The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Chapter 11
The Babysitter, Part Eleven

Part Eleven

The real Miley must have done a real number on all her other babysitters. 

This ‘last resort’ sitter certainly wasn’t taking any chances with me. Noelle insisted that I keep the bathroom door cracked a full foot, and that she would be right on the other side listening. If she heard the slightest suspicious noise, like me opening the window to climb out and steal away, she wouldn’t hesitate to invite herself in and stop me from doing so. 

Interestingly enough, I hadn’t even considered that as an option. It wasn’t a bad idea, although now I knew that the brunette was capable of thinking ahead in terms of that stuff. Anything I came up with would have to be clever enough to get away from her long enough for me to do what was necessary to prove my real age and/or identity. For now, however, I was just happy to be out of the leotard I had been wearing for way too long following my ballet class. 

Objectively, the clothes Paige grabbed for me weren’t the worst. The white tank top and blue shorts were familiar enough, considering that she grabbed them from a drawer in my room, although it was pretty clear why she had picked such a combo. While they were comfortable and summer-y, it was also the kind of simple outfit a middle school girl could wear as easily as a high school graduate. My sister had also conveniently seemed to forget to include a bra in the stack. The plain white panties weren’t particularly mature, either, even if they were admittedly probably something I’d wear with this outfit if it wasn’t a particularly eventful day. All in all, the clothes were subtly immature; just enough simplicity to further breathe life into the lie that I was Miley. 

Nervous that Noelle might burst in if I ended up taking too long, I begrudgingly peeled off the leotard and changed into my casual clothes. While the former outfit had sufficiently informed my babysitter about just how petite I was, I almost felt more self conscious about my smaller chest in the tank top. At least I had something form fitting on before, to show that I at least had some curves despite how unimpressive they were compared to most of my peers. The loose tank top, however, made me look painfully flat. And as much as I wanted one of my push-up bras to help a little in that department like usual, I knew that Paige would just bring down a sports bra or something if the choice was hers. Which it would be, considering that I wasn’t allowed in my own room at the moment. 

When I stepped back into the hall, Noelle simply gestured back towards the kitchen and mentioned that my schoolwork might be better now that I was more comfortable. Of course, that ‘comfort’ only went as far as my clothes. I still had my sore backside to contend with as I sat on the hard, wooden chair, as well as the personal discomfort of being mistaken for the unruly teen girl who lived a few doors down from us. 

Though science was easily my worst subject, the assignment as a whole was more tedious than it was complicated. Rather than any critical thinking, all I really had to do was hunt down each answer within the opening chapters of the textbook. The busy work was straightforward enough, and at least Paige wasn’t around at the moment. That peace only lasted for so long, unfortunately. One of her friends arrived, I assumed, unless the front door opening was my sister stepping outside for whatever reason. I braced myself for whoever it was to step into the kitchen and take in the sight the same way Paige had. But Paige had assured Noelle there wouldn’t be any disruptions like that, and she stayed true to her word. The footsteps on the stairs affirmed that her friend was heading right up upon arrival. 

Letting out a quiet sigh of relief, I got back to work. In the back of my mind, I knew that Paige’s friends would be seeing me at some point if they were going to be around all night, but I was also clinging to the hope that I’d find a way out of this sooner rather than later. 

When the front door opened a second time, I stupidly assumed that I would be fine just like before. Instead, her friend Violet walked straight to the kitchen instead of up the stairs. “Hey, Miley!” she smiled at me before glancing towards Noelle, “Oh, hey. Are you her tutor or something?”


Obviously Paige had filled her in ahead of time. And I also recognized how well Violet was playing things. Affirming that I was Miley, while also acting somewhat oblivious to who Noelle was. The perfect combination to make it seem like she really was someone who knew me as Paige’s younger sister while also not having all the facts in terms of why there might be a babysitter around when Paige is here as well.

“Or something,” Noelle said. Though she seemed oblivious to the trace of amusement flickering in Violet’s eyes, Noelle at least was taking the same professional approach she did with Paige. “Your friend is upstairs.” 

“Oh, I know,” Violet said, “I was just grabbing some water for the girls. Sorry for the interruption.” She didn’t take it any further than that. Turning her attention right away to the cabinet and then the sink, Paige’s dark haired gamer friend made short work of filling up a few glasses. There were definitely cups and bottles upstairs, as their group would spend hours up in Paige’s room at a time. If anything, they mostly came down for food. But this way, I would be called ‘Miley’ by someone that wasn’t my sister. 

I was facing away from the sink as I worked, but Violet managed to shoot me a knowing look as she carried the full glasses out into the hallway. Noelle was busy with her own laptop, no doubt using the time to take care of her own stuff while she supervised me, so I was the only one that witnessed the potential tell that this wasn’t at all a normal situation. And if Violet already knew about all this before even arriving, I didn’t want to think about what Paige might be telling her friends in person upstairs. 

But, as usual, there was nothing I could do about it. Lightly blushing from the recent encounter with Violet, I tried to focus back on the science worksheet in front of me. Maybe if I knocked out the whole thing and did well with my answers, Noelle would bend the rules and give me a chance to go grab a bra since Paige was busy at the moment. And by grab a bra, I meant to use that as an excuse to go to my room in general. 

For the time being, however, I was stuck at the table. Working on Miley’s summer assignments, and praying that more of Paige’s friends weren’t going to stop by to see for themselves that I literally had a babysitter thanks to how my sister had jumped at the opportunity to fuck me over with this mix-up instead of explaining things to Noelle. 

I could only imagine what Miley was up to right now. Enjoying a house to herself and the freedoms of summer, all while I was the one suffering the consequences of her actions.


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End Chapter 11

The Babysitter, Part 28

by: Lady Lucia | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 12, 2024


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