Reason Not to Party #321

by: littlegirlsakura | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 23, 2011

Two girls go partying, but one doesn't get the afterparty she expected. Written with Littlebabyabby. Disclaimer: Wicca doesn't work like this.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

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“What do you think?” Sam asks as she models her silken gypsy costume.

“Hot!” Jessica responds, turning to the mirror set on her door as she paints a set of whiskers on her cheeks with a small eyeliner pencil.

“So where are we hitting?” Jessica asks over her shoulder.

“Well, I figured we’d just go and look for a crowd and go from there. I heard there’s supposed to be some neighborhood party going on,” Sam explains as she struggles to fix a small golden chain about her wrist.

Jessica retrieves her bag from her bed and pauses at the door.

“I wonder how the guys will react. They probably won’t be able to get enough of this kitten,” She chuckles.

“Ha! You won’t stand a chance against my tantalizing charm!” Sam mocks, retrieving her keys and brushing past her friend. “Let’s take my car.”

The pair travels across town and onto the local college campus. The road is filled with students in an assortment of costumes, and cars of all types and sizes line the streets. Muffled music fills the cool autumn air.

They park their car in a nearby parking garage and reunite with the party scene. They enter a crowded house.

“Well hello ladies,” a masculine voice calls over the music.

The girls turn and find themselves face to face with a fairly muscular, tan skinned young man with a chiseled face, wearing a simple white toga.

Jessica instantly begins to blush and brushes her golden bangs from her eyes.

“H-hi Jake,” She stammers.

She looks away in embarrassment as Jake and Sam start in inaudible conversation. She slowly looks up and away from her feet, and catches a glimpse through a nearby window. Across the street, she notices an elderly woman staring at her.

“Hey, who is that?” Jessica asks, pointing across the street.

“Who? That? That’s Mrs. Johnson. She hates the kids around here,” Jake explains.

“If she does, she should just move,” Sam states, flatly.

The voices and music fades, and all of Jessica’s senses focus on the woman. The crone beckons the girl with her finger.

“Here kitty kitty,” Jessica hears a faint voice in the back of her mind as she watches the woman’s mouth move.

Jessica instantly finds herself making her way out the door and slowly across the street.

Moments later, she finds herself at the woman’s doorstep.

“What a good kitten! I think you deserve a treat,” The woman says happily as she opens the door. “Come in! Come in! Find a seat on the couch, little one.”

‘Who is this lady? Why can’t I stop moving?’ Jessica thought as she mindlessly moves to the soft pink couch in the room to her left.

She takes a seat and stares into the distance.

The old woman follows close behind, giving the girl a full once over.

“That’s a good girl. Would you like some candy?” She asks sweetly, retrieving a piece of chocolate from a small crystal dish resting on a coffee table in the middle of the room.

She hands the chocolate to Jessica, who accepts, and absentmindedly eats it.

‘What is going on?’ Jessica thinks, unable to talk.

Her eyelids start to become heavy and she lets out a long yawn.

“That’s a good girl,” The woman coos softly. “Lay back and go to sleep.”

Jessica slowly lays back, and nestles her head into her arms and slowly drifts off to sleep.

In moments, Jessica’s form begins to change. First, she starts to shrink. Her long, thin limbs become short and chubby. Her breasts and curves melt away, adding baby fat to the rest of her infantile body, while her long golden ponytail becomes a pair of shimmering pigtails; each held by a thin pink ribbon. Her cat costume transforms to a skin tight black onesie.

“What a good kitten you are,” coos the old woman as she scoops the sleeping baby off of the couch.

She carries Jessica deeper into her home, and into a bright pink and purple bedroom. Across from the door, a white crib stands in front of a window, with a soft purple blanket draped over the rail. A matching changing table rests along the adjacent wall; its shelves loaded with supplies.

She lays Jessica on the table and unsnaps her onesie. She rolls the garment up to the child’s chest and begins to cover her private area with a generous layer of sweet smelling powder. She slips a thick diaper under Jessica’s bottom and unfolds it before laying the child on it. She quickly pulls it between her legs and tapes it snugly shut about her waist before snapping the onesie shut.

She picks the child up and cradles her against her breast. She carries Jessica over to the crib and pats her thickly padded bottom before laying her down and tucking her in.

“Awwl! She’s adorable!” A familiar voice breaks the silence.

Jessica wakes with a jolt and begins to whimper.

“Oh, don’t cry princess,” Sam coos as she plucks the fussing Jessica from the crib. “It’s alright, dear. Mommy’s here.”

She pokes a finger into the leg cuff of Jessica’s diaper.

“Uh oh! Looks like someone needs her diaper changed!

She carries the small girl to the changing table and lays her down before undoing her onesie. She then untapes the diaper and wipes Jessica clean, powders her, and places her in a fresh diaper. She then snaps the onesie shut around the diaper and plucks the child up and carries her out to the couch.

She sits and holds Jessica in one arm, and pulls her top down to reveal a nursing bra. She unclasps it and guides Jessica’s mouth to her teat.

Jessica fusses and resists, but Sam pulls her head firmly to her breast, and the baby’s instincts take hold and she begins to nurse.

Sam smiles down at the child and strokes her hair.

“She’s gorgeous, Mom. You did a great job,” she says to the old woman in the doorway.



End Chapter 1

Reason Not to Party #321

by: littlegirlsakura | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 23, 2011


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