A Boyfriend's Apology

by: littlegirlsakura | Complete Story | Last updated May 15, 2011

Written by myself and Babyabby. A boy, desperate to make amends with his ex has a plan to get her back into his life.

Chapter 1
Chapter one

Chapter Description: At school

Mia headed down the school hallway, her arms loaded with books. "Damn test," she muttered, moving to her locker.

Jessica pokes her head up from behind her locker door.

"What’s wrong, Mia? Didn’t study?" she asks with a slight giggle. "You know studying helps when it is time for the finals."

She removes a thick textbook and kicks the door shut.

"I cram, Jess."

"Then what’re you complaining for? We’ve just got a couple more tests until we’re home free!"

"I know but my parents will kill me if I don’t ace this."

Jessica sighs heavily.

"Yeah, mine too. I’ve been trying to study, but Jake keeps calling me. Sometimes I’m tempted to talk to him, but I need to just let it go. If i give in, he’ll just bug me more," She yawns. "And I’ve gotten a whole three hours of sleep! I just can’t wait to be done with the drama and done with the exams! What do you have next? I’ve got Calculus."

"History," Mia sighs."And Jake really needs to get over you, you know. He’s starting to bug me about you."

"Really?" Jess groans. "He just won’t give up!"

"Loser," Mia chuckles. "Come on, I’ll walk with you."

The pair makes their way through the crowded white hallways and approach the Calculus room.

Jess takes a deep breath.

"Well wish me luck. Oh! And do you want to get together tonight? I don’t have cheer practice."

"Jake in this class too?" Mia wondered

"Sure," Mia smiles

Jess freezes.

"Yeah," She mutters sadly. "And he still sits next to me!"

"Oh Jess," Mia felt bad. "Well good luck...with him and the test."

"Thanks. I’ll give you a call after school." She enters the room reluctantly.

"Bye," Mia waves, glaring at Jake.



End Chapter 1

A Boyfriend's Apology

by: littlegirlsakura | Complete Story | Last updated May 15, 2011


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