I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005

Chapter 3
Chapter 3

The policeman looked at the three children. ’Is this your parent’s car?’ he asked Sara.

’Uh huh’ she replied.

’Where are your parents? The car really shouldn’t be parked here’ he said as he motioned toward a nearby fire hydrant.

’Ummmm Mommy isn’t quite herself right now... but I’ll tell her as soon as she gets back.’

That answer didn’t seem to satisfy the policeman. ’Are all of you kids related?’

Sare reached in her pocket and grabbed the coin before answering ’Ya.... we’re all related and I ~wish~ you’d leave us alone.’

The policeman’s radio suddenly cackled and he answered the call. Soon after he turned to the kids ’I’ve got to go. Just make sure you tell your mother not to park so close to hydrants’

’OK....’ Sara answered.

’Ha! You almost got in trouble!’ Louis told her. ’You’re pretty lucky he didn’t ’rest ya!’

Sara didn’t much like Louis. And with Louis and Kyle teamed up, the two were pretty hard for her to bear. She held the coin tight and said ’I wish mommy was a girl again!’

’HEY!’ Kyle yelled ’You can’t do that! You’re gonna ruin my wish!’

’You couldn’t leave mommy likle that. We had to get her back to normal!’ she said as she turned to see her mother again..... Unfortunately, she was greeted by a small 7 year old blonde girl now swallowed even more by the T-shirt that she wore.

It took Sara some thought to figure out what had went wrong. She finally realized that she hadn’t wished for her mother to be normal or big again.... only for her to be a girl again. And that is exactly what the wish did. It turned 7 year old Louis into 7 year old LuAnne!

’~Now~ look at what you’ve done!’ Kyle complained.

’Me? Like it’s my fault? It’s your fault!’ Sara shot back.

’You’re just a dumb girl and you messed everything up. Me and Louis were like brothers!’ Kyle angrily replied ’One of these days you won’t be bigger than me and then I’ll get what ~I~ want!’

Suddenly, Sara realized that all the wishes had left her as the oldest. This didn’t seem like such a bad thing. In fact she kind of liked the idea! Without much thought she readied her next wish.

’I wish I was 10 years older and you two thought you were my little brother and sister!’

The coin warmed as it again went to work. Sara started growing. At first her body got skinnier as she got taller. Then her curves began filling in. Her hair thickened. Her features matured and her clothes ripped and her shoes flew apart. She was a bit embarassed by the situation. Her top began to barely cover her breasts. They felt very strange to her. When the magic had stopped she had a 19 year old body.

Meanwhile, LuAnne and Kyle were in an argument about which one was taller.

Sara wanted to wish for some clothes that fit but wasn’t sure how to dress her 19 year old body. She finally just wished for a T-shirt and shorts that fit. She never even considered a bra.

’He’s bein’ mean!’ LuAnne complained to Sara.

’Nuh uh! She started it!’ Kyled said.

Sara’s face broke into a smile. She liked being grown up and she figured her ~big~ brother or even her ~mother~ wasn’t going to be a problem for her anymore. They were more interested in bickering with each other than trying to tell ~her~ what to do. Just like a little brother and sister.

Sara started to speak but had to first clear her throat after hearing her new and deeper voice. She then continued:

’Now, you two be good! I wish you both would learn to mind me!’ she said with a sly grin as she felt the coin begin to warm....



End Chapter 3

I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005


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