The Babysitter, Part 28

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Chapter 23
The Babysitter, Part 23

Part 23

Rather than taking Paige’s approach of pulling one thing at a time out of the bag containing my undergarments, Annika simply turned it upside down and dumped all the contents out. All my underwear and remaining bras, now piled on the blonde’s lap, and a little bit on my sister’s as well. It’s not like the organization–or lack thereof–would have been any better inside the small bag itself, but actually seeing it was easily worse. I put a lot of work into keeping my room neat and tidy, including every drawer, and this was the complete opposite. Not to mention the fact that every girl here was getting to see my entire collection, something that had been previously private to me and those who I chose to share it with. 

After reaching in and making sure to get the last few pieces that gravity hadn’t taken care of, Annika set the bag down next to her and started filling it back up with anything that didn’t match one of the bras that Paige and I had cut up. Anything that wasn’t black, white, red, or blue was put back away. At least Annika wasn’t making a show of displaying every garment to the other girls along the way, although I still didn’t love the fact that another girl was handling my underwear. Although it was more that she was one of Paige’s friends; I wouldn’t have cared if one of my own friends was helping me pack or something and going through my things in that regard. 

As she worked, Violet took the scissors from me and passed them back down the line until Paige was holding them again. “Hmm, that should do it,” Annika said. She selected a dark blue thong from the underwear that remained piled up on her lap, and wasted no time in taking the blades from my sister. This time around, she did aim for a little more bravado. Annika dangled the thong from her fingertips, letting everyone get a good look at it for a few seconds.

“Annika, wait!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t that I was having second thoughts about all this. Bras were way more expensive than underwear, and the damage had already been done to the former. I could suffer through losing a few pairs of the latter, especially when they no longer had anything to match to. However, the sky blue lace boyshorts that matched the most recent bra I had cut up were still sitting amidst the small collection in front of Annika; I could see the familiar fabric peeking out near her lower thigh. So why was she about to destroy my blue thong? 

“Miley, hush,” Violet said, “A bet’s a bet.”

“That’s not the right pair,” I pointed out. Suffering in silence was one thing when it was what I had actually begrudgingly signed up for by making such a terrible wager, but this hadn’t been part of it. Also, underwear hadn’t even been part of the bet! Paige had just twisted ‘one bra’ into ‘three bras and matching underwear,’ and I had once again gone along with it out of desperation. My favorite bra, and my driver’s license. Those were what I wanted, and it was a little embarrassing how much I was sacrificing for the things that were already supposed to be mine. 

Before anyone could say anything else, Annika opened the scissors all the way and cut all the way through the thong.

I gasped in both shock and disbelief. She did not just do that. “Annika!!”

“Miley.” Her voice was totally flat in contrast. “You lost, remember? And Violet told you to shush.”


“One more word out of you, and I’m going to add another bra or five to the pile.”

Did I even have five left? Not counting sports bras, which didn’t look like they had been included in the bag Paige and whoever else had filled, I only had so many everyday use ones. In fact, there might have been exactly five left. Was she threatening to ruin all my bras, rather than exaggerating with a random number? It would have been easy enough for them to get a count before starting all this, especially since it seemed like Paige had thought of this bet before I had joined them, and prepped for it. Why else would my lingerie be stashed so close? 

I hated how simple yet effective Annika’s threat was. Trying to defend my underwear had resulted in the exact opposite of what I had intended; just like that, there was even more on the line than there was before. And my abrupt silence was obvious proof that I wasn’t willing to push my luck by calling out how none of this made sense. 

Annika broke character pretty quickly; her serious expression faded, and she gave a tiny smirk towards my compliance. “That’s what I thought. If only you were better behaved in general, Miley. Now, what was it you politely asked us to do with your matching underwear? Paige?”

“She asked us to cut them up,” Paige said.

“Exactly,” Annika continued. She lifted a plain pair of black panties next, which were very much not the other half to the lace set of the bra I had cut up with my own hands. Once again, she wasted no time in cutting through them. “Last time I checked, black matches black. And a lighter bra can be so cute with darker underwear. Just to be safe, I’m going to have to cut up all the colors that you did, Miley.”

Violet giggled from right next to me. “Good idea! Besides, she’s a little too young to be wearing thongs anyway.”

