The Pool Party

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Chapter 6
part 6

"The Pool Party"

Part 6

by Wonder Who

Joey continued sitting with his back propped against a tree in a vacant lot. What a strange day! He’d started the day with his girlfriend Elise and almost got ’attacked’ by a super hottie. At least that is what seemed to have happened. He thought on things for a moment. Wasn’t he and Elise married? How could that be? As he contemplated the day’s events a girl came up on a skate board. She was wearing baggy shorts and a T-shrt and looked to be about 13.

"You new around here?" she asked forwardly and without any introduction.

"Ummm no... uhhhh yeah.... I guess," he answered, still swimming in confusion.

"Well, I haven’t seen you ’round so I thought so. I’m Star."


"Yeah... Star. That’s, like, my name! My parents are kinda like hippies so they, like, named me Star."

"Oh... I... ummmm I see. Star. O.K."


"Well what?"

"What’s YOUR name?!"

"Oh... sorry... I’m Joey...errrrrr Joe."

"Which is it? Joe or Joey?"

"Either one I guess."

"Ok... I like Joey so you’ll be Joey. So what’s your story? Where’d ya, like, come from?"

Kevin and Kyle’s worry grew as time was passing by and they couldn’t find the vials.

"She wasn’t in here THAT long! It’s gotta be here somewhere, dude!" Kyle said.

"I know!" Kevin replied.

The two former young teens’ search turned progressively more frantic. The room was turning into a mess as items were beginning to get strewn about.

Becki and Rachel went to the playpen and put the tiniest drop on each of the babies’ tongues.

"Not too much! They might not wanna get real old!" Becki stated.

"Yeah... me neither!" Rachel said. "But I want boobies and stuff!"

The two children took a larger drop of the potion for themselves.

"HEY!" one of the other now children shouted, "we wanna get boobies too!"

"YEAH... C’mon... no fair... ya gotta share!" the others whined almost in unison.

"You guys gotta wait. We’ll take turns! ’Sides maybe being big won’t be any fun so we’ll see and tell ya!" Becki said as she winked at her friend.

The children moaned but seemed pacified by the answer and went back to playing with their new friend Maggie.

The babies began to grow. They were all toddlers now and still growing. 2, 3, 4.... They were too big for the playpen and begin trying to make their exit. They were still having troubles finding their coordination with their newfound muscles and abilities. Slowly they freed themselves from their former confine . Rachel handed them a towel to wrap up in as they aged. 5, 6, 7, 8..... They were growing up quickly as were Rachel and Becki who were now approaching teendom. They began to re-acquire their teenage forms.

Elise, Beth, and Carla had left toddlerhood behind and were in the peak of childhood. The babyfat had disappeared. They began to gain better control of their faculties although all three of them still had a desire for infantile things. Bright lights fascinated them. All still wanted to suck their thumbs. 9, 10, 11..... They could control the urges better but the awareness of what was happening was still very confusing.

"We... gettin’ big!" Beth said stating the obvious and then put her thumb back in her mouth.

Elise struggled to find proper words. It was much easier to simply spout gibberish. Besides, she knew what she was trying to say!

Carla wiggled her toes and stared at them as if trying to decide on which to put in her mouth between them and her thumb. A line of drool trickled out of the corner of her mouth. "Me mommy," she said oddly as she put her thumb in her mouth.

This line sounded curious to Elise and Beth. Elise mumbled somthing vaguely resembing English. Beth just looked confused.

Their aging seemed to have stopped leaving them all approximately 12 or so. After some more infantile behavior Beth spoke again. "Somethin’s... fishy," she said. "We’re not ’sposed to be like this!"

Elise managed a word. "Huh?"

"Dunno.... somethin’s diff’rent," Beth explained.

"Me... mommy," Carla said as she removed her thumb from her mouth only to utter that phrase and then promptly put it back as she swung her legs carelessly while sitting on a decorative bench.

Rachel and Becki hadn’t bothered to watch the aging of the mothers and grandmother into 12-year-olds. They were much too consumed with their own aging. They had blossomed into teens and were still getting older. They were excited at first to see the changes taking place but slowly a realization came over them.

"Becki, Did someone use that stuff on us already?" Rachel asked as a sense odd deja vu washed over her.

"I’m thinking the same thing! This body is looking familiar! What all has happened this morning? Think!" Becki replied.

"Look at all these children... their our friends... but are our friends supposed to be children?" Rachel wondered as more pieces raced into place only causing more questions. "Our we really children? Do you think this stuff just makes us ’think,’ like, differently or something?"

15, 16, 17..... older they got. With each year more questions were answered and more were formed.

"We weren’t children last week! I had a date! I remember going on a date!" Becki stated.

"Dates? I think I’ve been on dates too.... This is, like, Twilight Zone freaky!" Rachel added.

Star had sit down by Joey. While Joey might’ve been shy, Star was anything but shy.

"You act funny???" she said, implying a question.

"Somethin’ weird is goin’ on and I’m tryin’ to figure it out," he answered.

"Like what?" Star asked.

"Me and my girlfriend...." Joey started to say.

"Girlfriend? You have a girlfriend here?" Star asked.

"ummmm well... not now... I guess...." Joey said. "She wanted to be a baby...:"

"Oooooo kinky," Star added.

"Huh? Oh.... no... I mean a real baby. Maggie had this stuff...."

"What? Like, who’s Maggie????"

"She’s this girl I knew... errrrrrr know... See, this is confusing? That’s what I can’t figure out, ya know? Anyways.... she had this stuff to make people younger and I went to get some beer...."

"Beer? You got beer? Where? How?"

"Ummmm I kinda shoplifted it...."


"Naw... that’s not cool but the guy wouldn’t believe me that I was old enough to buy it."

"Yeah... well???? You’re not!"

"Uhhh oh... yeah... so anyway.... when I got back Elise was a baby and Maggie wanted me to kiss her. I think she likes me."

"You’re, like, one trippy dude! You must read too much or somethin!’"

"Nahhhhh It’s true! I’m startin’ to wonder if she used that stuff on me too. My clothes are kinda baggy...."

"Dude, I see baggy clothes all the time... but your’s are kinda Dullsville!"

"Yeah... nothin’ adds up. That stuff is pretty potent. She’s got stuff to make people older too. Maybe she made me older and that’s why I’m confused.... I dunno...."

"Dude, if someone had stuff like that they could be, like, millionaires... or billionaires.... My hippy mom would be ’diggin’ it, that’s for sure! I bet my dad would too but he’s sorta chilled out, ya know what I mean? Mr 9-to-5 now.

"Well, I can prove it! C’mon!" Joey said as he got up and tugged on his slipping pants.




End Chapter 6

The Pool Party

by: poisonelf | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 7, 2015


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