Unfair- A Diaper Dimension Novel

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Chapter 19
Chapter 19: The Morning After

Chapter Description: Clark wakes up with more than a hangover.

Chapter 19: The Morning After

Stomach cramps. That’s what woke me up.  All the rum and coke I'd had were catching up to me.  I had to pee like a racehorse, too.  More side effects from the uncountable number of refills I’d had throughout the last night.  

I don’t get  hungover.  I don’t experience the lethargy, or light sensitivity, or headaches, or nausea like they don T.V.  Never have.  Instead, my bathroom trips just increase ever so slightly throughout the next day.  It’s not even proper diarrhea as much as minor cramps and loose stools.  Some people get hangovers, I just get the hangover shits.

It’s a real point of paranoia most days.  Your typical Amazon seems to have a sixth sense about Littles with rumbling guts, and the Raine Forrests of the world wouldn’t hesitate to capitalize on that and find a way to detain someone like me until the inevitable ‘accident’ occurred.  Most of my coworkers abstained from drinking during the work week because they’d be afraid they wouldn’t be able to function the next morning.  I’d be able to go the entire day as normal with only a few extra bathroom breaks.  But there were times when taking a bathroom break was practically chumming the waters.

My eyes still closed, I grumbled and growled at the cramps.  I could feel the light from the morning sun through my eyelids.  I was having such a good dream, too, even though it was quickly being filed to the part of my brain that couldn’t consciously access such memories.  Sometimes the world isn't fair in smaller and less significant ways.

I groaned in annoyance.  Briefly, I considered rolling over and going back to sleep, and banishing the little cramps and the stinging of a full bladder to the background of my senses, but that was feeling less likely with every passing thought.  Had to empty the tank if I wanted things back in the green.

My groaning must have woken Cassie.  I felt her hand brush my hair.  I smiled at that.  Last night had been wild, and the way we held each other just before we drifted off was one of the few things I remembered from the night before.  Maybe she’d be in the mood for round two after I got into the bathroom.

Eyes still closed, I went to roll off the bed and hit the floor.  Only I couldn’t.  Something was pulled tight over my chest, I just hadn’t realized it because of the blankets.  I opened my eyes and felt myself go completely sober, my panic burning away any of the remaining alcohol in my system.

Let this be a dream, let this be a dream, let this be a dream. 

Surrounding me were wooden bars.  I was in a crib!  A strap was definitely pulled across my chest, but it wasn’t blankets that had made me not feel the coarse restraint.   The fleece footed onesie I’d been dressed in felt like a blanket, but coated me from the neck down, mittening even my hands. 

I tried to gasp and couldn’t.  The rubber bulb of the pacifier that had been inserted into my mouth was fully inflated.  I wouldn’t be able to spit it out unless an Amazon twisted the button and deflated the nipple.  

A giant hand came down and caressed my face. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” Raine cooed from above the crib.  “Did you enjoy your Little party?  I hope so. It’ll be your last.”

My throat was rattling with my screams, but the bulb of the pacifier made it come out as little more than muffled gurgles.  The shield on the abomination was huge enough so an Amazon couldn’t tell if I was smiling or frowning.   I tried to sit up and thrash and struggle, but the strap across my chest and the absurdly puffy diaper I’d been placed in muted my movements to simple squirming. 

I was both the angriest and the most frightened I’d ever been in my life, but to outside appearances I was just mimicking a particularly excited infant.  I was trapped in the Amazon equivalent of a Bronze bull.  

How did this happen?  How did this happen?  How the fuck had this happened?!

Raine must have seen the question in my eyes.  “I bet you’re wondering how this happened, huh lil guy?”  I stopped my struggling.  “Tracy, did it!”

I screamed as many garbled profanities as I could think of.  This was a lie, all of it!  Tracy would never sell me out!  She’d earned every bit of my trust.

Manicured Amazonian hands reached down and tickled my belly like a spider. “Yes she did!  Yes she did!  Mrs. Brollish was so cross with that little stunt you pulled just before break, that she decided to take matters into her own hands and made Tracy a deal.   Your job or hers.”

Raine waited till I exhausted myself thrashing in the crib.  

“Poor baby.  He and all his Little friends drank so much that they were all passed out when the Little’s Welfare Workers came to get them.  And guess who got the pick of the litter? That’s right!   The footage I got of you burning things and drinking will be more than enough at your adoption hearing today!”

I didn’t struggle anymore.  I just let myself cry.

“Uh-oh!  Why is baby Clark crying?” Raine mocked.  “It can’t be because you miss your friends already?  Don’t worry about that.  You’ll get to see them again.  Some of them are going right into Mrs. Beouf’s class with you!  Yes they are!  Yes they are!” The sides of the mattress became wet with my tears as I shook my head.  Beouf would never let that happen!  We’d shared so many coffees!  So many jokes!  Helped each other out and had a friendship that lasted close to a decade!  Even with her bullshit psuedo-science outlook and her Amazon crazy; she wouldn’t just throw that all away just because I got caught!

I felt air hit my thighs.  There were snaps running up the inseam of the pajamas and Raine was undoing some of them. "Is it your diaper?” Raine asked.  I could only lay there as she violated me, inserting her fingers and feeling around the inside of my diaper.  “Hmm...still clean and dry even though you had all of that no-no juice.”

Thank God.  Raine pulled her fingers away from my crotch and placed a hand on my abdomen.

“Here.  Let me HELP with that!”  When she said the word ‘HELP’ she pressed down on my stomach, hard.  The pain and pressure was too much and my body brain ceded control.  Helplessly I laid there as my legs lifted up and my bowels emptied themselves into the seat of my pants; the warm mush coating me and not even all the way out as my bladder decided to let loose.

I had soiled myself in front of my greatest enemy, all while she patted my head and whispered to me, “That’s right.  Let’s get it out.  Get it alllllll out.”  

I was still peeing myself when Raine started peeling back her fluffy cotton bathrobe.  My bowels were still cramping when she undid the nursing bra she was wearing.  “Mommy can’t wait to change your diaper,” she said.  “It’s such a special bonding time.  But first, there’s a much more intimate thing we get to do.”  My panicked wails only caused her milk to come in and start dripping out.

The straps were loosened and I was lifted out of the crib.  I was still peeing myself. Still shitting myself.  How was the diaper still holding it all?!  I couldn’t see it, but I imagined the diaper expanding beneath me and sagging like an overfilled water balloon.

Raine twisted the knob on my pacifier and took it out.  I spit out the pacifier and started screaming.  “Babababababababababa!”  Those weren’t words!  Why weren’t those words?  “Gagagaga goooo!”  I’d lost all ability to talk.  I tried to ask why, but all that came out was “Gaba abba gaaa?!”  As her nipple brushed across my face, my mouth latched on over it, and my face began to melt, dripping like hot wax off of a burning candle while blood streamed from my eyes.

I woke up, for real this time, and tossed the blankets off of me.  I half ran, half limped to the nearest toilet and emptied myself, sighing in relief as waste hissed and plopped and tinkled into the water beneath me.  The sound of the flush was close to a chorus of angels.

After I’d cleaned up, I went back into Cassie’s old bedroom and crawled back into the sheets with her.  Gently, I shook her awake.  “I had a nightmare.”

Bleary eyed, Cassie yawned and rolled over to look at me.  “ ‘Bout what?”

I didn’t tell her.  I just nuzzled up to her and wrapped my arms around her. She reciprocated. “Just hold me, please.”



End Chapter 19

Unfair- A Diaper Dimension Novel

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 28, 2024


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