A Boyfriend's Apology

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Chapter 2
Chapter Two

Chapter Description: Jess's and Jake's

Later that night, Mia arrives at Jess’s house. As she makes her way to the door, a gentle breeze causes goose bumps to rise. The door swings open just as she reaches for the doorbell, revealing a frightened Jessica.

"Jess!" Mia cries, concerned."What’s wrong?"

"Jake. He gave me this at the end of the calc exam. He wants me to come to his house so he can prove he’s sorry for hurting me." Jess explains, wide eyed as she produces a folded piece of paper.

"I think I should go...but would you come with me?"

"Um, sure, but do you really want to go?" Mia checked.

"I think I should. I mean, if I’m right there, I can stand up to him and tell him to knock it off once and for all," Jess sighs.

"That’s a good point. And I’ll be with you," Mia hugged her friend

"Thanks hon. I knew I could count on you," Jess responds with a smile.

"You want to take your car or mine?"

"And if he doesn’t back off this time, I’ll slug him," Mia teased. "Let’s take mine."

"Hey! I won’t stop you," Jess giggles.

"Good!" Mia chuckles, the two heading out to the car. "Honestly, Jess, what did you ever see in him?

"I don’t know anymore. He seemed so sweet at the time. All of the other guys I’ve talked to have acted like pigs. I guess I was just desperate for a relationship. I mean, yeah, he’s sweet and everything, but he cheated on me!"

"He is a pig," Mia agreed. "He’s totally not going to appreciate me coming..."

Jessica giggles.

"We’ll see. Just be calm, alright? I don’t need my tires slashed or anything."

"Sure," Mia agreed.

The duo travels across town in relative silence and eventually find their way to a quaint brick home in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.

"He lives nice for a pig," Mia grinned as the friends exited the vehicle.

"I know right?" Jess gives a nervous chuckle as she makes her way to the door.

She rings the bell and waits for what feels like several minutes before the door unlocks.

The oak door swings open to reveal a handsome young man with a chiseled chest and buffed arms to match.

"Hey babe! Finally decided to come back huh? Good. I was hoping to talk to you," Jake explains in a seemingly mocking tone.

Jess rolls her eyes and sighs in slight disgust.

"We’re not going to be here long," Mia insists

"Oh come on. Chill out. I’ve got some udon made up. Do you guys want some?" he inquires.

"State your case, Jake," Mia was firm.

"I could stand some," Jess mutters, blushing.

"Jess," Mia sighed, reluctantly following her friend inside. "This is crazy..."


"How? I’m starving. It is only polite to accept what is offered to you anyway," she explains.

Jake smiles and leads the pair inside and into the kitchen.

"You have a nice place," Mia was polite.

"Thanks Mia. Well Jessie, I’ve been thinking. I know I’ve been bugging you both for a while now, and I know what I did was wrong. I really am sorry. I can’t show that I am enough when I tell you in a text or in a call, and school is too hectic," he explains as he prepares a bowl of noodles and passes it to Jessica.

"Are you sure you don’t want any, Mia?"

Mia was hungry, and the noodles smelled great. "A little bit, thanks."

He prepares another bowl and hands it off to Mia.

"I merely wanted to tell you in person how sorry I am. Of course I still want to be with you, but I can understand if you don’t."

"Thanks," Mia watches Jess’s reaction to Jake’s apology

Jess listens absently as she slurps down her meal.

"Jake, Jess and I have talked about this," Mia began, taking her own taste of the food. "Yum...And um...she doesn’t want a relationship."

She sets her bowl down after finishing.

"Jake, what you did broke my heart, I can never forgive you for what you’ve done to me. I’m willing to attempt at a friendship but that will take quite some time," She explains, beginning to sound weak and tired.

"I didn’t call her here for a relationship. I called her here to say I was sorry," Jake explains to Mia.

"Jess?" Mia looks over at her friend, thankful that she was driving. "I get that, Jake..."

Suddenly, Jessica slumps over, unconscious.

"Jess!" Mia gasped. "Oh my god! Jess," she shook her friend.

Jake turns his attention to Jess. "And now you’ll have all the time in the world."

"What?" Mia cried.‚ÄĚJake, call 911!"

"She’ll be fine, as will you. There is no need for the paramedics. Besides, you’ll be joining her soon."

"Joining her? Are you crazy?" Mia shrieked. "Jake, she needs help!"

Mia begins to feel woozy.

"Don’t worry, Mia. You both will get all the help and care you need."

"What are you talking about?" Mia asked, worriedly. "Jakey?" another female classmate of the group entered the room, not a friend of Mia and Jessica. "How are they doing?"

"They’re comming, slowly," Jake explains to the girl at his back. "Jess is ready. Mia will come along shortly."

"Excellent," the girl reached for a kiss.

"I’m getting out of here," Mia insisted, yawning. "I just need..." she stumbled, sleepily.

Jake grabs her arm and pulls her back as he turns to meet his companion’s lips.

"Let go of me," Mia protests, slipping to the floor. "Jess..." she breathed before passing out

Mia wakes the next morning to an unfamiliar sight. She hazily sits up and rubs the sleep from her eyes with pudgy fists. Bright morning sunlight pours in from a window, illuminating the soft pink walls and the white bars surrounding her.

Slowly, the door opens, Jake and the other woman, Rachel, entering together. "Well, well, " Jake smiles."Look who’s awake!"

"Awww! You were right Jake! They’re adorable!" Rachel gushes.

Jess wakes and begins to wail, a slight dark patch surrounding the area where she slept.

"Yes they are," Jake agrees. "Aww...don’t cry, honey," he approaches Jessica’s crib. Mia blinks a bit, shocked by her surroundings

"Oh dear, looks like someone took to the syrum quickly," Rachel points out as Jessica is removed from her crib."

"What’s the matter?" Jake cooed, cuddling Jessica. "Is Daddy’s Jessie messy?"

He lays her on the changing table next to her crib and begins to remove her sleeper, while Rachel moves to Mia’s crib and gently lays her on her back and begins to take off her onsie.

Mia protests, her words coming out as only gurgles though. "How about Big Bird?" Jake reaches for a fresh diaper, waving it in Jessica’s face.

She lets out a piercing wail and begins to squirm and kick. Rachel feels the plastic bulk between Mia’s legs, but detects no sign of wetness.

"Aww, it’s okay," Jake soothes, removing the tabs on Jessica’s diaper. "Daddy needs to change you. Be a good girl."

Jess does her best to kick Jake’s hand away while Mia struggles to escape Rachel’s grasp as she is turned over and the back of her diaper is pulled back for examination.

Jake only chuckles, lifting Jessica’s legs high in the air and beginning to clean her messy bottom. "Stinky," he laughs. Mia lets out a wail, struggling to roll back onto her back.

Rachel’s hand presses on Mia’s back, keeping her still.

"Uh oh! Did someone leave Mommy a gift in her daidee?" she giggles as she turns the baby on her back and plucks her out of the crib and sets her on her own changing table.

Mia whines, waving her arms in protest, bringing her hands down to cover her exposed diaper. "Much like the present Jessie left Daddy," Jake smiled, gently tickling Jessica’s tummy

Jessie lets out a high pitched squeal and chortles in contempt as Jake generously sprinkles powder over her bottom and crotch. Rachel brushes Mia’s hands away with a soft smile and collects a fresh diaper covered in Elmo motifs and slides it under the little girl before her.



End Chapter 2

A Boyfriend's Apology

by: littlegirlsakura | Complete Story | Last updated May 15, 2011


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