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Stories that take place in historical or fantasy setting?

Last updated: May 15, 2021
The latter seems especially under used, I know of a few such as the chronos stone and old about a knight cursed by a which that I can't remember ...

Reality change stories?

Last updated: May 9, 2021
does any know any good ones besides brodrick, babes and the beach and the stories by Geogiansandwich?

Welcome to the New AR Archive

Last updated: May 5, 2021
I know this is way overdue and it is not completely done but I think it is time we move to the new software and at least be able to have discuss ...

Sumner's 'And A Little Bit of This...'

Last updated: May 3, 2021
Isn't it wild that we're now living in the future year that this story was set in? Unfortunately, youthies never became developed and we don't u ...

Quick Explanation

Last updated: Apr 25, 2021
I'm still working on my story and the chapters were appearing before I was quite ready. So I've temporarily taken it off Public View... I think. ...

Hello once again

Last updated: Apr 20, 2021
Nice to see the site back up and looking as fresh as a newly changed nappy. I like the new look, it will take a little time to get used to it a ...

How Does One Post A Story?

Last updated: Apr 13, 2021
I went to start a story. I typed the title, typed the description, that went fine. Then there was no way provided to actually type up and post t ...

2 National Lampoon AR Stories

Last updated: Apr 11, 2021
2 short stories from National Lampoon magazine that involve AR. One is by Chris Miller, who recalled his Dartmouth frat days to inspire the film ...

AR Stories

Last updated: Apr 7, 2021
Hello everyone. Making good on my promise I have uploaded a good chunk of AR stories, and will upload more as many I had to remove from Deviant ...

Dexter Laboratory Age Regression (Comic Book)

Last updated: Apr 6, 2021
Hello everyone, this my first time doing a discussion board so I do apologise if I’m doing anything wrong when typing this out. A while a go I ...

New Issue of Comic out!

Last updated: Apr 3, 2021
Hi All, Well, the site sure has a new look to it - wow! Anyway, the latest issue of my spanking-themed comic is out. Hope you like it! Here is ...

If you tried to migrate your account and it didn't work

Last updated: Apr 2, 2021
I have fixed the bug that wouldn't let you migrate your account. Please try again if you haven't used the forgot password approach. One thing to ...

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