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The Things Done for Love

by: littlegirlsakura Last updated Aug 8, 2015

A young man gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to a strange request from his girlfriend.


by: littlegirlsakura Last updated Aug 8, 2015

Free from school, Ashley is asked to take care of her aunt's house while she and her husband are away. However, when Ashley lets her guard down, she becomes the charge.

Reason Not to Party #321

by: littlegirlsakura Last updated Jun 23, 2011

Two girls go partying, but one doesn't get the afterparty she expected. Written with Littlebabyabby. Disclaimer: Wicca doesn't work like this.

A Boyfriend's Apology

by: littlegirlsakura Last updated May 15, 2011

Written by myself and Babyabby. A boy, desperate to make amends with his ex has a plan to get her back into his life.

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