The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Chapter 27
The Babysitter, Part 27

Part 27

I was being put to bed.

It seemed like a rather tame punishment on the surface, especially compared to the brutal spanking I suffered earlier in front of my sister, but it was surprisingly effective nonetheless. Whether I was eighteen or thirteen, 8:30 was way too early to turn in for the night. Especially on a summer Friday. It was demeaning, and completely ridiculous when I usually crashed closer to midnight. 

But it was Noelle. According to her, this was her version of a final warning. Either I could behave and get ready for bed, all while thinking about the fresh start she and I were going to have tomorrow morning–no more lying, in particular–or I could be spanked again for being difficult, and have my mouth washed out with soap for the recent profanity. There was no doubt in my mind that she would follow through on that threat if I kept insisting who I really was, and she had already proven how easy it was to get me over her lap despite my struggling.

I opted for the former, demeaning as it was. To make matters worse, Noelle supervised me every step of the way. She followed me upstairs and into my room, stating that she didn’t currently trust me out of her sight. Within reason, of course. I still hadn’t showered, as the stern brunette’s arrival interrupted my usual post-ballet ritual. To her credit, Noelle remembered that I had wanted one earlier, even though I was wearing the fresh clothes Paige found for me instead of my leotard. 

While I would have privacy for that, I wouldn’t really get to relax in the hot water like I normally would. As she picked out a clean pair of panties from the drawer of plain white/nude options my sister and her friends had left in my drawer, Noelle informed me that I had exactly ten minutes of running water that I could use. According to her, that was more than generous, as an efficient shower could be done in half that time. “What else do you wear to bed, Miley? A t-shirt? Tank top?”

“Whatever,” I mumbled. The answer was ‘either,’ depending on my mood and the temperature, but I wasn’t feeling picky at the moment. 

She proceeded to procure a pink tank top that I didn’t recognize in the slightest from a lower drawer, followed by a pair of loose, black shorts. I actually didn’t wear anything but underwear to bed below the waist, although I also didn’t want to be bottomless around Noelle. Instead of handing them to me, she crossed the room and made a point to neatly stack up the garments on the sink in my private bathroom. “Your ten minutes start right now, Miley,” she said, gesturing to the open door, “Hop to it.”

Wait, I wasn’t ready! Except I couldn’t whine about that, or anything, without sounding more like the bratty teenager she believed me to be. I didn’t rush forward, as I decided in the moment that losing a few seconds was better than looking ridiculous by scurrying across the room. The moment I passed the threshold, I closed the door behind me and let out a deep sigh. Simply being alone was a refreshing change of pace, but not by much. I was on the clock, and Noelle probably wouldn’t have any qualms about coming in and turning off the water herself if I was taking too long. She could easily reach her hand behind the curtain without actually seeing me naked, and there was also the fact that she believed that she was my babysitter. Noelle had already seen me bottomless when she spanked me, and getting a glimpse of my top half would bother me way more than it bothered her. We were both girls, and she was a professional that Miley’s parents had hired as a ‘last resort.’ A little exposure wasn’t going to faze her. And, as much as I hated to admit it, my bare body wouldn’t do me any favors in terms of proving my real age. 

Wait, could I- No. Definitely not. I was neatly trimmed below the waist, rather than shaved or waxed. Similar to the way I often wore push-up bras, having a bit of hair down there was another way of physically showing my maturity. A little dumb, considering how infrequently anyone saw that part of me, but it was also kind of for me. That I’m a young woman, despite my noticeable lack of height or curves. For a fleeting moment, I considered using that private red hair to show Noelle that I was older than she thought, but that was ridiculous. She would just assume that I was an early bloomer, not to mention that she had given me a bare bottom spanking earlier. Surely she had already glimpsed that part of me, or even felt it a little bit when I was over her lap. Actually, no. That wasn’t right. The experience had contained all the embarrassment of being bottomless, but I had been wearing my leotard at the time.My ass had only been on display because she had wedgied me to make the spanking more painful. 

And, when she didn’t believe my attempt to display my physical maturity down there, I would end up getting spanked again. Then put to bed early anyway. Also, how would I even attempt something like that? I blushed to myself at the thought of pulling down the waistband of my panties just to halfway flash Noelle in a last ditch effort to make her believe me. 

It wasn’t until I was starting to bathe myself that I realized what I had done. I had lost every single one of my nice bras. Paige and her friends had watched me cut up most of them myself, not to mention all the ‘matching’ underwear she and Annika had destroyed as well. And all for nothing. Noelle hadn’t believed the age on my driver’s license for even a second, and I was belatedly processing the part about what she had said about Paige. How my sister had shown her my ‘fake high school ID.’ 

Paige hadn’t just gone upstairs to grab dessert and fresh drinks for everyone. She had fucking set me up! Given Noelle the ID that I hadn’t yet taken out of my wallet after graduation, and put the idea of fakes in her mind. Primed Noelle to immediately doubt the real thing after I had done so much to earn it. 

I closed my eyes and let out a sharp huff. FUCK. There wasn’t even anything I could do about it. Not at the moment, anyway. Paige would be in all kinds of trouble come Monday, but I was totally screwed until then. In fact, I was no closer to proving my identity than I was since my obnoxious step-sister leaned into the mistake Noelle had made regarding our address, who I really was, and everything in between. And if I didn’t have real proof, like my driver’s license was supposed to be, Noelle would discipline me as if I was Miley.  

For the moment, all I could do was shower. It was difficult to think while I was worried about the timer she had put on me, although I tried. Climb out the window after she puts me to bed? Sneak down the hall to use the landline in our parents’ room? They each came with their risks, but better that than another two full days of putting up with this false reality I was trapped in.

Without a clock in the bathroom, I had to err on the side of safety. The moment my hair and body were thoroughly rinsed off, I turned off the water instead of lingering in the steam like I normally would. 

I desperately needed to figure something out, and I was running out of time.

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End Chapter 27

The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024


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