Unfair- A Diaper Dimension Novel

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 24, 2021


Chapter 1: The Facts of Life

Part 1: The Old Routine Meet Clark on what very well might be any "normal" morning for him as the alarm clock rings and he gets ready for work.

Jun 24, 2021


Chapter 2: Breakfast with Beouf

Meet Clark's co-workers. A Tweener named Tracy who is his assistant, and his friend and mentor, an Amazon named Mrs. Beouf. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Jun 25, 2021


Chapter 3: Less Pleasant Rituals

Another peek of Clark's morning routine, including getting harassed by and outmaneuvering an overeager Amazon.

Jun 26, 2021


Chapter 4: Just Like The Big Grown-Ups

Clark goes to pick up his pre-kindergarten class from the buses while at the same time Beouf's class is unloading at the same time.

Jun 27, 2021


Chapter 5: My One Hundred Thirty-Seventh I.E.P. Meeting.

Clark attends an I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan) meeting for one of his students, and shows just how good he is at dealing with Amazon parents.

Jun 28, 2021


Chapter 6: Down Rabbit Holes

Clark and his wife, Cassie are searching through conspiracy theories online.

Jun 29, 2021


Chapter 7: Typical

Clark has to give a bizarre kind of pep talk to a Little in Mrs. Beouf's class.

Jul 4, 2021


Chapter 8: Guest Lecturer

Clark is invited to give a presentation...in a class full of obnoxious Amazon third graders...for a teacher he barely knows. This could be a trap.

Jul 18, 2021


Chapter 9: Night Out

Clark and Cassie try to have a "normal" date night out.

Jul 19, 2021


Chapter 10: En Garde

With their date night over, Clark and Cassie have a very uncomfortable meeting with a graduate of Mrs. Beouf's class...and her Mommy

Jul 19, 2021


Chapter 11: Nightmares and Revelations

Clark is plagued by nightmares and things are getting more tense at work.

Jul 19, 2021


Chapter 12: Little Victories

Clark gets a win.

Jul 24, 2021


Chapter13: Another After School Special

Clark is helping Janet grade papers, when he comes across a most distressing and accusatory essay.

Jul 24, 2021


Chapter 14: The Old Waiting Game

Trapped and under far too watchful eyes, Clark must wait and hope his friends come through for him to avoid being babied against his will.

Jul 24, 2021

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