“SO true!” Paige grinned. She reached across Annika and grabbed the bag of lingerie. “Let’s get rid of those, too. It’s not like my sister has much of an ass, anyway.”

Wait, this wasn’t part of the deal either!! I was already wrestling with the concept that Annika was planning on destroying a lot more than I had counted on. While I didn’t own that many blues and reds, there were a variety of blacks and whites currently on the chopping block. But all my thongs? I was used to snide remarks about my size when it came to Paige. However, I was very much not prepared for this kind of audacity. 

Reading my mind a bit, or perhaps just guessing based on my body language, Violet turned towards me with a quiet, “Shh . . . ” In an increasingly familiar gesture, she pulled me in a little more tightly by our linked arms. She lowered her voice, although that didn’t guarantee that her words were just for me. “It’s okay, Miley. We brought you new underwear, remember?”

Right. ‘New.’ I was pretty sure Paige’s friends had individually raided their old closets before coming over, rather than buying me anything from the store on the way. And the panties in my drawer upstairs weren’t just immature; they were boring. Even when I was Miley’s age, I didn’t just have a collection of plain, white panties. And I had long outgrown the girly pinks and purples that were up there as well. 

As Violet’s words sunk in, it dawned on me just how much of a gullible idiot I had been. Had that been their plan all along?! Manipulate things to the point where they had an excuse to get rid of all my undergarments, so I would be stuck with the hand-me-downs that were up in my bedroom? By the time Paige and Annika were done with the ‘matching’ underwear and the thongs, at least half my collection would be gone. 

I was tempted to squirm out of Violet’s grip and demand for all of this to stop. If I raised my voice enough, maybe Noelle would come down here and see what was going on. No, that was stupid. It would be so easy for Paige to stuff everything back in the bag the moment she heard footsteps upstairs. The bigger question was, how far was I going to let this go? Cutting my losses now would mean that I had come down here and done a lot of this to myself for nothing, but staying could potentially result in Paige systematically culling my lingerie collection until there was nothing left. 

“Oh no, Miley,” Paige said. Similar to the way Annika had been dangling the last few garments from her fingertips, my sister did the same thing with the dark green thong that matched the bra I had done so much to save. “What now? We already said that your thongs need to go . . . ”

Somehow, I managed to bite my tongue. She was trying to goad a reaction out of me, or perhaps just a couple of words. Speaking up for myself would result in more of my bras being ruined, which was easily the more expensive punishment, but staying silent risked losing half my favorite lingerie set. 

Paige knew it, too. I would be screwed if I had done so much to hold onto the bra, only to find that the thong wasn’t currently available to purchase anywhere. Though Annika recently made the point about how things didn’t have to match exactly, something I was well aware of myself, I also knew that whatever else I could find to wear with the bra would pale in comparison to how it looked with the underwear that had literally been designed to go with it. “I suppose Annika could spare this one,” she mused, as if her friend was the one making such decisions, “If you give her a real apology.”

It was Annika’s turn to grin, as she added on, “and admit that you don’t really have an ass.”

“Or boobs,” Paige smirked.

“Or hips, really,” Annika bounced off her, “Did she really try to tell her babysitter that she was eighteen?”

“She’d be hard pressed to pull off ‘fifteen,’ especially with how immature she acts. But no, definitely not ‘eighteen.’ I think we all know which one of us is the bigger sister. What do you think, Miley? Apologize to Annika properly, and admit that you don’t have any curves? Or . . . ”

Reading her mind, Annika emphatically snipped the air with the scissors, then held them up to the thong that Paige was holding up. 

This time, I couldn’t help it. “Don’t!” I protested. If I actually stopped to think about it, maybe I would consider that doing so much to protect a single set of lingerie wasn’t worth it. But the visual threat was too much, especially now that I had committed so far for the sake of the matching bra’s continued existence. While I knew that continuing to play Paige’s game was a terrible idea, I was also constantly being pressured to choose between two bad options. Between watching the duo cut up my favorite thong, or saying an apology that I didn’t really mean, it felt like a no brainer to go with the latter. “I’m sorry, Annika,” I mumbled. There still wasn’t a ton of feeling behind the words, but I tried a little harder than I had the previous time. 

“Sorry for what?” she asked, starting to bring the blades together.

Reluctantly, I said, “For calling you a bitch . . . ”


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End Chapter 23

The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024


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