Morris again, who joyfully giggled, and was taken out of the tribunal for the next task. Glenda was now wearing a mother’s outfit, consisting of a yellow shirt and a long green skirt, stockings and high-heel shoes. The staff and Glenda had now arrived at the next room, a white room with two beds covered in white sheets.

Glenda lifted up her sleeves and laid Morris down at the table.

"You were great, my little princess", she said to Morris, in a funny voice, snuggling against Morris’ belly.

Morris giggled in satisfaction as Glenda pulled her skirt off and then started to undress her quickly, making her laugh by applying tickles to her body. As Morris panties were taken off, Glenda returned with baby products and lifted up Morris legs to apply baby powder and cream to her booty. Morris felt so good being taken care of by that nice woman, and those products and the quiet room made him feel fresh and loved. Glenda then wrapped Morris’ booty inside a diaper... and then the next transformation started...

"What new dares will await our beloved Morris?" asked Glenda to the camera, arching her brows... Keep on watching THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION RALLY MARATHON to find out!”



End Chapter 1

The Great Transformations Rally

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated May 18, 2010


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