A Little at A Time

by: PPRay | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 10, 2018

Chapter 2
Potty Problems

So this next part is kind of gross, but I feel like I need to tell you everything that happened.

About a week after I bought the nightlight, I started having “potty problems.” I just had no warning whatsoever. I’d be sitting at my desk or in a meeting and all of the sudden; I’d need to go to the bathroom – right now! I’d run to the bathroom and, even then, I’d barely get my pants pulled down before the pee would start to flow. It got so bad that I started visiting the bathroom every half an hour, just to “preempt” the problem.

That worked for about a week – until I started dribbling.

Most of the time, it would happen when I was walking (especially up stairs) or bending over. I would start feeling myself getting wet in my crotch. I was dribbling a few drops of pee without even realizing it. Once I caught it, I could stop it and run to the bathroom, but I started carrying a couple extra pairs of boxers in my briefcase, as I was dribbling a few times a day.

“Number 2” wasn’t as big a problem, at first anyway. I usually had enough warning for that, although sometimes it was a close call and most days, I had “skid marks” in my boxers.

About two weeks after this started, I was playing with my 5-year old daughter, Ashley, on the floor in our family room. We were having a “tickle fight” and both of us were laughing pretty hard; when I started feeling warmth spreading in my crotch. I hardly noticed it at first, but then it hit me. I stood up quickly and ran to the bathroom. It was too late. I was soaked. Luckily, Ashley didn’t seem to notice, Jessica wasn’t home, and I had time to change my clothes and get my wet jeans and underwear in the washing machine.

I realized on some level that I should probably see a doctor, but I was so busy at work and just kind of put it out of my mind. Plus, I think on some level, I was scared about what was wrong with me. Who knows how long I would have waited before seeing a doctor. But, that all changed – the night I wet the bed.



End Chapter 2

A Little at A Time

by: PPRay | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 10, 2018


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