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apps to improve audio stories

maidofage Jun 15, 2021

I've noticed a lot of audio stories being uploaded on visible time, but they all you standard text to speech software which can make it a little ...

Public or Open/Free to use story ideas?

maidofage May 27, 2021

Is it okay to post/share ideas for stories on this forum?

male age swap

maidofage May 23, 2021

what the best stories of this sub genre in your opinion?

Stories that take place in historical or fantasy setting?

maidofage May 14, 2021

The latter seems especially under used, I know of a few such as the chronos stone and old about a knight cursed by a which that I can't remember ...

Reality change stories?

maidofage May 6, 2021

does any know any good ones besides brodrick, babes and the beach and the stories by Geogiansandwich?

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