I Wish

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Chapter 6
Chapter 6

John rushed into the house and looked around the room hoping to see his wife had retieved the special coin. No such luck! Instead he saw a teenaged boy and a small girl playing dress-up.

’Ohmigod! What’s went on here?’ he asked.

’Nothin’, grampa’ Sara replied.

’Kyle? Is that you?’ John wondered aloud.

’Uh huh....’ Kyle said while nodding his head to indicate ’yes’.

’Where’s your mother and grandmother?’

Kyle didn’t answer. He was busy trying to think up a story...any story!

’Mommy and Grammy are out back’ Sara said as she motioned towards the sliding glass door.

John saw two teenaged girls relaxing in the sun.

’Damnit! Does she know what happened to her?’

’Which one?’ Kyle asked.

’Your grandmother!’ John snapped.

’Nuh huh...’ Kyle mumbled.

’But your mother knows?’ John then asked.

’Uhhhhh No...not mommy either.... I guess’ Kyle answered sounding a bit confused.

Kyle wished he had the magic coin. Unfortunately for him LuAnne had it! He could see that his grandfather was getting very angry!

’OK, so you know what the coin can do. So who has the coin now?’

’LuAnne’s got it’ Kyle replied.

John peered out at the two teenaged girls. He was afraid to even imagine what a teenaged girl might wish for! ’OK, tell me what is going on here.... and I mean ALL of it!’

Kyle reluctantly spoke up. ’Gramma gave Sara the wishin’ coin and we figured it out. She wanted to hog it though! I had all kinds of good things to try but she messed it all up so when LuAnne and me got it we wished for her to be a kindergartener and then we wished to look older.’

’Older? But your mother looks younger.’ John said.

’She does? Only me and LuAnne used it’ Kyle told him.

’Yes....so? LuAnne is your mother’ John replied.

’Nuh huh.... LuAnne is my sister!’ Kyle asserted.

’What?!!!?’ John shouted.

’Uhhhhhh I kinda wished that Kyle and Mommy thought they were my brother and sister’ Sara said hoping to not get into trouble.

Kyle and John both turned to face little Sara. ’What?’ they both chorused.

’I’m sorry....’ she said remorsefully.

’And so LuAnne has the coin now?’ he asked.

’Uh huh’ Kyle answered.

John spun around and headed out to get the coin back from his now teenaged and likely confused daughter.


’John? You like?’ Carol said as she saw John make his appearence.

’Ummm yeah...you look great...but...’ his voice quivered as he saw what a beauty his now young wife was.

’I’m young!!!!’ she proclaimed as she twirled around showing off her teenaged body. ’I don’t know how but I am!’

’I know how.... and so does LuAnne’ John replied.

’She does?’ Carol asked.

’I knew if that coin got in the wrong hands it could be trouble! It’s not your fault though... I should have told you about it. Hell, you wouldn’t have believed me anyway but at least you wouldn’t have given it away. Now look what’s happened’ John looked in amazement at his teenaged wife and daughter who now appeared nearly the same age. But Carol at least maintained an 18 year old personality. LuAnne had been regressed to a child and then had only wished to ~look~ older....

’But we don’t wanna change back yet!’ LuAnne bellowed about ready to break into a tantrum. ’Noooooooo’

’Damnit! No backtalk!’ John shot back suddenly sounding more like the father of a child rather than the father of an adult. ’You’ll give me the coin back....NOW!’

’Noooooo Please...noooooooo’ LuAnne sobbed ’I don’t wanna yet....’

’John... Look at ~me~... this is great’ Carol said as she ran her fingers through her silky hair.

’I can’t be married to a teenager...and I don’t want to be married to a teenager!’ he fired back at her.

Suddenly, Carol broke into tears. ’You think I’m ugly!’ she cried.

’Nooooooo don’t wanna change back yet.....’ LuAnne cried as she stomped her feet and pounded the concrete ’Pleassssssssse no!!!’

’Damnit, both of you hush up.... It’s the spell messing with your minds. Just give me the coin, LuAnne!’

’Noooooooo huh-uh...Not yet! Pleassssssse’ LuAnne whined.

’Am I too fat??? Is that it? I’m fat!’ Carol sobbed.

John’s head was spinning. ’Please women.... errrrr girls. Quit this whining! I found the coin and it’s mine so just give it back to me’

’I wish you’d never found that dumb ol coin!’ LuAnne said in disgust.

’NO!’ John yelled

LuAnne’s expression changed when she felt a warmth in her pocket.

Outside, John’s car changed from a fancy new expensive model into a cheap older import model.

Bob, LuAnne’s husband grumbled about John taking ~his~ parking place with John’s ’junk’ as he made his way into the house. Once inside he saw Kyle trying to figure out how his clothes had gotten ripped to tatters and 8yr old Sara laughing at Kyle all the while looking like she was playing dress-up in her mother’s clothing. Bob didn’t even ask them what they were doing, figuring he didn’t want to know!

LuAnne walked in from out back wearing what was left of a pair of jeans that she hadn’t worn in years. They were much too tight and she had cut them down into very short cut-offs. She also had on a cut up T-shirt that exposed far too much of her middle-aged tummy. Bob was about to ask her what was going on when he saw his mother-in-law come in wearing a similar outfit. In her case it even looked more ridiculous! She had cut up an old sweatshirt into a makeshift crop top and also had on micro shorts. Her white skin looked like it hadn’t seen any sunshine in years and her stomach also wasn’t fit for public display! Her grey hair completed the look. Bob could only laugh as he took in the sight of the two older women dressed like a couple of sun-loving teens.

John quickly escorted Carol past Bob an out to their car. He barely grumbled as he passed Bob. He didn’t like Bob at all and wished his daughter had never married him.

John grinded on the starter as he tried to start his old car. ’It’ll start’ he said ’It always does’

’If you hadn’t spent all of our money searching the world for all those ~trinkets~ maybe you could’ve afforded a new car’ Carol nagged as she tried to cover her much too exposed flesh with her arms.

’Well, if I’d found the one I ~really~ wanted you wouldn’t be complaining!’ he told her as the car fired up ’We’d be on easy street right now.... And that damn Son-in-Law of ours would be out of the picture!!!’

’~Sure~’ she answered sarcastically.


Back inside Bob and LuAnne’s home:

Even though LuAnne looked silly the way she was dressed right now..... and Bob had no idea why she was dressed as she was... he knew he loved his wife and always had.

He kissed her just as he always did when he got home from work and for some reason felt compelled to remind of her of something he had told her when he first proposed to her. ’I love you and nothing can ever keep us apart!’ he told her.

The End



End Chapter 6

I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005


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