I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Sara liked her new ’power’. The children would now obey her so they weren’t a bother anymore. A couple of older boys passed by and whistled at Sara. She especially ~liked~ that. She was glad that they liked the way she looked. It still felt strange to see the world from her new vantage point but she was getting used to it. She had an 18 year old body but she still an 8 year old mind and thought process.

Sara figured that they should get home. The ~children~ were bickering over something else by this point. Sara giggled as she ordered them into the car and watched as they immediately followed her orders. They grumbled a little bit as they got in the car but were otherwise well-behaved.

Her next problem was figuring out how to drive. She stared at the gear shift selector for a while. As she tried to figure out the workings of the car a young mother pushing a stroller came by. All of a sudden Sara thought about how much fun it would be to have a baby..... or two. She looked in the mirror at the two kids in back and considered making another wish. She decided that it wasn’t the right time.... at least not yet! She again focused her attention on the young mother pushing the stroller. That young mother had now met up with a second mother who was also pushing a stroller and had a five year old boy walking along with her . They took a seat on a nearby bench.

Sara figured she could have a little fun with the situation before she headed for home. ’I wish the two mommy’s were younger!’

She sat back and watched as the two women grew younger. At first the changes were slow but soon they became obvious as the two women reapproached their early twenties. They had both firmed up and their hair had regained a youthful lustre. Their clothing looked a bit large but not overly so. Neither seemed to notice but the little boy did. He pointed and tried to ask them what had happened but they only humored him and continued talking.

Sara figured a little more wouldn’t hurt.... ’I wish they were even younger!’ she said.

The little boy watched in fascination as the two young women began to grow even younger. Their hair lightened and any traces of fat on their bodies disappeared. Their clothes seemed to grow larger as they shrank inside them. Once the magic had stopped the two young mothers had been transformed into teens. They looked more like babysitters than parents. They kept right on talking although the subject was changed to clothes and boys rather than their financial problems that they had been discussing earlier.

The little boy tried to get their attention but they seemed to ignore him.

Meanwhile, Kyle and LuAnne had grown restless. ’When we gonna leave?’ Kyle asked.

’Yeah.... I’m thirsty and my legs hurt!’ LuAnne whined.

’You kids BE QUIET!’ Sara ordered.

Both kids quieted. Sara looked back at the two teens sitting on the bench. ’I wish they were the same age as the little boy so they could be playmates!’ She finally said.

Immediately, the two teenagers began changing. Their arms receded into their blouses and their legs retreated into their pant legs. Their shoes remained on the ground as their feet shrank out of them. Their clothing piled around them. When it was finished, two 5 year old girls sat on the bench giggling. This time when the little boy tried to get their attention they listened. They didn’t know what kind of game he was talking about as he tried to explain their ’gettin’ littler’’ but they were anxious to play anyway. In moments, they were on the ground playing in the dirt. They all seemed to be having a great time as they ran around and rolled in the grass.

Finally, Sara decided she had better ’fix’ things. ’I wish the two mothers were back to normal’

Sara watched as the two little girls quickly began to grow. She had to laugh at the scene as two grown women, one with a skinned up knee, suddenly found themsleves rolling in the grass and didn’t know why. They were both barefoot, their hair was down, and both were wearing only their grass stained blouses. Neither one said anything as they gathered up their discarded clothing. Neither one knew what to say! The little boy was laughing at them and begging them to ’do it again’.

With that situation resolved, Sara was now ready to again attempt figuring out how to drive. ’I wish I knew how to drive this thing!’ she said.

And with those words, all the knowledge she could ever need to drive her mother’s car came flowing into her head.

Just as she began backing out the cell phone began ringing. From the ’caller ID’ she could see it was her grandmother calling!



End Chapter 4

I Wish

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005


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