I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

LuAnne waved to her ~friends~ as they left the ice cream shoppe. She had to adjust the car seat for her shorter frame. Once on the road, she pulled the rear view mirror around to see her reflection and then started fussing with her hair and worrying about a zit that she thought might be starting. Sara wasn’t happy about her mother’s lack of attention to her driving.

’Ohmigod! That’s ~him~!’ LuAnne exclaimed

’That’s who?’ Sara asked.

’Mark..... he’s sooooooo hot!’

’I thought Mark was Debbi’s boyfriend?’ Sara asked

’Well ya.... but they’re gonna date other people now and besides I’m just gonna, like, talk to him or something.’

Sara decided she had better wish her mother back in a more suitable form before she caused any trouble. Meanwhile, Kyle was still protesting that it was his turn to use the magic coin. Sara had trouble concentrating on her next wish with his bickering.

’You gotta give me a turn!!!’ he cried.

’I will... later. Not now!’

’You promised!’ he said.

’I never promised anything! You wait your turn!’ Sara ordered as she considered ’wishing’ him to be quiet.

’Girls are no fun!’ he declared. ’You’re all just mean and don’t know how to play fair!’

’~Whatever~.... Turd!’ she replied.

’I wish mommy wasn’t a cheerleader anymore’ she said upon deciding on her next wish. The coin warmed but she didn’t see any changes. From her backseat vantage point Sara saw her mother’s head remain in about the same position and her hair not change at all. Nothing seemed to change at all. Had she been able to see in the front seat she would have noticed LuAnne’s cheerleading outfit going through a change. The skirt morphed into shorts and her top changed into a T-shirt. It was only when she bypassed Mark and continued on that Sara realized ~something~ had happened.

’I thought you were going to stop and talk to that boy?’ Sara asked.

’Mark? He’s a jock. They go for cheerleaders and ’high society’ types. He’d never go for me...’ she replied sounding very meek.

’I wanna use the magic coin..... It’s my turn!’ Kyle again started arguing.

’Do you promise to give it right back?’ Sara asked him.

’Uh huh!!’ he answered.

’Cross your heart?’ she asked.

’OK’ he answered as he made a motion crossing his heart.

Sara reluctantly handed him the coin. ’So what are ya gonna wish for?’ she asked.

’I dunno...’ he replied.

’You don’t know? All that complaining and you don’t know what you’re gonna, like, wish for now that your sister shared it with you?’ LuAnne added as they pulled into a parking place. ’You two should play nice. Boys are so silly....’

’Are not!’ he protested.

’Uh huh’ Sara added to the debate ’That’s why mommy spends more time with me! .... Cuz we’re girls and we’re smarter!’

Kyle didn’t look happy. Slowly, his expression changed. ’I wish mommy was a boy my age so we can be pals!’ He said with a wicked grin.

’I don’t think that’s a good wish!’ Sara said worriedly.

It was too late. A little blonde haired boy popped his head over the seat. He still resembled LuAnne but was decidedly male and only about 7 years old. He was sporting a missing tooth.

’What’s your name?’ Sara asked not knowing how to address her/him.

’Dumb ol girl! You know my name!’ he/she answered as he/she climbed over the seat. The oversized shoes and shorts easily fell off but his/her large T-shirt hung to his/her knees.

’OK....Ummmm LuAnne?’ Sara said hesitantly.

’You’re funny.... NOT! Call me Louis or you’ll be in BIG trouble!’ LuAnne, now Louis ordered.

’Hey Louie.... Let’s go play on the monkey bars!’ Kyle offered.

’No!’ Sara yelled ’Give me the coin back...You promised!’

’I know.....’ Kyle replied ’but I didn’t say ~WHEN~ I’d give it back’

With that remark, the two ~boys~ stuck out their tongues in unison and ran toward the monkey bars laughing the whole way!

Sara walked dejectedly behind them and watched as they roughed around on the bars and later in the dirt. Sara thought about Kyle’s wish. Not only had he wished for LuAnne to be a boy but he had wished for him to be his ~pal~. Because of that they were seemingly inseperable!

’C’mon...give me the coin back...’ Sara again pleaded after waiting for what seemed like forever.

’You mean this one?’ Kyle said as he held the coin up.

’Yes.... Please....’ Sara answered.

’OK, here ya go!’ Kyle said as he flipped it to Louie. Soon, Sara was running between the two ~boys~ trying to intercept the coin as they tossed it back and forth. Even though she was older she couldn’t catch it as they threw it over her head. Finally, she decided to use her bigger size to her advantage and tackled a surprised Louis before he could grab the coin. They both scrambled for the coin but she won the battle for it. She wanted to wish Louis away immediately but saw that a crowd of onlookers had gathered around. She figured they wouldn’t notice the change but decided to make her wish without the spectators around....just in case. So far every wish seemed to alter reality just enough so that, unless you knew what was happening, the changes went unnoticed.

She stuck the coin in her pocket and grabbed the hands of the two ~boys~ and hauled them back to the car.

Once back at the car she was ready to make her wish when a policeman tapped her on the shoulder.



End Chapter 2

I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005


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