The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Chapter 5
The Babysitter, Part Five


I had been SO sure that it was a bluff. 

In modern society, physically punishing kids was becoming more and more frowned upon every year. And even then, wouldn’t that be something a parent did to their own child, rather than telling a babysitter to do so? I wouldn’t know. Not only had our parents been in the camp that corporal punishment wasn’t a technique they wanted to use, but I also didn’t really get in trouble growing up. Not seriously, at least, aside from maybe not wanting to do a chore or two in my younger days. 

Then again, Miley did deserve something like this. In retrospect, Noelle had hinted as much. That there was a reason she had been hired. It wasn’t that difficult to put the pieces together now that it was playing out. 

My whole body jolted forward from the force of the blow. Oh my God, that HURT. Not only did Noelle follow through on something that I expected to be an empty threat, but she was clearly aiming for a degree of pain on top of the emotional side of things that came with being bent over someone’s knee. Before I could fully process the first spank, her hand cracked down again on my opposite cheek. 

I sharply gasped. “Noelle, stop!” Belatedly finding my voice, I attempted to squirm out of her grip and off her lap. This was not happening to me! It was the same thought as the one I had a few moments ago, but heightened now that my backside had just been assaulted twice in the most mortifying way.

My efforts were completely fruitless. That strong arm of hers kept me more or less pinned in place, though she made sure to give me a few jostling pulls anyway as a nonverbal warning to stay. At the same time, her other hand gave another sharp tug to the back of my leotard. I could only mewl in protest as it dug farther between my cheeks and uncomfortably rubbed at my most private area. My face flushed, no doubt turning crimson from a combination of the fact that I was just spanked for the first time in my life, the meek sound that escaped my lips, and the knowledge that Paige was sitting across the room just out of my sightlines to witness my humiliation. 

“No.” Noelle’s voice was calm and quiet, but had a stern dominance behind it. CRACK. THWAP. SMACK. WHAP. She alternated cheeks, striking as hard as she could each time. At least, that’s what it felt like from my perspective. “That’s six, Miley, and we’re going to thirty. Each time you complain or lie to me, you’ll be adding ten to the count.”

Ignoring her, I called out to my sister. Clearly, imploring our neighbor’s babysitter to stop wasn’t going to work. “Paige, tell her the truth!” I begged. Paige was a lot most days, but this was going too. There was no way she orchestrated this, because she was more the impulsive type than a girl who planned. Playing along with the mistake that clearly brought her amusement, however? That fitted her impulsiveness to a T.

“Miley, seriously,” Paige sighed, “Enough. No one’s buying it.”

Ugh, that wasn’t helping! Every time my step-sister called me ‘Miley,’ she was confirming that Noelle had arrived at the right house. “Paige! You-AH!!” My attempt to snap back at her was cut off by an embarrassingly shrill yelp brought on by another harsh slap to my mostly bare ass. Before I could decide whether to speak up in my defense again or not, the following spank caused another girly cry. Apparently parting my lips made it next to impossible to hold back a verbal reaction. My body might have been strong from ballet, but my ass was quite sensitive due to never being hit in such a way before. Not wanting this to be even more of a show for Paige, whose smirk I could practically hear in her voice despite not being able to see her expression, I quickly clamped my lips shut before the next blow. 

Noelle sighed as well. “We’re going to count that as a lie, Miley. Eight down, thirty-two to go. Now, please hold still and don’t make this harder than it has to be.” Then she got started for real. 


Six on each cheek; twelve total. Even after attempting to brace myself this time around, my petite body still ended up slightly jolting with each spank. I couldn’t help but make a few squeaks and muted whines along the way, which added to the audible embarrassment of the sounds of Noelle’s hand slapping my bared cheeks. Still, I managed to keep my lips tightened together the entire time to keep myself from making any louder noises as the stinging got worse and worse. 

Including the first eight, we were at twenty. The brunette babysitter paused there while I caught my breath and tried to will away the eyewater that was naturally forming despite my best efforts to keep it away. “Would you like to tell me your real name, now?” Noelle asked.

No. I didn’t want to. ‘Alyssa’ would be a lie in Noelle’s eyes, which would increase the number of spankings. And ‘Miley’ would be affirming that this was not the mortifying misunderstanding that it actually was. Since neither name would end well, I simply shook my head ‘no.’ 

“Shame,” she simply said. 

I could see her raising her hand for the next spank, as I had shifted my head during the break so I could at least glance at the young woman doing this to me. So she could hopefully see a flicker of maturity in my eyes and realize I wasn’t actually some difficult middle school girl, but honestly more so I wasn’t stuck staring at Paige’s sheets and carpet and nothing else throughout this ordeal. Maybe it was the visual of Noelle’s wind-up, or because my lower cheeks were stinging and more vulnerable after the first round, but pain seemed to course through my entire body when her hand crashed into my backside. 

“Okay! I’m Miley!!” I cried out.


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End Chapter 5

The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024


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Baby325 · Jan 29, 2023

Awesome story

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