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The Succubus

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Oct 29, 2022

A Succubus prowls the night on Halloween and discovers that her powers, in addition to overcoming men with lust, also render women submissive and childish. She decides to seduce a man in a bar, and when his wife tries to protest, she transforms her into an adult baby cuckquean.

The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Oct 28, 2022

A little horror anthology for the month of October. A sinister presence infantilizes and humiliates those who abuse the spirit of Halloween, altering their lives forever as punishment.

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On story: The Succubus - chapter 1

Mellow Sadistic Nov 4, 2022

Glad you liked it! I'm a fan of cowkites' stories, so I'm sure that's had some influence.

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